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An Innovation & Technology Division Resource Guide “Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler.� - Albert Einstein

Social Networking

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Social Networking | Edmodo

Keywords: Social Network, Post, Comment, Tag, Upload, Profile, Notifications, Groups

Getting to Know Edmodo


Starting with Edmodo:

What is Emodo?

• Open your favorite Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) • In the address bar write: • You'll be taken to Edmodo's official website. • Click on "Learn more about Edmodo" and watch the video.

Edmodo is an educational site that takes the ideas of a social network and refines them and to make it appropriate for a classroom. Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips.

Tiger Tech | Social Networking

Teachers Starting | Signing-Up • On the home page, click on the "I'm a Teacher" button. • Fill out the requested information. (username, password, email, title, first name, last name) • Click on the "Sign Up" button.

Tip: No junk mail, no verification email.

Starting Teachers | Groups Welcome to Edmodo • Look around to get used to it (very similar to facebook).


Tip: Groups are basically classes for students to join.

• To create a group: click on "Create" on the groups area. • Fill in the information for your class (name, grade, subject/ area) • Your group code will appear on a dialog box. It's used to join your group. | Tiger Tech


Teachers Starting | Settings Settings • Change your profile picture. (Select one from edmodo or upload a picture) • Change your password. • Change notifications. • Change personal information.

Tip: You can add your school.

Student Sign-Up Students • Students enter www. • Click on "I'm a Student" button. • They'll need the Group code when signing up. • Students fill in their information.

Already have Emodo

Tip: Students are not required an email account.


Tiger Tech |Social Networking

• Click on "Join" on the group section. • Type the Group code.

Students Joining Groups Request to Join URL • Give your students a link to the group. • When students enter to the URL, they'll be asked to login of create a new account. • A request will be sent to the teacher. • Teacher approves or denies the request.

NOTE: Tip: Students can join a group although it has been locked.

When a student request to join the class you will recieve a notification.

Group Options | Settings Settings: • In Group area, click on the group. • Click on "Group Settings". • Here you can make changes to your group. • Change name. • Reset your Group code. • Change grade/ subject area. Tip: Can archive or delete the group. | Tiger Tech


Group Options | Members Members • Under "Members" section on the right sidebar. • Click on " Manage". • Can view the student's full name, username. • You can choose wether you want students to post or just view.

Tip: Students/Read Only options regulates students in a group

Groups Options | Feeds Feeds • On the right side-bar click on "Subscribe Group To Feed". • Click on "Add a Feed" button (rightside corner). • Copy & Paste the feed address. • Click on the "Subscribe" button.

Tip: Usually feeds addresses are:


Tiger Tech |Social Networking

Group Options | Public NOTE: The public feature allows you to make posts public (for anyone to see). There is no need to be part of the group or Edmodo to view it.

Public Page

Tip: People viewing the public page can't post or interact with the group.

• Make a post. • On the button pointing arrow select "Public". • On the right sidebar click on Public Page to view all public posts.

Posting | Basics Posting Notes: Comment Bubble

• Click on the comment bubble (where it says "type your note here"). • Type your message • Then choose to whom you want to send it (groups or person) • Click on "Send".

Tip: Easily message your students. | Tiger Tech


Posting | Basics Posting Alerts:

Tip: Alerts only have a maximum of 140 characters.

• Alerts are used to send important messages to people or groups. • Click on "Alert". • Click on the comment bubble (where it says "type your alert here"). • Type your message • Then choose to whom you want to send it (groups or person) • Click on "Send".

Posting | Basics Posting Polls:

Tip: Each person only gets one vote and there is no way to know who voted for what


Tiger Tech |Social Networking

• Create questions with multiple choices and people in the group can vote on it. • Click on "Poll". • Click on the comment bubble (where it says "question"). • Type your questions and different choices. • Then choose to whom you want to send it (groups or person) • Click on "Send".

Posting | Basics Filters: • Under your profile picture there is a section named "Latest News" • Here are the filters. • You can filter your information by clicking on any of these choices ( By Student, assignments, by me, alerts, connections, feeds, polls, quizzes and recent replies).

