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Chris Biro

You ever wonder...



ew ideas. Something different. Another person’s way doing things. Off the beaten path. Out of the norm. Off the wall. Outside the box. No matter how you want to word it, these terms all mean one thing...change! My RANT is generally inspired by something I’ve seen or done in the recent past, and this month it comes from seeing far too many great new ideas being knocked down before they even have the opportunity to gain steam. There’s basically two ways to fail before we even start. First, our ideas or plans can be quashed based on pressure from the outside world, and second, based on pressure from within, as we can all be our own worst critic. The first one, particularly with the extreme effectiveness of haters and bashers trolling the online world, can be devastating to a new idea. There’s fake news, fake facts, fake reviews, fake stats and people use these things to gain a level of control over others. Understand first, though, that there is always room for constructive debate...but no room at all for destructive hate. That being said, we all appreciate those who get on a forum or blog and voice opinions and ideas for the former as opposed to latter. Hats off to those who encourage change through conversation and ideas because they genuinely want to have a voice in that change. Thumbs down to the extreme selfish among us who bash just to bash or make themselves look better so their own program or idea can continue. You can pretty much bet that there’s usually some type of financial or popularity loss potential in change for these people, but some just like being negative. Another way we can be defeated is from our own minds telling us that it can’t be done. There’s a saying “you can do anything if you put your mind to it.” Honestly, in my opinion, it’s completely false. There are thousands of things that I am just not

capable of doing (and I’m ok with that) but tens of thousands more that I am. And it’s up to each of us to know going into something that, given our abilities and means, if we put all of our effort and resources into something, is it possible (even remotely possible) or not? We also need to know when to call it quits, and if we have truly given something 110% than that’s ok. Something I have always struggled with is that there truly is no shame in failure after giving something every ounce of effort in your being, but rather most failure leads to improved knowledge and understanding. So in reality that failure was not failure at all. I have a saying that I continually repeat to my kids “If you don’t learn at least one new thing everyday then your not doing something right.” Most of us hate change—at first anyway—and then more often than not as we get involved, we begin to realize that it’s not so bad after all. Nothing is written in stone and nothing will last forever so a good shakeup every once in a while can be a good way to stir emotions, get people thinking and may just lead to the next big thing...or really good small thing. At RPM, we believe in the individual, and that most every new idea has merit in some way. Everyone’s car—race or street— is their individual creation. In case you haven’t noticed, this mag is not filled with cars only we like, and you probably don’t like every car in RPM, either...and that’s ok. Thinking about making a change big or small? Maybe it’s the look of your car or maybe an engine swap or power adder change. For some it might be starting a new Facebook page or blog, maybe even a new class or series in drag racing or a local or national-level car show. No matter how big or small, qualifying your “change” on a scale of doable or not sure can save a lot of time, effort and money. Just don’t sell yourself short though, as everyone is capable of great things, just different great things.


By a Nose............................................................................

Project aPocalypSe Horse gets a few more custom tricks as Steve Yates and Keith O’Fallon knock out a super cool hinged AND quick release hood and front end.

...Plus, does JT talk Christmas in May in his popular Shop Talk segment with “Seasons Come and Go: ‘Tis the Season?”


THIS AND MORE IN THE NEXT RPM! april 2017 | RPM Magazine

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april 2017

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Double Take................................................. 54 This 1985 Electron Blue GT is making memories for Joey Alley and family

The Family ’55.....................................................24

With 52 years in the same family this Top Sportsman Shoebox Chevy has seen it all!

Green Machine .........................................................8 A 30-year dream becomes reality!



Shop Talk: There’s No Place Like Home...................34 You don’t have to have every tool known to man to do the job right... but it sure helps!

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A Place for Everything..........................................84 We get organized with a new 72-inch workstation and storage cabinet from OEMTOOLS

EFI For Nitrous Junkies: Part 2................................90 We go under the hood to ready our fuel injection system for the juice!

No End In Sight..................................................... 40

Ray Litz sees his addiction to horsepower as a terminal disease

Project Do Over...................................................104 After a 1,000 mile trek east, Yates Performance Chassis gets our pony ever-closer to paint at Braddy Custom


april 2017 | RPM Magazine

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017



ou all need to check this one out!” told Tim Ringer, owner of US41 Motorplex, over the mic that was just audible over the hustle and bustle of cars and folks shuttling around on race day at the popular dragstrip. US41 in

Morocco, Indiana was preparing to host some of the heavy hitters in the No Time drag racing world and while we were scoping out the ample supply of horsepower in the house, Tim drew our attention to a jaw-dropping muscle car sitting in the tech line: Tony Jarrell’s 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle was primed

for some time on the track and in front of our lens. Unfortunately, the next morning, rain flirted with the dawn and an early morning silence hung over the otherwise action-packed venue. Early risers, we made our way through the still slumbering pits looking for the Legend

Lime 1966 Chevelle Malibu and found Tony sprucing it up for our photo shoot. Hearing the crisp sound of the big block Chevy fire up and pierce the morning calm was a special wakeup-call for us all as we headed off to our shoot location. Coming from a family of 1966 El Caminos and Chev-

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april 2017 | RPM Magazine

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story and photos by

Tabitha Sizemore

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017



elle owners, it is no surprise that Tony followed his family’s footsteps. “My Dad has a factory, all-original 396 SS Chevelle that we have taken to car shows since I was nine years old. So he unknowingly had me building my Green Machine in my head for 30-plus years,” explained Jarrells. Tony picked this beautiful ’66 up back in 2008, turnkey. At the time, the Chevy sported a bored-out 427 cubic inch big


block Chevy with steel heads. Tony enjoyed the car for several years, then an unfortunate accident sent Jarrells into a rebuild of his lime-colored hot rod that would see the car down for almost three years while undergoing the overhaul. “It all started back in 2011, when I was rear-ended at a stop light by a drunk driver.” Ultimately, because of the accident, Jarrells wound up under the knife with back surgery and while out of commission the

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

decision was made to take the car apart, and so the facelift began. “My father and I started on it right away, taking apart of everything.” On their daily trek to and from the shop where the car was kept, the pair passed a Ford dealership. “Every day for a month we passed the dealership, and they had a Legend Lime 2005 Mustang GT. I am a fan of green colors, and because the Mustang’s color changed with ambient lighting, I was sold,”

LIME TIME While this 1965 Chevelle may look tame, with a nitrous injected big block it is anything but! We think this color combo should have been offered in 1966!

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017



BAAAAD FROM BEHIND The chrome bumper and trim work is almost blinding…even in the shade! The power hookups and disconnect switch on the rear trim panel seem to just blend in with the emblem and taillights. said Tony. He had officially picked the new color for the car as Legend Lime. To contrast the body color, the 4-inch Glasstek cowl hood is donned with Estate Green on the cowl part of the hood. We give Jarrells paint combination the RPM MAG cool approval as the skin on the highly modded street/strip warrior looks as if


april 2017 | RPM Magazine

it could have been a factory option back in ’66. When the restoration was nearly complete after a couple years of hard work and dedication, Jarrells set about getting the ’66 ready for none other than RPM Magazine’s 10” Wide racing event in 2013. “I was at Great Lakes Dragaway

for the 10” Wide Match Race in June of 2013,” explained Jarrells. “After my third pass, my ladder bars failed causing the rearend on the driver’s side to shift forward.” The failure shoved the tire into the rocker panel and buckled the quarter panel, making for a hairy ride and a near miss on hitting the wall, but Jarrells

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017


was able to save the car and himself from major harm. The Chevelle was brought home after the near-catastrophe and sat until the winter. That December the car was slotted in at Al VerSchave’s chassis shop where the entire rear backhalf of the chassis was rebuilt. As they say, out with the old and in with the new, and after the work from AVS Fabrications Inc., the car was shuttled off to the body shop to fix the damaged quarter panel. A couple of years passed, and in 2015 Jarrells took the Chevy to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Car Craft Nationals show. “We were asked by the staff if we would attend their Midnight Drags that they were having on Saturday night.” With 29 street legal cars


april 2017 | RPM Magazine

signed up, Tony made it to the semi-finals and misfortune came once again. “I spun a rod bearing, and the car bogged at the light. I tried to run the other car down regardless, but just ran out of real estate.” The following winter, the engine was pulled to assess the damage and freshen it for a hit of nitrous. Jarrells was able to get the car prepped for the GLUED event at US41 Motorplex in June of 2016, the very event where we first saw the stunning green muscle car. After a problem-free “motor only” test pass on Friday, when Tony made his first test hit on nitrous he ran in to problems on the big end of the track, but not before throwing down a pass of 8.99 at 151 miles per hour.


HEAVY CHEVY At 3700 pounds, this streetlegal bowtie has blistered the track with an 8.99 at 151 miles per hour in the ¼-mile! LEFT: Tony prepares to make a test hit under the night skies at US41 Motorplex in Morocco, Indiana. A 548ci Merlin III big block Chevy sits between the rails of the stock front chassis of the Chevelle. An Eagle 4340 steel crankshaft paired with Eagle H-Beam rods, custom Diamond pistons, and HellFire rings are packed into the beefy block that sports a healthy 12.9:1 compression. A cus-

tom-ground nitrous cam sends commands to a pair of 345cc Merlin heads, and, as some may have already noticed the ‘CORNFED’ license plate, the bad Bowtie runs on a healthy dose of E85 delivered via a Quick Fuel Dominator style carburetor. We can’t confirm 100%, but word is out that a higher

compression motor built specifically for a tad more nitrous will be finding its way into the car a bit later this year…but we didn’t tell you that! Transferring the power and torque of the big block to the pavement is a Competition Transmissions built TH400 with reverse pattern valve body.

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017



april 2017 | RPM Magazine

GREEN MACHINE Helping with the obviously much lower than factory stance, during the post-accident rebuild, a 2x3 rectangular tube rear balkhalf chassis with chromoly ladder bars and anti-roll bar was fabricated and, to take the hit of a

nitrous big block, AVS welded up a fabricated 9-inch rearend stuffed with Strange goodies and suspended by a pair of Strange double-adjustable coilover shocks. Up front, the stock frame supports the stock suspension with drag

IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS Tony’s Chevelle sports some rare 1965/66 Malibu SS emblems on the quarter panels, which he spotted on a Canadian ’66 Malibu SS. The CORNFED plates allude to the fact that the ’66 runs E-85 through a Quick Fuel custom ethanol-ready Dominatorstyle carburetor.

shocks and travel limiters installed. With the exception of the cowl hood, this ultra-clean Chevrolet is all steel and street legal. The Legend Lime paint just “works” with the classic Chevy body and the attention to detail and cleanliness is apparent

throughout. Adding a nice touch to his Chevrolet, and an interesting bit of history to the build, Tony added 1965/66 Malibu SS emblems on the quarter panels. “I had seen them on a Canadian 1966 Chevelle Malibu SS,” he said. “Those emblems came stock on the SS ’65 and

“Their pistons are awesome, we use Gibtec flat tops in our Small-Block Modified engines and in every Comp Eliminator engine we build. The specifications are exactly what we call for and their service is impeccable. We have yet to put one in an engine that didn’t improve the power”– Tom Martino, MB Race Engines

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’66 Malibu from the factory in Canada.” Maintaining the stock interior, Jarrells holds a keepsake from his mother’s 1966 Malibu within reach at all times. He shared the emotional story; “My car has the original 1966 automatic console that came from my mom’s Malibu that she had when I was a child. She was in a car accident and that console was pretty much


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april 2017 | RPM Magazine

The balkhalf was redone by AVS with a chromoly ladder bar setup with chromoly anti-sway bar. An AVS fabricated 9” rearend is suspended by Strange double adjustable coilover shocks. Double beadlock wheels keep the tires where they are supposed to be when the nitrous big block hits off the line.


STILL PLAYS WITH BLOCKS This hefty Chevy has 548 cubic inches of big block Chevy under the hood ready to play.

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april 2017 | RPM Magazine

TONY JARRELLS’ 1966 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE MALIBU Chassis Type & Mods: Stock with a 2x3 square tube ladder bar backhalf. 10-point chromoly cage. Suspension: FRONT: Stock front suspension with drag shocks and limiters. REAR: Strange double adjustable coilover shocks. Chromoly ladder bars with chromoly anti-roll bar. Body & Paint: All steel stock body with the exception of a 4-inch Glasstek cowl hood. Paint is 2005 Ford Mustang Legend Lime. Cowl hood stripe is Woodland Green Metallic. Engine and Rotating Assembly: 548 cubic inch Merlin III Big Block Chevy. Aluminum Merlin 345cc heads. 12.9:1 compression. Solid roller cam, custom nitrous grind from Cam Motions. Eagle 4340 steel crank with Eagle H-Beam rods. Custom Diamond pistons with HellFire rings. Induction: Quick Fuel custom E-85 Dominator style carburetor. Dart ported intake. Power Adder: NOS Pro Fogger. Electronics & Ignition: MSD Digital 6. Nitrous Outlet relay circuit board. MSD Pro-Billet Distributor. Nitrous Express Maximizer 4 Progressive Controller. Speedwire nitrous transbrake controller. Exhaust: MD Racing stepped stainless steel 2 1/8-inch headers with stainless collector mufflers. Transmission: Turbo400 with reverse valve body built by Competition Transmissions. Nitrous 3500 rpm stall convertor. Differential: Fabricated 9-inch with Strange nodular center section. 4.30 gears, 35-spline axles and spool. Wilwood disc brakes. Performance: Best ET and MPH, on motor: 9.92 at 133 miles per hour at 3700 pounds. Best ET and MPH, on 100 shot of nitrous: 8.99 at 151 miles per hour at US41 Motorplex in Morocco, Indian at GLUED, June 2016. Special Thanks: After building his dream car in his head for thirty years, Jarrells wants to send his thanks to the folks that helped make it a reality: “I would like to thank my dad and mom and my girlfriend. My good buddy, Mike Hoff. Tim Ringer, Jason Devisme, my brothers and Bob Allard and Brian Morningstar. Bryn’s Auto Body, Competition Transmissions, my engine builder Full Bore Race Engines, Chicago Connection, AVS Fabrication Inc., and US41 Motorplex.”.


the only thing left from the car. Thank God for his help in keeping her safe to be around today. The car was totaled to a point where it was hard to believe that someone had

lived through such a devastating wreck.” Along with that special console, the factory dash, door panels, seats and most of the interior is original or has been restored. Jarrells

ORIGINALLY COOL Yes the race belts are for real. You need to get in, belt up, and enjoy the 8-second ride. There’s nothing quite as cool as retaining the original style interior in a classic muscle car and the center console in particular holds special meaning to Jarrell. However, the chromoly cage is a dead giveaway that this Bowtie is for more than show!



