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would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to our first January issue in the history of RPM Magazine. As promised, we have a magazine packed with fresh content exclusive to RPM ready for you and have added a few new features as well. We’ve often said that we encourage readers to think of RPM as their magazine, one that is created each month with the same core values, vision, and focus that we had 16 years ago. That vision was to create a REAL WORLD, REAL TIME car magazine revolving around fast doorslammers, both street and strip, that would be continually shaped by our reader’s interest and input. Instead of featuring only the same “big names” or high-dollar cars month after month, we envisioned a place focused around insane builds and fast cars, period. It doesn’t matter who owns them, drives them or races them, or what they are worth—if they are wild machines, they have “the right stuff” for RPM. RPM was essentially “creation from frustration.” As hardcore car people, we would see so many incredible machines in our travels, yet rarely would any of them end up in the pages of the major magazines we were subscribing to so religiously. We were starting to see the same cars and same names in the same magazines, and even the tech articles seemed to get repetitive and distant from what the people on the streets and tracks actually wanted. And the project cars, well don’t even get me started on that... Our magazine had to be more about the people and cars that keep the performance and race industry gears turning. The people that work so hard just for the love of horsepower and their cars, the cars that weren’t ever considered for the pages of the so-called “major” magazines of the time. These are the folks bustin’ their knuckles wrenching on their iron in garages late nights to get them ready for the street, track and shows. In RPM,

there had to be the proper mix to satisfy everyone’s appetite for power. This new formula caught on pretty quick and before we knew it, with the consistent growth and continued refinement of RPM, here we are in 2015 with page after page of high quality, high-horsepower excitement! Every issue offers an opportunity for any one us regular hard-working car enthusiasts to be in the pages of the world’s new major car magazine, RPM MAG. This issue we have added two new features that we’re taking for a test run and both are designed to further engage with RPM readers. The first is our “Youth Spotlight” where we will publish stories about performance and race enthusiasts that are under the age of 20 and currently building/helping build a street machine or race car, or actually driving one. YOU can participate by sending in information about teens you know that are actively involved in performance street machines, drag racing or even engine building. The second addition to RPM this month is “A Fan’s Perspective,” which is a look at wild machines and fast cars from behind the lens and keyboard of a fan. This month is a collection of photographs taken by fast doorslammer fan Rick Lindner and chronicles his adventures in fast cars over the course of 2014 documented through his images. We encourage readers to do just as Rick did and contact us with their own experiences in horsepower, whether it be street or strip. We’d love to have a look and possibly feature your collection of photos in RPM! We’re not done yet! So be sure to watch for more cool additions to RPM throughout 2015 and remember, I am only an email away. Feel free to drop me a line anytime at editor@rpm-mag. com and I promise I’ll get back to you promptly. We wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2015, and remember, keep the shiny side up!


2014 RPM Top Gun Shootout...............................................

Next month we will follow up with this year’s Top Gun Shootout champ Robbie Langford and his cool seven-second street/strip 1969 Chevelle


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

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january 2015

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Often Imitated, Never Duplicated—For 16 STRAIGHT YEARS RPM Magazine has been the ORIGINAL Voice Of Wild Street Machines and Extreme Drag Racing WORLDWIDE! Don’t Settle For Less! We DELIVER Insane Fast Cars and Bring You NO POLITICS... JUST ACTION! Your ONLY “Real Time” “Real World” Car Mag...PERIOD! RPM





SO Much Horsepower Packed Into One Place... That Place IS RPM Magazine!

Beyond Sick............................................................... 32 Tom Bailey’s wild new Camaro build...ONLY IN RPM!

PREDATOR......................................................56 With more than enough horses on tap, this sinister ’69 Chevelle has the power to thrill and the looks to kill

Drag Racing 2014............................................. 38 A look at the strip from behind a reader’s keyboard and lens

Youth Spotlight.................................................... 48 For the Teed family, drag racing isn’t just a sport...it’s a lifestyle.

The Mob Rules............................................................. 8 Gene Hector packs big attitude and a small block Chevy in this wild ’67 Mustang




Project Back on Track Camaro........................................92

Bringing RPM readers up to speed on our street/strip third-gen Camaro project

Nothin’ but a Hound Dog........................ 20

David James brings his own brand of American nostalgia to the UK with his new “Hound Dog” 1955 Chevy Wagon

Chassis Changes & Powerplant Prep.............................100 Our project heads east just as the Boss9 engine build wraps up

Cover Your Butt...........................................................105 We keep the track clean with a DJ Safety engine diaper

RPM Hardcore Horsepower Garage: Part 8...................110

Getting organized with Trinity International storage and work surface products

The Shop Car..............................................................78

Ten years of spare time and spare change resulted in a killer street car



january 2015 | RPM Magazine

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


>>Gene Hector packs big attitude and a small block Chevy in this wild ’67 Mustang


e’ve all heard the old saying that there is always somebody bigger and badder. The stories about how the meanest guy in town met his match in an unknown stranger, or the fastest gun in the west getting taken out by someone even faster. Well when it comes to the baddest small blocks in the world, at this point in history there is only one that stands above

the rest, and that’s Gene Hector! Hector, hailing from Big Spring Texas—along with his “Small Block Mafia”—have gone to war with the screwblown Hemis in the Professional Drag Racing Association’s (PDRA) Pro Extreme class and have shown that, even though they are 126 cubic inches smaller, you don’t mess with the mob! Hector got his start in drag racing 17 years ago

behind the wheel of a small block-powered dragster running at bracket races throughout the western part of the Lone Star State and picking up a number wins along the way. A move over to IHRA Top Dragster showed that the man was serious about small blocks, as he ran the smallest engine in the class at just 355ci and was still able to pick up several number one qualifiers at national events. But it was his

brother’s love of boat racing which moved over into racing on land that got Gene truly hooked. “Don Reed was a huge influence on my career and drag racing as a whole,” Hector said. In 2006, things were about to change drastically as Hector picked up the Rick Jonesbuilt 1963 Corvette that Jason Scruggs had set the eighthmile Outlaw Pro Mod world on fire with when he ran 3.96

story and photos by

Tim Lewis With Pro Line Racing Engines and Diamond pistons, Q80 Racing team resets quarter-mile doorslammer record at 5.46 seconds and 272mph “Diamond’s contributions have been invaluable.” Doug Patton, Pro Line Racing Engines

Diamond’s turbo pistons make big power and combat heat and pressure. • Forged from 2618 aluminum with Herculean pin bosses that accomodate tough TP-1 or H13 tool steel piston pins • Lower skirt rigidity maintained by full-circumference designs that boast the strongest-known stiffening ribs • Hard-coat anodizing, ceramic crowns, and moly skirt coatings available • Fastest turnaround time on custom pistons Questions? Knowledgeable Tech Support: M-F, 9AM-5PM EST


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

Call today: 586.792.6620 or visit diamondracing.net

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at 186mph in 2003. At the time, the car was powered by a 400-inch screw-blown small block. The Scruggs family— now co-owners of the PDRA along with Hector himself— put the small block car up for sale when they took delivery of their new Hemi powered


’63 Vette, then moved on to become the first door-car in the 3.80s, 3.70s, 3.60s and the first to run over 200mph in the 1/8th. Hector now had a weapon he could take to virtually any fight and have a very good chance of winning.

january 2015 | RPM Magazine

The high flowing cylinder heads from Alan Johnson are a work of automotive art.

DON’T MESS WITH THE (SMALL BLOCK) MAFIA ABOVE: If the gangsters of the roaring ’20s were to go drag racing in another life, we’d bet it would be with this car! The slick smooth shape of the ‘67 Mustang body just flows from front to back. LEFT: The baddest small block ever to find its way into a door car! At just 400ci, this engine shows that, just like the Tommy gun in the hands of a gangster, it can take care of business!

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015



Tara Bowker photo


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

To Run Like A Pro... Use The Best THIS PONY IS FAT IN THE BACK A look under the car shows the beefy Strange rear diff wrapped around the RJ Race Cars 4-link and chassis.

After making his way around Outlaw races in Texas with his new ride, the now-defunct ADRL (American Drag Racing League) Pro Extreme class was a sure “next move� for his team. And as it would turn out, his would be the lone small block entry among a sea of big blocks in the class. By 2009 Hector had another ’63 Vette built and would show up at the Dragpalooza race in Baytown, Texas with both cars. After having some issues with the new car, the old car was unloaded and went 4.15 at 180mph, which was only good enough for the 26th

spot. As time went by though, with intense testing Hector and his mafia laid down a 3.68 at 198mph! For anyone who follows heads-up drag racing, you quickly learn that teams come out with new cars like they change spark plugs, and for Hector and his band of Outlaws, their next build would put them at the front of the pack. This time around, a brand new body was in order and the choice was a 1967 Mustang. The new RJ Race Cars-built piece tips the scales at 2,150 lbs and is built on

$% ' ''( #$, ))   . '+)'# ()*% !+'(  ,### +#) # $) %'$'"# #*'!)-$#))' /'$, '! '#("(($#( ' *!) $"%!)!- #, ,) #")'!(#$#)#$+' -'($ . ',###(*((# #$,$, $ %'(!- ") ) %!)( $ ) / $,'! '#("(($#(  . !($ $'(  $" %!) !# $ %'"*" )$'&* $#+')'( ! )$ #!     $'(%$,'   %%!)$#( )( ()'#) $#+')'( #  *()$" *!) $'  !$  $' "!! !$  ##( ,)"*!)%!()($%$,''(

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 • Utilize a custom-designed steel stator, billet mounting ring, urnace-brazed as well as hand-brazed turbine & pump assembly, three sets of internal bearings & heat-treated & reinforced steel turbine splines 9382k

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Here Hector gets some air under the tires as a result of severe tire shake. Keeping the little small block monster under control has proven very tricky.

PREPARIN’ TO GIDDYUP Hector puts some heat into the Goodyears before sending the car down the track to a 3.75 eighthmile pass. RIGHT: From this angle the screw-blower looks as big as the whole engine block!


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

a 114-inch wheelbase with all the latest updates and a list of new tricks. Strange struts along with Penske’s out back help get the power to the ground through the big Goodyear slicks that are mounted on lightweight Weld Delta wheels which help in knocking down the fighting weight of the Mustang. When it comes to what exactly is inside of the supercharged 400 cubic inch small block Chevy motor sitting between the rails of the Ford body, the team pledges the “Omerta,”

or “the mob code of silence.” With some coaxing though, engine builder Don Reed let out that a Chuck Newton billet block was used and the mill has a 4.125-inch bore and a 3.750-inch stroke. The crankshaft comes from Bryant, rods from GRP, and pistons from Diamond, but compression ratio was not disclosed. The cylinder heads, which, aside from the blower, are physically one of the largest parts installed on this mouse motor, are from AJPE (Alan Johnson Performance Engineering)


READY TO ROAR Hector sits waiting in the lanes during the PDRA finals at Virginia Motorsports Park. Once the gloves go on and the door shuts, it is time to go to war!

as is the intake. As for the cam, well that is another line we are not going to cross with these mobsters. Sitting on top of the little small block though is a PSI screw-blower. Pro Fab-built the zoomies to let the sound of






Lunati has the perfect camshaft for your drag race application. New state-of-the-art computer lobe profiles provide higher lift under the curve, resulting in increased power and throttle response. Tailored power bands also create more usable horsepower and torque for when it matters. Each camshaft utilizes a premium core made in the USA – and all adhere to strict quality-control standards.







january 2015 | RPM Magazine

SIGNATURE SERIES ROTATING ASSEMBLIES Our Signature Series Rotating Assemblies represent the strongest package of rotating components you will find for your engine. The kit begins with a pulsed-plasma nitride heat-treated crankshaft that is formed on a specialized, non-twist 4340 steel forging and features gun-drilled mains, lightened rod journals, micropolished journals and windage reducing, contoured wing counterweights. Additionally, each kit comes with premium I-beam or H-beam rods, your choice of Diamond or Mahle brand forged pistons and premium King or Clevite engine bearings.

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Lunati® has a legacy of helping racers find the victory lane. Utilizing race-winning technology, quality and craftsmanship, each component is tailor-made with the racer in mind to produce maximum horsepower, torque and reliability.

