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Two weeks ending March 30, November 18, 2012 2011



Stats for 2 Weeks Ending 03/30/2012

Carol Lydia Hollo-

G o o d N ew For K.J. Clint


Stray intake


Born in shelter








Return to Owner


Dogs in Shelter 3/30/12


Stray intake






Cats in Shelter 3/16/12


way is sharing her many talents with ACARF by establishing a website that sells many clever and custom-made items and

K.J., a beautiful Golden Retriever, was accepted by the Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska (GRRIN). Rescue organizations have no shelter facilities, and all the animals are housed in private foster homes until they are adopted. Because they are breed-specific, all foster families are familiar with the breed and their behavior characteristics, but to be accepted there must be a home available. Their adoption procedures are generally rather stringent and the requirements geared toward finding the perfect home to fit the specific needs of the dog. We can be assured that K.J. will be well cared for until he finds his Forever Family.

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The shelter hosted a group of children from the Humboldt Co-op Preschool last week. They toured the facility and viewed a video about ACARF. Their teacher is Danielle Smith. Fargo

It’s that time again! Thanks to Larry Macha for mowing the lawn and to Bud Jones for doing the trimming.


And have you noticed that Jim Smith has planted some maple trees on the west side of the building where the Memorial Garden is planned? Keep watching as the garden begins to take shape!. Goliath

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Reorganize! Rejuvenate! Greg


Spring is the time we begin to shake off the doldrums of the winter and begin to revitalize our surroundings. That’s what’s happening in the shelter lobby these days. Julie Payne purchased cabinets and a desk to place against the south wall, and with the assistance of Dawn Murray and Bob Haberland has been kept busy putting cabinets together and rearranging computers, printers, and cables. Lots of things are being moved and improved! There will be more storage and better workstations for those at the front desk. Thank you!


Did you notice the number of adoptions the last two weeks? Wow!

Matilda Olan

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Pepe AsWhisper Sylvia Connie Teddy


Available With No Adoption Fee


Reba Casey





Merle Far


Skip Champ




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Business Expo 2012

Fran Clay, Jeanne Cloud, and Dawn Murray (below) await the opening of the Expo doors on Friday afternoon.



Elsa Frank Porter tends the ACARF booth on Friday afternoon


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Welcome, New Volunteers!

Skip Becker has started training for work in the Second Chance. Many know Skip from her work at Thrive Allen County, but she’s a long-time resident who’s well-known to many. She had a booth in a flea market for a long time, so is well-versed in merchandising, and is anxious to again become active after having surgery. She will make a wonderful addition to our staff! Emily Clous, though, is a relative newcomer to the Iola area, having moved here with her husband from Michigan. She loves all animals and worked as a foster with the Southwest Michigan Humane Society. Although a Biologist by vocation, she has many talents to share—and we plan to take advantage of them all!

Thank you! !kaen Wado


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Go raibh mile maith agaibh

There are 465 different languages in which to say “thank you”, but there are many more things for Ua tsaug ntau ntau which to be thankful.



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The request for food items for the Expo food booth fundraiser brought all the requested items, thanks to Emy Platt and to Deanne Burris and to several unidentified donors. With all the help, the weekend was a big boon to the fundraising coffers to benefit the shelter. The number and quality of items donated to the Second Chance continues to astound, as do the number of customers. Please know that your support is appreciated in all 465 languages.


esc m u t l u M


Andi DePriest, Director Janice Porter, Front Desk Robyn Porter, Photographer, Petfinders Ginny Hawk, Fundraising Chair

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Robyn’s Pet of the Week


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Photograph by Robyn Porter

Pug + Beagle = Puggle! Bonnie is a delightful “designer dog”, a young female Puggle. She is sweet and friendly and has the loveliest big brown eyes you’ve ever seen. Bonnie has wonderful manners and is completely housebroken. Polite, happy, and fun; Bonnie is ready to be the best friend you’ve ever had!

Have a lovely Easter

deTails March 30, 2012  

E-newsletter of the Allen County Animal Rescue Facility

deTails March 30, 2012  

E-newsletter of the Allen County Animal Rescue Facility