$749.99 AVAILABLE FOR ‘79 - ‘04 MUSTANG

‘05 - ‘14 MUSTANG

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GREEN MACHINE PEAS IN A POD Tony Jarrells on the right with his good friend Michael Hoff.

was careful to keep all the necessary buttons and switches relating to the car’s abilities on race day mostly hidden from sight. Of course, the 10-point chromoly cage is a dead giveaway, though. Come summer, this newly energized and corn-fed Chevelle should be cruising the streets with a little extra somethin’ somethin’ and laying the smack down in the world of No Time and Heads-Up drag racing.

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april 2017 | RPM Magazine

story and photos by


n September 1954 Chevrolet released the 1955 Chevy. This car is thought by many to be the turning point of the brand. Coming in three models, the


Tim Lewis

150, the 210 and the Bel Air, the ’55 was Chevy’s first car to come with an optional V8 engine. Chevy did produce the Series D in 1918 that came with a 36 horsepower 288 V8, but

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

it was not a successful production car. This is the car that started the “Shoebox” craze (because they look like a shoebox) that is still going strong today.

Coming from the factory just over 3,300 pounds, the 265 ci small block would carry the Chevy down the quarter-mile in a not-so-blistering 16.80 seconds. Soon though,

hot rodders got their hands on them and a carb change and headers would open the cars up to the 14s. They were very popular with the junior stock class racers as a cam, carb, headers


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www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017


THE FAMILY ’55 SMOOTH AS ’GLASS. AND STEEL. The classic Chevy sports a fiberglass nose but still hauls the factory sheetmetal most everywhere else to 4.8s in the eighth. Bruce Mullins expertly handled all the airbrush art including trim, lights and grille. The factory 1955 taillights and door handles were used on the OEM steel body shell. Out back a trick new adjustable rear wing was part of the updates. and some gear would get you in the 13s. It wasn’t long before the dragstrip pits were full of these cars. The tri fives: ’55, ’56 and ’57 Chevys were taking over the drag strip, and not only at the NHRA races but at local Saturday night and Sunday races clear across the country. And this car right here, one that still retains its production steel body, was just one of many roaming the dragstrips of America during the glory days of drag racing. Think about all the famous ’55s over the years in drag racing—Charles Carpenter all the way back to the early 80s in Super Rod, Bob


Bunker in the Folsom Flash, Nick Iarussi with the super cool altered wheelbase ’55, Dave Riolo, Monty Berney and ALL of his ’55s, the Monster Mash and Bill O’Brian and the list goes on and on. Joe Grimsley of Warrenton, Virginia has owned this particular car for 52 years, so you could say with confidence that he has some serious history with his shoebox Chevy. It has gone from street driving and weekend warrior racing to an all-out drag car running in the Southern Outlaw Top Sportsman series. As attached to this car as Grimsley is, it was actually a

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

1956 4-door with a three on the tree that started his need for speed. Having replaced more than his share of engines in the car, Joe commented, “We would blow it up on Saturday and have another motor in it for Sunday.” In those days it was junkyard motors though, as not many working men had the money to have one high-end engine, much less a spare one. That was what the factory-backed guys had, not the ones busting knuckles during the week to put food on the table and raise a family, and Joe worked his butt off as a mechanic doing exactly that.

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THE FAMILY ’55 SWEET SHOE’ RE-DO Grimsley completely updated the ’55 to pure racecar status which included a new full tube chassis, 4-link rearend with fabricated 9-inch diff and strut front end, and of course, a fresh new skin of paint. That ‘glass front end is an old street style “flip” assembly from back in the day that body and paint man Donnie Tubby Thompson straightened into a work of art. Many in the Warrenton neck of the woods will fondly remember the gold ’55 as one of the most popular cars at every track it ran. Back in the 1980s Joe would take on the likes of Charles Carpenter in match races and the crowds would pile in the stands and along the fence to see who would take the win. Joe’s ’55 was also known back then for some very big wheelies when the lights came down. As time passed, the car became one of the first, if not the first car in the area to have a nitrous oxide system. The nitrous put the car in the mid 5’s in the 1/8thmile, which at the time was a pretty darn quick car for the average guy racing on a budget. Joe’s son Mark eventually took over the controls and was the driver from the early 1990s until today, and with the driver change came a whole progression of changes to the car along the way. The big Chevy went from a stock chas-

With Pro Line Racing Engines and Diamond pistons, Q80 Racing team resets quarter-mile doorslammer record at 5.46 seconds and 272mph “Diamond’s contributions have been invaluable.” Doug Patton, Pro Line Racing Engines

Diamond’s turbo pistons make big power and combat heat and pressure. • Forged from 2618 aluminum with Herculean pin bosses that accomodate tough TP-1 or H13 tool steel piston pins • Lower skirt rigidity maintained by full-circumference designs that boast the strongest-known stiffening ribs • Hard-coat anodizing, ceramic crowns, and moly skirt coatings available • Fastest turnaround time on custom pistons Questions? Knowledgeable Tech Support: M-F, 9AM-5PM EST


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Call today: 586.792.6620 or visit diamondracing.net

JUICED RODENT 632 inches of big block Chevy is topped by a sheet metal intake and twin Pro System’s Pro Series carbs. A twin plate NOS nitrous system is still used by Grimsley…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

sis, stock suspension car to a ladder bar rear suspension and a racecar interior. Eventually, the doors were gutted out for weight savings and a tilt ’glass front end was added also with weight in mind. But to go quicker and be far more consistent a whole new chassis would need to be put under the stock 1955 210 Chevy body. A round-

tube full chassis was built and the factory steel body tub was mounted down over it. Adding a 4-link rear suspension would ensure the car would get the bite necessary to keep dropping those elapsed times. A fabricated Ford 9 inch rearend that carries 40-spline axles and 4.30 gears would send the power out to the massive

Mickey Thompson 33.5x16.5 tires. Early on, the ’55 would be equipped with steel wheels but would eventually end up with the Weld Alumastars installed on it today. Strange struts get the front suspension working and those giant four-foot wheelies are a thing of the past, because we all know that going up you are

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JUST THE BASICS It’s rare to see a competitive Top Sportsman car without a data logger and digital dash etc. Even gauges are kept to a bare minimum. An air-shifted Powerglide sits behind the 632 big block. If you get on the ground and stretch waaay under the car, you can just see the fabricated rearend, 4-link, and coilovers tucked up under the big bodied Bowtie.

slowing up…wheelies look good to the fans but don’t win races! Barebones, Spartan, thrifty, however you want to describe it, inside, this Chevy is as trim as it gets when it comes to bells and whistles. A basic aluminum paneled interior is home to a race seat, a necessary array of

various electronics and the required safety equipment. No onboard data logger, fancy digital dash or any other gadgets, just a clean working space for Mark to do his job in. After the car had been fitted with countless engines and transmissions over the years, from small blocks with 4 speeds and



B ELT D R I V E SYST EM Patented High Torq Drive™ reinforced belt runs dry, spins with less friction than timing chains or gear drives and absorbs harmonics. Kit hardware is all Grade 8 Allen and Torx™ design. Cam timing is externally adjustable. 2 Piece Pulley is infinitely adjustable ±10°. Solid Pulley is adjustable ±8° in 2° increments. Crank Pulley is heat-treated steel and incorporates a High Torq Drive™ tooth configuration. Hard coated Billet Aluminum Upper Pulley features patented High Torq Drive™ tooth configuration. Teflon® coated vacuum cam and crank seals. Accessories available to run distributor drives, fuel pumps or oil pumps off front of cam. For product videos and information, visit us at Jesel.com or call us at 732-901-1800


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THE FAMILY ’55 HANGIN’ THE HOOPS With the latest tube chassis/4-link update the ’55 only hikes the left front wheel a few inches before heading straight down Broadway. This is a far cry from the occasional four-foot wheelies before the chassis updates. big blocks with one carb, then two carbs and an automatic, the engine that has now found a home between the rails is a 632 big block Chevy built by Scott Duggins at PAR Race Engines. Duggins started with 4.600 bore 4.375 stroke Donovan block to make up the cubes and stuffed it with a Callies crankshaft, GRP rods and Diamond pistons to finish off the rotating assembly. A pair of Brodix 18-degree aluminum heads with T&D valvetrain were used, and a fabricated sheet metal intake is topped off with a pair of 1150cfm Pro Systems Pro Series carburetors. Also on the intake is a rather nostalgic NOS nitrous system: not a “Fogger” like most would think but instead a plate sits under each carb. It’s a bit of a trip down memory lane as these plates are probably older than some folks reading this magazine. Why change what’s not broken right? The engine


is backed up by a 2-speed Powerglide with Greg Slack converter. With everything else in place it was time to turn attention to body and paint. Longtime drag racer Donnie Tubby Thompson was tapped to update the look of the newly powered Chevy. After years of beating and banging, the car certainly had its share of issues, but one thing was sure: it would be staying gold. It took Thompson countless hours to rework the body to its former glory and straighten the aging fiberglass frontend, and the factory trim was finally removed and the holes welded up. GM gold with House of Kolor Kandy Red was applied to give the car a whole new look, and another fellow racer, Bruce Mullins, was called upon to airbrush all the trim work, headlights, and grille. The factory 1955 door handles and taillights remain

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HERITAGE EDITION TRI-FIVE ABOVE: Spring of 1991 at Sumerduck Dragway on a Saturday night. If not racing locally the ’55 could be found somewhere in VA, NC or WV laying the smack down. MIDDLE: Joe (left) and Mark (right) are proud of the family owned Shoebox Chevy. Joe’s reputation in the racing community is as spotless as the ’55’s. RIGHT: At Colonial Beach Dragway Mark faces off with his late friend Speedy Duncan in his Vega. These two cars paired up many times in the late 80s and early 90s.


THE CREW Long time friend and fellow Top Sportsman racer Andy Tibbs makes a quick check to the carbs and nitrous system before the heavy weight ’55 makes another 4-second pass.

in place on the factory steel body adding a touch of OEM class to the now fully completed racecar, and once done what was old was new again. With just a 150 shot of nitrous the 2,800lb full size Chevy has run 4.85 at 139 mph. This car is a timeless piece of drag racing history in the state of Virginia and a testament to

the fact that you don’t have to drop a quarter million or play keep up with the Jones’ to have a cool drag car that can get the job done on race day. And after 52 years of racing Joe still loves the car but admits that these days, he is just as happy to stand back and watch son Mark do the hard work.

Chassis Type & Mods: Mild steel tube chassis built by John Moton Race Cars. 2,800lbs. Suspension: FRONT: Strange Struts and springs. REAR: 4 link with coil over shocks. Ford 9-inch rearend with 4.30 gears and 40-spline axles. Body & Paint: Factory 1955 steel roof, quarters and rockers. Glass hood and early 1980s “street fiberglass” front end. Factory taillights along with door handles and door locks. GM gold with House of Kolor Kandy red sprayed by Tubby Thompson. Airbrush work by Bruce Mullins. Engine: PAR-built 632 big block Chevy with Donovan block, Callies crank, GRP rods, Diamond pistons. Heads are Brodix 18-degree with T&D valvetrain. Induction & Power Adder: Sheet metal intake topped with a pair of Pro System carbs and a “20 plus year old” nitrous dual plate system. Electronics & Ignition: MSD Pro Billet distributor, MSD 6A ignition box, MSD rev control box, and MSD 8.5 mm spark plug wires. Transmission & Converter: 2-speed Powerglide with Greg Slack converter. Tires & Wheels: Weld Alumistar wheels with Mickey Thompson 33.5x16.5 rears and Goodyear 26x4.5 tires up front. Performance: 4.86 at 139mph 1/8th-mile. Special Thanks: Phil Stewart, Andy Tibbs, Tubby Thompson and Pete Saffer for their help.

Chassis Engineering’s Four-Link Suspension and Subframe Kits

(Square & Round Tube Avilable) • Mandrel bent 2” X 3” frame rails, .083” or .120” • 1-3/4” x .134” round tube rails • 1-3/4” or 1-5/8” x .083” chromoly rails • Adjustable lower shock mounts • Strange Engineering aluminum coil overs with springs • Four-link of your choice • 4130 chromoly rod ends • Drive shaft loop • Bolt-on diagonal link • Upper shock cross member

NOTES: Rear end housing not included. Fabricated 9” and Dana housings available. Available welded or unwelded.