WILD BLOWN MOUSE-STANG No wheels-up launch for this car. The fourport injector is wide open, feeding copious amount of air into the screw-charger and making the sound emanating from the zoomies one of the sweetest tunes we’ve heard. After a very light burnout on a hot summer day in Virginia, Gene would blast to a 3.68 at 201mph which was good for the #10 spot. Fast door-handleto-door-handle racing in Pro Extreme with just 2.2 tenths between the #1 and #16 qualifier is the norm!











www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


QUICK SIXTY SEVEN...QUICK SIXTY FOOT Hector marches straight down Broadway after clocking a low .900 60-foot time.

SAFETY FIRST The RJ Race Cars-built chassis features all the latest in safety requirements in a svelte 2,150-pound package.


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

THE MOB RULES GOIN’ ROUNDS Making a test pass during the PDRA Dragstock race at Rockingham Dragway. Hector would put Scruggs on the trailer in the 1st round before the rain came in.

wildest sounding small block you will ever hear out into the air for all to enjoy, and the transmission is a three-speed Lenco that is backed up with a Chance converter. By the end of 2014, Hector had improved his best again to the tune of a 3.64 ET at 201.45mph, leaving many to question: Just how much quicker can he go with this

type of combination? We’re sure the answer to that question will come over the course of the 2015 season. Hector is quick to point out, “I can’t do any of this without my family and my crew: Don Reed, Gary Prater, Vicki Hector, Adrian Grant, Nate Campbell, Randy Anderson, Danny Stoker, Blaine Redden and all the employees of RH

Well Service and Circle H Oil Company. I’d also like to thank Rick and Rickie Jones of RJ Race Cars for building me a great race car, and all the racers and fans of the PDRA.” With the rumor mill already turning about what 2015 will hold for Outlaw Pro Mod drag racing, you can bet that Hector and his gang will start up right where they left off:

going quicker and faster with every run. Will we see 3.50s from the mob? Can this small block possibly go any quicker and still stay together? Stay tuned, because we still have a few months to wait for answers to these questions and more at the PDRA season opener March 20-21 at the Texas Motorplex.

ail It! Vrbancic Brothers N ed a 548 cubic inch big-block

rio, California dyno test Vrbancic Brothers Racing in Onta with an Edelbrock 24° CNC cylinder heads matched or Vict usi k/M Chevy with Edelbroc 0 horsepower combination resulted in over 1,55 Super Victor II intake manifold. This and 1,100 ft-lbs. of torque! -spring valve ure an extra thick deck, Manley dual Edelbrock/Musi Victor 24° heads feat or complete. bare lable avai are They lift. up to .880” springs and titanium retainers for The Edelbrock Super Victor intake us manifold #29270 features a 3/4”radi cylinder port oval e larg in the ports to match variety a for ble suita is ifold man heads. This for ired requ s of custom CNC’d cylinder head ent lacm disp e larg wer, epo modern high hors engines making 950+ HP.


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story by

George Pich

>>David James brings his own brand of American nostalgia to the shores of the United Kingdom with his wicked new “Hound Dog” 1955 Chevy wagon


hen it comes to building fast cars or working on any kind of American made car for that matter, we’re pretty fortunate on this side of the ocean. It’s almost 3,500 miles between New York City and London in the United Kingdom, which makes trying to accomplish a similar project over there quite a bit more costly in both time and money. We never really think about it here, but we really do have it good


when it comes to our endeavors in horsepower. After all, the cars were made here and so are a lot of the parts we use to modify them, so right from the start we’ve got an advantage. Here, we can still pick up a decent shell to modify, an original musclecar to just go out and drive, or build a race car from scratch within a reasonable budget. Now think about having to ship those same parts and cars three thousand-plus miles over an ocean and you can see how the task

january 2015 | RPM Magazine

can become overwhelming pretty quickly. For David James of Colchester, Essex, England, his experience and success with American cars has been dependent on good friends to lead him to the right places and having good builders to turn his vision into reality. “I was about 18 or so when a very good friend of mine, Paul “Hagus” Craven, had bought a 1968 Chevelle for his wife Val. He had paid 300 pounds for this

photos by

Matt Woods


Rocker Arms


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www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


heap of a car and sold it to me for 375 pounds. I guess the extra 75 was to cover his fuel costs for getting the car from London,” laughed James. “At the same time he also had a very nice 1957 Chevy 210 which he had recently finished rebuilding, and this is where my love for these ’50s cars began.”


So at the young age of 18, James was not only hooked on American cars because of his buddy Hagus, but also had a glimpse of his future with them as well. “Our first engine in the Chevelle was a 355 ci small block and I used it as a daily driver for about three years, sometimes detouring

january 2015 | RPM Magazine

to our Santa Pod track to go racing and then heading home afterwards,” recalled James. Getting hooked on drag racing was a bonus along the way and James eventually took the Chevelle off the road and built it into a full-time race car over the next ten years, all while getting married, moving homes, having

children and starting his own business. “After three years racing the car with three different engine combos, I decided to sell the Chevelle and start a new project, and we aimed to go faster,” continued James. “The ’55 Chevy has always been a love of mine as has 1950s rock ’n roll/ rockabilly music…

hence the name of the car: ‘Hound Dog.’ And as for being a wagon, I just wanted a different body shape.” Main construction of the car was carried out by renowned UK builders Andy Robinson Race Cars (ARRC) in Basingstoke, England starting with a twin rail, chrome moly chassis designed to


It’s not a secret anymore!

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Fax 951.245.6563

www.mantonpushrods.com WAG(ON) FULL OF TRICKS The panel features tons of cool details, such as the airbrushed faux-chrome trim and bumpers.

OTHER SIDE OF THE POND This 1955 Chevrolet Wagon is another meticulous build by Andy Robinson Race Cars.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015



Maintain beautiful interiors with teamwork. At Autoglym we’ve been developing car care products that work seamlessly for over 40 years so you could say we know a thing or two about interiors. Your 3-step cleaning routine for interiors combines Autoglym Interior Shampoo, Car glass Polish and Vinyl & Rubber Care. It’s a winning combination that cleans, freshens and protects leaving your car’s interior a far more desirable place to be. Clean, Polish, Protect for perfect results. That’s the Autoglym way. Always has been. ≤≤≤≤≤


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REBUILT RAT No power adders here, instead a Steve Schmidt Race Engines 632ci naturally-aspirated mill, rebuilt by Jeff Bull Race Engines, sits between the rails that has already belted out mid-sevens in the quarter-mile.

SPARKLIN’ SHOEBOX The complete fiberglass body was prepped and painted by Fulford Body Works and boasts a gold metal flake roof, and red candy over gold metal flake body.

exceed SF1 25.1E specifications‌meaning this car is built to fly (as fast as 6.00-seconds in the quarter-mile at 2800lbs)! The cool 1955 Chevy sedan delivery body shell was made by Suncoast Race Cars and imported by ARRC who took care of

all the body modifications once it arrived across the pond. The bodywork and old-school metal flake paint was carried out by Fulford Body Works in Colchester using a gold base with the candy red being applied everywhere except the roof, which was kept gold.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015




Smartwire solves the complexities of wiring today’s race cars. The power control module serves as a central point for all of the vehicle’s electrical components. Circuit breakers, fuses and relays are eliminated and replaced by the Smartwire’s programmable solid state circuitry to reduce wire clutter and weight.

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january 2015 | RPM Magazine

Chassis Engineering’s Four-Link Suspension and Subframe Kits

(Square & Round Tube Avilable) • Mandrel bent 2” X 3” frame rails, .083” or .120” • 1-3/4” x .134” round tube rails • 1-3/4” or 1-5/8” x .083” chromoly rails • Adjustable lower shock mounts • Strange Engineering aluminum coil overs with springs • Four-link of your choice • 4130 chromoly rod ends • Drive shaft loop • Bolt-on diagonal link • Upper shock cross member

NOTES: Rear end housing not included. Fabricated 9” and Dana housings available. Available welded or unwelded.

Starting from $1,484.95 Call for more details

The chassis prof30esyesioarnas ls for over

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HOUND DOG A DJ Safety fire system sits in the passenger side among the black beadrolled interior panels. “The whole 50s-60s red candy over gold metal flake look has to be one of my favorite parts of the car, along with the dashboard, because it has my main sponsors on it… my wife Lena, our daughters Annie and Ellie and Stanley the hound dog,” James added. Inside, the theme continues with the same paint covering the 50s-style fiberglass dash, inner doors and even the steering wheel. Otherwise though, the interior is all race and is equipped with a Racepak digital dash and a full compliment of electronics by MSD and SPEEDWIRE. The roll-cage is unpainted as it would almost be a shame to cover up the craftsmanship evident in the

Inside, James is protected to the highest level with an Andy Robinson Race Cars Pro Mod 4130 chromoly chassis and cage that carries a 25.1E SFI certification, plus, he’s surrounded by some really cool stuff including that metal flake steering wheel and wild retro dashboard, a Racepak dash, MSD Grid and complete SPEEDWIRE system.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


DAVID JAMES 1955 CHEVY WAGON Chassis: Andy Robinson Race Cars Pro Mod 4130 SF1 25.1E certified chrome moly chassis. Suspension: AARC fabricated/installed. Front suspension: Strange Engineering, single adjustable struts with Stiletto rack. Rear suspension: 7500 double-adjustable shocks connected to ARRC inboard rocker arm system and anti-roll bar. Body and paint: Fiberglass Suncoast 1955 Chevy delivery/wagon body that was worked and painted by Fulford Body Works with the main body in red candy over gold metal flake and the roof in gold metal flake. Engine: Started life as a Steve Schmidt 632ci that has been rebuilt by Jeff Bull Race Engines. Aluminum block, JE pistons, Comp cam, GRP Aluminum rods and Callies crankshaft. Dry sump oiling system with aluminum pan. 12 degree Pro-Filer cylinder heads, HRE 2X4 intake manifold with twin 1150cfm Holley Dominator carbs. MSD front drive distributer & crank trigger. Transmission: Transmission Specialties Proline 5000. Rear differential: MW full floating 9.5-inch with Pro 3.89:1 gears. Power adder: “Just C16.” Performance: 7.61 at 182mph racing in the Comp Eliminator class (1/4-mile, naturally aspirated) Shout outs: Andy, Kate, Luke and all the folks at ARRC for a vision. Will and the gang at Fulford Body Works for a beautiful job on the body and paint. Jeff Bull Race Engines for the engine. Matt and Russ at CSI for all the help at the track and work carried out on the car. John the wiring wizard. My dear old friend Colin “The Naked Chef” for all the food at the track because now we all need to go on a diet! Special thanks to my wife Lena, our daughters Annie and Ellie and Stanley the hound dog. My good old friend Paul Craven aka “Hagus” for getting me into drag racing at the start (may you rest in peace my old mate). And to my new crew chief Ellie for all your help over the past three meetings.


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED The ’55 is pure racecar and comes with all the necessities of making life easy at the dragstrip, including a lift-off front clip. design and build here. The numbers “55” are crafted into the floor panel between the rear wheel tubs to further affirm the owner’s dedication to the era. Up front, between the frame rails resides a 632-ich alcohol-gulping twin carb’d big block Chevrolet engine, which was actually the mill out of James’s Chevelle as it was sold as a roller. The

powerplant was completely rebuilt by Jeff Bull Race Engines to run naturally aspirated (for now, anyway) but was originally a Steve Schmidt Race Engines piece. A Transmission Specialties Proline 5000 Powerglide trans backs up the 1320-horsepower and 1020 ft lbs of torque put out by the big block, transferring it back to a full floater 9.5-inch rear


James turns up the wick at Santa Pod in the United Kingdom. To date the car has gone mid-sevens in the quarter-mile at over 180mph with the naturally aspirated big block. The fact that the car is built to handle a lot more power (with ease), has us wondering what the future holds power wise? And James isn’t telling!

