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Week Ending September 9, 2011

Sometimes the only thing some see about ACARF is the building and the surrounding grounds, so it’s important that it look groomed and neat.

Cat Adoptions

Thanks to Bud Jones and Larry Macha, great strides were made in this direction last week. Bud did some weeding, spraying, and trimming; Larry mowed. Our Board members are the best!


Lydia Holloway is sharing her many talents with ACARF by new “thank Julie provided establishing a website that sells many clever you” notes with pre-printed and custom-made items and shares the profits on the return addresses with ACARF. Lots of ACARF t-shirts and other envelopes. This is a huge really fun things!

time– and money-saver. ne lie Pay Ms. Ju nes Check Jo out her store! Use the following to HerffThank you! maximize ACARF profit:*


Visit our website at to see all adoptable pets


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A note from Robyn:

Dog Adoptions



I’m sending you a few photos of my little foster puppy, Sasha. She was found at the side of a road Wednesday with her head split open. Apparently, she had been hit by a car. The police took her to a local vet where her head wound was closed and she spent the night. They brought her to us on Thursday, and Sasha came home with me that day. I have been thinking about what would have happened to her without the shelter. At another time, Sasha might just have been thrown away as if she were only another piece of trash discarded on the highway. But ACARF is here now and because of that, so is she. This little soul is just amazing. She’s been loving and sweet the entire time I’ve had her, although she must be enduring excruciating pain. Sasha is going to be an incredible dog. It’s simply a better world when a joyful little life like hers is saved.


Photographs by Robyn Porter

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Reminder: Ongoing fundraising projects

DOGS Strays








Return to Owner


In Shelter



ACARF makes money by recycling used printer and toner cartridges, as well as old cell phones. If you or your workplace has used cartridges or phones, they can be dropped off at the shelter, or we’ll be happy to pick them up if you’ll call Ginny Hawk, 365-5311 Glenda Helton, 365-8155

CATS Strays






In Shelter



There is an ACARF account at Ray’s Metal Depot, and you can request your used metal monies be donated to that account.

Thank you for helping!

Are you wondering whether your dog should bury his head in the books and come up with the next earth-shattering breakthrough or just enjoy the simple things in life? Our dogs may not have an Ivy League education, but we love them just the same because they’ve got doggie smarts. Problem solving and I.Q. may (or may not) be the same thing, but here’s a fun test that can be used to measure a dog’s problemsolving ability.

Doggie IQ Test What do these results really mean? The test was originally created by Dr. Stanley Coren, professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia. Now, is it an accurate measure of a dog’s intelligence? There’s debate around that question. But, here’s our advice: Take it with a grain of salt and have fun with it. Like us, dogs have different kinds of intelligence. Some are talented in more ways than others. After all, who are we to say whose brain reigns supreme in the four-legged world?

What you’ll need: An empty can (a soup or coffee can will do) A piece of your dog’s favorite treat (like a bite of chicken or a bone) A timer (to see how fast your dog responds) What to do:  Command your dog to sit  Let your dog sniff the treat.  With your dog watching carefully, slowly put the treat on the ground about six feel away. Then, cover the treat with the empty can.  Start the timer and command your dog to retrieve the treat. How to score:  5 points: if your dog gets the treat in 5 seconds or less.  4 points: if your dog gets the treat in 5-15 seconds.  3 points: if your dog gets the treat in 15 to 30 seconds.  2 Points: if your dog gets the treat in 30-60 seconds.  1 Point: if your dog just sniffs the can or doesn’t respond   

Reprinted from the Pedigree website

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Diebolt Auction September 10 The work group for the concession trailer on Saturday included (from left), Ona Chapman, Joyce DeBoard, Sue Tucker, and Jeanne Cloud. Ginny Hawk left shortly before the picture was taken. Joyce is a friend of Jeanne Cloud’s from Tulsa, and they trade “slave labor”; Jeanne goes to Tulsa to help with events for the cat rescue group for which Joyce volunteers. Joyce works in food service, and has been instrumental in developing a lot of the procedures for the trailer, as well as donating many of the wonderful stainless steel bins. She is no novice to our trailer, and we look forward to her being back for Farm City Days.

Thanks to our Sweet Bakers, there were lots of goodies to offer customers at the Diebolt Auction. You always come through with the most delectable pastries: Ruth Hangen brought 2 pies AND cookies Sue Tucker made 2 pies Wanda Shannon delivered 2 pies Sandy Thompson made her scrumptious cinnamon rolls We VERY MUCH appreciate you!

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Andi DePriest, Director Janice Porter, Front Desk Robyn Porter, Photographer, Petfinders Ginny Hawk, Fundraising Chair 305 East Highway 54 LaHarpe KS 66751 620-496-3647

Robyn’s Pet of the Week


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Perhaps you’re looking for some good companionship along with a lively conversation? Bruce is your cat. Please don’t be thrown off by his good looks. Bruce is more than just a fabulously gorgeous classic Tabby; this guy is a thinker. He can be serious, when he is contemplating the importance of catnip or quantum physics, but Bruce can also be very loving. We hope you will come meet Bruce. He will be delighted to meet YOU and have a nice long chat.

deTails September 9, 2011  
deTails September 9, 2011  

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