Starting from $1,484.95 Call for more details

The chassis prof30esyesioarnas ls for over

Toll Free Ordering: 800-327-9402 Info & Tech: 561-863-2188


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story and photos by


his past month I’ve been traveling quite a bit to work on cars outside of my home shop. It’s no secret that I’m an obsessive-compulsive anal detail freak



>>You don’t have to have every tool known to man to do the job right...but it sure helps!

who has an out-of-control tool addiction. Throughout my travels, I’ve visited and worked in shops of all shapes and sizes and surprisingly found they all have one thing in common: whether it’s a

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

small shop in a home garage, a full-time commercial one, or a multi-millionaire’s dream garage loaded with an amazing car collection, they all lack the proper tools needed to complete the job correctly and

I find myself wishing I was back home in my small but very well-stocked shop. I recently encountered this tool-deficiency epidemic while working on a repair in a garage that was easily twice

as big as my entire house. To protect the guilty and keep my customers in the process, I will refer to him as Mr. X. Through a mutual acquaintance, Mr. X heard about my electrical skills and asked if


1: There are sockets and there are sockets. 6-point, 12-point, deep, swivel, crows feet, O2 sensors, impact grade, the list goes on and on. One day you will need one that you don’t have. Do yourself a favor and purchase it immediately. Before long, you will be well stocked.. 2: I was tired of my small, but portable air compressor NEVER shutting off while grinding or working with other air tools. The fix was to buy a bigger one that was within my budget. The old portable air compressor now makes its home in my barn and is very helpful for all of my outdoor projects.


I would travel out of state to work on his car. Time is money, and he was willing to pay my labor rate while traveling, so I agreed to take the trip and repair what several people had attempted to fix unsuccessfully. Mr. X assured me he had every tool I would need and kept reminding me he was a great mechanic but just lacked electrical skills. When I arrived at his home, I was surprised to find an enormous detached six-car garage at the end

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3: Just like the socket drawer, a well-stocked collection of wrenches is perhaps even more important to have. Box wrenches, open end, combination, flare, torx, inverted torx, long, stubby, ratcheting, metric, standard, AN wrenches, but one day you will wish you have one that you don’t. 4: There is a tool for EVERY job. There is a time and place for an adjustable wrench and a big hammer. Do yourself a favor and find the tool that was made for the specific job you are working on. In many cases, I have had to actually modify my existing tools or fabricate one from scratch.


april 2017 | RPM Magazine

刀椀瘀攀琀 ⬀ 刀椀瘀攀琀 一甀琀 ⬀ 刀椀瘀攀琀 匀琀甀搀



䴀甀氀琀椀ⴀ䘀甀渀挀琀椀漀渀愀氀 唀渀氀椀洀椀琀攀搀 倀漀猀猀椀戀椀氀椀琀椀攀猀 䄀嘀䄀䬀 䴀愀砀䐀甀琀礀 䘀氀攀砀 吀漀漀氀 䬀椀琀 ∠ ㌀ⴀ椀渀ⴀ㨀 刀椀瘀攀琀Ⰰ 刀椀瘀攀琀 一甀琀 ⬀ 刀椀瘀攀琀 匀琀甀搀 ∠ 䘀氀攀砀椀戀氀攀 栀愀渀搀氀攀猀 昀漀爀 攀愀猀礀 猀琀漀爀愀最攀      眀椀琀栀漀甀琀 氀漀漀猀椀渀最 愀渀礀 氀攀瘀攀爀愀最攀⸀  ∠ 唀渀椀焀甀攀 儀甀椀挀欀匀眀椀琀挀栀 昀攀愀琀甀爀攀 昀漀爀    爀愀瀀椀搀 昀甀渀挀琀椀漀渀愀氀 挀栀愀渀最攀 ∠ 䠀攀愀瘀礀 搀甀琀礀 猀甀瀀瀀漀爀琀椀渀最 猀琀愀椀渀氀攀猀猀    昀愀猀   昀愀猀琀攀渀攀爀猀 愀渀搀 猀琀爀甀挀琀甀爀愀氀 昀愀猀琀攀渀攀爀猀

5: Take pride in your work and do things the right way. Cutting corners will only come back to haunt you in the future. In the process of fixing something, if you see something else that needs to be repaired or upgraded take the extra time and do it. of his driveway. Once inside, I was impressed to see over a half million dollars worth of cars in his collection. It didn’t take long for my eyes to notice his toolbox. Mr. X had a small, 24-inch wide toolbox with five drawers on top and five drawers on the bottom. How could he have EVERY possible tool I would ever need? My electrical toolbox is bigger than his entire tool collection. Yes, I admit I have a serious tool problem. Since I was hired for an electrical job, I remained optimistic and rolled up my sleeves to figure out what others could not. After a quick diagnosis, it was apparent the entire electrical system work on this near six figure car was done by a rookie. There were no solder connections, wrong gauge wires, no relays in high amperage circuits, and poor grounding. To add insult to injury, Mr. X didn’t want me to fix anything other than what I was hired to do. I asked Mr. X if he had a multi-meter and a test light. He handed me a piece of automotive memorabilia from the 1970s that—in its day—was considered a multi-meter. He also

handed me a very cheap looking test light from the same era. I opted to begin my diagnosis with the test light and after a few minutes of not finding any working circuits, I hooked the test light directly to the battery and discovered it was broken. I took a deep breath and grabbed the relic of a multi-meter. Believe it or not it took a few minutes of playing with it just to figure it out, but once I did, it didn’t take long to diagnose what the problem was—even with a 1970 multi-meter! Lucky

for me, there was an auto parts store minutes from his house and after picking up some wire, a few circuit breakers, relays, a terminal strip, and a slice of pizza on the way home, I was ready to get to work (or at least I thought I was). I asked Mr. X if he had a soldering gun and some solder. Surprise… his soldering gun didn’t work, but he had a soldering iron, which I actually prefer. The tip on the iron was a small pointed one. I had some 10 gauge circuits

to solder and asked if he had some other tips for me to choose from. His response was, “I have soldered for over 20 years and this works fine.” Once again, I asked if he had any other tips for me to choose from, and he informed me there is no such thing. I took the opportunity to educate him on what the small screw on the side of the iron tip was used for, unscrewed it and pulled the tip out. I then explained there are several different tips that could be inserted in the

刀椀瘀攀琀 ㄀⼀㐀ᴠ ⠀㘀⸀㐀洀洀⤀ 刀椀瘀攀琀 一甀琀 ㄀⼀㈀ᴠ  ⼀ 䴀㄀㈀ 刀椀瘀攀琀 匀琀甀搀 㔀⼀㄀㘀ᴠ ⼀ 䴀㠀 

刀椀瘀攀琀⼀刀椀瘀攀琀 一甀琀 䐀爀椀氀氀 䄀搀愀瀀琀攀爀猀

䔀û漀爀琀氀攀猀猀 愀渀搀 䔀ϻ挀椀攀渀琀 䜀攀琀 琀栀攀 樀漀戀 搀漀渀攀 昀愀猀琀 䄀嘀䄀䬀 刀嘀䐀 愀渀搀 刀一䐀 䐀爀椀氀氀 䄀搀愀瀀琀攀爀猀 ∠ 䰀攀瘀攀爀愀最攀 琀栀攀 瀀漀眀攀爀 漀昀 瀀漀眀攀爀 琀漀漀氀    昀漀爀 攀û漀爀琀氀攀猀猀 爀椀瘀攀琀椀渀最 ∠ 唀瀀 琀漀 ㈀砀 愀猀 昀愀猀琀 愀猀 洀愀渀甀愀氀 琀漀漀氀猀 ∠ 匀洀愀氀氀 瀀爀漀漀氀攀 昀漀爀 攀砀琀爀攀洀攀 瀀漀爀琀愀戀椀氀椀琀礀 ∠ 唀猀攀 礀漀甀爀 搀爀椀氀氀 昀漀爀 搀爀椀氀氀椀渀最 愀渀搀 爀椀瘀攀琀椀渀最⸀    一漀琀 漀渀攀 漀爀 琀栀攀 漀琀栀攀爀⸀ 䴀漀搀攀氀猀

刀嘀䐀ⴀ㄀ 㨀 唀瀀 琀漀 ㄀⼀㐀ᴠ 爀椀瘀攀琀猀 刀一䐀ⴀ㄀ ⴀ嬀匀⼀䴀崀㨀 唀瀀 琀漀 ㌀⼀㠀ᴠ 漀爀 䴀㄀  爀椀瘀攀琀 渀甀琀猀




刀䤀䐀䜀䔀䜀䄀吀䔀 吀伀伀䰀匀 ☀ 吀䔀䌀䠀

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SHOP TALK 6: Like anything we do in life, we have a say 7: I am old school in how we perform. Some people are happy and prefer a good just getting by doing the basics, while others old soldering iron strive for excellence in all that they do. When over a modern gun. it comes to working on our cars shouldn’t That is of course all of our choices be focused on excellence? if I have all of the The time and money we invest should not correct tips needed to be compromised by cutting corners or not do the job correctly. having the correct tool to do the job right. 8: I may be old school, but nearly twice as long, lesson earlier that week, some tools NEED to be upand the results far from I would have brought graded. I would have loved the standard of excelsome of my own tools my digital multi-meter over that were relevant to the lence I pride myself on. job, but since I was travBefore I left, I gave Mr. the piece of automotive X a detailed list of tools eling by plane, it was history I was forced to use.


iron for different jobs. The 10 gauge wire I was working with needed the largest, flat edged tip. The small tip he had was so small that the 10 gauge wire actually acted as a heat soak and would not even melt the solder. I’d either be forced to use crimp connectors or send him to the store to buy a new soldering iron. Believe it or not, he chose the first option. Needless to say, his selection of crimp connectors and his actual crimper was far from ideal, but by the end of the day, I was able to fix his car. Mr. X was elated, even though I told him his car would have never left my shop in its current condition. In addition to his lack of appreciation for me fixing the dozen other items that really needed attention, his poor tools made the work take


and hardware that he should have in his shop to make his life, and the lives of those who help him, a lot easier. He was thankful and hopefully learned a valuable lesson. Later that week, I was hired for another out-of-state job, and once again found myself in a tool-deficient shop (as I mentioned earlier, it is a widespread epidemic affecting a very large part of the gearhead community). I was hired by Mr. Y to fix an air bag problem on a resto-mod he was trying to get on the show circuit. Naturally, he assured me he would have every tool I needed to complete the job. Having learned my

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

not an option. Upon arrival, I was blown away with Mr. Y’s shop. There was no shortage of amazing cars but the tools were far from amazing. I needed a few flare wrenches, air tools or an impact gun, a pickle fork, a real vise, a stubby combination wrench, a magnetic end for my sockets, and I would have loved my pressure/vacuum gauge with all of the necessary adapters I have accumulated over the years. Was I able to fix the problem with the air bags? Yes. Did it take ridiculously long and give me a headache in the process? Yes! Now in the spirit of being fair, I have been hired by a few shops

that share my level of passion for excellence or as some people call it, OCD. I have even seen and used tools that I never knew existed and immediately added them to my wish list. I firmly believe there is a tool for every job and make it a point to either buy or fabricate the tools that I’ve needed over the years. Some people have their favorite cozy chair, some people have their custom made bed, and some people have a gourmet kitchen that enables them to cook and entertain. For me, my shop is my ultimate sanctuary. Every one of my tools is kept in a very specific spot in my shop

7 8

and gets cleaned after every use. I do my best to keep my mini hardware store well stocked with nuts, bolts, washers, cotter pins, screws, keyways, o-rings, fuses, grommets, wire, and an assortment of steel and aluminum and everything else in between, I have also been spoiled by my oversized air compressor, air tools, mig welder, oxy/acetlyene torch, chop saw, grinders, wire wheel, lift, drill press, 20 ton press, overhead hoist, metal brake, drain pans, drop lights, magnetic lights, creeper, bead breaker, bead setter, spring compressors, lap top, and the extra pair of hands from my daughter. I feel that my shop is filled

with all of the tools and supplies I need to wrench away the stresses of life. I would like to say that I am done with performing out of state repairs, but I love the challenge of fixing something that others cannot. I also love the comradery of other gearheads. And I love having extra money to buy more tools for my shop and go-fast parts for my car. Despite my past experiences, I will continue to leave my comfort zone and help a gearhead in need. I am certain though that no matter where my travels take me, there truly is no place like home. Keep wrenchin’...

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story by

Stan Smith

photos by

Andrew Courter



The largest cap on the market!

No need to fight getting ice into your intercooler again! With PRP’s new billet machined extra-large filler caps it is not a problem at all. These one of kind extra-large caps offer almost a 7” opening and are sealed with a Buna-N O-ring for a water tight seal. All kits are completed with an anodized finish in either clear, red, blue, or black. Two available styles complete with stainless steel hardware in either a weld on version, or bolt on version.



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268 Geiger Road • Philadelphia , PA 19115 Phone: (215) 969-3550 Fax: (215) 969-3548 Email: info@prpracingproducts.com


rmed with a wicked turbocharged LS small tire 1998 Camaro, Ray Litz is tearing up the competition with no end in sight. It was five years ago when, following a mishap that totaled

his ’02 Trans Am, Litz bought the car from a friend and immediately hit the strip in any radial tire classes he could fit, and finding early success only fueled his fire for more, quicker and faster! “The Camaro is a completely different

car from when I bought it,” tells Litz, referring to the fact that almost every inch of the car has been reworked. Ray himself had a lot to do with the body and paint and had friends Justin Perkins and Derrick King help him

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017


NO END IN SIGHT STICKER SHOCK Can you guess what brand of turbo Litz runs?

through the body work. “It was my first time painting so I started out with the underside of the car, then moved on to the cage and inside of the car,” said Litz. “I primed and sanded and primed and sanded over and over again. I don’t know why they call it painting a car because all I remem-


ber doing is sanding,” he laughed. With the body panels in place and straight Litz and his buddies booked time in a local spray booth to apply the Hawthorn red pearl base. “It looked copper and I hated it!” exclaimed Litz of his first take on the paint. “It just looked horrible under

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

the florescent lights in the booth.” Agreeing to get past his initial reaction, Ray moved forward and mixed the mid coat that he added one package of Shimmering Violet ghosting to dry pearl. A test panel was sprayed, and again Litz was disappointed as he didn’t see the pearl

MAD MATTE Most of the OEM panels except for the hood and hatch were used in the build. The body is finished in Hawthorn Red pearl with Shimmering Violet ghosting dry pearl added along with a matte clear coat to top it off. The hood cowl, roof and wing are finished in flat metallic black.

