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EDITOR’S RANT -- Trendy vs. Traditional I recently picked up a copy of a motorsports mag off the newsstand and in trying to make sense of it, and actually read through it, I found a mish mash of content with almost no direction, and a dozen pages of ads before any meaningful articles. This compelled me to resurrect a favorite Editor’s Rant from the RPM archives, “Trendy vs. Traditional”, with a few changes of course. I personally am not impressed when a writer has their Dictionary and Thesaurus always in hand in an attempt to mystify his/her readers with their wordsmithing abilities. Nor do I want to see photographs that have been overworked in the various editing programs and no longer represent the “essence” of the original photo or it’s surroundings. Instead, I want to see everything it has to offer; quality, surroundings, people, interaction with other objects, and I also want to try to appreciate the shooters reasoning behind the shot. So what is trendy? A word that first started being used around 1962, by definition is; “marked by ephemeral, superficial, or faddish appeal or taste.” “Ephemeral” is something of no lasting significance (yes, I had to look that up!). Trends are generally short lived and we follow them usually because of the influence of either society, peer groups or someone considered famous or a “trend setter”. Don’t confuse a trend with change due to necessity. Deciding on one’s own direction based on requirements combined with individual wants/needs is tough, but change can be very good. Can we follow a trend on a path to create something original and still not be trendy? I say yes. For a performance or race parts manufacturer, they have to pay attention to trends in design and look, but the bottom line is that their part better work, and work well or the wow and glitter mean nothing. For RPM MAGAZINE, we determine direction and style based on the wants and needs of our customers, being trendy is down the list quite a ways, but attention must be paid to it. Over the past 13 years with RPM there are a lot of things we have learned about our readers, the most important being to always have an open ear and listen to them. We also pay close attention to industry trends, react to them, yet do our best not to become trendy. Call me a print media purist or someone bent on ensuring that a certain level of tradition survives, but I believe that we need to see beyond our own office walls and focus on what our readers, advertisers and the subjects of our stories actually want and need. Don’t be mistaken though,

ADVERTISER INDEX Advertiser Name Page # Accufab Inc. 27, 71 AJPE - Alan Johnson Perf. 41 ARC - Applied Racing Components 25 Autoglym 33 ATI Performance Products 32, 83 Bad Attitude Engines 48 Baer Brakes 39, 50 Blower Shop 12 Boniferro Speed and Custom 8 Browell Bellhousing 40 BTE Racing 66 BTR Performance 34 C&S Specialties 26 Calvert Racing Suspensions 62 Chiseled Performance 49 Chris Alston’s Chassisworks 31 Clocks Off Race Cars 48 Coan Engineering 30 CN Blocks 21 Comp Cams 65 Crower 28 Cynergy Composites 50 DART 11 Design Engineering 13 DIY Auto Tune 18 Dynotech Engineering 10 Ed Quay Race Cars 45 EFI University 17 Engine Research & Development ERD 11 Fast Eddie Racewear 81 FastMotorsports 9 FORD Racing 19 FONSE Performance 76 4

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64 17 8 71 14 45 78 16 67 68 22 77 16 74 26 80 30 73 44 2 9 78 74 7 29 24 49 46 60 63 69 15 84 79 72

none of these prevent RPM from being cutting edge as far as content, technology and quality go, but when it comes to format, being overly trendy can be short lived. Instead, give the people what they want! I am all for progress, I just strongly believe in listening to our customers and agree with them that there is great value in history and tradition as well as the present and the future. And in giving you what you deserve in a magazine, something to help entertain you, interest you, along with a product that serves a more important “big picture” purpose— to help sustain an industry for many years to come. When it comes to photographs, we work hard to bring our readers what could be best referred to as the most “uncut” version possible. We strive to host top quality images in RPM, but at the same time go out of our way NOT to overwork, over edit or over design images. Instead, we want you to see that image as it is, with all of the personality and character that surrounded the subject when it was taken. Not to mention the true talent of the photographer that took it. In today’s world of trendy media it seems that many in the magazine business are so caught up in the latest greatest ways that they can use this program or that program to change, alter or enhance a photograph, that they seem to forget about the whole foundation of the magazine and what they are covering. RPM is a “car magazine”, publishing photographs and stories about cars... extreme cars though, and the people behind them. How these cars look in action or sitting still, and how others react to them in many different settings. What makes that car look or run so well and the combination of parts, human interaction and ingenuity that has made it standout. Being original is tough. Anyone can copy a name, design, format or simply publish the same articles and names you see everywhere else. RPM readers choose tradition with a careful balance of trend, but demand diversity of content and real world focus, which makes every issue we produce more challenging and enjoyable to create than the last. Chris Biro, Editor In Chief Phoenix Race Tires 81 ProCharger Supercharger Systems 5 Proformance Racing Transmissions 36 PROLITE Batteries 32 PRO Race Fuels 73 Pro Systems Carburetors 23, 62 Pro-Werks 25 Racecraft Inc. 64, 37 Racing Radios 7 Randy’s Ring & Pinion 39 RH Racecars 10 RJ Pro Fab 80 Ross Racing Pistons 5 RPM MAGAZINE SUBSCRIBE NOW! 82 Scotty’s Racing Engines 22 Shafiroff Racing Engines 25 Smith Racecraft 70 Speedwire Systems 13 Steve Morris Engines 47, 61 Summit Racing Equipment 35 S&W Racecars 47 Synthetics-Now / Amsoil 37 Ti64 61 Titanium Metal Supply 18 Trailer-Alarms.com 79 Trend Performance 51 TRZ Motorsports 34 Unlimited Products 20 Valvoline 38 VP Racing Fuels 46 WC Enterprises 68 Weinle Motorsports 36 World Sport Compact Challenge 75

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RPM This Month

November 2012


So Much Horsepower Packed Into One Place The Place... RPM Magazine!


pg 42

To be a player in the big leagues of really fast real street machines these days you need to be running in the low 7, or high 6 second quarter-mile zone to compete with longtime fastest street car competitors. And, of course, you must be able to drive the car for sustained periods on the street.

From Mud Pit To Drag Strip pg 8 8 years ago, Al Martorino bolted some slicks onto the rear axle of his rock crawler truck, pulled around the water box, cut down the tree and ran a 12.4 ET on his first pass down the strip... and never looked back!

Street Machines Live pg 70 For those people that think car shows are just for “show ponies and trailer queens”; you know, those cars that are shined up for weekend events only and not really street driven or drag raced... you’d better think again! There are a number of hardcore shows that bring out some of the wildest cars ever to be built, driven and raced, and this was just one of them.


Build It Drive It Race It. The First Lady Of 5.70

pg 20 pg 28

Swimming With The Sharks Getting Back On Track

pg 36 pg 78

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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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From Mud Pit

To Drag Strip Al Martorino hits the track with his modern day Mustang Shelby GT500


pproximately 8 years ago, Al Martorino bolted some slicks onto the rear axle of his rock crawler truck, pulled around the water box, cut down the tree and ran a 12.4 ET on his first pass down the strip. The next pass, with the nitrous kit armed and flowing, the rear axle of that rock crawler decide to seek new residence and scattered itself across the starting line. The end

of the rear axle in the rock crawler marked the beginning of a new passion for Martorino. No stranger to turning wrenches, Al yanked the engine and trans from his wounded rock crawler and dropped it under the hood of a ’95 Mustang shell, and got to drag racing. Over the years, the 95 Mustang would see a number of upgrades, both in the driveline and

Story & Photos by Brian Tyler Additional Photos by George Pich


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If you ever get to look in that “special” area of Al Martorino’s garage, this wild blown, injected 2006 Shelby GT500 Pro Doorslammer is what will smack you in the face as the door comes up.

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chassis, and would finish life as a mild-steel chassis certified to a 7.50 ET. The 8-71 blown powerplant would push the chassis to its limit, and Martorino decided it was time for a fresh build.

For Al, when it came to picking a class for his new build, it was a no brainer. “I didn’t consider any other classes. I have always loved watching Pro Mods,” explained Al.

As the owner and operator of ‘Xtreme Motorsports & Maintenance’, located in Cobourg Ontario, Al has the tools required to build a killer racing machine from start to finish, whether you are headed to the track, out to the mud pit, or just out for a cruise in your weekend hot rod. His upcoming build on the Shelby Pro Mod would be no different.

The backbone of the new car would be an R2B2 double framerail Pro Modified chassis. Ordered as a kit, it would be assembled and completed by Al at Xtreme. “A lot of people assume when they hear it’s an R2B2 chassis that we bought our way into the car. Yes, it is an R2B2 chassis, but it was a kit. It showed up to our shop as a bunch of bars, and we got to work”. The full chromoly


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Al worked on the Mustang Pro Mod whenever possible at his Xtreme Motorsports shop. The chassis may be a kit that came as a stack of tubes but we think you’ll agree that Al turned it into a work of art. This is definitely one wild piece and to be powered by a small block Ford running six second quarter miles is very cool.

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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No, your eyes haven’t failed you, this fast doorslammer is packin’ a 427 small block, and a small block Ford at that. To the left, Al is tuning on the Stang while it is wearing a little 8-71 blower early in 2012, but below you will notice the upgrade to the big bad 14-71 huffer! Keep your eyes on Martorino and his team in 2013 as they let this wild horse out of the stall to see what it can do.


