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Week Ending June 10, 2011 It takes lots of angels to keep the shelter running, and Sandy Flynn is definitely one of them! Last week she donated a replacement washing machine for the broken one in the laundry room of the Shelter. She then donated baked “goodies” for the auction on Saturday, as well as some hot dogs, polish sausage, and buns. Her question when called to request baked goods was: “What do you need?” Amazing lady!

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It was reported to be a very quiet week at the Shelter! There were no animals adopted. Volunteer Orientation Orientations are now being scheduled on a one-on-one basis instead of in a group. Call the shelter at 620-496-3647 to make an appointment. Can go thru orientation and begin volunteering the same day! If there is a group wanting orientation, that will be arranged, as well.

Dirty Dog Dilemma? ACARF Dog Wash Orscheln’s Saturday, June 18 10:00-2:00 $10 per dog

Wings And Halo Nominees

Sandy’s generous qualities must run in the family. Her sister, Judy Laver, is a frequent dog walker, as well as a dedicated and hardworking member of the Fundraising Committee.

Another Angel: Dr Christy Parham-Vetter of Panacea Dermatology in Chanute made a wonderful cash donation last week. Lydia Holloway is sharing her many ACARF by Angel made a doAnd talents anotherwith Anonymous establishing a website that sells many clever nation which, with the help of our friends at and custom-made items and shares the profits Wal-Mart purchased a pallet of dog food. It is with ACARF. Lots of ACARF t-shirts and other rumored that this anonymous donor is a relareally fun things! tive of Board Member, Larry Macha. Check out her store! Use the following to maximize ACARF profit:

Thanks to all our donors— donors—large and small— small—We can’t do it without* you!

deTails will not be published this week, June 17, due to vacations. Will return on June 24.

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Dirty Dog Dilemma? There are 15 very sweet little kittens at the shelter awaiting a home—all much too lovable to begin their life locked in a cage!

ACARF Dog Wash Orscheln’s Saturday, June 18 10:00-2:00 $10 per dog

These three little guys have found their home, but there are many others from which to choose. Come find the one (or two) that’s purrrrfect for you!

This is the Cat’s Meow! Nancy Parrish presented this handmade quilt to the Fundraising Committee last week. It’s 48”x54” and full of riotous cats watching sneaky mice. It will be on display at the Classy Attic soon—watch for details on how you might win this unique prize! Visit our website at to see all adoptable pets

Well done, Nancy— Nancy—Thank you!

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This should be great fun—for both participants and onlookers! Come on out, bring your lawn chair, and enjoy yourself. Brenda Clark, the organizer of this event, is still looking for a couple of volunteers—those who are strong of back and knees, don’t mind sunshine, and aren’t afraid to get wet. If you meet requirements, call Ginny at 365-5311.

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The day was perfect—no rain, no wind, not too hot, not too cold; the setting was shady; the treasures were plentiful. It was a great day for an auction. But it was a long day for those who worked in the concession trailer, as the day began at 8:30 in the morning and didn’t end until 7:00 in the evening. Then there was the clean-up on Sunday. But when all was said and done, these folks added over $650 to the Fundraising account. You are valued! We sincerely appreciate the Talkington family for allowing us to serve at their sale.

Thank you! Jeanne Cloud Money/Order Taker

Larry Macha Trailer Mover/Hauler

Trailer Troopers Judy Laver Soft Drink Server Ginny Hawk Food Service Window

Sue Tucker Food Prep

June 11, 2011

Bud Jones Grill

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Vickey Beck

Sweet Bakers

Deanne Burris Brenda Clark Sandy Flynn

These ladies add so much to the concession trailer—not only do they add scrumptious treats to the menu, but to the bottom line at the end of the day!

Ginny Hawk

It would not be the same without you. Thank you!

Sandy Thompson

Glenda Helton Karen Lee

Thank you!

Sue Tucker

Thank you!

Susan Wallace Linda Wiklund

Well, yes, it’s a little bit crazy, but Melvin started it! it! It seems that back in 1905, Iola was a little more rambunctious than it is in 2011, and hosted at least three less-than-legal drinking establishments. This frayed on Charley Melvin’s nerves, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Armed with 1500 sticks of stolen dynamite, he blew up the Eagle, the Red Light, and the Blue Front saloons at 12:26 am one July morning. Fortunately, no one was killed, but Charley’s goal was attained—windows, brick walls, and liquor bottles were lost. Now we get together every year to commemorate Charley’s run—which begins at 12:26 am on Saturday morning, and starts at the Post Office (the original site of the saloons) with a

GREAT BiG BANG. But you don’t have to wait until early morning to celebrate, ‘cause the fun starts at 4:00 pm on Friday, July 8, when the Carnival opens at Blow-Up Park (also known as Washington Street on the west side of the square), and lots of other fun activities. See the schedule and the registration form for the 5k run or the 3k walk on page 7. Form up a team, sign up your whole family, get out and do something fun!

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Andi DePriest, Director Janice Porter, Front Desk Robyn Porter, Photographer, Petfinders Ginny Hawk, Fundraising Chair 305 East Highway 54 LaHarpe KS 66751 620-496-3647

Janice’s Pet of the Week


Hours 11:30 am—5:00 pm Tuesday thru Saturday Closed Sunday and Monday

Look for us on

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Look for pictures and descriptions of all available cats and dogs on our website

Bless the forgiving nature of our animals! When Remo came to the shelter, he trusted no one. With time, love, and a great deal of patience, Remo is finally trusting enough to show his affectionate nature. Instead of backing away fearfully when approached, he now comes to you and rubs against the walls of his enclosure. He’s waiting for just the right person(s) to come take him home, so he can be the devoted and loyal companion he was meant to be.

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Charley Melvin Mad Bomber Run for Life Schedule of Events 4:00 pm—11:00 pm FRIDAY

Carnival - West side of Square A fundraising event for

5:00 pm—Midnight

Late Run/Walk Registration—West side of the Square

5:30 pm—8:00 pm

Car Show—Washington Avenue

7:00 pm

Bucket Brigade Relay Fire Truck Pull

8:00 pm—9:00 pm

Telling of the Melvin Story with the Four Days Barbershop Quarter and the Brass Boomers Band—Bandstand

9:00 pm—10:30 pm (fuel permitting) Hot Air Balloon Ride (Note: $10 per rider, first come, first served) 9:00 pm—10:30 pm

Outdoor movie—Courthouse Lawn

9:00 pm

Second Annual “Drag” Race Dy-no-mite Stick Relay Races Minute to Win It Games

12:15 am—SATURDAY

Group stretch and warm-up at Start Line

12:26 am

Run begins (With Digital Chip Timing by Oz Endurance)


(With a BIGGER bang than last year) Post Office, 120 West Street


Iola Bandstand, corner Washington and Jackson Avenues

To register, tear the form below, complete, send with fee to address indicated

deTails June 10, 2011  

Weekly e-newsletter for the Allen County Animal Rescue Facility

deTails June 10, 2011  

Weekly e-newsletter for the Allen County Animal Rescue Facility