BUY FACTORY DIRECT AND $AVE 1.800.306.2111 www.miskatrailers.com

2015MISKARoadAd__8125x4875.indd 1

01/06/2015 12:39:47 PM www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017


WILD WINGED WARRIOR The way it flows with the car’s factory lines, the fabricated rear wing looks as if it came factory. come out as expected. If one is not enough add more, right? That’s what guys do, and that’s exactly what Ray and his buddies did. “I added the second package of dry pearl, mixed it, and started on the hood. As soon as I hit the edge of the hood the pearl popped, and now we were worried it was too much!” The car looked better and better as more of it was sprayed and once a final coat of matte clear coat was applied everyone was happy with the results. For contrast,


Ray finished the wing, top and hood stripe in flat metallic black. Certified to SFI specification 25.3, meaning the car can run 6.50 in the quarter-mile at as much as 3,600 pounds, the new chassis is more of an exoskeleton to host the original components retained in the build, and there are many. Building a car to 25.3 spec is no small task, but that’s what Litz wanted as he wanted to keep as much of the original car in tact as possible. Surprisingly, the body is

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

NO END IN SIGHT YOU LOOK EXHAUSTED The massive exit for exhaust gasses pokes through the driver’s side of the Camaro hood.

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NASTY LS This Chevy 5.3 litre LS block might have originally powered grandpa’s pickup to and from the barn to run the load of hay to livestock. ERL Performance took the ball and ran with it engine wise, creating a power combination good for bottom 7s in the quarter-mile. Cool skulled valve covers set off the look.

A GREAT COMBO 1,081 HP & 841 ft-lbs. Torque

Matt Woodard built a powerhouse big-block Chevy for Super Comp class racing with an Edelbrock Super Victor II intake #2897 and Victor 24° cylinder heads. These components were prepped by Shaut Racing Heads and the block features a 4.625" bore and 4.50" stroke for 605 cubic inches. Testing was performed at Edelbrock’s R&D dyno facility in Torrance, California. “Making 1,080+ horsepower with conventional aluminum cylinder heads is really amazing.” — Matt Woodard





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RAY LITZ’S 1998 TURBO LS CAMARO SMALL TIRE DRAG CAR Chassis Type & Mods: SFI specification 25.3 chassis by Midwest Chassis. Bob Ette at AEI CNC custom motor plate, mid-plate and travel limiters. Suspension & Brakes: FRONT: Stock-style suspension with custom front K-member. Afco shocks in factory shock towers. Strange brakes. REAR: Stockstyle torque arm with Menser modified Afco big gun shocks, torque arm, and adjustable control arms by Midwest Chassis. Body & Paint: OEM panels except for hood and hatch. Hawthorn red pearl base with Shimmering Violet ghosting dry pearl and final coat a matte clear coat. Wing, roof and hood stripe are flat metallic black. All glass has replaced with Optic Armor. Engine: ERL Performance 5.3 liter LS. ERL-fortified factory block. Callies billet center balanced 3.75 stroke crank, BMR aluminum rods, Ross 4.125 coated pistons, and Total Seal gapless rings. Pinned billet main caps with oversized studs and girdle. Isky lifters, bronze-bushed lifter bores, COMP cam and Manton pushrods. All Pro 12-4 cylinder heads, Jesel aluminum rockers, ERL/All Pro copper gasket and a custom O-ring system. Lubrication is handled by a 5 stage Peterson dry sump pump and tank. Induction: Wilson Manifolds 105mm throttle body. All Pro CNC ported cast aluminum intake. Power Adder: Either an 88mm GTX55 turbo or a 98mm GTX55 turbo. Dual CO2-driven Tial 60mm wastegates. Carlyle Racing cold side with Garrettcored intercooler made by Shearer Fabrications. Electronics: Racewire Solutions custom 13 switch panel with billet roll bar mount. Industrial grade relay panel. Big Stuff3 engine management system. Coil on plug ignition system along with logging and boost controller functions. Racepack Sportsman data logger. Transmission & Clutch: RPM Transmission Reid cased 3-speed Turbo 400 with 1.86, 1.4, 1 gearset. Precision shifter. Differential: Midwest Chassis fabricated 9-inch with Strange aluminum HD Pro case, 3.70 gear, Strange 40-spline axles. Driveshaft Shop carbon fiber drive shaft. Performance (quarter-mile): 4.56 at 161mph 1/8-mile, 7.12 at 192 ¼-mile, and 1.10-second 60-foot time.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX?? It’s actually an air to water intercooler made by Shearer Fabrications that cools the compressed inlet air. Ice water from the passenger side ice water box is pumped through this box placed just before the throttle body. all stock panels except for the hood and hatch. The doors are stock but removable and the front end has stock body panels fit so it can come off all in one piece. All glass was replaced with Optic Armor windows. Chassis work in tubbing the car was completed by Midwest Chassis in Illinois. The

rear suspension is a stock-style torque arm setup on steroids and features modified rear Afco Big Gun shocks along with a torque arm and adjustable control arms by Midwest. Up front, an original style K-member that allows the oil pan to be easily removed was utilized and the Afco shocks still bolt

into the original shock towers. The Camaro engine started its life in a Chevy truck. A 5.3 liter LS block was equipped with a large-bore ductile iron sleeve to beef it up and provisions for extra outer studs allowing six bolts per cylinder are added to the aluminum block. A Callies billet

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COOL CAMARO, BRO The ice water box that feeds the intercooler made by Shearer Fabrications holds—you guessed it—ice and water that is pumped through the intercooler via the black hoses that run from the firewall to the intercooler. Monkey bars got nothin’ on this chassis! When you have a chance, web-search for pictures of a 25.3 spec chassis build…making a 3,000-plus pound car safe at 6.50 in the quarter-mile is no small feat.

center-balanced 3.75 stroke crank sling the BMR aluminum rods with Ross 4.125 coated pistons and Total Seal gapless rings. Isky lifters ride on a COMP cam while Manton pushrods drive the Jesel alu-

minum rockers. Bronze bushed lifter bores and pinned billet main caps with oversized studs and a girdle add to the bulletproof combination. All of the machine work and assembly was handled by

ERL Performance in New Albany, Indiana. The top end is sourced through All Pro Cylinder Heads and starts with their billet elbow turning down through their CNC ported cast aluminum

intake. All Pro 12-4 cylinder heads were used and sealed on the motor with a copper gasket and a custom O-ring system that ERL and All Pro developed. A Wilson Manifolds throttlebody was

used and fuel delivery of the VP Q16 is handled via a Weldon 32345A electric pump and Weldon regulator feeding 235 Billet Atomizer injectors. Carlyle Racing in Plain City, Ohio got the tap

800-626-1828 www.bteracing.com Bill Taylor Enterprises 2 Memphis Avenue • Mt. Pleasant, MS 38649 Some Parts Not Legal for Sale or Use on Pollution-Controlled Vehicles


Top Sportsman / Top Dragster FEATURES: New BTE Magnum SFI Approved Case, Ringless Vasco Turbo Spline Input Shaft, Mega Racing Band, Two Ring Servo, Performance Servo Spring, Coated Deep Aluminum Pan, BTE Straight Cut Gear set (Available in 1.80, 1.98, and 1.69 ratios), Roller Tail housing/Rear Cover, New BTE High Volume Pump, Roller Governor Support, 10 clutch drum, BTE Top Sportsman High Pressure Transbrake Valve body, Dyno-tested.

$359599 Bracket Powerglide FEATURES: 1.76 Gear set with 4340 forged output shaft and housing, Steel Clutch Hub w/ 5 clutch pack, Rebuilt Pump, Two ring servo, BTE Bracket Transbrake Valve body, Kevlar lined Band, Dyno-tested.



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Win Big.

Trick Flow’s PowerPort ® 365 aluminum cylinder heads were designed and built for you to win races. These extreme performance race heads for big block Chevy engines flow a massive 424 cfm @ .900" lift. The high-strength castings can withstand enormous amounts of compression and RPM. Rectangular-shaped 365cc CNC Competition Ported runners, 119cc heart-shaped chambers, CNC bowl blended valve seat transitions, 24° intake valve angles with 4° side cants, and the highest quality valvetrain components help make PowerPort 365 heads the best choice for your car. Use PowerPort 365 heads on your engine and turn your goal of winning into reality! Dyno Results PowerPort 365

Test Engine: 13.86:1 compression 572 c.i.d. with Trick Flow PowerPort® 365 cylinder heads (TFS-4141T804-C02), solid roller camshaft (285°/298° duration @ .050”; .900”/.828” lift; 114° lobe separation), 1.8/1.7 ratio shaft mount roller rocker arms, Trick Flow R-Series intake manifold (TFS-41400111), Holley Gen 3 Ultra Dominator 1,425 cfm carburetor, Trick Flow by Stainless Works headers (TFS-DBBC238250), 3½” dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers, Q16 racing fuel.



Some parts are not legal for sale or use on any pollution-controlled motor vehicles.

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THICK AND BEEFY Midwest Chassis also fabricated the rear housing and stuffed it full of Strange goodies. If you look closely you can see a small sample of the chassis bars under the car required for the 25.3 cert.

READY, SET, LAUNCH With no wheelie bars permitted in some of the classis Ray runs, the Camaro has been known to lift the wheels and carry them out a few hundred feet!


for the fabrication of the turbo kit, and the car will run either a Garrett 88mm GTX55 turbo in X275 classes or a 98mm GTX55 turbo in NMCA Street Outlaw and Outlaw Limited Street class at the DADS or Renegade

series. A “3,000 HP” Garrett-cored intercooler was fabricated by Shearer Fabrications. Dual CO2-driven 60mm wastegates were used and a 5-inch downpipe placed upwards through the hood exists spent exhaust.

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“I felt brave after painting the car,” Litz explained. “So I took a chance and ceramic coated the entire hotside of the turbo kit myself using an air-dry satin black Cerakote. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it turned out, but

I must say though, the fumes were in a class by themselves.” With great power comes great responsibility…to get that power to the ground, RPM Transmission built a Reid-cased three speed Turbo 400

transmission with a 1.86, 1.4. and 1.0 gearset and all of the billet goodies imaginable. After three seasons, Litz says it has not given one ounce of trouble. A carbon fiber drive shaft meets the indestructible

Midwest Chassis-fabricated Ford 9-inch rearend that is equipped with a Strange aluminum HD Pro case and 3.70 gears driving the Strange 40-spline axles. Mickey Thompson tires handle the final hook and Ray

The latest technology for your Big Block Chevy 3D milling

OTHER BRANDS 2.930'' JE FSR 2.500''

Introducing Lightweight Big Block Chevy FSR Pistons with 3D Milling! This new design was custom-engineered with 3D machining and drastically reduces piston assembly weight with shortened wrist pins (-26 grams) and a low-friction ring set (-25 grams). The end result provides additional material in critical piston areas, ultimately increasing strength and durability! • The only off-the-shelf 3D machined BBC piston available! • 60 popular BBC high compression combinations available off-the-shelf • Compatible with popular open chamber heads • 2618 alloy high strength forging (FEA designed) • Lateral gas ports improve ring seal • Superior JE Pro Seal Ring Package utilizes a .043” steel top ring, .043” Napier hooked 2nd ring, and 3.0mm low tension oil ring. • 100% engineered, forged, and manufactured in the USA

Wrist Pins • High quality 2.500'' pin further reduces reciprocating weight • Carbon steel wire locks included

7 1 4 - 8 9 8 - 9 7 6 3 • i n f o @ j e p i s t o n s . c o m • w w w. j e p i s t o n s . c o m

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will run their 275 Pro Radial for most events and switch out to a 28X10.5 slick as required. When all is said and done, the Camaro is a force to be reckoned with. Late in 2016, at the Domestic vs Import race it posted new bests of 4.56 at 161mph to the eighth-mile and 7.12 at 192 to the quarter, with

Double beadlock wheels with Mickeys put the turbocharged LS power to the ground. Occasionally Litz will run slicks as seen here but he mostly races on the M/T Pro Radial 275. Datalogging comes courtesy Racepak’s Sportsman data acquisition system.

a 1.10 60-foot time to provide an outstanding g-force experience for Ray. “I’m looking forward to racing again next year with the NMCA, DADS, Renegades, Import vs domestic and other X275 races across the county,” says Litz. “With over 15 years of racing experience at 58 years old, I see no end in sight!”



VP East


VP South

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story and photos by

Tabitha S izemore



s it blue? Or is it purple? Definitely blue. Well, maybe not. Regardless of what color your brain thinks it sees, Joey Alley’s 1985 Electron Blue Mustang GT will make you do a double take every single time. This four-eyed Fox body is clean enough to eat off of, and while version 1 of the now famous Fox Body Ford platform for the Mustang (produced from 1979 to 1986) may not be as commonplace as the more popular 1987-1993 version, this particular specimen is as wild a ride as you will ever see. No matter what angle you view it from, though, it is certainly hard to turn away from this small block Ford-powered twin turbo monster and not become


an instant four-eye Stang fan. Growing up around racing, it is no surprise that once Joey was able to help tinker with the hot rods, he was helping out when and where he could in the family shop. While most kids were scrambling to get home from school for cartoons and other average kid activities, Alley was hightailing it home after the bell to help wrench on race cars. “My dad liked sports, and my uncle was into cars and ran his own shop. After school I would go there and spend my evenings and my weekends working on anything I could. The feeling I got being around the race car stuff was amazing and once I was old enough to help, I

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ONE NASTY PONY Talk about intimidating! Peeking out of the front clip is a pair of Garrett 88mm turbos, ready to push loads of boost!

ELECTRIFYING The four-eye Ford was painted by Mark Parker in a stunning, and sometimes confusing, Electron Blue color. The 1985 GT sports real T-Tops, and an HO Fibertrends custom hood. Out back, wheelie bars help get the Mustang off the line and twin chutes serve to slow it down after the run.