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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

chassis is wrapped in a Harry Glass fiberglass body that has had the front clip lengthened as well as the hood modified to fit the supercharger. Once the body modifications were completed, it was time for paint. For Al, it was a tough decision made easy. “I decided to paint it the same color as my last Mustang because my only other idea was yellow, and my girlfriend hates yellow!” The modern day GT500 livery was applied including front grill and headlights, front to back stripes on top and rocker stripes on both sides by painter Steve Cochrane. With the lengthened front clip removed from the chassis, a Windsor based small block is revealed, yes we said a Ford small block! And it is packed with all the goodies needed to get Al towards his goal of a 6.50 elapsed time in 1320’. Starting with a World Products 351W Man-O-War block, Al put together a rotating assembly consisting of a Bryant custom billet crankshaft, with custom Diamond pistons hanging off the aluminum MGP rods to finish off the bottom end. Up top, Brodix Neal heads are stuffed with Ferrea valves that are opened up by T&D rockers. As with the chassis, all engine machining and assembly was done in-house by Al and his team. Earlier in 2012 when the Shelby made its debut, poking through the hood was an 8-71 blower. The “small” blower was good for some shakedown passes and put 1,375

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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Inside it is totally no-nonsense and as clean as can be. A host of all the latest greatest electronics available in motorsports today assist Al in getting a handle on the blown beast. A Datamaxx data logging system allows Al to monitor the vital signs of his 427 inch Ford via the column mounted LCD display. An MSD 10 ignition box is used along with one of MSD’s “Grid’ systems. The quality of the chassis work is also evident in these photos, from front to back it is just incredible. Lower right - During July’s 1/8th-mile HURA event at St.Thomas Dragway the team makes solid strides with the 8-71 blower. Working from data gathered each pass they make adjustments towards a solid tune-up for the 1/8th-mile show.


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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

horses to the back tires on the Xtreme Motorsports chassis dyno. The crew has since upgraded to a 14.71 huffer and though it has not yet been back on the rollers, things are definitely moving forward. “The chassis has been very responsive to changes,” says Al. “The more power we put to the tire, the better the chassis works. We have been very happy with that aspect of the car.” Power from the now 14-71 equipped mill is transferred to a Neal Chance converter through a Powerglide transmission and back to a 9 inch rear differential assembly. Suspension detail is handled by Strange coil-over shocks front and rear while braking is supplied courtesy of Wilwood calipers on all four corners. Five spoke Billet Specialties front hoops are wrapped in 26 inch tall Goodyear front runners while massive 34.5 x 17 x 16 Goodyear racing slicks are mounted on Weld Racing wheels out back. As with any new project, be it a full on race car or home built hot rod, there is always the possibility of growing pains, but for Al and his team a healthy amount of testing made for a successful first year out in the new machine. Attending his first event of 2012 at the St. Thomas Dragway 50th Anniversary Celebration, the Mustang would join up with the HURA Pro Doorslammer group, running a second event at St. Thomas Dragway as well as making the haul from Southern Ontario to the east coast’s Miramichi Raceway for the 2012 Noonan Nationals in Miramichi, New Brunswick. The Xtreme crew would have success at St. Thomas Raceway, taking the 2nd place qualifying spot on Saturday and coming out on top when dust settled Sunday afternoon during the Labour day long weekend Aug 31- Sept 2nd.

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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After making the haul to New Brunswick hoping for a repeat of his victory at St. Thomas, Martorino would qualify 8th but could not finish the weekend due to a blown head gasket. It wasn’t a total loss for the team though says Shaye Brent, Al’s partner and crew chief. “I think the spectators (in Miramichi) were very impressed with the showing of Pro Mods. We definitely had a lot of traffic in our pit area and people were impressed with the fact that we are running a small block. The event went great, and it really was a lot of fun racing with the HURA group.”


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In speaking with Al, it becomes very clear that keeping this car running is a team effort. Al would like to thank Crew chief Shaye Brent for patience with the long hours involved in building and maintaining the car, as well as team members Chris Umbel, Lyle Williams, Frank Perkins, Dave Archer and Steve Cochrane for all of their hard work and dedication.

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

The dual chutes are not only intimidating but put to good use on every run as well. With massive Goodyear slicks taking up most of the available real estate at the rear axle, the Strange coil over shocks and single-wheel wheelie bar set up fill in the gap nicely. The rear differential is a fabricated Competition Engineering Pro 9� Pro Mod style piece that is pretty much bullet proof.

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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With the 2012 season wrapping up, the team can hold their heads high having posted some impressive numbers. With a best 60ft time to date of .998 seconds and a 4.54 @ 164mph to the 1/8th-mile they have a very solid baseline moving towards the 2013 racing season. Wanna know more about Xtreme Motorsports or be a part of their wild Shelby GT500? You can visit them online at: http:// www.xtrememotorsportscobourg.com Left - Al with his partner and crew chief Shaye Brent. Al says a tremendous ‘thanks’ is owed to Shaye for her patience with the new car, both in the long hours required on the initial build as well as the time required to shakedown a new ride. We think Carroll Shelby would be proud to see Al’s Xtreme Motorsports Mustang carrying the torch, wearing the signature Shelby stripes and looking like it’s going 200 miles per hour just standing still.


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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE




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Build It Drive It Race It This Homebuilt Hot Rod Has Some Serious Attitude, And Some Serious Fun! Story By Tony Weber Photos By Logan Weber


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Build It Drive It Race It


or the last several years Rich Dupre’ has been involved somehow in the world of racing, but since 1999 he has been playing with his homebuilt ’41 Willys. “I have been seriously playing around with racing for about the past 6 years in various classes,” Dupre’ explained. “I don’t want to say I am seriously racing yet because honestly right now I am just playing around with it.” And play he does, as his simple yet striking Willys not only catches eyes on the

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

track but also driving along the interstates as well. That’s right, the homemade machine is completely street legal. The body is a fiberglass piece that Rich traded another body for back in 1998 down in Daytona, Florida. “I always wanted a Willys. It’s different, just like me.” Rich started messing with cars when he was only thirteen years old and it has been a passion ever since. “I have been a motorhead my whole life,” he says with a smile. “And

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Build It Drive It Race It I love to do things myself. I don’t buy things, I build them.” That includes things like his blower guard on the Willys engine. Rich says he has the time and the knowledge along with the desire, so why not. Following a successful career building swimming pools, the Rhode Island born Dupre’ retired and moved to Spring Hill, Florida. When the chance came to build the car of his dreams he jumped on it. “When I got the car, it already had suicide doors on it. I liked that, so we kept them. All we did was change the hinges so we could take the doors off when putting it in the trailer, but we are still working on making that a little better.” This is just one more distinct detail that only adds to the fun that Rich emanates. When it came time to power the car, Rich turned to friend and racer Scotty G of Scotty’s Racing Engines. Scotty had moved to Florida and his parents had a shop next door to Rich’s shop. When Rich broke the original

motor he met with Scotty and discussed building an engine. Since Rich is very hands-on and wanted to build the motor himself, Scotty began getting the parts together and after their friendship grew Scotty was soon putting the bullet together for Rich. While they do business together, Rich considers Scotty a friend more than a business associate. What Scotty had in mind for the Willys was a Chevy based 632 cubic inch Dart block with a nasty 1471 BDS blower and BDS fuel injection system sitting on top. Rich agreed and they were on their way. “I was so impressed with how popular Scotty was,” Rich said. “I went with him to Michigan, South Carolina and several other races, and it amazes me how well liked he is.” So it was only fitting

Powering this street legal hot rod is a monster 632 cubed mill built by Scotty’s Racing Engines. Rich and Scotty have been friends for years and Scotty has been very influential and helpful to Dupre’s racing operation. “The Old Guy”, as he refers to himself, Rich doesn’t mind getting in there and mixing it up with his young crew. Here, 63 year old Dupre’ gives Bill and Blake Chandler a hand between rounds during some 5.70 index competition.


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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

Build It Drive It Race It that Rich allow his friend to build the motor while he worked on other aspects of the car. At a recent trip to Bradenton, Rich was impressed by the Pro-5 wheels from Mickey Thompson, he met with them there and put all new wheels and tires on the car. From there it was on to Mac-Fab for a set of bead-locks for the rear, but he had to wait until he got home from Valdosta because he didn’t have a set of lug nuts that would work! When considering a transmission that was up to the task of sitting behind Scotty’s power, Rich went with Abruzzi out of Illinois. “I never met the man, but I like to do business with people who do what they say they will do, and he did. That has been a terrific transmission for me.” From there, Scotty met with Joe from Pro Torque to set up the converter. Other than these few select gentlemen, everything else about the Willys is the result of the hard work by Rich and his crew, Bill and Blake Chandler. The Willys is as much of a street rod underneath as it is a race car under the hood. The rear end is actually an OEM 9” Ford housing that was beefed up by Rich in his home shop. “It stayed together on the first try so I guess I did something right,” Rich says. Add to that a 4-link rear suspension and Mustang II front suspension, a favorite of the street rodders, and the Willys was taking shape. The chassis is a basic rectangular tube creation with Fun and different, the 2 door coupe is about as standout as you can get in the Southeastern USA… but that appears to be just the way Rich likes it as it matches him and the way he feels about himself. Fan after fan stopped to admire the machine at the drag strip. Yes that’s correct, legally tagged and licensed to ride the roads, complete with parachute. Probably not very efficient on gas, but still fun to drive. The “Historical” plate is up for debate though.


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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

Inside it’s mostly basic race car, no frills and nothing fancy for this beast. If you are looking for showroom quality with all the bells and whistles in here this is not the car for you. However, if you want a cool, home garage built, weekend fun project kind of vehicle then this is right up your alley. This car was something Rich put together for fun, and although he didn’t come right out and admit it, there is a strong possibility the Willys is often utilized as a “chick magnet” for the 63 year young Dupre’. And with it’s jet black paint and smooth straight body, we’re pretty sure it is quite effective in that area!

