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RPM PROJECT CAR 15: The guys behind the Horse, Bobby Starcher (left) and Donald Williams (right). 16: Our buddy Mark DePriest stopped by the shop to take measurements for the rear wing. Bobby looks on approvingly.


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With the tin and carbon fiber work out of the way, we had one more small bit of fabricating to do before calling it a month. Mark DePriest operates a small shop in West Virginia and had volunteered to fabricate a rear wing for our build. Using a six-piece strut kit from Ed Quay Race Cars, DePriest will pull together a


pro stock-style rear wing with a unique dual element adjstable wickerbill. That wraps up this month’s installment. Check us out next time as we fin sh up the exhaust system, the fi al tabs and brackets on the chassis, and hopefully head towards powder coating.

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