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Escalation Pathways Interview Dr Ken Fielke 18 February 2014

Escalation Pathways Procedure Training Interview with Dr Ken Fielke This video is for all SAFKI staff who have interaction with clients. Introduction: • Why this matters 0:00 (Video) Text Questions asked in the video: • Why is it important to have a shared understanding of an individual’s Risk Assessment? 6:11 (Video) Text • What are the key responsibilities of our staff in pinpointing and communicating situations of escalating risk? 14:30 (Video) Text • How does the Mental Health Escalation Pathways procedure uphold the Guiding Principles of the Mental Health Act? 19:30 (Video) Text • If you had one tip for improved identification and management of clinical risk in Primary Mental Health Care, what would it be? 2:35 (Video) Text

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