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BUILT FOR THE HOOK UP Out back, a fabricated 9-inch rear diff is filled with a Starnge Ultra case, axles and 3.89 gear. The car rides on a custom 4-link rear suspension with anti-sway bar and Afco coilover shocks. got to help with his Outlaw 10.5 car,” shared Alley. We often hear parents say, ‘start them early’ and such was certainly the case for Alley. Growing up around fast cars he was without a doubt destined to have one of his own someday. It’s funny how life sometimes goes full circle, as Joey started out wheeling an ’85 GT, and years later ended up behind the wheel his current ’85, known as The Blue Bomb. “My first GT started out stock and we were just going to do exhaust, a gear, and an intake,” Alley laughed. With racing in his blood developing since he was just a young tike, though, it


shouldn’t be much of a surprise that just those few modifications ended up being much, much more. “We ending up building the motor, transmission, rear-end, and added a nitrous kit. By the time we got the car done and I was able to make a pass, I was hooked. Next thing I knew, I had a small tire nitrous car and we were qualifying in Limited Street in the old OSCA series. I was running with Kevin Neal, Jason Lee, and guys I was reading about.” Joey ended up trading that first Mustang towards this GT, however, the new Stang was going to need some work to get it where he needed it to be. He basically needed a better chassis to

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MINI veRsA sHIelD™


• Protect starters from failure caused by heat soak • Perfect for mini torque starter • Hook & loop installation


• Extreme temp heat barrier • Shape to fit any surface • Designed for hi-temp contact • Easy to cut or trim

exo sleeve™

• Glass fiber lined silicone sleeve • 304 Stainless exoskeleton • Excellent abrasion resistance

(800) 264-9472 Designengineering.com

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reach his goals, and the fact that the new car was an ’85 Mustang GT as well, made the deal even better. “The new Stang was pretty beat up,” told Alley. “We had trouble with the motor at the time, the block was

cracked and the rear housing was bent so badly we had to beat the axle out of it.” In all it took about eight months to get The Blue Bomb where he wanted it to be and with the help of friends and

family this soonto-be track terror began to take shape. Enlisting his buddy Mark Parker to tackle the body work and paint in Alleys garage, he also intended to turn the once-nitrous brawler into a forced induc-

tion warrior with massive twin turbos peeking through the front clip. Full circle rang true one more time during the build as now Joey’s uncle was wrenching on his car, making all the piping and setting the car up

NICE 60 While Joey keeps the performance numbers under lock and key, he did share that the Ford pulls 1.10 60-foots.

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DOUBLE TAKE JOEY ALLEY’S 1985 MUSTANG GT Chassis Type & Mods: 25.2 chromoly cage by First Class Rides. Certified to 6.00 second elapsed times in the quarter-mile. Suspension: FRONT: Santhuff struts with custom A-arms and Stiletto rack and pinion. REAR: 4-link with AFCO coilovers and anti-sway bar. Body & Paint: Original 1985 Mustang GT with T-Tops. Electron Blue painted by Mark Parker. Custom HO Fibertrends hood. Engine: All aluminum 427 cubic inch small block Ford with Yates C3 aluminum heads, CNC ported, Trend pushrods, PAC springs, Jesel shaftmount rockers. Scat crank, aluminum rods, and Ross pistons. Built by Knieriem Racing Engines. Induction: Ford Motorsport aluminum intake converted to EFI by Young’s Performance, Wilson Manifolds intake elbow, Wilson 105mm throttle body and 225 Precision injectors feeding Q16 fuel. Power Adder: Twin Garrett 88mm turbochargers. Custom intercooler. Ice chest runs both intercooler and motor. All fab work done in-house at Alley’s Performance. ProCharger blow-off valve and Turbonectics New Gen wastegates. Electronics: Big Stuff 3 engine management system. MSD 8 box, crank trigger and MSD Pro Billet distributor. AMS 1000. Boost Leash bump box. Transmission & Converter: Greg Hughes Powerglide with PTC converter. Differential: Fab 9-inch with Strange Ultra case. 3.89 gear. Performance: 1.10 60-foot time, and since this is a grudge car…that’s all we get!. Special Thanks: “There are so many to thank, whether it’s at the shop or at the track. It is really a team effort. I would like to thank God for blessing me. My wife for supporting me, she’s such a big help. There has only been a few times she wasn’t there at the track. We sacrifice a lot of things for the race car. My uncle Duke, he’s always been there and will not let me give up or quit. He helps maintain the car and makes sure it’s working properly, and basically does it all. Frank Soldridge and Amanda May of PSI Speed Inc. dynoed and tuned the car. My brother, Matthew. My buddies Darren and Mark. There’s so many more, I can’t thank them enough for the help.”

for the new turbo power plant. As with any build, there were trials and tribulations along the way with the biggest being an oversight on the header mockup due to

the block differences between the mock-up block and new block. Considering that the car came together over a relatively short 8-month period, one minor set-back is pret-

ty impressive to say the least. To update the look of the car, Alley wanted everything possible to be powder-coated and he also opted for a new set of


U1702 3” seamless chrome-moly driveshaft / Strange HD chrome-moly 1350 weld ends / Spicer HD 1350 non-crossdrilled u-joints ............$335 (Image shown with yoke installed. Sold separately)

Strangeeng.net • 847-663-1701

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DOUBLE TAKE wheels and tires. The finished product is a jaw-dropping 1985 T-top GT churning out a whole heard of ponies. For power, Alley decided to go with an all-aluminum 427 cubic inch small block Ford built by Knieriem Racing Engines. Inside the block, Scat aluminum rods are pinned to a set of low-compression forced induction Ross pistons swung by a Scat forged crank. Sitting atop the Ford mill is a set of CNC-ported Yates C3 aluminum cylinder heads with Trend pushrods, PAC springs, and Jesel shaft-mount rockers. A Ford Motorsport intake converted to EFI by Young’s Performance serves as the host for the towering Wilson Manifolds intake elbow which is connected to a massive Wilson 105mm throttle body. Precision 225 injectors on billet


FORD PURISTS, REJOICE! An all-aluminum 427 cubic inch small block Ford powers this beast of a Fox body. A towering Wilson Manifolds intake elbow sits atop a modified Ford Motorsport cast intake and is connected to a massive 105mm Wilson throttle body.

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STEP AWAY FROM THE ORIFICES, PLEASE Folks, please keep small children back‌them’s some BIG turbos!


SAFE, CLEAN, and AWESOME The 25.2 chromoly cage was built by First Class Rides and is certified to 6.00. Aluminum tin work is finished in matte black and a carbon fiber race seat is where Alley takes his place on race day. The factory 1985 dash pad was retained and filled with a carbon fiber panel to host a full array of gauges, while a TCI billet Quantum shifter is used to command the Hughes Powerglide trans with PTC converter.

april 2017 | RPM Magazine


rails feed a healthy dose of Q16 into the mix. Pushing a whole lot of cool air down the throat of this

engine are identical twins‌two 88mm turbochargers to be exact. All fab work done on the combo was done in-house

at Alley’s Performance and the ice chest you see in the photos runs both the custom intercooler and motor.

A ProCharger blow-off valve and pair of New Gen wastegates round off the turbo set-up. A Greg Hughes Continued on page 76

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DOUBLE TAKE Powerglide transmission and PTC converter get the power to the ground through a Fab 9 nine-inch rearend with Strange case, axles and 3.89 gear set. Up front, Alley has spindle-mount struts with a custom K-member and A-arms while a 4-link with AFCO coilovers and anti-sway bar balances out the rear suspension. It goes without saying that the GT is cranking out some major power. We’re on our own to speculate what this bad boy runs, though, as in the world of Grudge and No Time drags “speculation”


is the name of the game. Alley did share that the car had an impressive 1.10 60-foot time at I-64 Motorplex in Owingsville, Kentucky. So, if you are a fellow racer that might be lining up against Alley, you can try to speculate from there… good luck with that! The Blue Bomb is certainly an impressive car, and seeing family and friends work together to make it all happen on raceday is inspiring. “It’s a family ordeal,” said Alley. “And the memories you make, whether it’s working on the car or at the track, make it all worthwhile.”

FRIENDS and FAMILY From left to right (standing): William Love, Steve Simpkins, Brandy Simpkins, Duke Alley, Michelle Alley, Joey Alley. Left to right (kneeling) Austin Simpkins and Brennan Simpkins.

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

COOL CONFINES The handiwork of Alley’s Performance and uncle Duke can be seen throughout the GT.

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Why Everybody Needs a Plasma Cutter >> Make cutting tasks a breeze with a Versa-Cut plasma cutter from Eastwood by

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or all my wrenchin’ life, I have done 95% of my metal cutting with abrasive wheel cutters like a 4.5-inch angle grinder or a 14-inch chop saw. That works great but, in my opinion, there are two flaws in that system. One is constant cut-off wheel replacement since the abrasive material wears down as you cut, mak-

ing the wheel smaller. The second is much worse. As those abrasive wheels wear down you and your shop get covered in abrasive grit. I’ve stopped up the drain with that stuff on more than one occasion trying to get it off. If the metal is thin enough you could use a metal blade in a jig saw or an air saw but that is pretty time consuming. If you are just

making a straight short cut, a reciprocating saw or a portable band saw is ok. And then there’s the old-school cutting torch; however, the cut from the torch is not very clean. No matter how you slice it, the ultimate in fast precision cutting is the plasma cutter. A plasma cuts by an electric arc charged stream of air from the cutting torch that allows fast, smooth, precision

cuts both straight and curved. The first time I saw one was years ago when a buddy got one at his shop. He was slicing and dicing mild steel like a razor through foam. I knew I had to have one but when he told me how much it cost, I quickly nixed that idea. Over the past few years, more competition and import options have brought the prices down to a

level more affordable for the home garage user. Most guys working on race cars after work in a home garage can’t justify a $2000 unit for occasional use. If you are a hobbyist, you already know about Eastwood and probably have one of their catalogs beside the easy chair or in the john. They specialize in automotive and fabrication tools like the powder coating system

1: The torch leads hook up on the front of the unit. You have both electrical connections and a compression fitting for compressed air to travel from the unit to the torch nozzle. They only hook up one way, so even I couldn’t mess it up.

The most exciting thing in air cleaners...well, since the air cleaner!




april 2017 | RPM Magazine




Factory Performance™ Parts

1 3

4 & 5: We picked up some disposable desiccant dryers (white filter) to keep any moisture from getting to the plasma cutter. The little desiccant beads absorb the water from the passing air. When they have absorbed all they can, they will turn from blue to pink so you will know it’s time to change the media or in our case, change the filter itself. Eastwood carries these in a two pack for $20.49. They work great but only last a few uses before they are spent due to the small capacity. Professional desiccant dryer systems can cost $1000 or more but for home shop use, a simple 3: With plasma cutting, clean dry air is 1 quart capacity desiccant dryer from Eastwood a must. Moisture in the air will destroy for $180 like the canister type shown here (item your nozzle tips and cause inconsistent #20591) works great. It has larger 1/2-inch NPT in sloppy wide cuts. My shop has a couple and out ports for less restrictive flow and will do a water separators where the feed comes better job with more bead capacity compared to our disposables. These types allow you to empty the in from the compressor shed and has spent beads and refill for lower long term cost. They condensation traps on each wall. Still, also are great when spraying automotive paint. though, some moisture gets through.

2 2: The front controls are the power switch, the amperage control dial, the air pressure adjustment knob and pressure gauge. Amp output and air pressure adjustment is determined by the thickness of the metal you are cutting. Eastwood includes a chart with recommended settings. Your travel speed, hardness of metal and technique may require fine tuning to get the fastest and cleanest cuts.



JUNE 23-24, 2017



www.rpm-mag.com | april2017



6 we covered a while back. I had been wary of trying some of the cheaper plasma cutters due to where they had to be purchased from. Basement Ebay sellers, fly-by-night tool websites, and the local elcheapo tool stores don’t offer much in customer support or reputation. Eastwood on the other hand, has a great reputation, solid customer service and support, and when I saw they had some of the most reasonably priced decent quality plasmas on the market, it was a no brainer.


Eastwood carries three models of Versa-Cut plasma cutter. The Versa-Cut 20 is the smallest with 15-amp max output that runs on common household 110V AC. It is good for cutting up to 1/8-inch plate. The Versa-Cut 40 steps way up to 40amp output and can be used on both 220V AC (common NEMA 50R receptacle) and 110V with the included adapter plug. The 40 can cut metals up to 3/8-inch thick. The big boy is the Versa-Cut 60. It is a 220V only unit capable of

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

7 6: A common first project for a new welder is to build a welding cart. I figured that would work for a new plasma cutter too. I didn’t really need to build a cart, just transform a transmission cart into a welding cart. I had already been using a transmission teardown cart as a welding cart for years but it needed some holes and another shelf to make it work better and give a place for the Versa-Cut 40 to live. I started out by cutting some holes in the top for an Argon and a 75/25 tank to poke through. I used an old paint lid for a template to trace around with the plasma torch.

7 & 8: I sliced off a stick of angle stock to make a center brace so I could add a shelf halfway down for the Versa-Cut to sit. A lot of guys just use plasma shades or shade 5 glasses but my ArcOne Vision welding helmet has the IDF81 filter system that goes as low as shade 3 so it works great for cutting.

11 8 9 & 10 Next I used the plasma cutter to freehand cut a section out of the existing outer brace so the torch leads from the Versa-Cut 40 can pass through. I drilled several holes in the top with a large step bit to hold tubes of TIG rod. I could have probably used the plasma to cut those too, but I couldn’t find anything laying around small enough to use as a guide. I just used a scrap piece of plywood painted gray to serve as the shelf floor. Now the new Eastwood plasma cutter has a cozy place to sit with all the other welding equipment. The two holes I cut in the top allow me to fit two medium size bottles in the back.



