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>>Virginia Rod Company continues our chassis fabrication with a boatload of cutting-edge parts — and some old-fashioned hot rodding craftsmanship


hings were going fast. Really fast. After over 13 months of little to no progress at another shop, we moved our Project aPocalypSe Horse east to the capable confines of Virginia Rod Company (VRC) and our chassis build seemed to transform overnight from nightmare to dream come true. In the span of less than two months, Donald Williams and Bobby Starcher had our 2006 project car Mustang nearly ready to come off of the jig, and had it not been for some change in plans and some weather-related shipping woes, that’s precisely where we’d be. Either way, we are close. Really close. With the heavy lifting on the interior cage fab wrapped up, Starcher turned to the rear suspension details. The S&W Race Cars chrome moly fabricated rear housing (pn 45-052cm, MSRP $1,795) had been narrowed an additional two inches and fitted with an S&W moly 4-link kit with rod ends (pn 40-137smcm, MSRP $838). However, a bare housing needs guts—and in our case, guts that could withstand the rigors of more than 1,300 horsepower. We turned to the pros at Moser.


april 2015 | RPM Magazine

A street-driven car that is capable of four-digit horsepower is a challenge in many ways, because race-only parts that can withstand all that power typically don’t get exposed to the multi-directional forces associated with driving up inclines, turning corners, and generally cruising on the street. On the other hand, parts intended for street use only often lack the strength needed to hold up under high horsepower. Axles in particular pose a considerable challenge, as the larger diameter high-spline count varieties tend to be somewhat brittle. After speaking with Jeff Fosnaugh of Moser about our application, he suggested a pair of Moser’s non-lightened custom length alloy 40-spline axles (pn A40cst, MSRP $465). Although star flanging, lightening, and gun drilling are available, we were more concerned with all-around durability and versatility as opposed to absolute lightest possible weight and maximum strength. The 40-splines fit the bill perfectly. We fitted them with Ti64 titanium wheel studs. With the axles selected, we then needed to pick out a center section and ring and pinion. We

RPM Magazine April 2015  

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