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1: Once all the cutting and trimming was finished, the motor plate was in its final resting place. Follow along as we show you how.


2: The UMI Performance crossmember is a great upgrade and we would highly recommend it over the factory piece in any build.


3: This performance polyurethane transmission mount will give us a safety net if we experience any chassis flex that could otherwise cause damage to our transmission.

The factory transmission crossmember was designed for the installation of a TH350 or T5 transmission into an 82-92 third generation F-body. Our new crossmember (part #2220) offers two sets of mounting slots allowing it to be used with a number of applications, saving time and money for future transmission swaps. It’s built using 0.120-inch rectangular tubing, 0.188-inch mild steel mounting plates and a 0.375-

inch thick transmission mount. The crossmember comes in powder coated gloss black, includes new mounting hardware and utilizes factory crossmember holes for a no-drill installation. One thing to note is when checking the alignment for your drivetrain, be sure that the rear end is at its proper ride height. We installed a new polyurethane transmission mount on the Powerglide and secured it to the


4: We used a tall jack stand (some people call them pole jacks or screw jacks) to help simulate the rear end ride height during the alignment check for the mock up. | march 2015


RPM Magazine March 2015  

THE RIDES COVER CAR – PILOT DATA – This five-second Camaro pro mod is one beautiful piece of research! LIFE’S A JOURNEY – And this ultra...

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