11: After my first experience with plasma cutting I experimented some with travel speed. If you look closely here you can see where I tried different speeds on this plate If you go too fast, you won’t get full penetration and will have to go back over the cut for a second pass. That causes a raggedy looking cut. If you go too slow, the cut area gets too hot and more slag results. There is a perfect medium where the cut penetrates clean and doesn’t need much clean up, so it is best to experiment a lot before you go tackling the first big job.

12 12: Rather than repainting my workbench top, I decided to cap it with a steel top. First I cut a piece of angle stock and screwed it to the front edge. This will give me a little overhang that I didn’t have before and give a nice spot to clamp stuff to.

www.rpm-mag.com | april2017




13 cuts up to a 7/8inch thick. Since I couldn’t recall ever cutting metal larger than 3/8-inch thick, I picked up the Versa-Cut 40. For just about any racing fab the 20 would be plenty of power but for only $100 more the 40 gives a lot


of extra cut for your buck. The Versa-Cut 40 has a regular retail price of $550 and carries Eastwood’s no-hassle 3 year warranty. I probably spend that much a year in cut-off wheels for the angle grinder.

14: Now the bench is sturdy and clean with a new steel top. It will only need an occasional steel wool cleanup and regular wiping down with WD40 to prevent rust. I have to say, plasma cutting is pretty dang fun, so much fun that I don’t have any metal left around here after playing with this thing. Now that I’ve caught up on some workspace upgrades, it’s time to find something to plasma cut on a car. Mini-tubs, cutting out floor pans, front aprons and frame rails, maybe the guts of some doors, oh the possibilities are endless.

13: Making long straight cuts freehand is pretty much impossible so I clamped on a piece of flat stock to use as a guide. Always be mindful of what is underneath your work piece and use caution. The plasma cutter does not know the difference between what you intend to cut and what you don’t and the extremely powerful plasma arc will cut anything that gets in its way. Also remember you are dealing with electricity and sparks too. Keep flammable stuff far away and make sure the metal you are cutting isn’t soaked in oil or solvent that can catch fire.

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

SOURCE Eastwood www.eastwood.com 800.343.9353

ROLL BARS AND CAGES 4 Points ...... from 149.95







84-91 325I 92-99 E36


71-73 1200 - B110 240 -260 – 280Z






8 Points ...... from 199.95

10 Points ...... from 279.95

8-10 pt conversions ...... from 149.95

Drift Cages ...... from 324.95

24 Hour, Lemons Cages ...... from 324.95

Available in Mild Steel, DOM and Chromoly. Most Cages ship within 1-2 business days.


6 Points ...... from 184.95



88-91 CRX 90-93 ACCORD 92-95 CIVIC 93-97 DEL SOL 96-00 CIVIC 97 & NEWER PRELUDE 99-09 S2000






03-07 ACCORD 88-91 CIVIC


HYUNDAI LEXUS 00-05 IS300 92-97 SC400

MAZDA 69 R-100 77-85 GLC 79-85 RX-7 86-92 RX-7 90-98 MIATA 93-02 RX-7 MX6

MITSUBISHI 03-04 LANCER 90-94 ECLIPSE 94-96 3000GT 95-99 ECLIPSE






03-08 350Z 84-89 300ZX 89-94 240SX 89-94 240SX CONVERTIBLE 89-94 SKYLINE 90-96 300ZX 95-98 240SX








SUSPENSION & CHASSIS Welded 4 Link Round Tube Frame Kits

24-0010 - Mild Steel ....From $649.95 24-00011 - Chromoly ...From $899.95 PARACHUTE MOUNTS

Sportsman 23-0200...Mild Steel ...................124.95 23-0200-CM...Chromoly .................199.95 Pro Series 23-0201...Single ......................................124.95 23-0202...Dual .............................................199.95 ANTI-ROLL BAR KITS

19-0001...Sportsman .............199.95 19-0002...Pro Series ..................299.95 19-0003...Elite Series ....................599.95 19-0004...Elite HD Series ...............899.95 4-LINK SUSPENSION KITS

24-0109...Sportsman ................249.95 24-0110...Pro Series ......................274.95 24-0111...Elite Series ...........................799.95 Swing Out Door Bar Kits

– Clevis Style Pro Series ......................................$74.95 Elite Series .........................................$124.95 WHEELIE BARS

Chromoly 32-0000 ...Sportsman 70” .......324.95 32-0001 ...Pro Series 80” ........549.95 32-0002 ...Elite Series 96” .......849.95 WISHBONES KITS

29-0001...Sportsman Bolt On ...149.95 29-0002...Sportsman Weld On ....149.95 29-0003...Pro Series ......................249.95 29-0004...Elite Series .....................299.95 DIAGONAL LINKS

29-0010 Sportsman Series ..$99.95 29-0011 Pro Series ............$149.95




15-0001...7 1/2” Bracket 2X3” Back Brace ..........................124.95 15-0002...5 1/2” Bracket - 2X3” Back Brace ..............................................................124.95 15-0003...5 1/2” Bracket - 3” Axle Tube ..............................................................124.95 15-0004...Coil Over Mounting Kit 7 1/2” Bracket - 3” Axle Tube..............124.95

Add +400 for Strange Engineering Single Adjustable Shocks and Hypercoil Springs Add +650 for Strange Engineering Double Adjustable Shocks and Hypercoil Springs


Thickness 6”X12” 6”X36” 12”X12” 24”X24” 0.032.............$6.50 ............ $15.00 ...............$12.50 .......... $50.00 0.040.............$7.50 ............ $17.50 ...............$15.00 .......... $60.00 0.050.............$8.00 ............ $18.00 ...............$16.00 .......... $64.00 0.063.............$9.00 ............ $20.00 ...............$18.00 .......... $72.00 0.090.............$11.00 .......... $25.00 ...............$22.00 .......... $88.00 0.125.............$15.00 .......... $34.00 ...............$30.00 .......... $120.00 0.190.............$22.50 .......... $55.00 ...............$45.00 .......... $180.00 0.250.............$30.00 .......... $70.00 ...............$60.00 .......... $240.00



4130 CHROMOLY TUBING Pricing is per foot


18-0103... 3 Gallon .................$129.95 18-0105... 5 Gallon .....................$154.95 18-0110... 10 Gallon.......................$194.95 18-0115... 15 Gallon..............................$209.95 18-0120 ... 20 Gallon ...............................$214.95 FLAT BOTTOM

18-0104... 4 Gallon .................$144.95 18-0111... 10 Gallon ...................$214.95 18-0116... 15 Gallon.......................$229.95 18-0121... 20 Gallon..............................$234.95 PRO SERIES – 12AN & 10AN Feeds

18-0103-PS... 3 Gallon............$149.95 18-0105-PS... 5 Gallon ...............$174.95 18-0110-PS... 10 Gallon .................$254.95 18-0115-PS... 15 Gallon ........................$269.95 18-0120-PS... 20 Gallon ...........................$274.95 STREET SERIES

18-2121... 12 Gallon .................219.95 18-2161... 15 Gallon ....................234.95 18-2162... 15 Gallon.........................234.95 18-2171... 17 Gallon ...............................279.95 18-2172...17 Gallon ...................................279.95 18-2191... 19 Gallon ......................................284.95 ACCESSORIES

Mounting Kits ....................From 34.95 Filler Necks ...........................From 49.95 Roll Over Valves ........................From 24.95 Sending Units...................................From 39.95 Anti Slosh Foam .................................From 14.99

27-0200 ...3/8 OD .049 Wall ......$3.78 27-0211 ...1 1/4 OD .049 Wall ...$5.48 27-0201 ...1/2 OD .035 Wall ......$3.98 27-0212 ...1 1/4 OD .065 Wall ...$5.68 27-0202 ...1/2 OD .049 Wall ......$4.26 27-0213 ...1 1/4 OD .095 Wall ...$7.05 27-0203 ...5/8 OD .049 Wall ......$4.46 27-0214 ...1 1/4 OD .120 Wall ...$7.48 27-0204 ...3/4 OD .049 Wall ......$4.66 27-0215 ...1 3/8 OD .095 Wall ...$7.58 27-0205 ...3/4 OD .058 Wall ......$4.74 27-0216 ...1 1/2 OD .065 Wall ...$6.36 27-0206 ...1 OD .058 Wall..........$4.86 27-0217 ...1 1/2 OD .095 Wall ...$8.25 27-0207 ...1 OD .065 Wall..........$5.25 27-0218 ...1 1/2 OD .120 Wall ...$8.76 27-0208 ...1 OD .083 Wall..........$5.88 27-0219 ...1 1/2 OD .188 Wall .$11.35 27-0209 ...1 OD .188 Wall..........$8.36 27-0220 ...1 5/8 OD .083 Wall ...$7.85 27-0210 ...1 1/8 OD .058 Wall ...$5.18 27-0221 ...1 3/4 OD .083 Wall ...$7.92 DOM TUBING Pricing is per foot 27-0100 ...1 1/2 OD .120 Wall ...$6.72 27-0102 ...1 3/4 OD .120 Wal ....$6.98 27-0101 ...1 5/8 OD .120 Wall ...$6.87 ERW TUBING Mild Steel Tubing. Pricing is per foot 27-0001 ...1 5/8 OD .134 Wall ...$3.40 27-0002 ...11 3/4 OD .134 Wall ...$3.45 $3.45

WATER TANKS 5 Gallon Tanks 21-0105 ..... 1” NPT Fittings ..................................................$199.95 $199.95 21-0106 ..... 1” NPT Fittings – Rule 2000 Pump ....................$324.95 21-0107 ..... 1” ¼ NPT Fittings ..............................................$199.95 21-0108 ..... 1 1/4” NPT Fittings – Rule 3700 Pump ..............$399.95 10 Gallon Water/Fuel Combo Tanks 21-0109 ..... 1” NPT Fittings .................................................$399.95 21-011010 . 1” NPT Fittings – Rule 2000 Pump ....................$524.95 21-0111 ..... NPT Fittings.......................................................$399.95 21-0112 ..... 1 1/4” NPT Fittings – Rule 3700 Pump ..............$599.95 7 1/2 Gallon Tanks 21-0113 ..... 1” NPT Fittings ..................................................$224.95 21-0114 ..... 1” NPT Fittings – Rule 2000 Pump ....................$349.95 21-0115 ..... 1” ¼ NPT Fittings ..............................................$224.95 21-0116 ..... 1 1/4” NPT Fittings – Rule 3700 Pump ..............$424.95

www.rpm-mag.com | march 2017

All sheet, plate, and tubing costs do not include any applicable shipping charges. Please contact one of our sales representatives for a shipping quote. Due to flucuations in material costs, pricing may vary without notice. ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE


A PLACE FOR story by



Toby Brooks

here is something to be said for a spacious, clean, well-lit, and well-organized workspace to help you achieve your dream build. It has been almost a year


since our last RPM Hardcore Horsepower Garage update, but if you followed along, we showed you how we built our 1,500 square-foot shop from the ground up using a NUCOR Steel building kit and we wired, plumbed, insulated,

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

and finished the interior spaces using supplies we sourced locally as well as an Epoxy Master floor coating (that’s holding up fantastically, by the way). We even started some organization of our space with a number of items

>>We get organized with a new 72-inch workstation and storage cabinet from OEMTOOLS

from our friends at Pit Pal Products, some tables, racks, and tool storage from the good folks at Trinity International, and installed an awesome Miller ArcStation for welding and fab. But as usual, the limitations of our space didn’t become

apparent until a days-long thrash session trying to get Project aPocalypSe Horse’s tin work finished so that we could get the car to Yates Performance Chassis. That’s when we decided one particularly clutter-prone area of our shop needed

RPM EXCLUSIVES 1 & 2: It’s been a while since we updated you on any improvements or additions to the RPM Hardcore Horsepower Garage because we’ve been so busy working on project cars that we really haven’t had any time for any work space improvements. However, after completing the tin work on the aPocalypSe Horse and realizing how disorganized and messy the shop had become, we started looking for a solution. That’s when we found the 72-inch workstation from OEMTOOLS and decided to get our stuff straightened up.

some organization attention. All our existing storage boxes featured a stainless steel exterior finish that was (and is) durable and looked great, so when the search began for another cabinet to straighten the space


along the bay door wall, we started by looking for options in a matching stainless exterior. That’s when we came across the 72-inch 11-drawer cabinet with 3-door upper cabinet from OEMTOOLS. With an additional peg-

2 board backer panel and a 1-inch thick PVC-coated worktop, it would add a clean and functional work area of the shop to an area that had previously been a real eyesore. We ordered the #24615 cabinet and

had it shipped via freight to our door. The unit is available through a number of authorized sellers including shop-mds. com and prices online range from $926-$954 plus delivery. The unit came well boxed and pack-

aged on two pallets. The bad news is that we failed to get a photo of the three boxes as they came delivered because previous experiences have taught us the hard way just how important it is to thoroughly inspect

any truck freight items for damage before taking delivery. We realized we didn’t snap any pics after all three boxes were torn apart for inspection. However, the good news is that all were in good shape and

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017


To Run Like A Pro... Use The Best 3 our cabinet unit components were in great shape just as they had shipped from the factory. Next up we had to clean the area where the unit was going to go. We had previously installed a multi-outlet power bar on the wall and a

$% ' ''( #$, ))   . '+)'# ()*% !+'(  ,### +#) # $) %'$'"# #*'!)-$#))' /'$, '! '#("(($#( ' *!) $"%!)!- #, ,) #")'!(#$#)#$+' -'($ . ',###(*((# #$,$, $ %'(!- ") ) %!)( $ ) / $,'! '#("(($#(  . !($ $'(  $" %!) !# $ %'"*" )$'&* $#+')'( ! )$ #!     $'(%$,'   %%!)$#( )( ()'#) $#+')'( #  *()$" *!) $'  !$  $' "!! !$  ##( ,)"*!)%!()($%$,''(

      • Available in (12) unique setups with 1.98, 1.80 or 1.69 Straight-Cut 12DPI Super Set Planetaries for unrivaled performance & durability pass-after-pass • Feature a 2-Piece HDT-Coated Reid Case (standard or shorty), PRO-X™ Ringless Input Shaft & Aluminum Gerotor Pump & X-Wide Kevlar Band, plus countless other


     • Available in (7) unique setups for Powerglide racers or TCIÂŽ 


 • Utilize a custom-designed steel stator, billet mounting ring, urnace-brazed as well as hand-brazed turbine & pump assembly, three sets of internal bearings & heat-treated & reinforced steel turbine splines 9382k

TRANS HELP™ 1.888.776.9824 • TCIAUTO.COM


april 2017 | RPM Magazine

4 shelf that would not clear the upper cabinet, so we removed them both while also pitching the boxes and piles of sheet metal that we had recently made while thrashing on our project car. With that complete, we set to assembling the unit.

