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>>Virginia Rod Company gets cranking on an all-new chassis complete with twin funny car cages story by Toby Brooks

photos by Donald Williams, Bobby Starcher, and Jerry Gary, Jr.


t has been said that good things come to those who wait. After over a year of slow to no progress followed by a flurry of awesome activity in the past month, we’d say our project is proof positive that that sentiment is dead-on accurate. Unfortunately, some of our progress has been stalled by previous mistakes and missteps, but with our Pro Street 2.0 Mustang in the capable hands of Donald Williams

and Bobby Starcher at Virginia Rod Company (VRC), we are steadily making progress and hope to have the ol’ girl rolling by the time you tune in for next month’s installment. First things first, as we shared with you last month, the VRC crew drove to Cincinnati to pick up our project car as it had been sitting for the past several months. Once they returned to the confines of their shop in Newport

ON THE DOWN LOW Things are looking pretty good on our project these days, as evidenced by this shot showing the incredible low-slung stance the Horse will have courtesy of VRC and RideTech. The fuel filler door will need to be shaved and we are still debating on a few other body mods, but when the stance is this nasty, we figure why mess with a good thing.


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