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Who Are We?

We are one of India’s leading Green Energy Website. We simply call the website as the RIC. RIC was started by a group of Students who wanted to see a Greener India. Later the Website Turned into a Major Green Blog

How we can help “ Yo u r B u s i n e s s G r ow ”

with over 10 Guest Bloggers, including one International Blogger and Most writers are either





holders, with focus on Power Generation.

Also as a Niche Website, we can help your Brand Grow in Innovative ways.

We will

help you to reach a bigger and global Audience as Simple as you Think.

Want to know how we can help You?

P ut ou r s er vi c es to th e te st, Co nta c t u s for a fr ee c on su lta ti on tod a y.

Email : rprabhu@re newi ndi ans .com

Learn How We Can Help You

Sree D urga B ui l di ng, TD Road, Coc hi n -3 5, Keral a, I ndi a WWW .RENEW INDIANS .COM

Accelerate your business potential w ith innovative Renew India Campaign

Next-generation support and services We will help you, by providing necessary information which is

Market Entry

required for Market entry into the Indian Renewable Market, be it Utility, Commercial or Residential.

We do Provide Free Newsletter Services which help you

N e ws l e t t e r s

make the Timely Actions. We also provide Paid custom Weekly Updates, which gives you the right night news every

Are you a Renewable Technology Startup?

We provide everything you need to succeed.

single week.

Be it Technical expertise or Managerial and

We will help you develop strategic Plans for your Company to


Target and Implement, which will help you to stand out from Training Classes: We



take you to the heights that you are planning

the rest. Training

Policy expertise. We will stand by you and


to Achieve.

Awareness programs in Schools and Colleges, which lets you utilize your Brand in a big way.

We will be tracking New Technology Developments in a


Weekly Manner, which gives you insights on the New Technological Developments in a regular basis and helping you to act Pro-actively.

Renewable Market Intelligence:

How Effectively We Help You’re Business Succeed Advertising:

Social Media and Outdoor Branding:

With over 1000 Pages/visit daily and

We will help your Brand achieve all new

growing we can help you Target your

heights by providing innovative Social

Audiences in a much larger scale


than you have ever imagined. You

As we are a Group of Engineers and Business Professionals you can utilize our Power Generation knowledge to your Advantage. Major Services include -

Competitor Tracking


Lead Generation

Conducting Outdoor Campaigns which will



can find our innovative and Cheap Ad

help you reach the Audience straight


Repots and Analytics

rates in Page 3.



Policy Analysis



RIC Smart Thought Series. Are you interested ?



India’s first Green

This Series will be mailed

E-Book Series

to the entire Subscriber




base and at Trade Shows,

Industry first E book Series


Platform for your Brand to




which will give readers an





involve in.

idea of New Technologies, Training and other Tools in a 2/Month Series, which your Company can Utilize as an Advertising Platform

RIC Smart Thought will be developed in such a way that, it will be

or even as a

Computer, Phone and Tablets friendly alike.



Advertising Rates at RIC $75/Month




You’re Company Ad @ $75/Month

If You Like the Ad rates or any other service, please contact us: Gokul R Prabhu Renew India Campaign Email:

Renew India Campaign  

India's Largest Green Blog

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