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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Build It Drive It Race It a full roll cage that Rich built. He also installed a fire system for safety, and to protect his investment of both money and time. “We run an engine diaper and some pretty heavy duty blower straps as well,” Dupre’ added. “I believe in safety and the engine is one area I didn’t want to cut corners on.” Something that was important to Rich when they built the motor was that he wanted it to run on pump gas. That’s right, a 1471 blown, fuel injected, 632 cubic inch big block on pump gas! “I wanted to be able to drive this baby out where all the pretty young ladies would see it,” a laughing Dupre’ explained. “When I make my passes on the track it is on pump gas, which makes it fun especially when I run something like the 5.70 index.” Running consistent 5.50’s, Rich and crew swapped the pulleys around on the blower in an attempt to slow it down... on pump gas. Amazing if you actually stop and think about it. “One area I know I need to improve on is my reaction time off the starting lights, especially on a pro tree. I’m terrible on those. I need a little more

work in the driving category, but with a little practice I will get that part down.” Not only does Rich bring ingenuity and personal pride to the table, his personality makes him quite an interesting man to sit and chat with. While he may be 63 in body, he has the spirit and attitude of someone half his age, and his desire to have fun makes him even younger. His interaction with fans and spectators was that of the grandpa everyone loves to be around with just a touch of “dirty ole man” as not a single pretty face made it by his pits without an appreciative smile or nod. “I love to have fun, bottom line,” Dupre’ claims. “I didn’t make it this far in life to turn into a sour old guy that nobody can stand to be around, that’s something I never was and I am not going to start now.” With his attitude and ability to simply make you smile, Rich will always be someone to stop by and say hi to at the track, or maybe the local burger joint as he gets out of his homebuilt hot rod.

Short and stout, most everyone loves the look of the Willys, and this one is mostly true to the original form. When Rich wants to cruise to the local drive-in all he has to do is remove the wheelie bars and its off to town he goes.


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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

The First Lady Of 5.70 Meet 20 year old Casey Presley... the “First Lady of 5.70 Real Street”.

Story By Tony Weber Photos By Tony Weber & Logan Weber


ince the early age of eight, Casey Presley can remember going to the local tracks in South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle to watch her daddy compete. No dolls and finger nail polish for her, even back then she knew she had something else planned for her nails, like motor oil and engine grease. What father wouldn’t be proud? “My daddy has always been my biggest role model,” Casey says. “Watching him out on the track all these years only made my desire to race and go fast stronger.”

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After begging her father to let her race, at the age of seventeen Casey entered the racing world behind the wheel of her 1968 Camaro to compete in the Heads Up 6.50 Quick Street class. But that just did not last as the need for speed took hold and Casey quickly convinced Ricky to let her enter the 5.70 ranks. After a year under her belt, her wish was granted and Casey Presley, at age 20, became the first lady of the 5.70 Real Street class, literally. As nice as the teams are in this class though, there would be no opening doors for her...Casey had to prove she belonged. Born and raised in the small town of Samson, Alabama Casey currently is a full time student at Troy University while holding down a part time job on top of her racing aspirations. “I want to be a CPA when I graduate, then I can move on to my dream of building and racing my own car, and I am seriously thinking about a radial car but we will see,” Presley said with a smile. “I drive a ’68 Camaro but honestly I like the ’70 models better, the body style is just so much cooler to me.” Being the only female driver in a class is certainly nothing new to the sport of drag racing. How does young Casey deal with that “pressure”? “I think the pressure is on the guys more than it is me,” Casey explains. “Most guys can’t handle being beat by a girl, so when I put one on the trailer it just makes

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

Outlaw legend in the Southeast area, Ricky Presley, couldn’t be more proud of his young daughter who considers him her role model and inspiration for why she ever dreamed of becoming a racer. Right - Ricky checks the nitrous while Casey checks the mirror, but she ain’t checking her makeup, she is just making sure there is no obstruction of her view of her next victim.

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racing that much more fun.” Getting a lot of attention from the young girl spectators and fans doesn’t hurt either, as Presley finds herself often at the center of attention at many events. As anyone who follows the world of Pro Modified racing knows, the name Pilcher is certainly well respected. As long time family friends of the Presley’s, Billy and Hazel along with son and Pro Mod pilot Johnny have also played a large part in the development of Casey’s racing program. Often watching her father and the Pilchers building and installing motors, Casey is not shy at all when it comes time to getting a little dirty under the hood. “The Pilcher family have been so supportive of me, and their encouragement has helped me more than I can describe,” Casey said. “I have been in the Pilcher’s shop until two or three in the morning studying for mid term tests

Casey actually busts knuckles on the Pilcher Automotive 489-inch bullet along with legends Billy and Johnny Pilcher. Cool is the fact that there is still a key switch ignition used instead of a button along with the original dash, gauges and steering wheel. A 9" Ford rear-end is bolted into the stock Camaro chassis and a Chris Alston Chassisworks ladder bar rear suspension gets the car hooked.


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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

and learning about the car many times, they will never know how much they mean to me.� Casey, it may be possible to predict that they will know in a very short while. “I learn as much as I can when it comes to the motor and maintenance of the car,� Presley said with a laugh. “There’s a lot that I can’t do yet, mostly because my dad likes to do it himself because he is a perfectionist, but I make sure to be right there next to him so I can learn.� And learn she has, gleaning knowledge and experience from the close to twenty years of seat time amassed by Ricky. The man known as the “Skulled Camaro� has sent many a team home with their heads hung low and Casey wants to follow that legacy. So we know that daddy is all in... where does that leave mom you may ask? “Mom was real nervous at first, she didn’t like to watch,� Presley adds. “She does know it is something I love so she supports me no matter what, but she still gets nervous whenever either of us makes a pass.� Since Ricky is trying to maintain two teams during these races, as he himself is also competing in the 5.70 races, it is only logical that the family would need help. Enter longtime family friend Michael Campbell and her brother in law Jason Vinson. “Without them I don’t know how we would make it some





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Photos - Lightin’ up the Mickeys and layin’ down the smack! Casey hikes the wheels at a non-5.70 RSRA Outlaw race at Cottonwood Dragway, while a host of family and friendly foes pay close attention. You may notice that this Camaro retains it’s orginal front-end design. Items like this keep Casey’s ride affordable for a young lady in school.


RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE



weekends,” Presley said. “They help us take care of the cars and the rest is up to me, cutting great lights and driving.” These two guys may be the full time helpers at the track, but in true 5.70 fashion all the other teams pitch in and help whenever an extra pair of hands are needed. “That’s the best part about the Association we have this year. We are all competitive but any one of us would help their opponent out between rounds just to make sure the competition stays high.” With only two more races to go in the season, Casey is sitting pretty in the number eight spot and anxious to improve. Still chasing that elusive event win, Casey has steadily improved throughout the year, often times going out in the semi finals to more experienced drivers. There is little doubt that a big win light is just around the corner for her though. With so many of today’s youth not having any ambition or desires, it is refreshing to meet someone like Casey who not only has a level headed approach to life, but incorporates just a touch of danger into that approach. Combine that with her enthusiasm for beating up on the guys and she is certainly not to be considered a member of the weaker sex. One thing you can count on though, when Casey lines up against you, she is not just another pretty face, she is dead set on looking you in the eye through her rear view mirror and telling you with her laughing eyes “Girl Power!”


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Photos - As always, the proud father stands behind her for each and every run not only for the burnout and staging routine shared between the two, but also as a beacon of support. Below - Presenting the Casey Presley Racing team... since there is also a “Ricky” version as well. Standing proudly with the Camaro are: Ricky and Casey Presley, Michael Campbell and Jason Vinson. Ricky almost didn’t want Jason in the picture... something about not wearing the right kind of shirt, but he was overruled by the photographer!

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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Story & Photos by Tim Lewis

Swimming With The Sharks

The small block powered Cavalier of Mike Sims has raised the bar for more than a few of his big block rivals.


n the world of big horsepower engines the smaller cubic inch mills have always been considered the underdogs. But let’s not forget the few extraordinary small blocks that make the bigger inch engines work even harder to catch them! Some could say the age-old small block vs big block fight has died out the past few years with so many making the jump into the waters to swim with the big block sharks. But once in a while along comes a small package that fights like a heavyweight, like Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr who fight with all of their heart and soul inside the ring. As does Virginia based small block drag racer Mike Sims in his “ring” of drag racing.


