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>> We add water/meth, start the fuel system and more on our third-gen Camaro project car


Blake Robinson


s we fit and install each and every new component on the Camaro, I must admit, I’m getting a little pumped up. OK a lot pumped up! Thanks to the support of my family, a handful of true friends, and some of the best companies in the racing industry, my dream is becoming my reality. Although our primary goal of getting some of our fuel system components installed this month was sidetracked a bit, we were able to make some major progress nonetheless. We started by finding a good location to mount the tank and pump for

our AEM water/ methanol injection system. Please note that AEM recommends these components be mounted away from wheel wells or other areas where it might come into direct contact with water or road debris. Our location will be in the wheel well area, but once it is final assembled and plumbed, a debris shield will be fabricated and installed to protect it. The tank mounting was very straightforward. Using the tank as a template, four mounting holes were marked and drilled to the proper size. The tank was then installed using the hardware furnished in the kit. Next, we removed the mounting bracket from

the pump to mark the mounting holes properly and reinstalled it to the pump. The pump can be mounted in any position horizontally or vertically, but pay attention to the direction of flow indicated by the arrows on the pump body when mounting it. I used the furnished #8-32 bolts and nylock nuts to mount the pump to the firewall. Our nozzle was up next. AEM recommends mounting the nozzle six to eight inches ahead of the throttle body. This provides an excellent combination of air charge cooling and combustion control. If using thin walled tubing such as ours, AEM suggests that a bung be welded to the tube. The bung should

be tapped deep enough to allow the end of the nozzle to be nearly flush with the interior of the intake once the nozzle is fully installed. With the tube marked, I removed it so Lt. Robert Slaughter could install the bung. Slaughter started by drilling a hole in the intake tube to the proper size of the recess on the bung. Using a TIG welder, Slaughter welded the bung to the tube and installed the nozzle. The remaining components of the AEM system will be installed during the final assembly process after the car is painted. The newly upgraded Quick Fuel Technology 850BAN blow-through carburetor was placed on the intake next. This E85

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september 2015 | RPM Magazine

carburetor has “trick” written all over it, and paired with an anodized black throttle cable/return spring bracket, it is definitely some gearhead bling. I started fabricating a bracket for the Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator while Kevin McCombs made some quick work of our water filler neck. The neck had to be modified to clear the intake tube from the turbo to the carb hat. Kevin cut the tube off the flange, shortened it, rotated it 90 degrees, and TIG welded it back on the flange. This saved me from having to purchase another part and showed off some of Kevin’s fabrication skills. With the bracket for the fuel regulator fitted,

RPM Magazine September 2015  
RPM Magazine September 2015