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


HOUND DOG SLICKED OUT IN THE BACK A bulletproof 9.5-inch rear differential houses a set of 3.89 Pro gears and the wagon rides on Goodyear skins all around.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Well-known UK chassis shop Andy Robinson Race Cars (ARRC) handled chassis construction, and their chassis tag (bottom) authenticates the quality of the build.

differential that spins those massive 17x34 Goodyear slicks which are double beadlocked onto Track Star rims. “When David first contacted us about his project he was very specific in what he wanted,” tells Luke Robinson of ARRC. “He wanted a state-of-the art chassis but with a true-to-the-era nostalgic body, a car that would turn heads as well as run the numbers. His personal determination and attention to detail meant that this car was one of the ‘prettiest’ cars we have built, and it has been great to work with David. Here in the UK it seems that everybody wants something different in terms of body style, which is a good thing as it adds real diversity to our drag racing, but building a 1955 Chevy Panel Van was definitely the most unusual ‘Pro’ doorcar we have built. Underneath the body is a state of the art ARRC 25.1F spec chassis which means David can upgrade the drivetrain and go faster in




(800) 264-9472 DesignEngineering.com


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

the future. Maybe one day we will see the car in Pro Mod? David actually took the car in a rolling state and finished the build himself which included disassembly and refinishing all the components, prep and paint of the body and even the wiring of the car. For someone who professes to be ‘just a builder’ he, with the help of Matt and Russ from CSI and the guys from Fulford have done an amazing job of finishing the build. When I saw the car for the first time after paint I was blown away. It is a real credit to us and everyone else who has been involved.” In all, the Hound Dog took about three and a half years to build and when asked what one of his favorite moments with the ’55 to date is, James replied, “Competing in the Euro Finals in 2013 when we ran a 7.61 @ 179mph and doing those long burnouts in front of all those fans…that made it all worthwhile!”


• Reflect heat away from intakes, firewalls, intercoolers and more • Hi-Temp self-adhesive material

Exhaust Wrap

• Reduce underhood temps • Lower intake temps • More power

Visit our Facebook page and share a pic of your ride for a chance to win free stuff!!

Find us on Facebook by searching for: REV-X Products

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Beyond by

Dana Galus

>> Read all about Tom Bailey’s wild new Camaro in the coming months...ONLY IN RPM!



emember when 800hp was an over the top street engine? Believe it or not, Tom Bailey now thinks 3000HP is no longer enough to meet his goals. That’s the horsepower of the big block Chevy in his 1969 “SICK Seconds” Camaro, (as featured in RPM November 2012). So as he looks to the next rendition of his street driven machine, he is upping the ante, a lot!

january 2015 | RPM Magazine

Bailey is teaming up with Steve Morris once again for this new bullet of epic proportion and we will be covering the build right here EXCLUSIVELY in RPM Magazine over the next several months and ending our series with engine and chassis dyno numbers. “As ideas started to take shape after winning Drag Week in 2013, we came up with a solid plan on what we wanted

in a new car,” said Bailey. “But without any rules announced for the event after 2014, we put those plans on the back burner and chose to see how much further we could push the current combination.” At 3100-plus pounds they knew they had a lot of weight to push and were able to get the car to the bottom half of the 6s (in the ¼-mile), impressive to say the least. Heading into the

THE ILLNESS CONTINUES This is the shape and look of the new car, its final paint will be decided through an online vote that has just wrapped up at the time of this writing.

BAILEY BLOCK Shown here is the 3D rendering of the block. The finished product will be milled from a solid chunk of raw billet.

2014 event, their goal was an average of 6.50, which they achieved, but after the second day of competition, three years of use and abuse caught up to the cast setup and the block fractured. However, At the time of their exit from the event they had still managed

to gain a substantial lead over all other entries, with no one running a quicker time than either of their times the entire week. After the event and with rules now announced for the next three years, the first thing Bailey and his team did

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


BEYOND SICK was rename his current car “SICK Seconds 1.0”…. if that isn’t a hint we don’t know what is! Bailey explained, “Giving ‘Sick Seconds’ the 1.0 extension allowed us to name this new project ‘SICK Seconds 2.0.’ The goals we have for this car are insane.” As stated on the Bailey Racing Facebook page, “As we make changes the goals are simple, 300MPH in the standing mile, and 5.50 in the quarter mile. And we will drive it home!” Obviously, to have even a chance of running numbers like this, Bailey and his team will need to be on the cutting edge of engine design. The world record is 5.46 @ 272mph, so their goals aren’t that far off from the world


record-holding door car, let alone something that they plan to drive on the street. “With the horsepower and boost levels needed there is no choice other than an all-out billet powerplant,” he continued. “However, all the racing billet engines readily available for such an application do not have water jackets as they are only ran seconds at a time—so this build has to start with a fresh sheet of paper. We’re surrounding ourselves with some of best companies in the business to get the job done. LSM Systems Engineering of Waterford Michigan has been tasked with designing and cutting a water-jacketed billet block. CFE of

january 2015 | RPM Magazine

CHUNKY BIG BLOCK This massive chunk of billet will soon be precision carved into a bulletproof block. Although billet engine blocks certainly aren’t new, Bailey’s street-worthy creation will have coolant passages and will be up to the rigors of the most extreme street or strip duty imaginable.

GETTIN’ CRANKY Before and after, sort of. It’s cool to see your crankshaft like this, in raw billet form (left). And this is what it looks like as the crank takes shape (right), but still in a very rough form. We’ll have a finished photo yet to come.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


BEYOND SICK Eastpointe, Michigan is in charge of the design and manufacture of the water-jacketed cylinder heads. Crower of San Diego California is cutting the crank and Steve Morris will design and manufacture the billet intake manifold.� Want to keep up to date on the engine build of the world’s most wicked street/strip machine? You can, right here in RPM where next month we will dig into this cutting edge beast in some detail and discuss some of the internals required to make upwards of 4,000HP streetable! For more information and to check out Tom Baileys SICK SECONDS 2.0 you can visit Bailey Racing at www. bailey-racing.com.


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

LEFT: This, too started as a solid billet block that will eventually be the intake manifold once fully machined. BELOW: Not many people get to see their cylinder heads like this, as a chunk of raw billet. Tom wanted to have RPM readers involved from the very birth of this ground-breaking build. When finished, CFE will have masterfully transformed this into fully water jacketed heads capable of supporting over 4,000 horsepower!

SOURCES CFE Racing Products www.cferacing.com 586.773.6310


www.crower.com 619.661.6477

LSM Systems Engineering www.lsmeng.com 248.674.4967

Steve Morris Engines

www.stevemorrisengines.com 231.747.7520




story and photos by

Rick Lindner

POSING WITH THE CHAMP NHRA Pro Stock Champion Erica Enders and I.

RPM gives you an exclusive look from the pits and from the bleachers from behind a reader’s keyboard and lens


s an avid RPM Reader, fan of drag racing and everything doorslammer related, 2014 was like the perfect Christmas gift that kept giving all year long. If someone would have told me at the beginning of the year that my race journeys as a fan/race spectator by year-end would include PDRA events in Martin, MI, Tulsa, OK, and Richmond, VA as well as IHRA events in Bradenton, FL, and Cordova, IL, NHRA races in Phoenix, AZ, Topeka, KS, and Joliet, IL and as a season wrap-up, a trip to Las Vegas, NV for the Street Car Super Nationals, I would have said they were crazy. And


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

just like little Ralphie in the movie “A Christmas Story,” his daydream of getting a Red Rider toy gun and my year-long drag racing delight both came to fruition, and again just like Ralphie, I can now sleep with many pleasant dreams! While my home base of South Dakota is a wonderful state to live in with my wife and two daughters, let’s be honest, it isn’t exactly the hot-bed of doorslammer racing on a national level, which makes attending events a financial and logistical challenge at best. With that said, like with so many rewarding things in life, those that require a little extra effort as well as “skin in the

BRADENTON IHRA Lots of work results in two Pro Stock championships for Goforth.


AERODYNAMICS NOT REQUIRED Just put the pedal to the metal!

game” come the greatest enjoyment and sense of accomplishment. Through the travels that accompanied each event—whether it be through air travel logistics and accommodations or up to 12 hours in the car on the highway to reach an event—each brought a special memory, challenge, laugh,

or a frustration that will be engrained in my memory for many years to come. In 2014, just like any previous year, I almost always took my camera along to capture photos of cars I found interesting, racers and vehicles I am a fan of, some track action and just simply to remember


after the fact the awesome cars I’ve had the pleasure of watching go down the track or seen up close and personal in the pits. These photos have never been taken to be perfect. They oftentimes showcase my flaws as a photographer. However, each has captured a moment when I was in my “happy place.”

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


DRAG RACING 2014 Utah’s Doug Watts and his sweet Top Sportsman ride.

Unfortunately, this super cool and super fast turbo’d ‘06 VW Bug tagged the wall on its next run.


This match-up put me in my doorslammer happy place.

“Now that the bar has been set so high this season for attending great events, I hope that 2015 at minimum will meet or hopefully exceed this year in my perfect little world, population: 1” -Rick Lindner


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

Here I am with John (left) and Camp (right) Stanley of the Outlaw Pro Mod Team Stanley & Weiss Racing. All big Fans of RPM! Through a special opportunity provided by RPM Editor In Chief Chris Biro and the fine folks of this publication we all know as RPM Magazine, it is my pleasure to share these wonderful moments and memoires of 2014 with my friends, brothers and sisters from another mother and fellow RPM readers. I hope you enjoy these photos that show a perspective of a race season by one fan. To all the racers, car builders and enthusiasts, track

owners and operators, series operators, sponsors, race publications and the like, I want to give you a special thank you for providing me with what I love—fast, loud, and beautiful cars to enjoy! Now that the bar has been set so high this season for attending great events, I hope that 2015 at minimum will meet or hopefully exceed this year in my perfect little world, population: 1. As I operate on a tight budget like so many

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015




PDRA Virginia: All eyes on the cars! Gerry Capano’s Pro Mod Vette is awesome! Rain delays make for a good excuse to walk the pits.

If they made women’s perfume that smelled like burning rubber, we’d have 10 kids! PDRA Tulsa: MORE PRO MODS…this is too cool!

racers, would it be appropriate for me to use this platform to ask for a sponsorship from a fine business to help me make more journeys next racing season and bring a sequel to the readers next winter? I wouldn’t be opposed to wearing a business logo on my shirt and hat to the races I attend. Ok, I know


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

DRAG RACING 2014 Long Night for Scruggs after qualifying in Tulsa. No “Plan B” needed with this sweet Top Sportsman Studebaker of Erik Carlson.

George Williams III and I in SD and VA. Killer-cool car and great folks!



january 2015 | RPM Magazine

Lizzy Musi with a young fan in Martin, MI.

Follow the rules in Tulsa or this dude will come find you. A FAN’S PER


Jerry Yeoman cooling his car down prior to a big meltdown next round!

Colorado’s Kelly Harvey racing in 10.5 in Vegas. This ’41 Willys is just plain bad!

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015



DECEMBER 2014 | RPM Magazine



Cordova, IL: There are always cool Sportsman cars galore at any event! Now here’s something you don’t see every day…variety is the spice of the horsepower fans life! Watch for the full feature on this one in RPM coming soon!

Working hard in the Williams’ pit to make next round.

that is a lame attempt, but hey, a guy can dream right? And if you never ask, you will never receive. Lastly, if you see my beautiful wife or me at an event next year as we continue to check off races and tracks on our bucket list, please be sure to stop us and say hi!

