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Unit 1 TheOverview

ACTS of Prayer


Week 1 Adoration Praise is recognizing who God is.

Week 2 Confession Confession is owning up to what you have done.

Week 3 Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is appreciation for all that God does.

Week 4 Supplication Supplication is praying for the needs of others and yourself.


Talking, texting, posting, and blogging—students certainly are not strangers to communication with others. Communication with God, however, is a different matter for most students. This is a four-session KNOW study under the Disciplines category. The spritual discipline of prayer is a vital discipline for students in their spiritual transformation. As students learn to pray, they get to know God; as they get to know God, it becomes easier to spend time in prayer with Him.

Bible Study ▶▶ THE QUESTION Why should praise be a part of prayer? ▶▶ THE POINT Praise helps us realize God’s greatness.

Bible Study ▶▶ THE QUESTION Why should I confess my sins? ▶▶ THE POINT Confession leads to reconciliation with God.

Bible Study ▶▶ THE QUESTION Why should thanksgiving be part of prayer? ▶▶ THE POINT Thanksgiving acknowledges God’s blessings.

Bible Study ▶▶ THE QUESTION Why should I pray for others and myself? ▶▶ THE POINT Supplication expresses dependence on God.

Midweek Event ▶▶ THE QUESTION How do I know God will hear my prayer? ▶▶ THE POINT God hears those who seek Him.

Midweek Event ▶▶ THE QUESTION How do I pray God’s will?


Desire what God desires.

Midweek Event ▶▶ THE QUESTION How should I pray for the lost?


Pray the lost will see their need and come to Christ.

Midweek Event ▶▶ THE QUESTION How should I pray for my Christian friends? ▶▶ THE POINT Pray they would be bold and grow spiritually.

Unit 2 TheOverview

 ecisions, D Decisions


Week 1 Follow the Plan Don’t just make a bunch of random choices.

Week 2 Ask for Help All you have to do is ask.

Week 3 Choose Wisely God wants to help you make good decisions.

Week 4 Avoid the Pitfalls Watch your step when making your choices.


Teenagers are faced with a myriad of decisions every day. Some of those decisions may seem minor while others can just seem truly overwhelming. Does God really care about the choices we make? This is a four-session OWN study under the Discernment category. As students own their faith in God, they will realize that God not only cares about the decisions they make but He wants to help them make wise choices. Our choices reflect our faith in God and the living out of that faith on a day-to-day basis.

Bible Study ▶▶ THE QUESTION Why does God care about the decisions I make? ▶▶ THE POINT God has a purpose for you.

Bible Study

Midweek Event ▶▶ THE QUESTION What is life’s biggest decision?


Choosing to follow Christ is your most important decision.

Midweek Event



How can God guide my decisions? ▶▶ THE POINT Trust God and follow His leading.

What tools do I have to make good decisions? ▶▶ THE POINT God will help you through His Word, His Spirit, and His people.

Bible Study ▶▶ THE QUESTION What are some guidelines for making good decisions? ▶▶ THE POINT Pray and choose wisely.

Bible Study ▶▶ THE QUESTION How can I keep from making a bad decision? ▶▶ THE POINT Don’t let desire overshadow wisdom.

Midweek Event ▶▶ THE QUESTION Whose advice should I listen to?


You have godly people to help guide you.

Midweek Event ▶▶ THE QUESTION What do I do if I’ve made a bad decision? ▶▶ THE POINT Your mistake—or sin—can be overcome.

Unit 3 TheOverview

 ot Plans ▶ G Friday Night?


Dating. Courting. Going out. Hanging out. Hooking up. Texting. Sexting. Chatting. Teens are all about relationships but often fail to realize the negative aspects of some relationships. How is a Christian teen supposed to honor Christ in those relationships? This is a four-session KNOWN study under the Relationships category. Honoring God in all our relationships—but especially in dating—is a great way to make our faith known. The Bible has a lot to say when it comes to solid relationship principles.

Week 1

Mr. or Mrs. Right Don’t spend all your time looking in the wrong places.

Week 2 Looking For a Good Time Christians can have fun and honor God at the same time.

Week 3 Keep Your Clothes On When things get heated up, don’t put purity on the shelf.

Week 4 Mismatched An unbeliever isn’t the best choice for a Christian’s spouse.


Bible Study ▶▶ THE QUESTION How do I know who to date? ▶▶ THE POINT Follow biblical principles in your choices.

Bible Study

Midweek Event ▶▶ THE QUESTION How do I know I’m in love?


Test your feelings against the biblical standard.

Midweek Event



How can I date in a way that honors God? ▶▶ THE POINT God has called you to holy living.

How can I have healthy relationships with the opposite sex? ▶▶ THE POINT Love, respect, and honor others.

Bible Study ▶▶ THE QUESTION How can I stay pure in my dating? ▶▶ THE POINT Set your standards now and make right choices.

Bible Study ▶▶ THE QUESTION What’s wrong with dating someone who’s not a Christian? ▶▶ THE POINT Dating unbelievers divides your loyalties.

Midweek Event ▶▶ THE QUESTION How can I prepare for marriage now?


Seek God first and walk in godliness.

Midweek Event ▶▶ THE QUESTION How can I know if my relationship is right? ▶▶ THE POINT Your relationship is right if it honors God.

KNOWN 09 Fall Unit Overviews  

Overviews of the three units of study included in KNOWN 09 - the Fall 2010 issue of KNOWN.

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