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Sims, of Stafford Virginia, is no stranger to horsepower racing since the seventies in everything from motocross to stock cars and drag racing. He was actually racing motocross until his first child was born and thought that with his new responsibilities, drag racing seemed like the safer sport. So now he’s stepped back into the drag racing ring to fight the big block bullies with a small block powered Cavalier. Mike’s first car was a 1967 Camaro with a 287 high rpm turning small block backed by a Doug Nash 5 speed transmission hooked to a 6:50 geared rear end. The Camaro would go low 10’s in the ¼-mile back then. Mike said, “my claim to fame would be one night at Colonial Beach Dragway. They had a match race between Dyno Don and Bill Jenkins. Dyno broke and asked me if I would be interested in running

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

The color combination on Mike Sims’ ex-Pro Stock Chevrolet Cavalier looks good no matter what; whether racing under the lights (left), under a partly cloudy sky at Richmond Dragway as it rolls up to the starting line (above), or finishing a nice burnout on a bright sunny day (below).

my car against the Grump. Not in a heads-up race, but rather he would spot me out on the G Gas national record and would try run me down. Well he came by me so fast on the top end I thought it was going to spin me around in a circle!” You certainly wouldn’t see anything close to that these days. Mike, who is the Manager of G & M Properties with wife Gail, has made a good living for himself after retiring. “My wife doesn’t mind the race car at all, as long as we have our boat to go out on!” Sims joked. The Chevy II Mike piloted prior had a brief encounter with the wall one night and soon after this car was picked up from close friend Wayne Woodard. The Cavalier was once raced by Mountain Motor Pro Stock standout John Montecalvo and built by Rick Jones, so it is a quality piece. Woodard put in a big inch nitrous engine and did pretty well for himself racing quick 8’s and quick 16 races across Virginia. The chassis is as top notch today as it was when it was built with some new parts added here and there along with some minor changes to keep up with the times. A Fab 9 rear differential with 4.73 rear gear and 40 spline axles making up the insides of it work with an RJ 4-link to put the bite to the tires and the track. This lightweight ride comes across the scales at a modest fighting weight of 2,033lbs with the driver… yes, with the driver!

great state of Virginia and Harold Robinson was the man who came up with the idea of these monster mills. Not saying that the likes of Sonny, The Daltons and Lee Edwards did not have a big influence into the giant sized engines, but Robinson was the leader when it came to 615, 622, 632, and 638 sized beasts, which were giants back when they first came out of the mountains of Tazewell, Virginia. Mike knew that making the 6-hour drive across the state was well worth the ride. Mike says, “Harold is one of the nicest people you will ever do business with! He jumped right on my motor as soon as the deal was set, and that means a lot for business and makes his customers very happy”.

When it comes to making the power a true legend was called upon to tackle the job. Harold Robinson. Lets give a quick history lesson here. The term “Mountain Motor” came from the mountains in the

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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Robinson built the 473ci small block with a bore of 4.185 and a stroke of 4.350. A Bryant crankshaft spins inside the Dart Iron Eagle steel block with Oliver rods and pistons from the folks at JE Pistons. The heads are SB2 18 degree units that have been worked with the help of the master himself and his top-secret touches. Valve train parts come from Jesel and a Bullet camshaft finishes up the guts. A cast GM SB2 intake with no tricks and a Chuck Nuytten single carb are bolted on top to feed the little machine its fuel to fight. Most small blocks you run across these days that are running good numbers in drag racing have two carburetors, and almost all the fast ones seem to have some sort of power adder, but not this one. Robinson will build you whatever you like, but there is no doubt that he is a fan of making horsepower the old school way! To get the â&#x20AC;&#x153;littleâ&#x20AC;? engine in the car a set ABOVE - Up close and personal with the little engine that could! The Harold Robinson built 473 has made more than one local racer hit his pocket to keep up with the small block. LEFT - Here is the look of the Cavalier when Woodard raced it, and on the right is the old Camaro that Sims raced many years ago. If you look closely you can just see the front fender of Sims Cavalier on the line beside his old ride.

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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of custom built stainless headers were built. For the transmission, Wayne Rogers was called upon to build a Powerglide and Comp Spec torque converter to fit the combination. When it came to getting the car down the track, Jeff Miller was in on the action, and get this, Mike is getting 100 runs out of the engine before it has to be gone through! 100 runs! There are guys running some small blocks that can’t make it 30 runs before it is ready to send parts through the block. Mike comments, “I only turn it to 7,000 rpm in

the lights. We know it can go much quicker if we lean on it, but why? In Top Sportsman drag racing it’s all about cutting the tree down, running on the number and not trying to kill it every pass you make.” Robinson is a clutch guy so the talk of putting a clutch set-up behind the little small block would put this thing down in the 4.50’s without any problems, and still do it with that single carburetor. The Australian 400ci Pro Stocks are the kings of all-motor powered small blocks with the record being 6.994 in the quarter-mile, which is killer for a 2,300lb with driver ride, but we think Mike is doing just fine with his here Stateside.

The interior is full of carbon work. This is one of the best cars money can buy and has worked well with all three completely different engine and driveline combos that have been between the rails. A look out back shows some of the work put into the 4-link rear suspension done in-house at RJ Race Cars.


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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

“I want to thank my awesome wife Gail for letting me do this and being my biggest supporter along with Harold and Sandy Robinson for the great little motor. Wayne & Mike Woodard, Woodard’s Automotive, Jeff Miller, Bruce Mullins, Pro Lock Racing, Eddies Towing & Recovery, Pure Sign Company, Outlaw Motor Sports and Crew members Johnny Schaffer, Mark House and crew chief Frankie Dovel.” Bruce Mullins, featured in the Readers Rides of RPM’s September issue with his purple 1963 Vette, did his thing on the paint and body work. Mullins laid the slick paint on and buffed it out to an insane shine and also painted the slick little 1941 Willys pit car that matches the Cavalier. Mullins also built the headers. Mike, due to some health problems, said that the hot summer weather is just too hard on him so he has Wayne Woodard do the driving during summer months. From the looks of it I think Woodard feels right at home behind the wheel of the Cavalier with a best of 4.82 @ 140 mph in the 1/8th and 7.70 @ 181 mph on the long track. Watch out Aussies, as with changes in the works these ET numbers are about to drop in a big way! Stay tuned to RPM for updates on what will be taking this little fighter to the top of the card against the heavyweights in the upcoming season.

Wayne hits the tires as Mike makes sure the car leaves the water box on a straight burnout. The car still launches like it did as a Pro Stock. No wheelie bar riding down the entire track, but some 1.03 60 foot times come out of this small block powered ride. Gail’s pit machine parked next to Mike’s race car. Bruce Mullins was behind the spray gun on both these jobs. Crew Chief Frankie Dovel (pictured on left) with Mike Sims. RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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Tom Bailey’s 1969 “Sick Seconds” Camaro Story By BRIAN HANSEN Photos By PETE ORES

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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Tom Bailey’s 1969 “Sick Seconds” Camaro


he notion of a 6 second streetcar was thought to be impossible just a few short years ago. Only Pro-Mods could run in the sixes and they certainly could not be driven on the street… right? Longtime hot rodder Tom Bailey was determined to prove everybody wrong and is the proud owner of this street legal, and street driven, Camaro that runs as good as it looks! So what does it take to be a player in the big leagues of fast street machines these days? We asked Tom this question and here is what he had to say; “Well, first of all you need to be running in the low 7’s, or high 6’s, to compete with longtime fastest street car competitors like Larry Larsen, Jeff Lutz, Dave Ahokas and Joe Barry. These guys have been fine-tuning their combinations for years and they know how to make their cars fly at the drag strip, yet be streetable enough to drive anywhere. Tom continued, ”I knew from the beginning that we had the power to be in contention to win Drag Week, but a couple of broken rocker arms threw a wrench in our plans. Steve Morris and I learned a ton at this year’s event and we’re pleased with the 6.94-second quarter-mile pass that we made at Tulsa Raceway Park during the final day of Drag Week. Next year we’re coming back to win the whole deal.”

Ron Wesley from Clocks Off Race Cars and Brian Hansen of RPM MAGAZINE take the Camaro for a cruise around the streets of Racine Wisconsin.

Driving a 6-second street car Since not many people will ever have a chance to drive a car that is capable of running in the 6’s at over 200 mph we just had to ask what it was like. Tom commented, ”I’ve had some pretty quick cars


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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

...and as you can see street driving is one of the things this car does very well! What would you do if you pulled up to this car sitting at a red light? The most common response was a perplexed look followed quickly by a huge thumbs up! Right - Denny Terzich originally commissioned Suncoast Race Cars (Homosassa, FL) to build the car and nicknamed the project the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sick Secondsâ&#x20AC;? Camaro.

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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over the years but I have to say that the feeling of driving a street car that is capable of running in the 6’s is a truly incredible experience, one like no other! It wasn’t that long ago when going from 0-60 mph in the 6 second range was considered pretty quick for a street car. Modern musclecars like the Shelby Mustang or ZL1 Camaro are capable of 0-60mph in the 3.7 second range.” Tom continued, ”on DOT tires I can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 1.1 seconds and cover the quarter-mile in 6 seconds at 200mph. It’s like being a shot out of cannon!”

Engine/Drive train: Steve Morris Engines built the 615 cubic inch big block Chevy and filled it with all the good stuff. A Brodix block holds a Callies crankshaft, MGP connecting rods, and a set of Diamond’s best forged pistons. Deep breathing 14.5 degree cylinder heads were prepped by CFE and are fed a steady diet of go juice by a set of Precision Turbos’ 235 fuel injectors. With 33 pounds of boost Steve estimated that the engine should produce somewhere PHOTOS: With limited creature comforts Tom and company win the RPM Iron Butt award for going over 1,000 miles sitting on those seats! At least they had cup holders for their sodas!