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015




For the Teed family, drag racing isn’t just a sport... it’s a lifestyle. story and photos by

Paul Welsh


ad runs a fullblown custom Corvette. Mom drives an Olds 442. Daughter Randi pilots dad’s backup car, a 1979 Z28 Camaro. For the Teed family, drag racing is more than just a hobby or even a competition. It is a way of life. Randi started her racing career the summer of 2010. This being her first year of racing, she didn’t win any races as it was more of a learning curve year. The next season, she convinced Dad that she could handle a faster car, so the new junior dragster came along, and with that three wins as well. Coincidently, Randi attended the team bracket finals in Pittsburgh, PA for the first time and made it to the semi-finals in the Gamblers Race,


but ended up getting eliminated early on in the bigger races. In her third year of racing, Randi got a new motor that would have her going into the 7.90 limit of the Junior class. By the end of the season, she had won ten races at her home track— Skyview Drags in Tioga County New York—and two race events at Beaver Springs Raceway. Randi also placed first in the Super Summit Series points standings which earned her the honor of competing with all of the Super Summit Series (SSS) winners from all other tracks. Randi took top honors by winning that event, as well. This qualified her to go to Tennessee for the world championship where she made it to round two, but red-lighted with a .492 start.

january 2015 | RPM Magazine

IN THE GENES Young Randi Teed is a natural racer with her Dad’s 1979 Z28 Camaro. Competing in the real deal is far better than any video game.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


YOUTH SPOTLIGHT Drag racing just seemed to come naturally to Randi during the following year— her last year running junior dragsters—as she won four more races at her home track and again qualified to go to the team finals in Pittsburgh. Although she did not qualify to race the SSS eliminations, she ran at the team race and made it to the third round. Randi finished her year in second place overall, following the champion by only two points, and right afterwards she called dibs on Dad’s Camaro for 2014. While all this was going on, Randi, now in grade 11, also managed to maintain honor-student marks at her school as well as being active in many clubs including field hockey, and was inducted into the National Honor


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

Society. Not bad for a young lady who turned 17 in the fall of 2014! By the spring of 2014 she was getting her IHRA competition license and started racing her father’s 1979 Z28 Camaro to get her feet wet in a door car with plans of running the Super Pro class by the end of the season. The Camaro was more to the family than just a race car. Randi’s father Randy purchased the car in 1981, one year after completing high school. The car was tubbed about 15 years ago by Dave Watkins and his brother Rick when doing so was the hot ticket in street machines. The Camaro was never really a regular weekend racer until about five years ago and now has a 540 cubic

TEED-OFF Randi pulls into the burnout box with confidence mid 2014 after just a few months behind the wheel of a fast drag car.

NEW SHOE IN THE SPORTSMAN RANKS Inside of dad’s ex-pro-streeter-turned-racecar. Most of the factory equipment remains plus a roll cage, racing seat, and various other race necessities that have been added to ensure safe wins for Randi. We’re wondering if the pink baby shoes hanging from the rear view mirror were actually Randi’s?

mahle hV385 goes


with all steel 1mm, 1mm, 2mm rings

MAHLE has a long and storied history of leading the way in developing technology for the finest engine builders in the world. This technology continues to breed success on tracks around the world, and MAHLE has done it again. The engineers at MAHLE revolutionize performance piston ring technology with the introduction of HV385 performance ring sets. A MAHLE patented high-tech process employing supersonic application technology leading to improved part consistency, greater bonding, and reduced drag. www.mahle-aftermarket.com

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


YOUTH SPOTLIGHT PRO STREET PAST Still plated from street use, the last time Randy’s Z28 saw the road was in 2008. Now, it is dedicated to track use only, and piloted by his daughter Randi.

RANDI PLAYS WITH (BIG) BLOCKS Powered by a warmed-over and Dominator-fed 540 big block Chevy, the Camaro runs through the eighthmile at 6.20 on race fuel. Now alcohol fed, watch for those times to drop this season.

inch big block Chevy between the framerails. The stout Rat is backed by a beefed-up automatic transmission which Randi shifts manually. Although she knew she had a learning curve ahead of her, as in Junior Dragster she had never had to do a burnout before or use a trans brake or line lock, Randi faced the challenge head on. After practicing for just a few weeks, she went into the newly created Modified Trophy class at her home track. On Friday July 4th, Randi entered her first Super Pro competitive field and ended up in the final round, surpassing 29 cars and

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www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


coming out with a runner up position. During the event she posted a best 60-foot of 1.29 seconds, a best eighthmile time of 6.09 and a fastest MPH of 113. “It’s the challenge that it provides,” Randi replied when asked what she liked most about drag racing. “There is a lot going on, a lot to remember, and a number of things to think about in a short period of time. You just don’t have much time to pull onto the track, back up and do your burnout and get into the starting beams before your opponent gets mad at you for making them wait.” “It’s also the responsibility in this type of racing,” she continued. “You have to be paying attention at all times to make sure everything is okay. Before every pass I have both of my parents tell me


LIGHTIN’ THE HIDES Randi lights up the big tires before next round of eliminations. It didn’t take her long to fit right in behind the wheel of door car.

that if something feels weird or if the car gets out of the groove or anything, to let off and don’t get back into it. To me it is very important to know that.”

january 2015 | RPM Magazine

Later in the year, the family switched to running alcohol in the Camaro and are looking for big improvements to come. For now though, Randi is content with

her 14th place finish out of 29 cars during her first full year of drag racing at this level and can’t wait to get in there and mix it up again in 2015!

YOUTH SPOTLIGHT GIRL POWER Not only is Randi a teenager but has the added pressure of being a female competing in a male dominated sport. Somehow we think she can handle it.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


story by

Toby Brooks photos by

Lucio Vergara



trength. Speed. Stealth. Nature’s deadliest creatures are typically positioned high on the food chain because they possess the characteristics of a cold-blooded killer. A mere glance is often all it takes to send shivers of fear straight through the spine of another hapless victim. That’s a pretty fair comparison for Jack Stone’s killer 1969 Chevelle. Between its flawless paint, perfect stance, and painstaking detail over every square inch, it certainly has the look of a show-stopping world-class machine. And with an incredible highcube nitrous-injected Rat motor, it has the hypertrophied heart of a killer dragstrip machine, too. However, it wasn’t always such a beast. “In high school, a friend’s dad actually bought the car, and

that’s when I first saw it,” the proprietor of First Choice Auto Body recalled. “It was a factory 396 SS car— black with a black vinyl top—and I fell in love with it right away,” he added. Stone managed to work on the car for the owner several times over the years, doing spot repairs while always silently thinking he’d like to own the car himself someday. That chance finally came in 1997. “My friend’s dad brought the car in for some more work. It had been upgraded with a 454, but he was thinking he might want to change the color or do something dramatic; however, he mentioned that he might even be willing to sell it,” Stone said. “I made an offer and bought it that day,” he continued. The car was solid and a fun driver at the time. He regularly cruised in his hometown of Mishawaka,

Ind. for several years. The likeable Hoosier recalls picking up his girlfriend and eventual wife Kimber on date nights and generally enjoying piloting the classic muscle car. However, the urge to improve the dark Chevy eventually became too great and a repaint and rebuild were soon planned. “Around 2000, I had decided I wanted to build the car into a 10-inch tire/class race car of sorts. However, I had just bought the shop for my business and between the backlog of paying customers, the Chevelle got back-burnered,” he said. With the urge growing ever stronger and both resources and schedule finally aligning to better support the build around 2004, Stone met Jim Costa of Performance Concepts in Mokena, Ill. Costa lobbied Stone to build a more versatile car

58 january 2015 | RPM Magazine

FAST AND FLAWLESS. FOR NOW. Stone spent countless hours obsessing over nearly every detail on the car, and it shows. Fit and finish are superb and custom touches are literally everywhere. This wicked ride is far from just a beauty queen, though. With four-digit horsepower and a heavy supply of Induction Solutions spray available, Stone expects to enjoy his nasty Chevelle on the street and on the track. So while the new build is pristine at the moment, a paint chip or two and some rubber debris are likely in its future.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015



that would fit a variety of rules for the heads-up Chicagoland racing scene. Soon a 25.1-style full tube 4130 chrome moly chassis was planned. As they so often do—things spiraled rapidly out of control from there. Costa utilized a Bickel 4-link wishbone suspension and sway bar to mount the custom narrowed Performance Concepts 4130 9-inch housing. The rear diff has been equipped with a tall 4.10 gear and a pair of nearly indestructible 40-spline gun-drilled axles. Smoothing the bumps is a pair of Strange double adjustable coil overs.

60 january 2015 | RPM Magazine

Up front, a Flaming River rackand-pinion was installed to manage steering duties and is complemented by Performance Concepts custom tubular front control arms and spindles to provide the incredible slammed stance. A pair of Strange single adjustable coil overs help prevent loosened dental work in the unhappy event of a trip over or through an unseen pothole. With the chassis work well in hand in Illinois, Stone turned to hometown engine shop Ultra Tech Racing Engines and Norm Beerhorst for an incredible 638ci Chevy big block powerplant. Start-

www.rpm-mag.com | DECEMBER 2014


RODENTIA MASSIVUS NASTIUS The thirsty and spacious (638ci) Rat motor is fueled by a pair of 1250 CFM QFX carbs sitting atop a masterfully detailed Pro-Filer intake. The two stages of Induction Solutions direct-port nitrous adds extra power and unmistakable hard-plumbed coolness.

cvrproducts.com For more information visit

62 january 2015 | RPM Magazine



continued on page 76

ing with a Dart 4.625 bore block, Ultra Tech added a Lunati 4.750 crankshaft, MGP connecting rods, and Diamond pistons with Trend wrist pins and Federal Mogul rings. Clevite rod and main and Dart coated cam bearings were employed, as was a Crane cam with Crower lifters and Trend pushrods. ARP fasteners hold it all together. Up top, a pair of Sonny’s Racing Engines 14.5 degree cylinder heads were selected and fitted with all the best stuff, including Manley

titanium valves, retainers, and PSI valve springs. A set of T&D roller rockers have been covered with a pair of Billet Fabrication valve covers. A Pro-Filer intake and a pair of massive 1250 CFM Quick Fuel QFX carburetors and shear plates handle the fuel and air metering duties, while an awesome two-stage Induction Solutions direct-port nitrous system adds a potent additional punch whenever the estimated 1,250+ naturally-aspirated horsepower is found to be somehow lacking.

!!! www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


PREDATOR The engine features a number of race-inspired tricks for added performance and wicked good looks. A custom dry sump oil pan has been plumbed to a one-off accumulator and breather tank, while an Aviaid 4-stage dry sump pump vigorously circulates the Brad Penn lube. A Mezeire electric water pump manages cooling circulation duties and a Jesel belt drive mated to an MSD front-drive distributor and Power Grid ignition box spreads the spark around through Moroso Ultra 40 wires. A custom Product Engineering fuel pump and filter were selected to supply the copious amounts of required fossil fuel, and all the vital fluids are delivered via Russell Performance fittings and lines. Backing such a potent mill is no task for a wimpy trans, so Stone selected a beefed-up Chevy TH400 automatic with a 2.10 first gear. The unit has been fitted with a Griner transbrake and a Coan stall converter. Stone also selected and installed a Moroso pan and a CSR shield before bolting in a PST driveshaft. Rolling stock for the radical Bowtie consists of a pair of scrawny 26x4.5-15 Goodyears on 15x3.5-inch Billet Specialties Comp 5 wheels up front juxtaposed with a morbidly obese pair of 34.5x17-16 Goodyears torqued to similarly enormous 16x16inch Billet Specialties Comp 5 beadlock wheels out back. Strange discs all the way around have been coupled with a Strange master cylinder, and a pair of DJ Safety drag ’chutes have been mounted aft for times when Stone’s Chevelle needs some additional help on atmospheric reentry. With chassis and engine under control, Stone gladly turned the page to his area of expertise—paint and body and final finish—next. “I actually had the car 60-70% complete, but I just wasn’t happy with it,” he said. It was turning into a nice car, but not the jaw-dropping, take-no-prisoners, outlaw build Stone had originally envisioned. That’s when he met retired tool and die maker and machinist extraordinaire Jim Orszulak. With Stone’s input, Orszulak fabricated and machined countless one-off parts including billet bumper brackets, electronics and bottle mounts, and other cool pieces to really take the build to the next level. “Without Jim, I would have had a really tough time finishing

64 january 2015 | RPM Magazine

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


WHERE CLASSIC AND HI-TECH COLLIDE The cage of the SFI 25.1-spec style chassis by Performance Concepts makes its way throughout the cabin, which features some nods to tradition like tweed inserts, factory door panels, and a modified GM deluxe steering wheel along with modern touches like a Racepak IQ3 dash, modified Kirkey seats, a Precision Performance shifter, and a whole catalog boatload of DJ Safety gear.

