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Unit 1 TheOverview

Conversations with God


Week 1 Conversation Starters Talking with the Creator of the universe does not need to be a terrifying activity.

Week 2 Conversation Topics God knows more than you ever will—take some time to find out what He knows.

Week 3 Conversation Stoppers God answers prayers with yes, no, or wait. Trust Him.

Week 4 Continuing the Conversation God has a great plan for your life and He wants to share it with you.


There is a lot of confusion these days about what prayer should be: memorized prose; a to-do list for God; a religious mantra; or a way to manipulate God to do stuff for you and others. This is a four-session KNOW study under the Disciplines category. As students come to understand the what, why, when, and how of prayer, talking with God will become a natural part of their faith. Talking with God—rather than just to Him—will help students come to know God in a personal and intimate way.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION What is prayer really? ▶ THE POINT Prayer is simply talking with God.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION If God knows everything, why pray? ▶ THE POINT God wants you to depend on Him and talk to Him.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION What do I do when God doesn’t answer? ▶ THE POINT Keep praying.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION Why does God sometimes say no? ▶ THE POINT God’s answers are grounded in His loving plan.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION When is prayer not prayer? ▶ THE POINT Prayer is not to be self-centered.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION Can we ever change God’s mind? ▶ THE POINT Prayer doesn’t change God, but it does change us.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION What can hinder my prayers? ▶ THE POINT Doubt and sin can hinder your prayers.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION When should I pray? ▶ THE POINT All day. Every day.

Unit 2 TheOverview

Set Apart


Week 1 Holiness Defined God is the standard of what it means to be holy.

Week 2 Holiness Recognized Compared to God, we are all very unholy.

Week 3 Holiness Provided There is no way for us to live holy lives on our own.

Week 4 Holiness Pursued Living a holy life is like putting on a new set of clothes.

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Holiness. Being holy—living holy lives—is what we are called to do as Christians. God has set us apart and expects us to live that way. This four-session OWN study under the Character category will help students understand, first of all, that holiness is who God is—He is holy in character. He is not asking us to be something that He is not. As students respond to God’s holiness and begin to develop habits that lead to holy living, they will begin to own and act upon their faith.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION What is holiness? ▶ THE POINT Holiness is defined by God, who is set apart from everything else.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION How do I respond to God’s holiness? ▶ THE POINT God’s holiness calls me to change.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION If I’m good, does that make me holy? ▶ THE POINT Only Christ can make you holy.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION How do I live a holy life? ▶ THE POINT Learn to walk in your new self.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION God is holy. So what? ▶ THE POINT In His holiness, God is separate from sin.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION Why would I even want to be holy? ▶ THE POINT Being set apart by God is the ony way to know God.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION What does a holy person look like? ▶ THE POINT God sets us apart to walk in His love and mercy.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION How can I be holy when I do not feel holy? ▶ THE POINT We will struggle with sin, but the Holy Spirit helps us to live for God.

Unit 3 TheOverview



Week 1 Going Along with the Crowd Who is influencing you?

Week 2 Evaluating the Crowd How do you know when peer pressure is bad?

Week 3 Resisting the Crowd Feeling pulled in two different directions is not a lot of fun.

Week 4 Influencing the Crowd Your relationship with Christ can be a positive influence on other people.

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Students are pressured on a daily basis. We can help them realize that they are under pressure, examine why they let others influence them, how to discern good pressure from bad, resist the pull of negative pressure, and actually begin to be a positive influence on others. This is a four-session KNOWN study under the Influence category. The study will help students understand the influences around them, how to chose friends, keep focused on Christ, and influence others positively by making their faith in Christ known.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION Why do I let others influence me? ▶ THE POINT Sometimes we choose to please others.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION How can I tell good peer pressure from bad? ▶ THE POINT My peers should help me become a better person.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION How do I resist the pull of negative peer pressure? ▶ THE POINT Keep focused on Christ.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION How can I influence others? ▶ THE POINT You can influence others through your walk with Christ.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION What’s the danger in following the crowd? ▶ THE POINT Following the crowd can have lingering consequences.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION I’m pressured from two sides. What do I do? ▶ THE POINT Listen to those who will help you become a better person.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION Will anyone stand with me? ▶ THE POINT Other believers will stand with you and encourage you.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION Why should I even care about influencing others? ▶ THE POINT God can use you to change lives and influence others.

KNOWN Summer Unit Overviews  

Overviews of the three units for the Summer quarter release of KNOWN

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