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>>The Horse gets fitted with some seriously trick huff, puff & bling!


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fter a month-long hiatus from the pages of RPM, things have started to pick up significantly for Project aPocalypSe Horse in the past few weeks. Such is the ebb and flow of the project car lifecycle. The whole point of a magazine project build is to learn and subsequently teach “real world” lessons about taking parts and pieces, coupling them with vi-

APRIL 2014 | RPM Magazine

sion, craftsmanship, and innovation, and creating something that is functional and effective. And in the case of our Pro Street Mustang project, beautiful, too. In case you are just joining our continuing saga, dubbed “The Second Coming of Pro Street,” we’ve previously laid out our plans for the build and obtained a killer Steve Stanford rendering, detailed how we acquired the car, and showed you

how we gutted the 2006 Mustang chassis in a driveway (see Part 1 of RPM Garage in this issue for details on that). However, the time to talk about the build has come to a close. It is time we start putting some of these ideas and parts together as we attempt to build the wildest Pro Street Mustang the world has ever seen. One of the amazing things about the build thus far has been the considerable geography in-

RPM Magazine April Issue 2014  

Nasty ’71….If looks could kill, this wild Pro Street Camaro would already be under arrest! Wild Manual Trans ACTION….Twenty years of Bangin...

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