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For the two week period ending 07/21/12




Lydia Holloway is sharing her many talents with ACARF by establishing a website that sells many clever and custom-made items and shares the profits with ACARF. Lots of ACARF t-shirts and other really fun things!



Check out her store! Use the following to maximize ACARF profit:*

Caleb Dolly

Photographs by Robyn Porter

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Adoption Fee Waived Owner Surrender On first 20 cats! Adopted


July is “Adopt a Cat” Month

Return to Owner The Board elected to waive the adoption fees for the first 20 In Shelter 7/20/12 cats adopted. The only cost for the fun and companionship of a feline is the cost of the Adopted spay/neuter (or a refundable Strays deposit on a kitten). Return to Owner


Come choose yours today! Died in shelter (kittens) In Shelter 7/20/12

If you’ve noticed problems with the website lately, there’s a good reason. It was found to have a serious virus problem. An online security firm was contracted and went thru the entire website and removed all the problematic coding that had been embedded. Now the website is safe and secure— visitors need not worry when accessing the site. There is now a SiteLock Secure badge on the homepage.

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Dr. Jerry Chambers is sponsoring the Pet of the Week spots on the Iola radio station.


An Anonymous Donor is sponsoring the Pet of the Week ads in the Iola Register for four weeks on an experimental basis. If they’re effective, the sponsorship will be extended. There is already an adoption application for Stewart, the first pet featured.

Thank you!

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Dawn Murray co-chaired this event with Ginny Hawk. She took advantage of the creative face painter to have a little fun with the addition of a paw print on her cheek.

Larry Tucker was one of the many volunteers at the event who were responsible for oversight at the inflatables. Many thanks to everyone— it couldn’t have been done without you!

Dawn Murray and Judy Laver at the ticket booth.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a very successful event for ACARF!

James Cloud braved the hot weather to cook the delicious hamburgers and hot dogs served at the concession trailer.

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D O G D A Y S Clara


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Dogs make great traveling companions. But there are certain challenges that come with taking your canine with you on a road trip. Here are 10 tips to make your next longdistance drive safe and fun for both of you. 1. Bring ID. Never leave home without it. If he doesn’t have an ID tag, get him one. You don’t want your dog wandering off at a rest stop never to be heard from again. Unfortunately, this occurs more often than you might imagine. In addition to an external tag, be sure to have your dog microchipped—and carry the company’s information with you. 2. Ease motion sickness. It happens to humans. And to dogs. Motion sick dogs are quiet and drool profusely leading up to an episode. But most dogs can become desensitized to the motion of the car over time. To help things along, be sure your dog is fed at least three hours before you set off, and consider using anti-motion sickness medication (see your vet). One more thing: Bring a roll of paper towels. 3. Calm hyperactivity. Many dogs love going for a drive. Some so much so that they make driving unsafe for the other occupants. One solution Is to use a harness with a special safety strap attached to the seat belt. You may also crate your dog in the car or administer one of a number of safe medications that will calm your dog down for the road. Please consult your veterinarian. 4. Focus on the road. Safe driving requires that you focus on the road, not on your dog. Never allow him to go near the

driver side floor where the brake and gas pedals are located. A seat restraint is safest for your pet. If he’s allowed to move about, keep him in the back seat with a gate-type barrier between the front and the back seats to prevent an unexpected visit from your traveling companion. 5. Consider a crate. Many dogs actually feel happier and more comfortable traveling in a crate. However, if you do use one, be sure he’s used to it before departure. 6. Plan ahead. If you’re staying overnight, make sure your dog will be welcome. And don’t forget to bring along a food and water dishes, dog food, and plenty of disposable baggies. It’s a smart idea to bring along a list of vet clinics in the various areas you’ll be visiting in case of any emergencies. 7. Take rests. Take appropriate breaks on your travels. Both you and your dog will need to stretch your legs and relieve yourselves. 8. Bring food and water. No restaurant food for your dog. Take along his favorite food, plenty of fresh water as well as a portable food and water bowl. 9. Don’t leave him In the vehicle. Extreme temperatures can kill. A parked car can heat up to a life-threatening temperature very quickly, and can lead to heat stroke. A car can also cool down fast in winter. 10. Don’t forget the toys. Between his treats, toys and the occasional snooze, your dog can become the ideal passenger on road trips both long and short.

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Hobson Photograph by Robyn Porter

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Hobson is a beautiful orange tabby male with a totally engaging personality. He not only gets along well with other cats and with dogs, Hobson absolutely adores attention from people, and he’s very gentle with children. Hobson will go to his lucky new family with his neuter surgery already done and his shots up-to-date. Even better: ACARF still has a few free cat adoptions available, so this wonderful feline could become part of your family without an adoption fee. Please come out to meet Hobson; he will charm you right out of your flip-flops!.

Look for pictures and descriptions of all available cats and dogs on our website

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de Tails July 21, 2012  

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