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August 26, 2011

Dog Adoptions

Welcome Back, Mrs. McRae and Middle School Students It’s been much too quiet this summer without the Middle School students! So, although the students may lament having to return, we’re glad school has started and they’re coming to the shelter. Orientation was completed last week and they’ll begin working this week.

Thank you! Everyone’s glad you’re here!



Lydia After Holloway is sharing months of frustration, last her many talents with ACARF by week the website autoestablishing a website that sells many clever matically redirected users to and custom-made items and shares the profits Several months with ACARF. Lots of ACARF t-shirts and otherago, the website was duplicated with the really fun things!

new extension “.org” to distinguish it a non-profit organization. UnforCheck out herasstore! Use the following to maximize ACARF profit: tunately, there were many problems in getting the old one to redirect,* confusing many users, as the old website was not updated. Robyn also reported the Lost and Found tab on the website is now producing results, and matches have been made. Check it out!

Thanks Robyn!

—until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened— unawakened—

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Boots’ Story Boots was the loyal and constant companion of a man who had Thelma suffered some difficult times. The two of them were, for a time, homeless, and lived in a vehicle. When his owner died, Boots was taken to ACARF, where he was frightened, lonely, deBoots pressed, and withdrawn, grieving for his owner. The smart people at the shelter gave him a stuffed toy monkey to which he became very attached, and he eventually began to come out of his shell and display his sweet, lovable disposition. Then his fortune really changed when Thelma Carnahan chose him to be the companion for her earlieradopted female cat, Mama. True, there were some relationship issues to be resolved, as Mama considered herself to be the sole owner of Thelma. But after some negotiation, Boots agreed that Mama was to be The Boss and they have lived and played together happily ever since. Mama

Photographs by Robyn Porter

DOGS Strays—Iola




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*Duffy was reported earlier as being adopted, but was actually being fostered until paperwork was completed. This week his adoption was final. Hooray for Duffy!!!

Visit our website at to see all adoptable pets

Thelma derives great joy from the companionship of her two cats, and delights in watching their antics. She unhesitatingly shares her tuna and salmon with Boots as he much prefers it to Meow Mix when he has a choice. Thelma claims that everything she invests in Mama and Boots is returned many-fold. Don’t you love stories with happy endings?

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Lucy teaches a lesson on loss all need to know When my mother died unexpectedly, there was no question that I would adopt her ex-racer greyhound, Lucy. I could no more give up Lucy than I could my own beloved greyhound, Elvis. However, Mom’s other dog, Holden, wasn’t as fortunate. His three-year bout with Cushing’s disease, hip dysplasia and arthritis had taken its toll, leaving the 14-year-old lame and in pain. I was grateful that Mom had been spared the painful act of saying farewell to the dog she so adored. Lucy exhibited strange behaviors after losing her guardian and her companion. And so, when affairs were finally settled three weeks later, I returned home—grief-stricken, weary and overwhelmed—accompanied by an addition to my household, Lucy. Mom’s diminutive white greyhound had always gazed at me with an unabashed adoration that suggested that little hearts might start shooting from her limpid black eyes. I felt confident she’d make a smooth transition to her new home. Or not. Gone was the happy, prancing dog with a toy permanently affixed to her mouth. Instead, Lucy transformed overnight into a shy, skittish ghost of her former self. She wouldn’t eat. Wouldn’t play with her toys. Wouldn’t come when called, shied away from Elvis and started having

accidents in the house. Never on the hardwood floor, mind you, but on my pricey Persian rug. I was perplexed at her strange behavior, but even more so, I was mad. The shock and devastation of recent events had rendered my brain into a pile of mush and I was at my wit’s end. Now I had to contend with a neurotic dog? When a friend suggested that I return to Mom’s home and collect items Lucy might recognize, I initially resisted. Elvis had more than enough toys and pillows to share, and my small townhouse was already bursting with dog ware. Still, I was desperate, so I took the advice. One sniff. That’s all it took and Mom’s joyful dog was back, her joie de vivre intact. Lucy pranced around with her ragged teddy bear; flipping it into the air, then pouncing on it before forsaking it to grab yet another reunited friend for a romp throughout the house. I watched in amazement as she greeted each tattered toy the same way. When she finally wore herself out, she retired to her familiar smelly pillow and rubbed her face repeatedly against the worn fleece before falling asleep. And with a jolt, I realized that it wasn’t just me who was mourning. In three short weeks, Lucy had lost her guardian; her companion, Hol-

den; and the only home whe had ever known outside her crate at the racetrack. Absorbed in my own grief, I hadn’t noticed that Lucy was hurting too. She was lost and confused, not understanding why everything familiar had disappeared. Now, in a way, her loved ones were back, thanks to the cherished scents on the pillow she shared with Holden, the toys once touched by Mom. That evening, for the first time, Lucy jumped on my bed. An unhygienic no-no, I’d always thought. That is, until she snuggled her knobby little head in the crook of my neck and heaved a contented sigh. When I couldn’t bring myself to push her off, I realized it was because I didn’t want to. And with her soothing presence against my aching heart, we both fell asleep.

Reprinted from PET TALES by Eileen Mitchell, San Francisco Chronicle.

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Upcoming Events Saturday, September 10 Diebolt Auction LaHarpe Wednesday, September 14 ACARF Board Meeting 7:15 pm LaHarpe Saturday, October 15 Farm City Days Iola

The concession trailer will be at Diebolt’s annual sale on September 10, and Farm City Days is coming up in October. Your help is much needed! Please fire up your ovens, sift up some flour, cream some sugar and butter, and produce some “yummy” stuff to delight our customers! Farm City Days requires lots of pies, pies, pies! The sale of pies has always accounted for a lot of the profit, and we hope to do the same this year. More information coming soon.

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Andi DePriest, Director Janice Porter, Front Desk Robyn Porter, Photographer, Petfinders Ginny Hawk, Fundraising Chair

Pets of the Week

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Cordelia And

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Photographs by Robyn Porter

If one kitten is fun, TWO kittens are a party! These two adorable sweethearts are sister and brother. Cordelia is smaller, and has lovely tabby markings all over. Her brother, Yoda, has a beautiful white face to go with his gorgeous tabby coat. Watching them play together is a joy. They delight in chasing and surprising each other, keeping themselves (and anyone within sight) endlessly entertained. After a play session is over, they curl up together for a nice catnap. These two would make wonderful family pets, and would also keep each other company when the family is away. If they were yours, however, you probably wouldn't want to be away for long. . . because all the fun would be at YOUR house!

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