66 january 2015 | RPM Magazine

PREDATOR the car to this level,” Stone said. “His contributions were invaluable,” he added. Faced with Stone’s incredible attention to detail, the nearly five-decade-old GM sheetmetal, new replacement carbon fiber deck lid and custom cowl hood had no choice but to succumb to his intentions to block sand out the most laser-straight Sikkens Jet Black urethane paintjob the world had ever seen. Body mods are everywhere, but are so subtle and well executed that they can really only be appreciated by a trained eye. For example, Stone spent over 100 hours shaving, smoothing, sectioning, and radiusing the car’s front and rear chrome bumpers. He spent another 100+ hours on the rear wheelwell trim, meticulously grafting two factory pieces on each side to accommodate the 4-inch stretched openings. A pro stock-style aluminum rear


wing was installed, and all body seams were welded and finished. Other touches like a custom recessed firewall and core support were also added. The black vinyl top simply adds to the unmistakable classic-muscle-car-and-modern-pro-mod-got-togetherand-had-a-lovechild-vibe that pretty much defines every aspect of the build. That long and well-hyphenated theme is further elaborated upon in the cockpit, where the factory-style Legendary Auto Interiors door panels and headliner mesh beautifully with the maze of Performance Concepts cage work. Every inch of the chassis has been painted, cleared, wet sanded and buffed. A factory-style steering column has been crowned with a stock GM Deluxe steering wheel with a hidden quick release. The factory dash pad was perfectly custom covered by Mike Chrispyn, and a Racepak IQ3

Every square inch of the chassis, including the narrowed Performance Concepts-beefed 9-inch rearend, has been painted, cleared, wet sanded, and buffed. The diff was fitted with 4.10 gears and 40-spline axles before being treated to the gratuitous beautification.

continued on page 76

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dash displays pretty much every conceivable measurable quality or quantity known to man on a bright and beautiful backlit display panel. Modified Kirkey seats were covered with factory ’69 Chev-

elle-patterned material for more old-meets-new awesomeness, and custom tweed fabric covers much of the interior tin and carbon fiber work. DJ Safety harnesses and window nets were installed to enhance safety, and a Precision

76 january 2015 | RPM Magazine

Performance shifter helps Stone engage the warp drive whenever desired. Stone has every intention of flogging the car hard at the track come springtime, but he devoted the first few months since completing the build strictly to the show scene. He has already taken home a trunk-full of awards, including the GM Performance Cup at the prestigious 2014 World of Wheels show in Chicago. “I’d like to thank my wife Kimber first and foremost for always being there,” he said. Stone

also wishes to credit Jim Orszulak for the endless one-off parts and labor, Jim Costa at Performance Concepts, Norm Beerhorst of Ultra Tech Racing Engines, Johnny Wires, Joe Oplawski at Hyperaktive Performance Solutions, Jim Mann, Steve Miller, Eldie Troyer, Tim Eby, Gerald Buczkowski, Scott Basa, Lucio Vergara, and Scott McCauley. It might have taken more than a decade, but Jack Stone’s relentless pursuit of perfection finally paid off. His 1969 Chevelle SS has turned the tables and ascended the food chain. It’s nobody’s prey. It’s the .


Win Big.

Trick Flow’s new PowerPort® 365 aluminum cylinder heads were created for you to win races. These new extreme performance race heads for big block Chevy engines flow a massive 424 cfm @ .900" lift. The high-strength castings can withstand enormous amounts of compression and rpm. Rectangular-shaped 365cc CNC Competition Ported runners, 119cc heart-shaped chambers, CNC bowl blended valve seat transitions, 24° intake valve angles with 4° side cants, and the highest quality valvetrain components help make PowerPort 365 heads the best choice for your car. Use PowerPort 365 heads on your engine and turn your goal of winning into reality! Airflow Results PowerPort 365

Lift Value .100" .200" .300" .400" .500" .600" .700" .800" .900"

Intake Flow CFM 78 155 239 301 349 385 411 418 424

Exhaust Flow CFM 63 134 198 246 277 301 318 328 337

Tests conducted at 28" of water (pressure). Bore size: 4.600"; exhaust with 2" pipe. To view more airflow charts, go to TrickFlow.com and type the part number you want to see into the Search box and then click “Search.”


Some parts are not legal for sale or use on any pollution-controlled motor vehicles.

www.rpm-mag.com | DECEMBER 2014


story and photos by

Tommy Lee Byrd



nyone who runs a chassis shop, an engine shop, or pretty much any performance business knows that it’s hard to find time to work on your own project. Even if you do, working on your own stuff doesn’t really pay the bills. So, for Soddy Daisy, Tennessee’s Jason Harvey, the ’97 Ford Mustang Cobra seen here is ten years in the making. He owns and operates Top End Fabrication, specializing in custom turbo setups, roll cages, custom exhaust, minitubs and just about anything that involves metal fabrication.


While he couldn’t jump on his personal project car all at once, the finished product is quite impressive. And though the car doesn’t see many street miles these days, it qualifies for the 275 Street class at Harvey’s home track, Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip. The track has been hosting a monthly heads-up race, and the 275 Street class has gained popularity among local gearheads with fast street cars. As with any heads-up class, it has evolved quickly, but it’s a diverse class that allows many combina-




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january 2015 | RPM Magazine

tions. The Top End Fabrication shop car came about long before the class got started, but it fell into the rules nicely and with a surprisingly mild engine combination, it holds its own amongst the 275 Street field. Harvey bought the Cobra in 2004 with intentions of building a turbocharged street car. It had 43,000 miles on it when he bought it and it doesn’t have many more than that now. Like most projects, this one started simple with a single 76mm turbocharger, a C4 auto-

matic transmission, and an eight-point roll cage. It ran this configuration for several years, but in Harvey’s spare time, he picked away at the chassis, suspension, and engine combination until it was to his liking. The car still features a single turbocharger on the FORD DOHC mod motor, but it’s a little more aggressive. The same can be said for the chassis and suspension setup, as it now features mini-tubs, a narrowed 8.8 rear end, and a 25.5-spec chrome moly roll cage. The car has changed a lot over the years, but Harvey has carefully chosen his modifications so

MOD SQUAD The stroked mod motor started life as a 4.6-liter DOHC Cobra engine. The rotating assembly is built with top-ofthe-line forged components, while original Ford cylinder heads feature minor work to flow massive amounts of air.

FABBED-ULOUS Mounted in the center of the grille opening, the 80mm Forced Induction Solutions turbocharger gets plenty of fresh air. The housing has been treated to a hydrodip coating of simulated $100 bills, while Top End Fabrication built the stainless steel headers and Y-pipe,and also built a killer aluminum down pipe.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015



that it stays up-to-date and relevant with local heads-up classes. The most current engine combination starts with an aluminum 4.6 Cobra block and is filled with a ProLine stroker crankshaft, Manley H-beam connecting rods, and Diamond pistons. The bottom end is certainly the most elaborate piece of the puzzle, as the Ford “B” cylinder heads only received “cleaning up” in Harvey’s words and feature stock ’97 Cobra camshafts. ARP fasteners are used throughout the build to withstand big-time boost, while the oil system was also upgraded with billet oil pump gears and a Canton oil pan.


The DOHC mod motor is topped with a Hogan sheet metal intake manifold which mounts an Accufab 90mm throttle body. Boost comes from a 80mm Forced Induction Solutions turbo which has been hydro-dipped and heat-coated. Top End Fabrication handled all of the turbo piping, including stainless steel headers, stainless Y-pipe, and a split four-inch aluminum down pipe. Additional components in the turbo setup include a Precision 60mm wastegate, a 50mm blow-off valve, a small air-to-water intercooler, and a Holley EFI boost controller.

january 2015 | RPM Magazine

SNAKE IN THE GRASS The Top End Fabrication “shop car” sits super low, thanks to Strange struts and RaceCraft drop spindles. The ’97 Cobra has an all stock body, aside from the fiberglass hood and all of the original Rio Red paint is in great shape.

TEST-N-TUNE Every trip to Jason’s home track of Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip in Ringgold, Georgia is a learning experience, as the turbocharged mod motor hasn’t been the easiest engine combination to figure out. So far, the car has run a best of 5.76 at 120 miles per hour in the eighthmile at only 20 pounds of boost.

Chassis Engineering’s Outlaw “TRIPLE” Adjustable Ladder Bars The ultimate ladder bar for heavy, high horsepower race cars. 360 degree housing brackets w/integrated shock mounts. Chromoly construction for strength and lightweight. Includes all rod ends, hardware and brackets.

3606 3606A

$499.95 (pr) 36” Outlaw Adj. Ladder Bar Weld-up Kit $474.95 pr

The chassis prof30esyesioarnas ls for over

Toll Free Ordering: 800-327-9402 Info & Tech: 561-863-2188


www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015




january 2015 | RPM Magazine

NICE INSIDE AND OUT Although the 25.5-spec roll cage takes up a lot of room, the interior in the Cobra is all there and functional. The original seats were tossed in favor of lightweight Kirkey buckets, and the original steering wheel was replaced with a quick-release unit. The original gauges are still in the cluster, but Jason relies on the Holley digital dash to keep him informed. A Holley Dominator EFI system controls the boosted mod motor.

The fuel system features an Aeromotive Pro Series pump and regulator teamed with 96-pound Precision injectors mounted to Hogan fuel rails. Behind the boosted mod motor is a GM TH400 automatic

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015



HORSE’S SHOES The Cobra ’Stang rolls on a set of Bogart D-10 wheels that measure 15x3.5 and 15x10 inches. The rears feature Champion beadlocks which are clamped to a pair of Mickey Thompson Pro 275/60R-15 drag radials.


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

1997 FORD MUSTANG COBRA Owner: Jason Harvey Chassis: Stock unibody with 25.5 spec roll cage and chassis modifications. Mini-tubbed, welded torque boxes. All modifications performed by Top End Fabrication. Suspension (front and rear): AJE tubular K-member, AJE tubular control arms, Strange 10-way adjustable struts with coilovers, Skinny Kid caster/camber plates, Flaming River quickratio rack and pinion, RaceCraft drop spindles, Team Z rear antiroll bar, Strange double-adjustable rear coilovers, Lyons Custom Motorsports lower control arms, UPR Pro upper control arms. Brakes: Aerospace front and rear disc brakes and master cylinder, Hurst line lock. Tires & wheels: Bogart D-10 wheels, 15x3.5 and 15x10 inches, Champion beadlocks, Mickey Thompson front runner tires, Mickey Thompson 275/60R15 Pro Drag Radials. Body & paint: Original Rio Red paint, 5.5-inch Cobra R hood, Skinny Kid sheet metal wing (chrome plated), onepiece headlights, smoothed firewall and engine bay, Simpson parachute. Engine: Ford DOHC mod motor by ProLine Racing Engines. Rotating Assembly: ProLine Stroker crank, Diamond pistons, Manley H-beam rods, ARP main studs, Canton oil pan. Cylinder heads: Stock Ford B-series cylinder heads (lightly ported), Manley valves, stock camshafts, ARP head studs. Induction: Hogan sheet metal intake, Accufab 90mm throttle body, Holley EFI electronics. Turbo: 80mm Forced Induction, Precision 60mm wastegate, Tial 50mm blow-off valve, air-to-water intercooler, Holley EFI boost controller, all turbo piping built by Top End Fabrication. Rear differential: 8.8 rear end from fox-body Mustang, narrowed two inches, Lyons Custom Motorsports lower control arm brackets, UPR rear end cover, Strange 35-spline axles, Strange spool, Ford Motorsport 3.55:1 gear set, Strange C-clip eliminators, 5/8-inch studs with billet lug nuts. Shout outs: “Thank you to my family for standing by me as this build spiraled out of control over the last several years. Also, thanks to Forced Induction, ProLine Racing Engines, Holley, and Lyons Custom Motorsports for help throughout the build.� -Jason Harvey

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015




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www.holley.com RPM Magazine 88 january 2015 | 270-781-9741

SOFTWARE & FIRMWARE UPDATES AT HOLLEY.COM! All trademarks listed are property of their respective owners.

