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March 11, 2011

Cat Adoptions March l Specia


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Cats in Shelter




The Board decided to extend the February Special thru the month of March. Adoption fees are waived, making Lydia Holloway is sharing the cost of adoption the spay/neuter fee. her many talents with ACARF by establishing a website that sells cleverin February, Although many dogs and cats weremany adopted and custom-made items and shares the profits more have come in to take their place, and the shelter is with ACARF. Lots of ACARF t-shirts and other still at capacity. There are now 10 puppies in-house, but really fun things!

they’re all in quarantine for two more weeks, so will not be available forherviewing then. Byto all accounts, Check out store! Useuntil the following they’re all real “cuties”. maximize ACARF profit: ****

Frances Fulton, Fulton half of the cat caretaker team, has been ill for the past three weeks. Her love for each and every cat is returned. They all cry for her when she leaves. You’re very missed at the shelter, Frances! Get well soon.

Brenda Bumgardner Judy Laver Ashlen Ellison Robyn and Janice are bragging about these volunteers. Robyn writes: “Brenda and Judy have been so diligent about coming out, in good weather and bad, to walk numerous dogs. They stay for hours and don’t care about getting dirty/jumped on/ licked nearly to death. They’re just great.

A sincere “Thank You” to Steve Kinzle at The Feedlot for his support. They’ve been helpful to ACARF in many ways; we couldn’t do it without them!

Ashlen Ellison is a wonderful volunteer who comes out often. She is a student at ACC who wants to eventually go to veterinary school. Ashlen does anything and everything we ask with 100% effort and a smile on her face. What a joy to have her at the shelter!”

Terri West has gone on a well-deserved vacation, and it didn’t take long for her to be very missed! In her absence, Hazel Jones has recruited others to fill in.

Wish List •

“Thank you” seems kind of insufficient, doesn’t it?

Puppy Chow— Chow—we’ve got lots of puppies to feed and expect to have more; Rawhide bones (large and small) and chew toys for the dogs to help entertain them; Paper towels are always welcomed.

For all of you out there with anx ious pets, whether it be a fear of storms, fireworks, loud noises, fear of the cage, excessive barking, etc., you might try a Thunder Shirt. This very soft wraparound garment does the same thing as swaddling an infant—it applies pressure on the torso, which calms the dog, just as it quiets an inconsolable baby. These are found at

Awwwwww...Thanks for the puppy pictures, Fran!

If you haven’t visited the above site, please do! This group gives away a great deal of money to help shelters, and they do it by being paid by sponsors. Every time you Click Here to Give, they’re paid by their sponsors. That money is spent buying food for pets and in giving grants to shelters. You can ask for a daily reminder to click, and after you click, you can vote for your favorite shelter! There is a place on the next screen to search for your favorite shelter, then vote! (Please vote for ACARF) Hint: when searching, do not use the city of LaHarpe—there are several spellings and it confuses the database. Search for “Allen County Animal Rescue”, “KS”, and our shelter’s name will appear with the Vote option. In the event we’re ever in competition for dollars, the deciding factor will be the number of votes we’ve garnered. So please, start “clicking”, and pass this information along to everyone in your mailbox asking for their help. You never know when this is going to pay off!


Andi DePriest, Director Janice Porter, Front Desk Robyn Porter, Photographer, Petfinders

Pet of the Week Griffen

305 East Highway 54 LaHarpe KS 66751 620-496-3647 Hours 11:30 am—5:00 pm Tuesday thru Saturday Closed Sunday and Monday

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The first thing you notice about Griffen is that he is utterly beautiful. Then you see his incredibly warm and soulful eyes. Think how proud you would be to walk this handsome dog in your neighborhood! Griffen is a wonderful mix of Golden Retriever and Rottweiler. He has a calm nature and is very friendly towards everyone. This is one gorgeous guy, with a lovely temperament. Daylight Savings Time

March 13

Board Meeting

March 16

St. Patrick’s Day

March 17

National PUPPY DAY

March 23

7:15 pm ACARF

Come visit Griffin at the shelter!

When you adopt a pet, you’re rescuing two; the one you adopt and the one who takes its place.

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