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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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RPM Quick Tech Sheet 1969 “Sick Second” Camaro Street/Strip Owner/Driver: Tom Bailey Engine: 615 BBC built by Steve Morris Engines. Callies 4.625 crankshaft, Diamond Pistons, MGP rods, Cylinder Heads: Brodix 14.5 degree aluminum with 2.50 intake/1.88 exhaust titanium valves Power Adder: Twin 94mm Precision Turbochargers Transmission/Converter: Neal Chance bolt-together converter, Rossler TH-210 Pro Mod transmission, Gear Vendors Overdrive. Tuning/Boost Controller: Hyperackitive Performance Solutions (Joe Oplawski) Weight: 3100 pounds with driver! Wheels/Tires: Billet Specialties, Hoosier DOT tires Intercooler: Chiseled performance Suspension: Suncoast Race Cars 4-link suspension and composite body. Exhaust: Custom fabricated by Clocks Off Race Cars (Racine Wisconsin) Best ET & MPH: 6.94 @ 208 mph (1/4 mile), 4.52 @ 165 mph (1/8th mile) Best 60’ time (on DOT Tires): 1.10 seconds PHOTOS: Left - This is what takes if you want to be one of the top dogs in fastest street car drag racing these days. 615 cubic inches of big block Chevy with twin 94 mm Precision turbochargers. According to engine builder Steve Morris this bad boy should be able to produce 3,300hp with 35+ pounds of boost! Right - Steve Morris (right) and Ryan Witte prepare the 615 ci big-block to be run through it’s paces on the inhouse dyno at Steve Morris Engines facility. There’s a lot of hardware under the hood of this street machine. Ron Wesley worked his magic to get it all too fit under the bonnet. A Chiseled Performance Intercooler and aluminum radiator are nestled within the confines of the Camaro’s engine bay. With no other place to go Ron mounted the twin 94mm Precision turbos down low. Yes, there are air filters that get used when the Camaro is being driven on the street.


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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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in the neighborhood of 3,300 horsepower. Which is a pretty cool neighborhood to live in! Power is handled by a Neil Chance bolt-together converter, Rossler TH-210 Pro Mod transmission and a Gear Vendors Overdrive unit. The Suncoast Race Cars 4-Link chassis puts the power to the pavement. Visit RPM Magazine’s website www.rpm-mag.com for a video of the engine being dyno tested at Steve Morris’ shop.

Goals: Tom doesn’t mince words when asked about his goals. “I want to be the first to make a 5 second quarter mile pass in a street car.” Tom continued, “My immediate goals with this car are 6.50’s @ 230 mph on DOT tires. The idea is to race it like you drive it on the street, with only a program change.”

Interesting Facts: Tom’s Camaro has two completely separate fuel systems. One system is for the street (17 gallon fuel cell) and one for the strip (3 gallon fuel cell). With the boost turned down the big block Chevy happily sips Premium Unleaded Pump Gas at the rate of 12 miles per gallon (pulling the trailer). The Gear Vendors Overdrive brings the RPM’s down on the highway and really helps improve gas mileage. Contrary to all of the “keyboard jockey” reports, Tom was not issued a ticket when he was pulled over in Troup, Texas during “Heavy duty suspension” is a gross understatement here! Suncoast Race Cars built this bad ride to handle pot holes the size of Rhode Island and still be able to perform drag strip duty. Based on the fact that he has already logged over a 1,000 miles on the street, run in the 6’s and recorded 1.10 sixty-foot times with the Camaro, I’d say they got it right. Weighing in at 3,100 pounds, the dual parachutes are a necessity on Tom Bailey’s Camaro. The trailer hitch is standard equipment for cars participating in longhaul events like Drag Week since they have to bring everything that they need along with them (no tow vehicles are allowed).


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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

the 2012 Drag Week. It appears that the officer that pulled him over for not making a complete stop treated him as though he was driving a “run of the mill car”. He was issued a warning and continued on his merry way. During the 2012 Drag Week Tom Bailey and Steve Morris (riding shot gun) logged over 1,000 miles in the Camaro on single set of DOT Tires. On the street they were inflated to 20 psi and at the strip Tom lowered the tire pressure to between 5 psi and 7 psi (depending on the track conditions).

Not only did these tires see all of the street miles but they were also subjected to five separate outings at the drag strip (burn outs and all). On the last day of Drag Week Tom managed to run a personal best 6.94 elapsed time in the quarter-mile with a 60’ time of 1.10 seconds!

Steve Morris Engines, Ron Wesley (Clocks Off Race Cars), Rick Johnson (ASN), Denny Terzich (Pro Rides), Larry Dixon (Mack Auto), Suncoast Race Cars and everyone who has helped him along the way. “Without all of you I would not be able to get to where I am now.”

Special thanks goes out to Tom’s wife Dana and their three sons Zack, Brendan and Aydan for supporting him on this journey to having the fastest street car in the world. Tom also wanted to thank

Tom Bailey’s “Sick Second Camaro” is a tried, tested and true world’s fastest street car, but to add to all that it really is one of those cars that just looks good, even standing still.

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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The War Between Brothers The 17 Annual Holcomb Fall Civil Wars th

Story & Photos By Chuck Scott Additional Photos By Tom Owensby


s the hot steamy dog days of August give way to cool crisp autumn nights, racers start getting Civil Wars fever. Since 1995 the Holcomb Fall Civil Wars has been the place to be and say farewell to summer at the end of September. The Grand Daddy of small tire drag races never fails to deliver on some of the best side by side drag racing in the country.


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Photos: Left - Pro 5.0 legend Wild Bill Devine smokes the 10.5Ws in his Racecraft Inc. built chassis. Wild Bill qualified #1 in Bullseye Power Outlaw 10.5 with a blink of an eye 4.27. Bill still gets it done with a 8.2 deck 302 based 364ci motor with twin Bullseye turbos. I’ll bet he gets tired of people trying to pull the yellow balls out of his grill thinking he forgot to take them out! Right, top - Bob Kurgan was waiting to take on Barry Mitchell in the Baer Brakes X275 finals when the final round was called due to a huge crash and fire from an Open Comp car that ended the day. Bob’s Vortech supercharged Mustang qualified #3 with a 4.89 and had been as quick as 4.84 @ 149.7mph in the second round of eliminations. Right, lower - Charles Wright’s gorgeous Camaro on it’s last day. Sunday evening Wright got loose at the eighth mile and plowed both walls and caught fire ending the event. Charles was airlifted off the track to Chapel Hill. He was treated for leg contusions, bruised ribs and blistered toes on his left foot from the fire. Below - Barry Mitchell had been at the top of the heap all weekend with the nitrous small block SBX monster qualifying #1 in Baer Brakes X275 with a smooth 4.82 @ 149.33mph.

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The War Between Brothers This season has been a little different than any I remember in recent years. Drag racing has kind of come to a transition point where the racing community doesn’t know what will happen next in the evolution of the sport. The original restricted tire class, Outlaw 10.5, has come to a dim point of near extinction in the south east. X275 is in constant turmoil over slowing the class down or allowing it to progress. SR275 (Street Race) has gone from stellar car counts to mediocre at best, due to unharnessed big blocks and others jumping ship to bigger payouts in X275. Outlaw 275 is still searching for an identity and to become “more” than just the class you run if you don’t fit anywhere else. Real Street which started on a whim a few years back at a Civil Wars has exploded into a class run by 4 different organizations with 4 different sets of conflicting rules, all the while being too close in ET to the growing Ultra Street that sandwiches the class both north and south. Animosity Photos, from top - Jason Hoots drug the bumper in almost every pass all weekend in the Vortech YSI powered copper Fox. Jason was taken out by the season dominate Ziff Hudson in the second round. Here Jason takes on Wayne Herring’s clean Chevelle in the first round of SR275 eliminations. Ziff Hudson sealed the deal in Rockingham as the 2012 SR275 World Champion with more unbeatable performances. Ziff is the first big block racer to win the King of the Streets championship in 7 years. New rules in 2012 allowing progressive controllers helped harness the torque of the 500ci big block Chevy powered Mercury Zephyr. You may remember Ziff’s ride last year, the baby blue Fairmont wagon with the decals in the quarter windows that looked like bags of groceries in the back. Ziff ran a best of 5.02 during eliminations in SR275 trim which requires nitrous to pass through at least 4' of 4an line. Ziff also entered X275 at Civil Wars and was able to go 4.83 without the line restriction. Who says there is no diversity in heads-up small tire racing? Jason Smith’s 2nd generation 23 degree small block Chevy Camaro hooks up beside Kevin Robinson in the maroon Big Chief big block Chevy powered 4th gen in SR275.


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The War Between Brothers between promoters and over-scheduling with little regard to other events has brought us to a odd era. Is this why the Mayan calendar stops at 2012? Well I doubt there is anything to worry about except your wallet in this sport. Every time things look uncertain, drag racing is reborn to even higher popularity and excitement. Rumor has it the Holcomb Civil Wars events and Blake Holcomb’s King of the Streets series will be ran as 4 large 2-3 day events, possibly covering 4 neighboring Atlantic Coast states in 2013. Blake hopes to further grow the Civil Wars legacy to be the staple of eastern Photos, from top - All the way from deep in the jungles of Florida, drag radial pioneer Troy Pirez made it to Rockingham to represent the south. Troy struggled throughout the weekend with an uncharacteristic weekend best of 4.95 in the first round of X275 and lost in the second round to Dale Handy driving the Money Pit wheelie machine. He ain’t complaining now! After struggling with reliability with his 4.6 DOHC modular engine, Shannon Young AKA Dentfix swapped to SBF pushrod power in his turbocharged Ultimate Converter Concepts Real Street entry. Dentfix ran 5.50, his new personal best at Civil Wars but was beat in the second round by fellow Brotherhood of Turbo Real Street Racers member, Matthew Lawrence 5.38 to 5.53. Real Street class racer Jenny Radford toted the front wheels to the 60' clocks showing the boys how it’s done. Jenny qualified #3 with a 5.42 and picked it up to 5.39 in the first round of eliminations but fell to Paul Falcon’s Pontiac Formula in round two. Below - Outlaw 275 featured several Outlaw Radial and Limited Street rides that demonstrated the smaller tires and other restrictions were no problem. “The” Kevin Mullins single turbo small block Diablo Mustang takes out Josh Gross’ big block nitrous Camaro, 4.82 to 4.91. Kevin was one of 3 still standing in Outlaw 275 when the race was called.