Tip: Easily view all your posts.

Posting | Basics Tags: • When posting, under the comment bubble, click on "Tag". • A menu will ask you to add a "new tag". • After you've created your tags, they'll appear listed.

Tip: Then you'll have the option to select an existing tag or create a new one. | Tiger Tech


Assignments Creating Assignments: • Click on "Assignment" on top of the comment bubble. • Fill in the requested information on your assignment. • To add files: Click on "File" and choose your file.

Tip: You can attach files to an assignment.

Assignments | Library Attach from Library

Tip: You can upload files and/or links


Tiger Tech |Social Networking

• Go to your Group and Create a library. • On the right-sidebar click on " Create and share folders with this group in the Library" • Click on "Add to Library" • And choose to upload a file and/or link. • You can create folders. • Beside " folders on the left-sidebar, click on " New Folder".

Assignments | Edit Edit an Assignment • Find the assignment on your home page. • Click on the top right hand corner. • Select "Edit post". • You now can edit the Name of the assignment, description and due date.

Tip: Can't change the attachment or upload more files to that assignment.

Assignment | Load Assignment Load Assignment: • If you have already written an assignment and want to use it again for another class, simply click on "Load Assignment" button. • Search for the assignment you wish and click on it's name.

Tip: You can edit name, description and due date, remove and attach more documents to it. | Tiger Tech


Grading | Turning In Assignments Turning In Assignments • At the top of your assignment you can see how many students have turned in their assignment. • To see detailed list click on " Turned In" .

Tip: You then can assign a grade to each student's work.

Grading | Grading Assignments Grading Assignments

Tip: Easily grade your students.


Tiger Tech |Social Networking

• Click on "Grades" and choose your group. • A list with your students will appear and a column with the assignment. • Click on the desired assignment, click on "view". • A page with your students responses will appear. • Click on your student's name, check their assignment and grade it.

Calendar Calendar • Click on "Calendar" on the top bar. • To add an event, Click on a date. • Type in the description, and then choose to what groups or person it will be sent to.

Tip: Upcoming events will show up in the spotlight as well as the calendar to help you and your students to keep up.

Communities Communities Communities: allow yo to connect to other teachers around the world through Edmodo. You're automatically joined to the Support Community.

Tip: Use the Support Community as a help resource. Bibliography: A Guide to explain it all, Cauley, Patrick; | Tiger Tech


Social Networking | Schoology

Keywords: post, comment, tag, URL, upload, groups.

Getting To Know Schoology

STEP 1 • • • •


Open your favorite Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) In the address bar write: You'll be taken to Schoology's official website. Click on "Watch the Video" and watch the video.

Tiger Tech | Social Networking

Sign-Up STEP 2 • Click on " Sign Up Free!" button. • Choose the account type (Instructor, Student, Parent) • A dialog box asking for your school will appear, search for "American Nicaraguan School". • Select and click "continue" • Fill in your personal information. • Click on "Register".

Tip: Use your ANS E-mail address.

Explore Schoology STEP 3 • Schoology is very similar to Facebook. • You can view Recent Activity, Calendar, Messages, People, Post Updates, Events, etc. • Update your profile.

Tip: Take the Schoology Tour. | Tiger Tech


Adding Courses STEP 4


• On the top Schoology bar, Click on " Courses". • Click on "Create". • Fill in the course information requested (Name, Section Name, Grading Periods) • For advanced information, Click on the left-bottom "Advanced" • Advanced: Includes codes for the course and section.

Courses STEP 5 • Add Materials (Assignments, Online Tests/ Quizzes, Files/ Links, Discussions, Albums,Pages). • Add Updates. (Post notes, or info. links)

Tip: Personalize your course Schoology page.


Tiger Tech |Social Networking

Courses | Assignments Adding an assignment

Tip: You can add files, links, embed and enable dropbox.

• On the leftsidebar, under "Materials" choose "Assignments". • Click on the "+ Add Assignment" button. • Fill in all the information regarding your assignment (Name, description, Max pts.,due date, category, period). • Click on "Create" button.