THE SHOP CAR WHAT LURKS BENEATH Under the Top End Fabrication shop car is an 8.8 rear end that has been narrowed two inches. It features a Strange spool, Strange 35-spline axles and a Ford Motorsport 3.55:1 gear set. The rear suspension features Lyons Custom Motorsports lower control arms, a Team Z anti-roll bar and Strange coilovers.

transmission which uses a PTC 10-inch turbo converter to put the power to the ground. Through the years, the Mustang has been on the back burner at Top End Fabrication while customer cars took priority and Harvey has laid hands on many of the Chattanooga, Tennessee-area heads-up cars. Now though, instead


AFR change (%)

100 80 60




20 0 -20



150 200 Time (msec)




www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015



FULL STABLE OF PONIES Harvey works on all sorts of street cars and drag cars, but his personal garage is inhabited by Ford products. The shop car is the most extensive build, while the four-eye ragtop is a super-clean driver and the SVO is a low-mileage survivor.

of working on the weekends, Harvey sneaks away to the drag strip to have some fun behind the wheel of the shop car. So far, the mod-motored Mustang has run a best of 5.76 at 120 miles per hour in the eighth-mile. Harvey admits that the tune-up is conservative, with boost levels only reaching 20 psi. The engine and turbo combination can produce upwards of 40 psi of boost, so when he gets the bugs worked out, the elapsed times will certainly fall. It’s a high-end build that has been stretched out over the past ten years, but it clearly illustrates the workmanship that Top End Fabrication is known for, while also providing a huge fun factor for the man behind the madness of the shop car.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015



CHASING A DREAM >>Bringing RPM readers up to speed on our street/strip third-gen Camaro project by

Blake Robinson


ith the coming of the new year, in one way or another we will all have to face the challenges and tribulations life tends to throw our way in most anything we do, and with a build of a race car from the ground up, these are inevitable. Our journey started back in February of 2012 with hopes of getting me back into a car the following year. Though it seems like it has been a lifetime since my accident, my dream is a lot closer to becoming a reality. RPM has been following and documenting our build since May of 2012 and any new readers


can catch up on past articles by visiting the RPM website and reading full E-MAG versions of back issues at: www.rpm-mag. com/rpm-e-mag/ or by clicking on the Getting Back on Track tab at www.awalkwithblake.com/ The build started out as a simple mini-tub job on a third-gen Camaro. Though our intentions were to install an engine and get back to the track as quickly as possible, our plans started to change. With the support of family members, great friends, RPM Magazine, and parts from some of the leading manufacturers in the racing industry, we had started building a whole different animal.

january 2015 | RPM Magazine

The car was first disassembled and sent off to Vulcan Specialties in Lubbock, TX, an authorized distributor for Chris Alston’s Chassisworks. Humberto and his father Rudy installed our complete jig-welded Eliminator II 4-link rear clip that included a pair of VariShock Quickset 2 coilover shocks, billet shock mounts, and an antiroll bar. All the rear aluminum work was temporarily installed using Clecos and the Fab9 housing was put into place with dummy axles to get the car back home. The completion of this work allowed us to transform our basic mini-tubbed roller into a kick-ass chassis ready for whatever horsepower

we wanted to throw at it. With our Project Back on Track Camaro back home in Waco, TX, it was time to tackle some front end upgrades to equal what we did in the rear. We began our modifications here by installing a K-member, tubular a-arms, caster/camber plates, and a coilover dropped spindle strut assembly from Anthony Jones Engineering. For front brakes, we looked no further than Aerospace Components. The AC-225 kit includes all-billet aluminum construction, including billet four-piston calipers, billet hubs, billet brackets, and billet rotor adapters with Hawk Performance brake pads.

1: Renie Carrizales and I were wondering how a little ol’ six cylinder engine could be such a pain in the butt to get out.



2: Humberto installed all of the interior panels using Clecos to allow us to remove them once the car got back home.

3: The guys at Vulcan Specialties not only made quick work of our back-half job, but their workmanship is second to none.

Rotors are 11 3/8 x 5/16-inch cross-drilled designs with 1/2 x 3-inch wheel studs, grade 8 hardware, bearings, and seals. A manual rack and pinion was installed due to its simplicity and the fact that it was lighter in weight was an added bonus. The Racecraft, Inc. setup included a billet mounting clamp, as well. These modifications not only shed some weight off the car, but made it possible to have additional chassis tuning and brakes that could stop our portly beast.

Next, we turned to WORK Turbo to help us boost our horsepower to compensate for our heavy car. Reed Patridge assembled our custom Borg Warner S400SX4-80 turbo that featured a new high performance cover and an upgraded 1.32 A/R T6 flange turbine housing. This turbo will allow us to get well over 1,000 horsepower out of our SBC. To take advantage of our new power adder, Tommy Eufemia of Bad Attitude Racing Engines and I began to gather the internals for

our SBC. After contacting Mike Knowles at Diamond Pistons, our custom D-shaped dish pistons were fabricated to allow us to achieve our 9.5:1 compression range goal. When it came to our camshaft, Trish Biro of RPM Magazine paired us up with Howard’s Cams. After I spoke with John Steely of Howard’s and ran the suggested cam specs by Tommy, we provided RPM readers with some solid info on understanding

how a camshaft can affect the engine’s overall performance. Our mechanical roller cam specs include an intake and exhaust duration of 277 and 245 @ .050 respectively, lift of .640 with 1.6 rocker arms, and a lobe separation of 114. With almost all of our small block Chevy engine components

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015




4: Kevin McCombs had to modify our frame to accept the front coil over strut assembly.

now on hand, RPM readers will see several articles covering the build of our forced induction mouse (including dyno results) in the coming months. Now having a better idea of the type of power our Camaro could generate, beefing up the drivetrain was a must. We started by having John Goebel, the owner of Goebel High Perfor-


5: The coil over struts from AJE paired with the Aerospace Components disk brake set up look as good as they perform.

mance Transmissions in Waco, Texas, assemble our Powerglide transmission using quality parts from BTE. Some of the features of our bulletproof ’Glide include a BTE case, a new seven-bolt pump, a .400 Pro Tree brake, 1.80 straight-cut planetary set, a billet rollerized governor support, and a Vasco hardened input shaft that should be more than capable

january 2015 | RPM Magazine


of handling all the torque our mighty Mouse can muster. Putting our power to the ground should be a cinch with our Fab9 rear end. Kevin Biggers, owner of Danny Miller’s Rear Gears, assembled our third member using an aftermarket nodular iron case, a 35-spline spool, and a set of 4.10 gears. We installed the third member in

6: Reed at WORK Turbo assembled our turbo and as far as needing information or tech questions answered, I would highly recommend that you give him a call.

our housing and finished it off with a set of 35-spline axles with 5/8-inch studs from Mitchell Differential Inc. To help stop the car, we upgraded to a disc brake set up from Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC) with billet four-piston calipers and 11-inch Big Bite cross-drilled and slotted

BBC 632 Nitrous Series

BBC Open Chamber Blown Alcohol Dome

Designed for Nitrous-fed 632 engines using aluminum rods.

Designed for high horsepower, blown alcohol BBC engines. Ideal for use in Top Dragster and Top Sportsman engines

• Vertical gas ports • Designed with large pin boss span and extra clearance to accept aluminum rods • Designed with 3/16″ oil rings for improved oil control (critical in nitrous engines) • Intake valve relief edge has been machined to remove thin outside area, reducing hot spots and likelihood of preignition • Utilizes JE Pro Seal Hardened Nitrous Series .043″, .43″, 3/16″ ring package

5.OOO'' / 5.3OO''

• Made from forged 2618 alloy

bore spacing piston

• Heavy duty .200″ wall wrist pins included

New “777F”

• Valve reliefs accept oversized valves and are compatible with angle milled heads.

• • • •

4.810″ - 5.140″ Bore Extremely durable in high HP engines Up to 1.094'' diameter pin Starting at only $805 MSRP per set

• Accumulator grooves & Double forced pin oilers

• Precision CNC machined ring grooves accept 1/16″ , 1/16″ and 3/16″ rings.

Pistons • Rings • Pins

15312 Connector Lane • Huntington Beach • CA • 92649 • 714-898-9763 • Fax 714-893-8297



Best Value in Safety Since 1975! Pro Model Full Face Helmets • Exceeds Snell SA-2010 Rating • Lightweight Prepreg Composite Shell • Comfort Fit Blended Nomex® Interior • Distortion Free 3mm Polycarbonate Low Fog Shield • Tear-Off Posts Hand Ratchet To Eight Positions • Silicone Eyeport Gasket Seals Out Dirt • Slick Aero Design With Chin Spoiler • Available In White, Gloss Black, and Flat Black • Stocked in Sizes XS - 3XL

351 / 355 Nomex® & Suede Gloves • Exceeds SFI 3.3/1 or 3.3/5 Ratings • Single Layer or Double Layer Nomex® Knit Construction • Hook and Loop Adjuster Strap • High Grip Suede Leather Reinforced Palm • Colors are Black, Red and Blue w/ Grey or Black Suede • Soft, Supple and Comfortable • Stocked in Kids Sizes & Adult XS - 3XL

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303 / 305 Series Racing Shoes • Exceeds SFI 3.3/5 Rating • Suede Leather Upper • Pyrovatex® Flame Retardant Liner • Molded Flexible Rubber Sole • Padded Ankle & Arch Support • Achilles Flex Opening • Stocked in Sizes 1-20

from $69.99 / $99.99

1pc Suits from $104.99 / $269.99 Jackets from $62.99 / $154.99 Pants from $62.99 / $144.99

Latch & Link Belt Sets • Exceeds SFI 16.1 Rating from • Premium 3” Polyester Webbing • 3” Hardware Ends Installed $74.99 • 4pt V-Type or 5pt Design • Wrap Around or Bolt-in Mounting • Available with Hans Shoulders • Can Be Re-webbed (SFI) Upon Expiration • Now available in Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Platinum, Green, Pink and Camo

RaceQuip also manufactures SFI rated window nets and mount kits, as well as a complete line of gear for Jr. Dragster Racers.

WWW.RACEQUIP.COM • 813-642-6644

Online Orders Are Shipped From The Nearest Stocking Dealer.

All Prices Shown are Racer Net – Shop Our Dealers for Best Pricing.


7: Our completed turbo is ready to install and give us that extra boost of power we will need.

rotors. Although we opted for horsepower over weight loss, the lighter we could get the car, the better. We started looking online for deals on fiberglass parts and this time, we hit it big. A brand new one-piece fiberglass front end was purchased for less than half the going price. After a one-


8: When it comes to transmissions or anything hydraulic, John Goebel is the man. Here he is seen assembling our Powerglide.

day road trip to Missouri, the front end found its new home on our Camaro. The purchase of a 6-inch cowl hood was completed next and the weight was starting to drop off the car. We were officially hooked on our “Camaro Diet” and soon we were removing weight anywhere we could from the car. The


9: Our bulletproof ’Glide is waiting to be dynoed once the converter is built. This is on hold until we get actual dyno results from our engine.

doors were both gutted, (we’re still looking for a lead on some fiberglass doors, but so far we’ve come up empty!), followed by removing the outer skin from the deck lid and the rear glass that is being replaced with Lexan. Both the rear impact bar and absorber pad were removed from the rear bumper, leaving us with just the

cover. Recently, we started doing some in-house fabrication to improve overall rigidity and safety of the car. We were able to remove the third-gen’s bulky inner fender wells after adding front down bars and strut tower supports. This mod also allows me to gain better access to the

800-626-1828 www.bteracing.com Bill Taylor Enterprises 2 Memphis Avenue • Mt. Pleasant, MS 38649 Some Parts Not Legal for Sale or Use on Pollution-Controlled Vehicles


Top Sportsman / Top Dragster FEATURES: New BTE Magnum SFI Approved Case, Ringless Vasco Turbo Spline Input Shaft, Mega Racing Band, Two Ring Servo, Performance Servo Spring, Coated Deep Aluminum Pan, BTE Straight Cut Gear set (Available in 1.80, 1.98, and 1.69 ratios), Roller Tail housing/Rear Cover, New BTE High Volume Pump, Roller Governor Support, 10 clutch drum, BTE Top Sportsman High Pressure Transbrake Valve body, Dyno-tested.

$359599 Bracket Powerglide FEATURES: 1.76 Gear set with 4340 forged output shaft and housing, Steel Clutch Hub w/ 5 clutch pack, Rebuilt Pump, Two ring servo, BTE Bracket Transbrake Valve body, Kevlar lined Band, Dyno-tested.