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COMP Cams® Is Here For You Today & We’ll Be Here Tomorrow, Providing The Most Advanced Engine Components Backed By Superior Service COMP Cams® is a company of racers – we understand the passion and dedication it takes to be a winner because we come to work every day with that same competitive spirit. For employees at COMP Cams®, second best is not an option. It shouldn’t be an option for your next valve train purchase either. COMP Cams® continuously expands our selection of advanced performance parts, but each new addition is simply an extension of the heart and soul of our product line: camshafts. From off-the-shelf cams to custom grinds, nobody offers a wider selection of innovative camshaft designs. Every cam is engineered to exact specifications by incorporating the absolute latest developments in valve motion design, precision manufacturing and quality assurance.

LIFTERS Tool Steel Flat Tappets to Elite Race™ Solid Rollers, COMP Cams® lifters are the standard for performance & durability, even when subjected to high rpm, punishing race applications.

The hundreds of subtle differences separating COMP® camshafts from the competition make a major difference at the race track. With a COMP Cams® camshaft, nothing is left to chance. Every last detail, from gear run-out to surface finish is accounted for, so you get the perfect match for your engine application. These critical refinements are why COMP Cams® camshafts consistently produce 10 to 30 more horsepower versus the competition.

VALVE SPRINGS It’s for all these reasons that many leading race teams and engine builders at all levels of motorsports trust COMP Cams® to power their efforts. They understand that selecting a camshaft is no different than anything else in life; you get what you pay for.

Nothing in your valve train takes more of a beating than your valve springs. COMP Cams® valve springs deliver unmatched pressure retention, material quality and valve control.

With the industry’s largest and most highly trained valve train engineering team, COMP Cams® is making the investment to ensure that we remain on the leading edge of camshaft technology. Wherever valve train technology is advancing, COMP Cams® will be there.

ROCKER ARMS A critical piece of your valve train combination, COMP Cams® offers a full selection of aluminum & steel, stud mount & shaft rockers for superior rigidity, ratio accuracy & durability.

8291 b

Engineered To Finish First.

CAM HELP® 1.800.999.0853 | WWW.COMPCAMS.COM

The War Between Brothers heads-up drag racing with the same classes ran at each event and a points system similar to KOTS. At the end of the season a champion will be named in each class and engraved swords given as trophies to signify racer victory. Blake hopes to revive 10.5 Outlaw in this part of the country with new sponsors like Bullseye Power and give retired racers a reason to dust off their hot rods. Blake is also working to merge SR275 with X275 to trim the lineup down to provide more variance between classes and conform with nationwide trends. Ultimate Converter Concepts is back on board for 2013 to sponsor Ultimate Street which should provide an exciting class that can adopt SR275 racers that don’t want to step-up to new quicker requirements, and Real Street racers ready to take things to the next level. Although the details are not yet clear, be certain 2013 will be full of action and a place for every combination. In traditional Civil Wars fashion, it’s going to be a great year! Florida racer Brad Schehr came to hurt feelings and chew bubble gum and he forgot his bubble gum. Brad set a new unofficial Ultimate Converter Concepts Real Street record during Friday’s test session of 5.26 with several more high 5.20 passes to back it up. Brad qualified on Saturday at a tad slower 5.32 but before the first round of eliminations on Sunday, a group of racers put up the protest money to have his blower checked. Brads little D1 passed with flying colors and measured legal. Unfortunately when Brad re-installed the front cover, some bolts were left loose costing him the race on his next pass. Below - The finals in Bulls Eye Power Outlaw 10.5 came down to JR Webb’s silver 69 to Michael Locklear’s 67 with Webb taking the win.

800-626-1828 www.bteracing.com Bill Taylor Enterprises 2 Memphis Avenue • Mt. Pleasant, MS 38649 Some Parts Not Legal for Sale or Use on Pollution-Controlled Vehicles


Top Sportsman / Top Dragster FEATURES: New BTE Magnum SFI Approved Case, Ringless Vasco Turbo Spline Input Shaft, Mega Racing Band, Two Ring Servo, Performance Servo Spring, Coated Deep Aluminum Pan, BTE Straight Cut Gear set (Available in 1.80, 1.98, and 1.69 ratios), Roller Tail housing/Rear Cover, New BTE High Volume Pump, Roller Governor Support, 10 clutch drum, BTE Top Sportsman High Pressure Transbrake Valve body, Dyno-tested.

$359599 Bracket Powerglide FEATURES: 1.76 Gear set with 4340 forged output shaft and housing, Steel Clutch Hub w/ 5 clutch pack, Rebuilt Pump, Two ring servo, BTE Bracket Transbrake Valve body, Kevlar lined Band, Dyno-tested.

$84995 66

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“As long as there have been crankcases in engines, there have been crankcase pressure problems”... NOT ANYMORE! Story By GEORGE CLARK

Photos Supplied By Manufacturer


s long as there have been crankcases in engines, there have been crankcase pressure problems. In 1908, a patent application was presented for the first oil/air separator. The patent was granted and published in 1910. Nevertheless, the automobile industry has been battling the problem of crankcase pressure for over 100 years. Many products have been developed since that time, but none seem to have solved the pressure problem, until now. Regan Clark (owner of Break-Thru Performance in Conroe, Texas), built a two-time Houston Autorama winning 1967 Super Gas Cuda. As his crew chief, it was my job to make sure everything was ready between races. As most racers know, the engine compartment has to be wiped down between races so that no oil spills onto the track. Racers are automatically shut down if oil is found leaking before they make their run and some are fined if they leak oil onto the racing surface during their run. Ninety-nine percent of all race vehicles today have an oil/air separator. Unfortunately, the increase of pressure needed to exhaust the air in race engines also causes oil fumes to pass through the

breather (along with the air) and exit the oil/air separator causing oil to spray or splatter all over the engine compartment, and possibly onto the ground. After getting tired of cleaning the oil between races Regan (being a Mechanical Engineer and having designed and built different types of machinery for various companies) suggested that we come up with something that would eliminate this messy oil problem. In 2006, we tackled that challenge and so began the research, development and design of the product that would become the OASIS (Oil Air Separator Internal System). But to really eliminate the emissions of oil from the separator, we had to approach the problem differently. Oil viscosity plays a role in the separation of the oil and air. So to better understand this role, we spent a lot of time consulting with the now late Mr. John Williams, owner of Royal Purple. Mr. Williams thoroughly explained the properties of oils and the effects of viscosity and temperature on oils. We began the process using Regan’s 1967 Super Gas Cuda as a test car, and after many prototypes, alterations, time, and money, we developed the OASIS.

The innovative OASIS (Oil Air Separator Internal System) shown here installed on a 712 cubic inch Top Sportsman nitrous motor. Crankcase pressure oily messes and the dangers resulting from them are now a thing of the past in motorsports.

PRODUCTS AND INNOVATIONS, The OASIS The OASIS comes in two types: Wet and Dry. The wet system is for vehicles that have water blocks. The dry system is for vehicles without water blocks. The wet system uses the radiator water overflow to increase the air temperature since air is more susceptible to heat than is oil. The additional heat causes the air to rise faster than the oil, thus creating a more efficient separation of oil and air. This also eliminates the need for a secondary water accumulator. As the air and oil fumes enter the OASIS, the moving particles enter an expansion chamber. The water overflow is directed into a center chamber. The heat from the air, oil, and hot water causes the air to rise and exit the top of the OASIS. Meanwhile, the pressure in the chamber causes the oil to stick to the side of the chamber and to the separation beads inside the reduction filtration system. The oil is substantially slower in rising and due to the filtration system, never reaches the top of the OASIS. Therefore, it does not exit with the air. Almost all other oil/air separator systems rely totally on the pump pressure to exhaust the air. But the pressure also pushes the oil fumes out (along with the air). This is the reason for the breather on other systems – to


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remove the fumes that exit the system. However, this clogs up the breather and restricts airflow, which increases the pressure. The OASIS has three (3) separation chambers: the first accumulator chamber, the beaded separation chamber, and a second accumulator chamber. Between each chamber is a diffusion plate, which further decreases the pressure thereby reducing the oil and allowing only air to pass through to the exit. (What makes the OASIS unique is that if you blow into the fitting at one end, the air passes out the other end with no resistance. If you didn’t know better, you would think that the tube was completely hollow with nothing between the entrance and exit of the system.) Since the pressure has been decreased considerably in the first chamber, we have added a feature to the OASIS that allows the oil to be redirected back to the engine through the oil pan. The water in the central overflow area is

drained via a quick release plug. This has been tested on our test vehicles and works flawlessly. We also removed the breather from the dry sump accumulator and directed the fumes into the OASIS via a “y”-adaptor with a valve to adjust airflow. Another problem that current oil/ air separator systems have is that they install the vacuum pickup into the head or valve cover. One top engine builder told me that is absolutely the wrong placement, but admitted that he did not know of a good alternative. The source of the problem is in the crankcase, not the valve area. The further away from the source of the problem, the more

Regan Clark, developer of the OASIS, used his 2-time Houston Autorama winning 67 S/G Cuda as the first test car for the OASIS product. The results were amazing! Plus, no more leaky breathers or rags to worry about.

