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RPM PROJECT CAR countless others and he has rendered work for big time hot rodders like George Poteet. We convinced him to lower his standards a bit and draw our updated project car. The 2014 GT nose has been stretched five inches and the wild hood treatment is to provide clearance for our sheetmetal intake on the 529 Boss engine. Because few things scream 1980s quite


like a pink pro streeter and Van Halen, we decided to combine them into one glorious concoction, with subtle desaturated EVH graphics tickling down the car’s elongated flanks. The candy-style horizontal graphics below it are yet another subtle nod to pro street tradition, reminiscent of Matt & Debbie Hay’s iconic Thunderbird form the fi st era of pro street.

4 3 & 4: We wanted true funny-style zoomie exhaust for looks, sound, and performance in show and strip duty, but we knew that wouldn’t be kosher with the local law enforcement. After considering any number of electric cutouts, we found these gorgeous all-stainless CNC machined zoomie slide valves from Miller SpeedSports. The small tubes coming from the header flange will se ve as attachment points for a pair of custom-fabbed block hugger style 4-into-1 headers with Borla stainless collector muffler . Once complete, with the valves closed, all the exhaust will exit to the rear through the full stainless Borla exhaust. However, with the push of a button, 1,400+ twin ProCharged Kaase ponies will be able to scream using their outside voices.


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