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In the X16 final H gh McGinnis in his 1990 Firebird takes out the always deadly 1980 Rambunctious Dodge pick-up of Andy Deboer.

the map in Ontario, and now Canada, plus, we’re letting our friends from the States know that we have some serious cars here as well. You can be sure that when the SSTS 2015 fall event rolls around on October 3rd it will be nothing short of another badass, headsup, nail-biting grudge fest!” said the SSTS’s Matthew Tamburro. “We’d like to thank our

sponsors for the WAR event: Derkzen Motorsports, Laing Speed & Performance, Ian Hill Racing, and Team Reid,” he added. The PTRA brought their pro tree bracket classes, three index classes and the X16 to War, and combined with the SSTS it would prove to be racing perfection! Saturday’s line up for tech cards was

almost more than PTRA registration supervisor Diane Ricard could handle with the PTRA enjoying record car counts with the introduction of index classes. Racer support was overwhelmingly positive, especially for the RPM Magazine 10.90 Index. Classes for Saturday included Pro Comp, Open Comp, Pro Stick Comp and Trophy Comp. New


New Brunswick’s Michael Comeau in his beautiful 1968 Camaro would enter in Matthew Tamburro’s no time heads-up grudge race program in the Street King class. Randy Nunn doubled up in PTRA for the weekend, taking both the Open Comp and 11.90 win on Sunday! | august 2015


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RPM Magazine August 2015  

RPM Magazine August 2015  

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