$84995 www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015





10: The guys at Howard’s Cams are very thorough 11: The Fab9 rear end has been when checking a cams’ lobe profile. Here, our completed and is ready to put custom roller cam is receiving its final check. the power to the pavement.

engine for maintenance & repairs. Currently, we are gathering the final parts together to start doing engine component installations and necessary fabrication. Several upcoming articles will be covering the installation of a mock-up engine, including a motor

plate and mid-plate. The mounting of our radiator, cooling system, fuel cell, regulator, and hoses will follow. Once all that has been completed, we’ll start the fabrication of both the hot and cold side of the turbo. This should bring new RPM readers up to date on

our Project Back On Track Camaro build and allow you to follow the progress from here as we reach completion mid-to-late 2015. We’ll see you back here next month as we slide that mock-up engine into place and decide where we will locate things in the engine bay.

13: The hood shows to be a little long in this photo, but we will trim it to fit once the Lexan front glass is installed.

12: Once the mounting tree was fabbed for the front end, we ’glassed in the mounting plates.


Designed to meet the demanding BOOTH #2229

rigors of racing. Engineer ed to WIN.



8 7 7. 9 3 5 . 3 6 6 1 W E L D O N R A C I N G . C O M


january 2015 | RPM Magazine


14: Bill Winfrey Jr. (Bubba) and Kevin made easy work of the rear impact bar and absorber pad.



15: Buddy Sowders, fellow racer & gearhead, pitched in to help fabricate and install our front down bars and strut supports.

16: With the front down bars and strut tower supports now in place, the work to our factory front frame has been completed.

SOURCES Chris Alston’s Chassisworks cachassisworks.com 888.388.0297

Aerospace Components aerospacecomponents.com 727.347.9915

Diamond Pistons diamondracing.net 877.552.2112

Vulcan Specialties vulcanspecialties.com 806.790.0239

Racecraft, Inc. racecraft.com 507.243.4104

Bad Attitude Engines badattitudeengines.com 352.528.5386

Anthony Jones Engineering ajeracing.com 800.877.7233

WORK Turbochargers workturbochargers.com 205.516.3946

Howards Cams howardscams.com 920.233.5228

Goebel Hi. Perf. Transmissions 877.312.2649 BTE Racing bteracing.com 800.626.1828 Stainless Steel Brakes Corp. ssbrakes.com 800.448.7722

Mitchell Differential, Inc. mitchelldifferential.com 508.755.3790 Quik Latch Products q-latch.com 469.387.0212

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015




>>Our project heads east to Virginia Rod Company just as Kaase Racing Engines wraps up engine build story by Toby Brooks

photos by Jerry Gary, Jr. and Cliff Moore


ow, it is hard to believe we have hit installment 12 in our series detailing how we are going about building a fullguns, no-holds-barred modern pro streeter. Clearly, we’ve encountered a few bumps on the road. However, the lessons learned along the way in a project of this scope have proven invaluable. And just like everything in life, while it may seem tempting to focus on the negative and dwell on shortcomings, such accomplishes nothing. Instead, we like to focus on all the things we have accomplished thus far, and that list is long and impressive already.

Sure, our project Mustang has consumed more than a year and we’ve got more receipts than we will ever have the courage to add up in bringing you a step-by-step and blow-by-blow of the time, talent, and treasures required to build a comparable car of your own. That said, we have reason for real hope this month, as our Project aPocalypSe Horse headed east to the capable hands of Donald Williams and his crew at Virginia Rod Company (VRC). Tag-teaming with our good friend Ronald Bookman, Williams road-tripped a total of 17 hours to pick up our gutted ride, meeting up with the gang from our previous shop near

ROLLING OUT THE PONY This is what the car looked like after 14 months of work and a 17hour ride from the previous shop. After sizing up the situation, VRC’s Donald Williams suggest we start from scratch rather than work around the previous in-process chassis. We concurred and gave him the green light.


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

RPM PROJECT CAR MOCKING UP THE MEATS It has been a long road so far and we have a long way to go, but just seeing these enormous double beadlocked Billet Specialties wheels and equally huge Goodyear meats tucked up under the gutted Mustang body is enough to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. VRC’s Donald Williams has all kinds of wild ideas for the future SFI 25.3 spec chassis he’s probably working on right now.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED We received more than 300 feet of chromoly tubing from Stock Car Steel in less than three days. VRC will use these 20foot lengths to hand fabricate our rocksolid chassis.

CHASSIS INITIAL MATERIALS LIST • 1.500 x .065 6 lengths (approx. 120 ft.) • 1.625 x .083 2 lengths (approx. 40 ft.) • 1.250 x .058 3 lengths (approx. 60 ft.) • 1.000 x .065 2 lengths (approx. 40 ft.) • 0.750 x .065 3 lengths (approx. 60 ft.) • 1.125 x .058 1 length (approx. 20 ft.)

All material 4130 chromoly tube

AWESOME IN STAGES Metalcrafters’ master fabricator Robert Carrasca teamed up with Jason Allen to put together a cool frontmounted NOS nitrous upper stage and mounted up the AccuFab throttle bodies to the Weinle custom intake.


TSV Technology


We started from a clean sheet to create the most efficient, most advanced supercharger ever created for GM LS engines. Our revolutionary new intercooler design delivers more power than the competition run-after-run, regardless of how hot it is outside. With factory-like drivability, a bypass valve for enhanced fuel economy, and OEM-level fit and finish that looks great under the hood, Magnuson's Heartbeat is true horsepower without compromise.


january 2015 | RPM Magazine

Our 529 ci Kaase Boss 9 engine put up over 800 HP on the dyno prior to the install of the twin ProChargers and the Supercharger Store gear drive. We’re hoping for 1,400+ after they are installed.

RPM PROJECT CAR DASHING PRO STREETER Here, Williams and crew have laid the main frame rails and are mocking up the factory dash to ensure proper fit.

Cincinnati and making the transfer of what was left of the car and a whole gaggle of incredible high performance parts. Once back in Virginia, Williams assessed the situation and opted to start from scratch. We called up Stock Car Steel (SCS), located relatively close by in Charlotte, NC. SCS’s Dave Dieckmann worked us up a quote for more than 300 feet of 4130 chromoly tubing as specified by Williams. Within less than three days, SCS had our order delivered to VRC as the crew there readied an all-new chassis jig just for our build. Combined

with our S&W Race Cars components, our chassis will be fabricated from the finest components available. Williams is like a mad scientist with a TIG torch, and his ideas are already making a killer impact on our build. Recognizing the car will be driven regularly and will also be a bit on the portly side with a full interior, lots of factory steel, and a host of creature comforts. That said, Williams suggested that the new chassis be built to SFI 25.3 spec, good for a sub 6.50-second car that weighs up to 3,600 pounds. He also suggested a cool double rail and shaved rockers, both

of which we will oblige in that that number will creep order to get the stiffest, lowwell into the 1,300-1,400 HP est car possible. range once the big Ford gets a Meanwhile, back in little pressurized atmosphere Georgia, Cliff Moore and feeding the fire. the gang at Jon Kaase RacWith a bit of luck, our ing Engines got our Boss engine will be united with the 529 running on the dyno, in-process chassis within the but not before Jason Allen next month and we will really and Robert Carrasca at begin to see some progress. Metalcrafters of Monmouth Stay tuned‌things are going finished of the incredible to start to get REALLY crazy billet runner sheetmetal from here! intake manifold complete with a one-off second stage of nitrous behind the throttle Metalcrafters of Monmouth bodies. www.metalcraftersonline.com The mill put 309.734.3511 up an impressive 800+ hp number S&W Race Cars WITHOUT power www.swracecars.com adders of any 800.523.3353 sort, including the Supercharger Stock Car Steel Store twin Pro www.stockcarsteel.com Charger gear 919.774.1297 drive. Although the post-blower Virginia Rod Company install numbers http://on.fb.me/1FILssu were not available 330.928.9092 at press time, we are optimistic


(800) 208-1755


Crafted in the U.S.A.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015



january 2015 | RPM Magazine





Chuck Scott >>We make every effort to keep the track surface safe with the help of a DJ Safety engine diaper

f there is one thing I’ve learned in my first 14 months of fatherhood, it is the vital importance of diapers. I never gave them much thought for the first 38 years of my life, but now I realize how fast things get out of hand without one. Even 10 minutes with a miniwild man running the house without one could leave us with some expensive damage or at

least a really bad mess to clean up. In our first few weeks, we quickly became experts on what diapers worked and which ones leaked. One bad blowout in a bargain store brand proved the true value of the good ones at any price. The same is perhaps even more true with keeping a good quality diaper on your fire breathing, rubber annihilating pride and joy.

PROTECTION WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST DJ Safety’s quality nylon diapers are also SFI 7.2 certified and are made of two layers of ballistic nylon with an oil-resistant outer shell. They work great for most applications as long as heat isn’t an issue with headers or turbos getting too close or touching.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015



1. As you can see here, our low-sitting motor and large pan doesn’t leave much room between the steering rack and pan. Notice the Jeff Johnson’s Billet Fabrication pan doesn’t have a pan rail sticking out past the pan for bolting to the block. The pan rail is inside the wide pan and you access the bolts through long tubes up from the very bottom of the pan. If you saw it off the engine back when it was new many issues ago, you will remember what a masterpiece of design and function it is.

If you have spent even one day at the racetrack, you already know that engine failures happen all the time. Even the most experienced teams with the best parts available lose engines sooner or later. When a motor lets go and puts a window in the block or oil pan, until you get it stopped, the engine loss is at least second on your list of biggest problems. Even a pushed main seal can put oil under your tires and cause a bad accident and even the best wheel-men are at the mercy of chance when they drive through their own fluids.



2a & b. After noting the many measurements of the complex pan, we took a couple photos of it and overlaid the measurements for DJ Safety to use for making our custom unit.

An engine diaper is the cheapest really good insurance you will ever buy. A diaper on any car that is raced is just as important as a helmet on the driver’s head. If you are quick enough to require a basic roll bar, you are quick enough to need an engine diaper, no matter what the race track or racing organization requires. DJ Safety has nice SFI 7.2 spec engine diapers for most engines starting at $259 retail. So ask yourself, is your quarter panel and paint worth more than $259? How about your life? How about the life of the guy in the other lane?

january 2015 | RPM Magazine

Safety aside for just a moment, having a diaper on your engine will do the race tracks, promoters and fellow competitors a big solid and not ruin their day either. If I had a dollar for every race that was held up for a half-hour or more due to an oil-down, I’d have enough money to go on vacation…twice! How about the races not finished due to delays caused by a nasty oil down? Not only is every other racer and fan on the property fantasizing about revenge and talking smack about you on Facebook, you just cost the track a nice chunk of change on cleanup and


track prep. Don’t be that guy. Cover your butt! When we started looking for a diaper for the RPM Magazine Project 4 Lug Thug, we knew an off-theshelf 351 Windsor Fox Body Mustang unit probably wouldn’t fit very well, if at all. Not only do we have a super trick custom Jeff Johnson’s Billet Fabrication oil pan, but our motor was set as low as possible with a traditional type tubular

K-member. That combination leaves only about 1/16” clearance between the steering rack and the oil pan between the front and rear sump area. Our only real option was a custom made diaper. And if we were going to go to that extent, we figured we might as well get the best. So we called up DJ Safety for one of their custom Kevlar-constructed SFI spec 7.2 diapers with the heat resistant aluminized

3. Our custom diaper is constructed from Kevlar and a heat resistant aluminized cover. The absorbent pads are attached with snaps so they can be removed and cleaned or replaced.


4 4. Our diaper also features Kevlar retaining straps so you don’t have to worry about them melting like nylon when exposed to heat. Notice it also has a horizontal strap that goes around the back of the rear sump. This allows you to cinch it up tight to keep your diaper from getting up against the flexplate.