However, to call the process “assembly� is overstating it a bit. It was a snap. The OEMTOOLS lower cabinet base and upper cabinet both came fully assembled with all glides, drawers, and locks all set on delivery. All we really had to do was

RPM EXCLUSIVES 3 & 4: Assembling the lower cabinet was as easy as it gets. Using the supplied stainless hardware, we bolted a beefy caster on each corner and then bolted a powder coated handle on each side.

6 5

5 & 6: Mounting the peg board was similarly easy, using the supplied screws to attach four stainless steel uprights to the lower cabinet. We added the 10-outlet power strip (not included) that had previously been mounted on our shop wall.


bolt on the quartet of heavy duty 5-inch x 2-inch casters and the pair of powder coated and fully welded handles and the lower unit was done in 5 minutes. We then screwed on the four stainless steel back mounts

and affixed the 18-inch stainless pegboard before hoisting the super cool triple 18-tall by 12-deep upper unit in place and securing it with the supplied hardware. While the base with work top is certainly

a cool piece, the upper cabinet with gas strut-lifted doors is a unique addition that creates valuable storage space that otherwise would have simply been blank wall in our shop. With the unit fully as-


sembled, we wheeled it into place and decided to trick it out a bit, securing our power bar to the pegboard and affixing an LED strip light to brighten up the work surface. OEMTOOLS even supplies a full set of

7 & 8: The unique upper cabinets feature upward-swinging doors supported by gas struts and secured by magnetic catches. They are lockable, too, which will protect our full complement of router bits and keep them safe from mysteriously disappearing. EVA drawer liners that have been trimmed to fit perfectly. Our initial take on the piece could be summed up in one word: impressed. The anti-fingerprint 430 stainless finish looks great

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017




9, 10, & 11: With the unit fully assembled, all that was left was to stock it. We filled it with Easy Templates (more on these soon) and outfitted the pegboard with stuff we use often.


viously a bit of an eye sore and prone to junk piling up. No more. It is a clean and handy area that makes finding our tools a breeze. So, if like us and you’ve grown

tired of working on your swearing skills while spending more time hunting for tools than actually working on your ride, consider the 72inch workstation from OEMTOOLS.

Fit and finish are great, versatility is unmatched, and the unit is an excellent value with the price easily a fraction of some of the other brands. We couldn’t be happier!

12: What a difference the unit made in an area of the shop that was always a mess before.

SOURCE OEMTOOLS www.greatnecksaw.com 800.457.0600

www.karbelt.com www.karbelt.com

and matches the rest of the storage solutions in our space. Even better, the unique workbench top and peg board have added a highly functional work area to the shop that was pre-

Performance advantages: • Exceptionally high film strength for dramatic reductions in engine wear • Improved piston-wall sealing for optimized fuel economy • Exceptional oxidation stability for extended oil life • Advanced synthetic solvency to reduce engine deposits and keeps engines clean

Distributed throughout Canada by

KARBELT Speed & Custom

8 Chisholm Ct. Ajax, ON L1S 4N8



april 2017 | RPM Magazine

visit us online at...

Recommended for: • Vehicles no longer under warranty • Owners seeking a higher level of performance and protection

World’s Fastest Door Slammers Rely On Crane cams

Wooo Nation's Keith Berry drove his Z06 Corvette to victory at the 2016 “Lights Out 7” event at South Georgia Motorsport Park. His 4.500 inch bore-space, Small Block Chevy engine was built by Pro Line Racing LLC, using a Crane Cams custom-made, tool steel WoooDoo WoooDooo™ Cam.

MATCH-UP ulti THE ultimate Tool Steel Cams

8620 Steel Billet Cams

Gold Race™ Rocker Arms

Ultra Pro™ Mechanical Roller Lifters

• • • •

Through hardened heat treat For 4.500”–5.300” bore spacing Any journal size, any firing order Resistant to surface wear, twist and deflection • Ability to withstand high loads

• Lightest, strongest, most ratio-accurate • Stud mounted • Built from extruded aluminum billet • Full-roller fulcrum • Heat treated steel roller tip

Sales and Tech. Support 8–5, M–F | 866.388.5120 | cranecams.com

• • • •

Copper plated carburized steel Custom profiles available Standard or large journal sizes Precision ground to close tolerances • Standard or special firing order

• Heavy duty roller wheels • Drop-in vertical tie bar • Precision matched needle bearings • Surface finished billet 8620 steel body • Bearing Focused Oiling™

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017



EFI FOR >>Under the hood story and photo by

Chuck Scott



ast month we began our journey into the 21st century and modern EFI for our little nitrous small block. We started out by converting an Edelbrock 2828

It’s not a secret anymore!

The Strongest Pushrods in the World!

High Performance Custom Pushrods Tapered or Straight Tube in the Following Diameters

3/16” • 1/4” • 5/16” • 11/32” • 3/8” • 7/16” • 1/2” • 9/16” • 5/8”

Toll Free:


Fax 951.245.6563




april 2017 | RPM Magazine

cast manifold to a killer EFI ready masterpiece. The airflow pros at Wilson Manifolds performed a flawless full race port job and added injector bungs, fuel rails, water/ methanol bungs, and a bracket for

the water solenoids. In this issue we’ll show you the next step by adding necessary sensors, throttle body and coil packs in preparation for the Holley Dominator EFI total vehicle control system.


1: Maybe the most noticeable underhood change after going space age is the replacement of the carburetor with a throttle body. One cool advantage to EFI is not having to worry about signal to the carb. This means we can get away with a much larger CFM throttle body than you could dare dream of pulling off with a carburetor. We went with the obvious choice when using a Holley system and picked a Holley 4500 throttle body (Holley part# 112-578). This one can pass up to 2000cfm or double the volume of our 4150 carb. We already had a high pressure capable Holley Dominator billet fuel pump so all we needed to do was move some plumbing around up front and switch from our low pressure Holley return style regulator to one that looks just like it, but is designed for high pressure (Holley part# 12-846).


SMART PRO(duct) www.mahle-aftermarket.com

H-Series performance bearings have high crush for better seating

8 & 9: Ok, what do you do as an encore after raising a Roush Mustang 15 feet in the air in 2015? Simple, go big or go home! Once again, PowerFest sponsor Ken’s Towing flexed their towing and recovery prowess as they raised this massive cement mixer truck to the delight of all. -Brian Milne photos

Clevite® engine bearings have a precision wall tolerance of +/- .00015“ with strong, extra thin overlays to withstand high loading

All Clevite® engine bearings are manufactured on OE equipment, using OE knowledge

Visit us at PRI booth #1601

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017





TSV Technology

We started from a clean sheet to create the most efficient, most advanced supercharger ever created for GM LS engines. Our revolutionary new intercooler design delivers more power than the competition run-after-run, regardless of how hot it is outside. With factory-like drivability, a bypass valve for enhanced fuel economy, and OEM-level fit and finish that looks great under the hood, Magnuson's Heartbeat is true horsepower without compromise.


april 2017 | RPM Magazine

2: The big Holley 4-barrel throttle body comes ready for street duty if you are so inclined. It came equipped with a throttle position sensor, idle air control valve, a 1/4-inch NPT port and a couple vacuum ports. Even though it has massive throttle blades, it can be quite responsive and good at low throttle due to its progressive linkage. The front two blades can open quite a bit before the rear blades start to open and catch up by full throttle. With a little experimenting with the IAC settings in the Holley EFI V4 software, even the most rowdy cammed motor can be tamed at idle. You can choose a throttle body with no IAC valve for race duty but it doesn’t hurt to have one on a race motor. It can make warm-up a piece of chocolate marble cake with Mom’s homemade icing.


3: Since we are going from a 4150 to a 4500, the hole in ol’ 4 Lug’s scoop will need to be trimmed. To make sure we stay centered in the same position as the carb, I just drew out the new circle to be cut tracing the throttle body itself. See? Using Lexan has another “clear” advantage. If the position moves at all the scoop won’t line up with the hole in the hood. 4: Already got a flying magnet crank trigger? Holley offers a direct replacement hall-effect digital crank position sensor that is a direct replacement for MSD type (3/4”-16 thread) crank trigger pickup brackets (Holley part# 554-118). I had an older Mallory crank trigger but already had replaced the pickup to an MSD a while back. The Holley sensor produces a reliable digital square wave that is the preferred signal for EFI use. Want to go one step further for even more crankshaft position resolution? Holley now has complete 36-1 Tooth Crank Trigger Systems available for small block Ford along with small and big block Chevys.


5: You will want to turn the motor over to the compression stroke and turn the balancer to the desired maximum timing. It’s common practice to go about 50% higher than you ever plan to run. Whatever you set it at, you will enter that number (ignition reference angle) in the software later. I set the balancer to 60° BTDC and centered the new sensor directly at the closest magnet in the wheel. I set the air gap at .045” before snugging down the lock nuts. Later, when the car is running again, we can check timing with a timing light to verify. If it is off from the commanded timing number from the ECU, you can either adjust the sensor at the crank trigger or simply add or subtract the difference from the ignition reference angle value on the V4 software.


www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017




6: If you don’t already have oxygen sensor bungs in your exhaust you will need to install some. We are installing the Dominator ECU which is Holley’s flagship model. It has drivers for two wideband O2 sensors whereas the other models only have single O2 capability. Your choices are either the traditional Bosch type or the more severe duty NTK wideband sensor. Since we plan on showing this thing some five foot long nitrous flames, we went with the NTK option (Holley part# 554-100). The rule of thumb is to position the sensor a good distance past the collector to get a good picture of the combined cylinders and not too close to the end of the pipe to keep it from seeing too much fresh air reversion that is pulled back up the pipe at low RPM. We don’t have much room to be picky with the short front exit exhaust on the Thug. This thing will definitely not be accurate at low RPM so we will have to not allow closed loop correction or learn function below 2000 RPM. We will just have to dial that in the old fashion way. Closed loop will see a false lean condition and keep adding fuel to compensate, resulting in a rich idle that will clear Florida of mosquitoes all the way from Virginia. If your exhaust runs out the back, it is also important to mount the sensor on the side of the pipe and not in the bottom where condensation can collect. 7: I love how clean fuel injected plumbing can be. Instead of having stacked multiple regulators with a bunch of fuel lines branching off to the carb and fuel solenoids, we can just have one mounted right to the end of a fuel rail. I found this fitting with AN O-rings on each end that swivels to allow positioning (Aeromotive 15638).


april 2017 | RPM Magazine



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9 8: The fuel supply now comes from the pump and filters, directly to the front of passenger side fuel rail. The two fuel rails are connected across the back of the manifold with a 10AN line from their firewall end ports. The fuel leaves the driver’s side rail through the Holley regulator from the return port underneath and goes back to the fuel cell. The regulator accurately controls fuel pressure by holding back or letting pass. The regulator has a convenient 1/8-inch NPT port that make a perfect spot to screw in the 100 psi stainless steel fuel pressure sensor (Holley part# 554-102). Notice the vacuum port on the regulator that I’ve capped off? This port allows manifold vacuum reference to add fuel pressure on a one-to-one ratio with boost. It can also lower fuel pressure when it sees vacuum. This could be handy on your milder engines that see good vacuum at idle. It likely won’t help our motor much since it will only see between 80 and 90 kpa or about 2 psi of vacuum at idle.

cvrproducts.com For more information visit


april 2017 | RPM Magazine


9: Since we will be using Holley’s integrated ignition system to drive eight Holley Smart Coils, we will no longer need a distributor. We will need a cam sensor though and will still need to drive the wet sump Titan oil pump off the camshaft. Ford never made a cam synchronizer for a 351 Windsor but lucky for us, they have always been good at using the same tooling to make similar parts for a lot of different motors over the last 50 years. Here we have an old Mallory distributor for a 351W, a cam synchronizer for a 99 5.0 V8 Explorer and one for a 2000 3.8 Windstar. If you have an 8.2 deck motor you can just roll with the Explorer unit but the 302-based motors used a smaller oil pump drive shaft than the 351W. The Windstar cam synchronizer has the larger diameter hex drive in the end of the shaft but the assembly is too long and the base that sits in the top of the block is too small. The common hack is to swap the shaft out of the 3.8 unit into the 5.0. It becomes the correct length and has the correct oil pump drive size. I looked into doing just that but found that the base collar was a little bit small and would be a little loose in the block. That probably wouldn’t be a problem but I didn’t like the idea. My buddy Kevin Robinson let me in on his method and I followed suit. 10: I drew up the plans for a sleeve that would jack the 3.8 synchronizer out of the block the correct amount and take up the extra space from the smaller base. You can see in my original plans I drew it up to have an O-ring to seal it to the block and gave it a relief to keep it from getting stuck in the block. I decided instead to leave out the relief and O-ring groove and just seal it in the block with RTV sealant. That way the synchronizer could be pulled and the adapter sleeve would just stay in the block. A local machine shop cut it out on a lathe from an aluminum chunk for $30.