Courses | Online Tests/Quizzes Online Testing

Tip: Choose a "Grading options" (Numeric or A+/-)

• On the left-sidebar, under "Materials" choose "Online Tests/Quizzes". • Click on the "+ Add Online Test/Quiz" button. • Fill in all the information regarding your assignment (Name, description, Max pts.,due date, category, period). • Click on "Create" button. | Tiger Tech


Courses | Files/Links Adding Files/Links

Tip: Make sure to Check/Uncheck the published option, depending if you wish to publish or not the file/link.

• On the left-sidebar, under "Materials" choose "Files/ Links". • Click on the "Add" button. • Choose wether to "Add File" or "Add Link". • To add Links, just choose "Add Link", copy & paste the desired URL. • Click on "Create"

Courses | Discussions Adding Discussions

Tip: Share the discussion and add a password (optional).


Tiger Tech |Social Networking

• On the leftsidebar, under "Materials" choose "Discussions". • Click on the "+ Add Discussion" button. • Write the Discussion information (Title, Description, publish/ unpublish, add file/link, shared discussion). • Click on "Create" button

Courses | Albums Adding Photos

Tip: Add photos, videos, audio. Add captions to the media.

• On the left-sidebar, under "Materials" choose "Albums". • Click on the "+ Add Album" button. • Write the Album information (Title, Description, choose to allow comments, students add media, publish) • Click "Create" button. • Upload Media. Click on "Attach Files". • Click on "Add Media".

Courses | Pages Creating Pages • On the left-sidebar, under "Materials" choose "Pages". • Click on the "+ Add Page" button. • Write the Page's information (Page Title, Content) • Add media (images, video, math formulas • Attach Files/Links. • Click on "Create" button. Tip: Pages are for specific themes, topics, information, etc | Tiger Tech


Gradebook View Grades

Tip: When students turn in their work, grade them right away.

• On the leftsidebar, click on "Gradebook". • A list of your students will appear. • They will be able to view the overall average of each student. • The Gradebook is a view only. You can add comments. • Click on "Options" to Bulk edit, print reports, export or import.

Gradebook Setup Setting Up • Under "Gradebook" click on "Gradebook Setup". • Add categories to your gradebook. • Choose your settings for the final grade. • Choose your grading scale (Numeric/A-/+). • Click on "Save Changes"

20 Tiger Tech |Social Networking

Attendance Attendance

Tip: Your comments on the attendance can be viewed by the student if you wish.

• On the leftsidebar, click on "Attendance". • Click on the Date to take attendance of each student. • A student can be Present, Absent, Late, or Excused. • You can also comment on their attendance that day. • Click "Save Changes"

Attendance | Student Report Student Report • On the attendance sheet, click beside the student's name. • You'll be able to view the student's attendance report.

Tip: From this page, you can view the Grade Report. | Tiger Tech


Members Viewing Members • On the left-sidebar, click on "Members". • A list of all course members will appear. • From here you can send messages, preview the course, change password, or remove member.

Tip: Students can only join a course with the course Access Code. You can choose to Require Approval before joining.

Analytics Analytics • On the left-sidebar, click on "Analytics". • The analytics include, Hits per day, total page views, total posts/comments • You can view an report for Courses, Assignments, Discussions, Users and Links.

Tip: Each area is analyzed differently.

22 Tiger Tech |Social Networking

Schoology & Google Docs Google Docs

Tip: Be sure you want to have access to your Google Docs.

• On the top Schoology bar click on "Resources". • On the left-sidebar, click on Google Docs. • It will take you to your Account Settings. • Under "Connect Your Other Accounts" look for Google Docs. • Click on "Connect". • Google Accounts will ask you to Grant Access. • Click on the "Grant Access" button. • Now your Google Docs are available.

Calendar Sharing Calendar

Tip: Under Account Settings, you can change, uploader type, Privacy Settings, Storage and Notifications.

• In your Schoology home page, in the rightside corner (beside your name) click the downward arrow. • Choose "Account Settings" • Under "Share your Schoology Calendar" Click the "Enable" button. • It will give you an iCal link, which you can use on Outlook, Google Calendar, etc. | Tiger Tech


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Social Networking  

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