5a & b. If your rack is like ours, you will need to pull it down for initial installation of the engine diaper. Ours is so tight we have to pull the front bushing halves out, push the rear halves back towards the mount with a large socket, then rotate and wiggle the rack out from the mount and past the pan after we disconnect the steering shaft and tie rod ends.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015




6. We went ahead and disconnected the rod ends and bump steer kit from the spindle. It is much easier with our AJE spindles and bump steer kit than it would be with factory-type rod ends. As long as you don’t change anything, the alignment shouldn’t change. If your car is on a two-post lift or jack stands and the wheels are hanging without weight on them, you could leave the tie rods connected and just let the rack hang from them.


january 2015 | RPM Magazine


7. You will need to disconnect the steering shaft also… don’t be coveting our partially OEM steering shaft!

cover and Kevlar retaining straps. Yes, we could have easily made do with one of their ballistic nylon diapers since the Thug’s headers are routed up and forward and don’t get anywhere close enough to cause a problem with heat, but with a magazine mule like the Thug, you never know what we may do to the car down the road or what else the motor may end up in. DJ Safety’s most common diapers are made of two layers of ballistic nylon with an oil resistant outer shell and they work awesome in most applications when heat isn’t an issue.

DJ Safety offers the most extensive fitment range of engine diapers in the industry and also offer custom units for oil pan or plumbing configurations like ours. With a custom made diaper, good measurements are critical from the customer. Ideally, a customer will provide templates to assure an accurate fit, but in our case we felt pretty confident in our measuring skills. We took measurements of every nook and cranny and measured three times to be sure. When in doubt about taper on a section, we allowed for a 1/16-inch to a 1/4-inch extra room. A little more room


8a & b. With the rack out of the way, we still have to finagle the diaper between the K-member and pan. Once it is over the K-member rack mount area, you can straighten it out and slide it up over the pan. This is what it will look like while we change the oil. All we will have to do is loosen the straps, unhook them and let the diaper hang. Just hold it back out of the way while draining. When the drain plugs are back in, just connect the hooks on the straps and tighten it up. This shouldn’t add more than five minutes to our oil changes.


might not look as good, but it beats not having enough and the diaper not being usable. As mentioned earlier, our DJ Safety diaper is certified SFI 7.2 as is the less expensive ballistic nylon diaper. The SFI 7.2 testing process is extremely stringent. The unit is required to contain six quarts of racing oil heated to 150 degrees, the straps must take 8,000 lbs. of force and the material

must withstand a shot from a .22 caliber bullet. The bullet test is based on the military standard 662D test for ballistic armor. This means your DJ Safety diaper won’t likely get a hole blown through it by a piston skirt or a chunk of a main cap. We should have asked Ben Ryan to send us a piece of material and some strap so we could shoot it…. maybe we will have to do a follow-up on that one.

9. The straps are designed to be secured with your header bolts. We used header bolts on the rear four straps and used available bolts on the front engine plate for the front two.


10. DJ Safety gives you plenty of strap length to fit any desired strap mounting point. With the Kevlar straps you can’t just cut the extra off and melt the ends with a lighter to prevent them from unraveling like you can with nylon strap or rope. DJ

Safety coats the ends to prevent unraveling. Unless you want to find something like epoxy to finish the cut end, you should just wrap the extra around itself and tie it up out of the way. You will need some slack anyway for when you take it off for service.

At BMP Quality Is Never Sacrificed For Cost. Our Intake Manifolds are the prefered choice of the leading Engine Builders. They are Dyno Tested & Racer Approved.

SBC in 4150 & 4500 Flange BBC in 4150 & 4500 Flange, 9.8 & 10.2 Decks Marine Version Available for BBC SBF in 4150 & 4500 Flange, 8.2 & 9.5 Decks

11. With the new DJ Safety Kevlar engine diaper installed we look pretty darn hardcore. Nothing says “I ain’t afraid to spray the guts out of this thing” like a shiny silver engine diaper.


Call now for FREE Shipping!

The BMP SBC 4500

Intake Manifolds starting at:





www.djsafety.com 323.221.0000

631.737.0372 | theengineshop.com

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015



1. Wow, what a difference! Prior to the new shop build, we had lots of tools, but they were stuffed anywhere we could find room. Our old box (left) was packed to overflowing and still didn’t even come close to providing enough room. However, our gorgeous new all-stainless 41-inch Trinity International box not only looks fantastic, it has a place for everything and can literally hold a ton of stuff!

RPM’s continuing do-it-yourself shop series shows how you can put together your own modern workspace, too! Toby Brooks

the Hardcore Horsepower Garage organized PART 8: >>Wewithgetsome Trinity International storage and work surface products



Take your engine to the top level with Scorpion Shaft Mount Rocker Arms. Made for the most demanding racing applications, this system greatly increases valvetrain stability, stiffness and geometry, which means much better performance and more horsepower potential. Rocker Arms • Lifters • Pushrods Valves • Valve Springs & More!




january 2015 | RPM Magazine



ast month we brought you up to speed on our RPM Hardcore Horsepower Garage and completed the install of a wide assortment of new Pit Pal Products aluminum storage components. Unfortunately, as projects like this so often do, fixing one problem with something new and shiny has a way of leaving any do-it-yourselfer dissatisfied with his or her other things. That’s exactly what happened with our tool storage and work surfaces once we got the cool new Pit Pal Products installed. Not only did our old tool box lack adequate room for all our stuff, at over two decades old, it was showing signs of wear, tear, and an occasional temper tantrum-induced thrown wrench dent.

Tool storage is quite literally an area that can break the budget if you let it. High-end roll-aways with all the options can easily run in the thousands of dollars. We were looking for a large box that had lots of space and wouldn’t hurt the pocketbook too deeply. Cool looks would be a plus, as well. That’s when we discovered Trinity International. Follow along as we show you how easy it was to swap out our junked-up jalopy box for an awesome new unit with matching tables from Trinity. Trinity produces both 27inch and 41-inch commercial grade tool chest combos as well as a host of other storage solutions for home and garage. The unique stainless




3. The Trinity 48x24 EcoStorage work table comes shipped ready to assemble. Not only does it provide a durable work surface, but an additional storage shelf for bulky tools. It is NSF-certified, too, in case you decide to eat off of it.

2a & b. Our order arrived less than a week after we placed it with the helpful staff at Trinity. After a quick and not-thorough-enough visual inspection, we signed for the shipment. Unfortunately, accidents do sometimes happen and our unit had suffered hidden damage in transit at the hands of what appeared to be an errant forklift. Although it clearly wasn’t their fault, Trinity’s incredible customer support made up for the trucking company’s error right away. It was also a lesson learned for us: always inspect freight throughly prior to signing for it.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015



Achieve perfect paintwork with teamwork. At Autoglym we’ve been developing car care products that work seamlessly for over 40 years so you could say we know a thing or two about paintwork. Your 3-step cleaning routine for bodywork combines Autoglym Bodywork Wash & Wax our award winning Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection. It’s a winning combination that provides a superior shine, is quick and easy to use and more durable than ever, which means you and your car get to look good for longer. Clean, Polish, Protect for perfect results. That’s the Autoglym way. Always has been. ≤≤≤≤≤


P A S S I O N for P E R F E C T I O N

Now exclusively available at Canadian Tire and PartSource

MSC11149 Autoglym RPM 9x10-875_0-25in.indd 2

06/03/2013 13:18



5 4-7. Assembly of the EcoStorage table simply couldn’t be easier. The four legs are dropped into place (4), then secured with the provided Allen-headed set screws (5). The storage shelf is then tapped into place on all four posts (6) and aligned before additional set screws are tightened to secure it. Once the table is positioned upright (7), the adjustable feet on each leg can be used to level the unit. A rolling version with casters on all four corners is also available.





8-10. The large lower chest of the Trinity 41-inch combo comes nearly fully assembled. All we had to do was install the caster set (9) and bolt on the fully welded handles (10) using the supplied hardware and we were ready to go. The ball bearing drawer glides and heavy duty drawers are already installed at delivery.

www.rpm-mag.com | january 2015


RPM GARAGE 11-12: Once we got the lower portion on its wheels, we hoisted the heavy-duty upper cabinet in place and secured it with the four supplied corner brackets. Get a couple of friends, because this thing is built tough, tipping the scales at nearly 300 pounds once assembled. With a 2,000-pound total capacity and a total of 11 drawers, it is more than up for the challenge in our shop.





13: The lockable lid features gas struts as well as a cool rack to store all your user’s guides...or in our case, the latest issue of the world’s coolest car mag.

january 2015 | RPM Magazine

14: How’s that for organized? We can no longer blame lack of progress on not being able to find our tools. So what should our excuse be now?

steel construction adds beauty, durability, and in our case is a perfect complement to the aircraft aluminum of our Pit Pal Products. Trinity sells direct through their website (www.trinityii.com) and products are also available at major retailers such as Costco. We ordered a 41-inch tool chest combo (MSRP $999) and a pair of Trinity’s


versatile 48x24-inch EcoStorage stainless steel tables (MSRP $159 ea). Our items were promptly shipped via truck freight and we received them curbside within a week. Assembly was an absolute snap, requiring little more than a couple of metric sockets and a screwdriver. The included drawer liners were pre-cut to fit and dropped right

into place in each drawer. With a killer new tool box in place and two new work tables assembled, we’re ready for more. Tune in next month as we try to finish up construction on our office space and bathroom and install some high tech garage door openers from Gatehouse Remote Controls and Entry Systems.


Trinity International Industries www.trinityii.com 800.985.5506

Leave Them in the Rearview. Summit Racing Equipment has the right mix of parts and accessories to get the most horsepower and performance out of your ride, so the only thing others will see is your dust. Rely on us to answer your questions and recommend solutions 24/7.

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Xtreme 4X4™

Cam & Lifter Kits

Bully Dog Logo - Vertical Format - Color PMS 185 + Black

Xtreme 4X4™ cam and lifter kits are designed to take advantage of the latest cam technology to provide maximum performance and low-end torque for your truck. Whether your use is off-road or towing, there is an Xtreme 4x4 for you. Ask your Parts Pro sales person which kit is right for your vehicle.

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Performance Plumbing

Innovations In Lubrication Technology

Now you can get Russell's popular Full Flow Swivel hose ends in a variety of color combinations to personalize any plumbing project. These hose ends also feature a blended 37° radius seat for optimum transition between hose ends and adapters. Hose end sockets available in Red, Grey, Purple, Black and Orange finishes.

• Includes Soft Touch Rev Control • High output 530 volts and 135mJ of spark energy • Uses less current to produce more power • Set an RPM limit on the 6AL with two rotary dials • Built-in LED for system checks • Compatible for 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines Inside the Digital 6AL you’ll find a microprocessor that monitors and controls every firing and rev limit. Efficient circuitry helps the ignition produce more power while drawing less current! In fact, the new Digital 6AL delivers over 530 volts to the coil with up to 135mJ of spark energy for every firing!

Triple Dog GT Gauge/Tuner Digital 6AL Ignition Control

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Cat-Back Exhaust kits for your hauler

Like all Flowmaster systems, the benefits include improved throttle response, power and mileage. Designed for an easy fit, these systems include all parts and hardware necessary for an easy installation.

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A performance matched pressure plate & disc combination featuring the patented Centerforce centrifugal weight system (where applicable) and specialized machining processes to provide a performance clutch that offers exceptional street characteristics, while offering outstanding holding-capacity and durability.

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Driven Racing Oil, born from Joe Gibbs Racing, is formulated specifically for all-out race and high NOW performance engines. AVAILABLE


The Smarter Battery Charger Using a unique charge algorithm, CTEK Smarter Battery Chargers go through 8 steps to constantly read and communicate with your battery, charging only to its direct needs and therefore avoiding any possibility of incorrectly charging the battery. Furthermore, by ensuring the battery is conditioned as well as charged, your batteries last significantly longer. Moreover, each CTEK Smart Battery Charger regulates mains voltage to protect any sensitive electrical and hi-fi equipment. Now that's smart!

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RPM Magazine January Issue 2015  

THE RIDES COVER CAR – PREDATOR – With more than enough horses on tap, this sinister ‘69 Chevelle has the power to thrill and the looks to k...

RPM Magazine January Issue 2015  

THE RIDES COVER CAR – PREDATOR – With more than enough horses on tap, this sinister ‘69 Chevelle has the power to thrill and the looks to k...

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