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

vacuum needed to reach the crankcase. Alternatively, we install the vacuum pickup right at the front of the valley, thereby reducing the vacuum to 5 inches – not 10 or 15 inches as is standard. There is no need to create a vacuum in the valve train. In that position, it sucks more oil than air. Further, this causes a vacuum to form in the valley and the pan, thus causing the oil to be sucked out with the air. The OASIS wet block system worked so well that we decided to develop a dry block system. Even without the water overflow, the dry block system works as well as the wet block system. After successful testing the OASIS on Regan’s own car, we also installed our units on a 1500 HP twin turbo street car and a seven second 712ci 1970 Dodge Dart. On the Dart, we also drained the oil back to the pan with absolutely no problems. We have even tested the OASIS on a competition motorcycle, the Suzuki of Jerry Pomilla, a threetime division winner and three-time national runner up.

The second test car for the OASIS product was a 1969 Dodge Dart Top Sportsman 572 injected B1 seven-second ride (above right). This car is the twin to George Clark’s car that will be match raced in 2013 and is also equipped with the OASIS. Jerry Pamilla’s drag bike (lower right) is a multi time Div. 4 winner and multi time national runnerup. An Oasis is currently being prepared for Jerry’s new Pro Stock bike.

The OASIS units are so cutting edge, that after over 100 years in the making; we have now perfected the oil/air separator. To receive one US patent is an outstanding achievement. But to receive two US patents on a system is innovation. For more information regarding the OASIS visit: www.corlorind.com or call 936-718-2280

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Street Machines Live!

Story & Photos By BRIAN LUTZ


hile many people think that car shows are just for “show ponies and trailer queens”— those cars that are shined up for the weekend events only and not really street driven or drag raced, think again! There are a number of hardcore shows that bring out some of the wildest cars ever to be built, driven and raced! Sure, some of these cars teeter on the edge of being street legal, but isn’t that the draw of it all. One such show is put on by Full House Motorsports LLC right in the middle of an area that has been ripe with fast street cars for many years. The 4th Annual Fall Fling Car Show in Limerick Township PA is just minutes away from places like Norristown and Pottstown, and brings all types of machines out of the garage for a fun filled day of horsepower.

the city street? Or maybe twelve bad machines rolling around town at any given point, each one capable of anywhere from 8.50’s to mid 10 second quarter-mile runs? These are the types of cars that are still mainstream today at many local car shows and cruise night across the country. On this particular Sunday in September, these guys and girls take a break from the typical racing afternoon by shining up their cars and heading to a park to enjoy the bench racing and the oogling eyes of adults and children alike. Many of the spectators to this and many shows like it can only get a glimpse of these types of cars while they blast down the drag strip, so events like this give the general public a close up view of these cars, and maybe an interest in coming out to the track a little more often, while the owners can sit back, relax, and just enjoy the slowed down pace of a car show.

You want variety, we got variety! For example, when was the last time you saw a twin turbo Pro Street Thunderbolt pushing over 1000 hp through a street prepped Lenco? Or how about an Outlaw 10.5 Nova “race car” driving down

Let’s get to the meat on the bone of a typical day for a show like the one Full House Motorsports LLC puts on. Shows like this across the country take a ton of planning and hard work to help spread the word so that the car owners will


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bring their cars out. Weather also plays a very large role in any outdoor event, on or off the strip. It starts very early in the morning, around 6 am to get things set up and ready. This particular show starts at 9 a.m., but cars start rolling in at 7:30, and it’s then a steady stream of shined up rides of all flavors, the smell of race fuel, the whine of blowers, loud exhaust, and the loping idles of very large camshafts. By 12-noon, about 275 cars are parked in a gorgeous park setting for a day of just looking good under the afternoon sun. We’ll take a peek at just a handful of the more wild rides that drove to the show (and we mean drove, there wasn’t a trailer in sight, except two, and we’ll get to those shortly!). First up is a twin turbo Ford Thunderbolt (no, not a real one) that runs a small block Ford and a pair of hairdryers. John tells us this thing pushes just around 1000 hp, but if the need arises, the wick can be lit to push it closer to 2000 hp! What’s really cool about this car is the “slushbox”, it’s a street trans based upon the ever popular Lenco! This car is fully tubbed but still retains some creature comforts for driving.

When was the last time you saw a pro street twin turbo Thunderbolt! John Jones tells us it’s a blast on the street, and we’d have to agree. “A recipe for 1000 HP”… we like the ingredients! How would you like to change the spark plugs in this motor. Check out the cool retro interior, time to get your exercise pulling gears!

Next up, how about a 10.5 Nova race car that is actually street legal. With a massive big block Chevy residing under the hood, and more plumbing than your house, this thing will be sure to raise a few eyebrows wherever it goes! The owner (Mike) says this thing has great street man-

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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Not your typical Sunday afternoon grocery getter, unless you need some milk FAST! Black, straight, and packing plenty of punch is Mike Boccella’s mean small tire street/strip Nova. 10 inch tires + 2 chutes + wheelie bars = one wild ride! And no need for a co-pilot here, just plenty of nitrous and you’re good to go.

1,100 Exhibitors! 3,200 Booths! 38,000 Buyers! Race Industry Week 2012! Machinery Row!

Where Racing Gets Down to Business November 29 – December 1, 2012 Delivering Business Opportunities for 25 years!

register today: http://prishow.org/onlinereg12


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6YSHUKV-SVYPKH‹<:( RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

There is just something so “right” about a clean Chevelle! Mark Rubright’s car looks great, even sitting still. It’s show car clean, but with the added safety equipment to run sub 10 second times! There’s enough tubing under the hood of Mark’s Chevelle to make even a seasoned plumber shake!

ners, even though it takes a contortionist to get in and out of it. The guys over at Rubright Racing Enterprises brought out a group of heavy hitters! From a 900 hp Pro Street Camaro, Mark’s personal Chevelle, a couple of Mustangs, a few more Camaros, a blown 33 Willys, to something you don’t see every day, an AMC Pacer on steroids! This group represented in the range of 11,000 hp within about 14 cars and enough nitrous to send someone to the west coast in record time! There was more laundry hanging off the backs of cars throughout the show than the staging lanes at Maple Grove Raceway! When was the last

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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Street Machines Live! time you saw a Pro Street Ford Bronco with a big block Chevy? This thing was insane with a nitrous bottle sitting right in the middle of the driver and passenger. Yes, there were your typical Camaros and Mustangs, but there aren’t that many out there with a turbo’d 602-inch big block in them either! It’s true, at most car shows you have your tried and true vehicles ranging from 23 Tbuckets to the newer generation Camaros, Challengers, and Mustangs, but it’s those “in between” cars that really shake the ground. Speaking of shaking the ground, even the race cars come out! As we said, there were 2 trailers at the show, one for the Broken Arrow Top Dragster and one for the well known (and crowd favorite) Paddy Wagon wheelstander. John Gentry decided to fire the rail up and raise a few eyebrows during the afternoon. But not to be outdone, the only female wheelstander driver, Alyson Kurtas and her boyfriend Ken Hall, driver of the Top Secret Jet Funny car would

(800) 208-1755

Check out 602 cubic inches of turbo’d big block Chevy in this slick black wrapper! Mike Serrano’s Camaro is just plain BAD! Below - Keith Allen’s Nova has the perfect Pro Street stance… big tires and low to the ground. Packin a stout big block assisted by copious amounts of nitrous oxide, it is a true double threat being at home on both the street and strip.


Crafted in the U.S.A.


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Street Machines Live! light it up! There’s nothing like the smell of alcohol as it pumps out a set of zoomies and it’s things like this that can put a smile on the face of just about anyone. Thousands attended and the day was absolutely perfect. The smell of burgers and hot dogs cooking, the sun shining, the cars gleaming, what a better way to spend a day but in the presence of horsepower. The best part for spectators and car owners alike is that it’s a relatively inexpensive way to go. Although a lot of work for organizers of events like this, it seems to be the love of cars that drives them to do it year after year.

it on and go take a look at some of the wildest street and/or strip machines that your area has to offer. If you are looking for even more great cars, make sure to visit Full House Motorsports LLC’s marquee event, the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals on March 22-24, 2013 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. This show brings the best of the best from up and down the east coast! For details on this and all of their events check out www.fullhousemotorsportsllc.com and www.northeastcustomcarshow.com.

Big block, check. Blower, check. Zoomies, check… it’s not every day you see a set of Zoomies on a street car. But then Mike Monaco’s 33 Willys is NOT your typical street car. Lightweight and big power motivate this radical ride. Whoever it was that said the Pro Street movement is dead. We beg to differ!

As was challenged in the July 2012 RPM Issue’s Editor’s Notes “Calling All Cars”, we can tell you for a fact that the gathering of wild street machines is still alive and well in mainstream USA, and this show is just one that proves it. So the next time you see a car show advertised, support those that put


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BBC 632 Nitrous Series

BBC Open Chamber Blown Alcohol Dome

Designed for Nitrous-fed 632 engines using aluminum rods.

Designed for high horsepower, blown alcohol BBC engines. Ideal for use in Top Dragster and Top Sportsman engines

• Vertical gas ports • Designed with large pin boss span and extra clearance to accept aluminum rods • Designed with 3/16″ oil rings for improved oil control (critical in nitrous engines) • Intake valve relief edge has been machined to remove thin outside area, reducing hot spots and likelihood of preignition • Utilizes JE Pro Seal Hardened Nitrous Series .043″, .43″, 3/16″ ring package

5.OOO'' / 5.3OO''

• Made from forged 2618 alloy

bore spacing piston

• Heavy duty .200″ wall wrist pins included

New “777F”

• Valve reliefs accept oversized valves and are compatible with angle milled heads.

