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RPM PROJECT CAR 6: The AEM IGN-1A Smart Coils provide incredible spark energy AND duration, making them perfect for our twin-ProCharged engine. Although Eddie Motorsports does not yet have a billet bracket to mount the new design, they are currently working on one and we’ll have the first set!


sense for a number of reasons. Williams and his dad know a thing or two about engine performance, too, having competed in the Engine Masters Challenge several years not long ago. Going with a CNP setup would allow us to run only a short billet camshaft synchronizer (Price Motorsports, PN CS 351W-B, MSRP $270) to provide input to the FAST XFI 2.0 system (and drive the oil pump), which would then allow us to redesign a new lower-profile intake. Now we were cooking. However, the thought of a new intake seemed daunting. We had al-


ready experienced the delays and fitment issues associated with a scratch-built piece. Since we were “all in” already, we decided to try and source an all-billet unit. We met Dave Visner at the 2014 PRI show in Indy and were thoroughly impressed with his display of incredible billet intakes, valve covers, and CNC-ported cylinder heads. Visner has decades of experience working with such high profile names as Richard Petty and Bill Davis Racing in NASCAR circles, TRD in general motorsports, and Warren Johnson in drag racing. However, Visner Engine Development (VED) has continued to grow and as a result, so has the depth and breadth of his client list. One call to VED and we knew we were headed in the right direction. Kaase had noted that our 1,369 hp on the dyno was poten-

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tially limited by fuel distribution issues, as our 160-pound TRE injectors were right at the upper limits of their capacity. We decided that in addition to CNP, we would go with a 16-injector system, as well. We ordered a set of flow-matched Bosch style 80-pound injectors (PN TRE-FI-800-Bosch-8, MSRP $349). In order to get the FAST XFI 2.0 system to drive 16 injectors, we again had to rely on Jerry Gary to send our unit back to FAST for a software upgrade. The intake also needed provisions for our two-stage Nitrous Oxide Systems port fogger system. This would be interesting. While he was at it, Visner decided to carve up a pair of (to our knowledge, anyway) the world’s first billet Boss Nine valve covers for our project, too. In order to build the intake, he needed a pair of Boss Nine cylinder heads and in order to build the valve covers, he needed a valve cover. Thankfully for us, Kaase had a pair of loaner heads available, saving us from the hassle of tearing our engine down

simply to have the intake built. However, we needed a valve cover, so our buddy Jerry Gary came to the rescue again, and headed to VRC, pulled a cover, and shipped it to Michigan for Dave to use. Visner got to work modeling a new pair of custom billet valve covers and a new low profile billet intake. We may need to modify the throttle body arrangement and mounting, but we will most certainly be using AccuFab billet clamps for a leak-proof seal on the charge tubes.


With the intake, valve covers, and ignition system sorted (again), we turned our attention to some small detail pieces. Our car features dual funny car cages, making a quick release steering wheel a necessity for safe and easy ingress and egress. However, we wanted to have a custom billet steering wheel cut to match our one-off Budnik wheels. We contacted Alan Budnik at the

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