• • • •

4.810″ - 5.140″ Bore Extremely durable in high HP engines Up to 1.094'' diameter pin Starting at only $805 MSRP per set

• Accumulator grooves & Double forced pin oilers

• Precision CNC machined ring grooves accept 1/16″ , 1/16″ and 3/16″ rings.

Pistons • Rings • Pins

15312 Connector Lane • Huntington Beach • CA • 92649 • 714-898-9763 • Fax 714-893-8297


Getting Back on Track By Blake Robinson

Shifting Gears - Part I


hether race or street duty, your transmission is a very important part of the project, so give it the time and thought that it deserves. After all, it takes all that horsepower you have just created and properly sends it to the rear differential. Think about that for a minute. Ok, so now you understand why you need to do your own due diligence and find a high performance/racing transmission company (and builder, if you are using components from a high performance/race transmission company) with a proven record. There are many good ones out there so asking around and calling a bunch is a great way to learn before you buy. One thing we want to caution on here is buying used. Your transmission is complex and as such it takes some pretty solid know-how to create one for your combination, so buying used when it comes to a performance or race transmission more often than not leads to disappointment. Unless you know the complete history of the used trans in question right up to the most recent time it was run, buyer beware. When it came time to put some thought into the transmission for our Getting Back on Track Camaro, one name came to mind, John Goebel. John and I met about fifteen years ago when I attended an Industrial Hydraulics Class at the Texas State Technical Colledge here in Waco TX. John had been an instructor at TSTC since 1982 when he began teaching classes for Allison on Highway Transmissions in the Heavy Truck Department. In 1990 he began teaching Basic & Advanced Hydraulics in the Diesel Equipment Technology Department and can still be found there, working his normal 8-5 job, today. John started out doing R&R’s (removals and re-installs) and custom rebuilds for a local transmission company in 1975. In 1994 he opened Goebel High Performance Transmissions


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John Goebel of Goebel High Performance Transmissions will be assembling our Getting Back On Track Camaro transmission with BTE components. Our “master kit” came with a 10 clutch upgrade and included a Mega Band. All the gaskets and seals are included as well as what is pictured.

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

in Waco TX. In addition to teaching eight hours a day, John can be found in his shop nightly working on custom built transmissions and torque converters. His shop has evolved to include a complete machine shop and an Intercont Dyno that he and some of his advanced students custom built a hydraulic load system for. This system simulates real life conditions to test his transmissions and converters on, to insure proper operation. We will be using the Dyno, powered by a custom built big block Chevy that yields 540 horse power at 4900 rpm and 500 foot pounds of torque at 4500 rpm, when our transmission and torque converter are completed. John and I discussed the build and decided on using a two speed Powerglide transmission. We chose the Powerglide due to its simplicity and extreme durability. John gave me a list of parts that he recommended using and I placed a call to Brandon Barrentine of BTE and Memphis Performance. I first spoke with Brandon a couple of years ago while getting items together for a benefit car show I was having and never forgot how kind and professional everyone at BTE were to me. BTE is a manufacturing, design, and support company that specializes in high performance automatic transmission assemblies and components for drag racing, off road, marine, and street performance. With over 50 years of experience in drag racing, they have been trendsetters and innovators, placing themselves and their customers ahead of the pack.

ond to none. The components being used throughout the build are all upgrades from BTE. We wanted to share some information and details about our parts to give you a better understanding of what we are using and why. We will start with a new product being offered by BTE, the SFI approved Powerglide case part number 24000. This case is a one piece design that provides a more rigid and stronger framework than a bolt together two piece model. Every case includes a high quality IKO roller bearing in the tailshaft area to help reduce friction. The cases are certified for all the relevant SFI specifications so there is no need for any shields, blankets, or liners. Every housing is checked on a CMM (coordinate measuring machine) for accuracy. This machine is a 3d device for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of an object. BTE also offers powder coating on their housings for an additional fee, in our case “Hammertone”. Our SFI approved “hammertone” finished heavy duty one piece Powerglide case not only looks trick, but this new item from BTE is one strong piece.

BTE is one of the few full service transmission companies that offer a full array of manufacturing and testing capabilities. Their in-house CNC facility is paired with their extensive collection of gear hobbing (process of machining gears, splines, and sprockets) and shaping machines to produce any high performance drive-line product. From inception, their racing products are designed, prototyped, field tested, produced, inspected, and shipped by real racers. Just outside Memphis Tennessee, their warehouse and manufacturing facility in Mount Pleasant, Mississippi is stocked with thousands of parts and centrally located in the United States for fast delivery anywhere. Once our Powerglide is a completed assembly it will be sec-

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An upgraded rollerized governor support part number 2486 will be installed. This billet aluminum support features a roller bearing which reduces friction, heat, and in-turn power loss to the rear wheels. BTE recommends this upgrade in any build. To complement our case we will be using a Powerglide Cast Tail Housing part number PGH-4. This all new aluminum casting replaces the factory tail housing on powerglide transmissions. Not only is the piece much stronger, but it also features a roller bearing where the yoke enters the housing on the shaft for a reduction in friction. This item was also powder coated Hammertone for our build. A deep aluminum pan will be used to complete our case. This deep pan not only adds an additional 2 quarts of fluid allowing for cooler operation, but it also strengthens the entire transmission case. The pan kit includes the pan, mounting hardware, and a filter extension. Our silver Powerglide Deep Aluminum Pan part number is 258200. We will be using a straight cut 1.80 ratio planetary part number 247410 to help beef up the output end of our transmission. This gear set features a forged 4340 output shaft, new steel carrier, and 9310 vacumelt steel gears. The 1.80 ratio is the closest straight cut gear set ratio offered to the original OEM 1.76 ratio. This 1.80 set is also BTE’s most popular. The gear set is warrantied for one year to the original purchaser. BTE recommends going to a straight cut planetary in any application exceeding 600 horsepower. A 10 clutch high gear drum part number 243902 will be installed to provide more clamping force which will enable us to handle more horsepower. This high gear drum is manufactured in-house at BTE and has been used in cars producing over 2500 horsepower. This is the ultimate high gear drum. In addition we will be using a steel hub part number 248320 to accommodate our 10 clutch upgrade. BTE also offers an 8 clutch set up using an OEM drum. BTE’s all new high volume and pressure front fluid pump solves the common problems of trans brake “rolling” when staging a drag race vehicle. Increased fluid volume and pressure at lower RPM’s increases the holding power of the Powerglide’s trans PHOTOS, from top: Our deep aluminum pan will benefit us in several ways: it will help make our case more rigid, assist in cooling the oil, and the extra oil capacity is great. You can see that our new tail housing is built a lot heavier than an OEM version and the roller bearing will help reduce friction. The 1.80 straight cut planetary assembly comes with everything pictured and even comes with a one year warranty.


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RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

brake. This pump uses a redesigned fluid network, a new flanged and bolted-in steel stator support tube, and is designed for use with our ringlets input shafts. This pump features 7 bolts and 3 bushings, part number 243510. The hardened input shaft part number 251913 is constructed from Vasco 300 heat treated steel. Manufactured in-house, this shaft is not only strengthened for up to 2500 horsepower applications, but it also features a high efficiency cooling circuit to transfer fluid from the torque converter to the transmission cooler. This shaft is universal, working with both 1.76 and 1.82 configurations. The ringless shaft is configured to work with the special 3 bushing pump to ensure proper cooling flow.

Above - Our tricked out BTE seven bolt three bushing pump comes fully assembled and ready to rock.

Our “master kit”, including everything needed for our performance rebuild such as clutches, bushings, gaskets, seals, and the upgraded Mega Band is part number 249100. The Mega Band part number 245150 can be purchased separately and is more than 25% wider than factory style bands, giving the band much more holding power when engaged. This is a very important upgrade for very high performance applications. The band is lined with a high performance lining and comes with an “Unlimited Lifetime Warranty”. Another cool little item offered by BTE is their Powerglide band adjustment screw and nut part number 245101. It is made from tough 4340 steel and heat treated to prevent breakage or bending. This screw is also longer, giving the transmission builder more room for adjustment of the transmission band. We will be upgrading our servo with a billet two ring servo part number 248502. This billet aluminum servo provides for firmer and more efficient application and release of the low gear band. This particular kit uses Teflon rings, making for a much easier installaPHOTOS, from center: The mega strong ringless Vasco 300 input shaft is a great addition to our build and works hand in hand with our new seven bolt three bushing pump. The 4340 band adjustment screw is not only stronger than an OEM piece, but longer to allow John to fine tune his settings.

RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

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PHOTOS, from left: The billet aluminum servo cover comes with all the gaskets and hardware needed to install it. Here is a look at the in-house manufactured 10 clutch high drum offered by BTE. Note the two sealing rings on our new billet aluminum servo that provides for firmer and more efficient application and release of the low gear band. BTEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 10 clutch steel hub that will be paired with our new drum to complete our up-grade. The BTE Super Pro-Brake Valve Body (with transmission brake) will have us killing the tree in no time. It comes with everything shown, including comprehensive instructions.

tion than rubber ring kits. BTE also offers a billet servo cover part number 248520 that we will install on our housing. To wrap up our component list is the Pro Trans brake Valve Body part number 228260. This trans brake valve body is designed for racers running .400 tree classes or those looking for the fastest possible release. This fluid release design valve body also includes a trans brake solenoid and installation instructions. This valve body requires trans brake activation for reverse operation Sources: and is made from 100% new components. No OEM parts are included. Hopefully we have helped you become more familiar with our Powerglide build, the parts weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re using and why. See you next time when we complete our assembly.

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