11 11: Since we needed a bronze gear for our COMP Cams solid roller, I picked up a .531-inch gear. To change it out, you use a dowel or punch to tap out the roll pin, pull the old gear, line up the new gear and re-install the roll pin. To pull the old gear, I just hung it in the top of my bench vice by the gear and used a block of wood and a mallet to drive the shaft out of the gear. To get the new one on, you can chill the synchronizer in a freezer and warm the new gear in an oven at about 150 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes. The gear will slide right on and get tight when the metal temperatures equalize. Be sure to measure the gear position from the part of the sleeve that will sit on the block. I just compared it to a 351W distributor to check it. If it is too deep or shallow it will wear fast and cause big problems.

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017





april 2017 | RPM Magazine

12: To synchronize the cam sensor you will need to follow the formula to determine where to put it in relation to the crank position. The formula is ignition reference angle + angle between crank pulses + angle between crank pulses divided by 2. So in this case the crank sensor was set at 60° BTDC and we have a 4 magnet crank trigger so they are 90° apart. Our formula is 60+90+(90/2)=195° BTDC. So I turned the crank by hand with a long ratchet to the compression stroke indicated by the old finger in the #1 spark plug hole. I set it at 195° and I’m ready to stab in the cam synchronizer. 13: I wiped some Ultra Black RTV sealant on the adapter sleeve and took extra care to get it all over my hands so I could then get it on my shirt and then scratch my head and get it in my hair. This way I won’t have an oil or crankcase vacuum leak.


14: Stabbing in the synchronizer is just like installing a distributor. You will want the sensor connector to point out towards the headlights at about the 7:00 position with the crescent just passing the sensor at the falling edge. In other words, if the shaft was spinning the sensor would have been blocked for half of the rotation and the crescent is now leaving the sensor. The crescent will be on the driver side and the void will be on the passenger side. If your sensor comes with a alignment tool, smash that thing with the biggest hammer you have, burn it with a torch, and then bury it in your neighbors yard under his dog house. It turns out Ford uses the rising edge instead of the recommended falling edge. I found out the hard way to save you the frustration of wondering why your car won’t start. If you choose rising edge in the software the alignment tool would work great but the consensus is falling edge is more accurate.

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017



15 & 16: Since our adapter sleeve spaces the synchronizer up it is necessary to use a longer stud and make a spacer for the hold down. I used a section of 3/4-inch tubing and tacked it to the distributor hold down. Does all this making stuff and measuring seem like too much trouble? If you don’t mind spending a little more money, Price Motorsport makes a nice billet engine specific cam synchronizer ready to drop in for about $275 with a bronze gear for a Windsor. Toby used one on Project aPocalypSe Horse and it looks awesome. Mine was $40 for the 3.8 Windstar unit, $30 for the adapter to be machined, and $50 for the gear. The hardest thing to find was the pigtail plug for the three-wire sensor. I finally found one on Ebay for $8. So basically I put together this one for $128. If I ever need to replace it, I can just get one at any auto parts store for a Windstar and change the gear out.




april 2017 | RPM Magazine

17: Since the Edelbrock 2828 manifold doesn’t have a water neck or any ports open for a temperature sensor, we removed the old 1/8-inch NPT sensor from the Meziere water manifold (Meziere Part# WAM12AN) and installed a new larger 3/8inch NPT bung for the Holley GM type closed element temperature sensor (Holley part# 534-10).

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017



18: One challenge is finding a good spot to mount the 8 Holley Smart Coils (Holley part# 556-112). The spot I like the best is on top of the valve covers LS style but I am hesitant to cover up the cool looking Trick Flow logo on 4 Lug Thug. Some people mount them inside the car and use pass-through bulkhead terminals on the firewall. Others mount them below on the frame rail or on the firewall itself. I wanted to keep them as close as possible to the spark plugs for nice short plug wires (less resistance). I decided to do something different and mount them to the underside of the Lexan scoop. Some simple spacer nuts from the hardware store was all that was needed to mount them to the flat Lexan scoop base.


april 2017 | RPM Magazine

19: The eight Holley Smart Coils were mounted so that the terminals were extended past the scoop and directly above the corresponding spark plug location in the heads. The Holley coils pack some serious energy. They have been used on super high-horsepower blown alcohol applications where normally a mag would be needed to fire the fuel charge. A traditional single coil has to fire multiple times per engine rotation, whereas a coil-near-plug system with a dedicated coil for every cylinder, only has to fire once per revolution. This gives it more time to recover and energize between spark events. Wiring them up was zero fuss with Holley’s pre-made number-labeled coil harness. Just plug them into the coil indicated on each connector and zip tie to the standoffs. Later we will need to terminate the intermediate harness that has instructions for each engine firing order and will pin-out to some empty spots in the main harness plug. Another huge advantage to a CNP ignition on a nitrous motor is absence of rotor phase problems. Normally you would set timing as low as you can get away with mechanically so you won’t have to pull so much digitally on the spray. You compromise on rotor phasing so that you won’t have the spark jump to the next terminal when it is digitally delayed. With a distributor-less CNP ignition, that can’t ever happen. You can idle around and do your burnout at 36 degrees timing then pull it down as low as you want at launch. That opens up a lot of freedom in power management also.



20: While we are mounting stuff to the bottom of the scoop, we used an existing clearance hole for the old carb’s needle and seat to install our Holley GM type open element temperature sensor (Holley part# 534-20) to sample the incoming air temperature for the ECU. Normally this could be mounded in an intake pipe before the throttle body but in our case we are using a 4-barrel style throttle body with no charge pipe feeding it. The air in the scoop is a great place to measure incoming air temperature. In a street application, you could also put it in the air cleaner base. Mounting it in the intake manifold itself can be done as long as heat soak is considered in tuning. If you have room, a carb spacer could be used with a hole drilled and tapped. Our Holley throttle body has a plugged 1/4-inch NPT port that we may enlarge or use a reducer fitting to move it there if we ever decide to ditch the scoop.

21: The Firecore ignition wires were shortened to the new correct length which is waaayyyy shorter than before. I think it looks pretty cool to see the Holley Smart Coils through the clear scoop but the jury is still out on the scoop placement as it will take a few more steps to remove for jet changes to the plate or other between round procedures. Instead of just releasing the Quick-Latch and tossing it aside, we will also have to pull the plug wires and disconnect the coil harness and temp sensor to completely remove it. That won’t add but another minute or two so we will try it for a while to see how it works out. Check out the progress next month when we mount the Holley Dominator ECU and other components and get it wired up!

SOURCES Wilson Manifolds www.wilsonmanifolds.com 954.771.6216

Holley Performance


www.holley.com 866.464.6553

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017



2 & 3: Kevin Clapp of Texas Premier Polishing not only made our all-aluminum Kaase Boss 529 sparkle as never before, he did it in record time. The block and heads had already been polished before, but we opted for a hightech gun coating that failed to cure. Twice. We decided to keep it simple and just let Kevin do his polished aluminum magic and it turned out killer.

1: Sometimes it takes more than once to get it right, but if this picture doesn’t prove to you that we ARE finally getting it right, nothing will. New strut bars, induction tubes, three stages of Nitrous Outlet dry shots? In a word...YES!

PROJECT DO OVER PART 35 >>After a 1,000 mile trek east, Yates Performance Chassis gets our pony ever-closer to paint at Braddy Custom


april 2017 | RPM Magazine

story by


f we have learned anything from this now-three-year-long project, it is that as cool as it is to build a car, by far the best part is the relationships formed through the experience. Let’s face it: there aren’t

many people who can handle a build at this level all by themselves. As a result, you have to count on others. And as you’ve seen in these pages, sometimes that’s not such a good thing. There is no shortage of shady

characters who promise your dreams and deliver nightmares, instead. On the flip side, there are some legitimately talented people who aren’t just good at building cars but are also straight up nice guys. Both Steve Yates

Toby Brooks

and Tim Braddy are such guys. So as we wrapped up tinwork last month, we knew we were going to haul the car and all the parts 1,000 miles east to Yates Performance Chassis where

4: Tow rigs don’t get much more humble than this. We rented a oneway box truck with an open trailer to haul the car and all the parts. We had to park the massive Mickey Thompson meats on a piece of plywood because they were far too fat for the stock track width of the trailer. This pic was snapped about 9 hours in to the 70+ hour experience and we have a vague recollection that it was somewhere in Oklahoma. Maybe. Who knows. Memories of the whole weekend are kind of fuzzy.

2 Steve would finish fabrication work before delivering the car for paint to Tim some three hours south a few weeks later. What we didn’t know was how we were going to get it there. We called around and were unable to rent an enclosed trailer and really didn’t have a way to pull it even if we did. You see, on top of all the other preparations on the car, we’ve also been looking all over for a suitable tow rig. Thankfully, we found an incredible deal on a super clean V-10 Dodge dually, owned and customized by Kim Gough (whose cool Starsky & Hutch Torino was featured in our January

issue). Problem was, it, too, was back in Illinois. With only a weekend to deliver the car and pick up the truck, we hatched a plan for a crazy three-day adventure involving a rented box truck, 2,600+ miles, and four total hours of sleep. These are the tales our grandkids will tire of hearing. The first step was to get the car rolling again. While we were thrashing to get all four wheels back on the ground (the car had been on jack stands with all the suspension out for three months), we dropped the engine off with Kevin Clapp and his crew at Texas Premier Polishing.






5 & 6: After delivering the car to Yates Performance, we headed north three hours where Kim Gough (left) waited up all night to sell us his (now ours) cool 1995 V-10 Dodge dually at 2 am. We headed back for Texas in the ultra-clean 45,000-mile truck while Yates (right) and son Josh headed back to their place. We’ll be updating this awesome tow vehicle in the next few months, too.




HIGH PERFORMANCE RACE PISTONS! TRUSTED BY TODAYS TOP RACERS! Through nearly 40 years of hard work and dedication to superior product development, Ross Racing Pistons has become a global name in high performance racing components.

Ross Racing Pistons can be found under the hood of Big Chief’s “Crowmod” and Doc’s “Street Beast” from The Discovery Channels Street Outlaws, as well as Top PDRA Pro-Boost Racers like Melanie Salemi, Todd Tutterow and the entire Galot Motorsports Race Team! facebook.com/rosspistons @rosspistons sales@rosspistons.com ONLINE


www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017




8 8: Yates mounted up the gold iridited Canton Racing Products custom oil pan pickup designed to work with their flat bottom big block Ford oil pan. We detailed TPP’s incredible skills last month when they made our transmission appear like it had been chromed. On an insane timeline, Clapp delivered again‌literally. He fully polished our aluminum C&C Motorsports Ford block, Kaase Boss Nine heads, and Visner Engine Development billet valve


covers and brought the entire sparkling package to our door. He even helped us load it in the truck. We planned to head out around 3 pm on Friday, but delays in getting all the parts loaded and the suspension back on the car made our departure time closer to 9 pm. A scant 16 hours and 1,000+ mile drive northeast

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

9 & 10: Yates then secured the Canton Racing Products 18760 8-quart flat bottom pan. Although this particular pan is typically intended for marine applications, the bead rolled flat bottom looks perfect in our full tube chassis car and the powder coated finish adds style, too. landed us in Grafton, Illinois where our good buddies Steve Yates and Rod Bollini helped us unload the car and all the parts in his shop. After game-planning for a couple of hours, Steve and son Josh took us to drop off the rental truck and trailer and drove us another 3 hours north to Metalcrafters of Monmouth where Gough


awaited our 2 am arrival with the new tow rig. After showing us his impressive shop, we headed back for Texas while Kim presumably went home and went to bed and Steve and Josh drove the 3 hours back to their place. By this time, yours truly had been up since 5 am Friday morning and I

decided to get as far west as I could before stopping for a nap. I made it about 4 hours before hitting a rest area and snoozing for four hours. I had to work on Monday, after all. I rolled into my own driveway at about 1 am on Monday morning, completely exhausted but managed to make it to work at 8 am that

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017



11 day. Such is the price of glory. With a suitable tow vehicle now secured in the stable, things were looking up. Meanwhile, Nitrous Outlet had finished re-doing our nitrous plumbing job on our Visner billet intake. Dave Vasser and his team in Waco, Texas whipped up an incredible 16-port dry nitrous system with billet N2O rails and promptly shipped the


finished product to Yates, Unfortunately the previous effort to plumb the system didn’t quite clear the massive Boss Nine valve covers and the wet shot nozzles were slightly too large for the area we had available on the runners. The Nitrous Outlet crew welded up the ports in the intake, slightly altered their attack angle, re-milled, drilled, and tapped the intake for two octets of dry nozzles.

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

11: Nitrous Outlet first had to weld up the tapped orifices on our intake because the previous ports would not allow the nozzles to clear the huge Boss Nine valve covers. You can see the welded holes indicated here in the red circles. 12: The welded holes were then milled flush before each runner bank was secured in order to be precisely drilled and tapped for a perfect fit. While the dry nozzles are smaller than a wet fogger-style nozzle, it was still critical that all matched perfectly for a properly plumbed system.

13, 14, & 15: The plumbing for the two dry stages with precision-machined and black anodized billet rails provides an incredibly clean install. We will be adding a third stage behind the throttle body. Because we like to party.

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017




17 16: In order to make room for the new strut bars, Yates had to first cut off the boxes that had been fabricated previously to mount the hood hinges. Although the previous design would have worked fine, the strut bars will make for a much stiffer chassis better suited for street duty.


april 2017 | RPM Magazine

18 17, 18, 19, & 20: Yates cut two pieces of 2 1/4-inch chromoly to rough length then tried out our air-over-hydraulic Rogue Fabrication tubing bender. Building his first full tube chassis when he was just 19 years old, Yates has used a manual bender for years. However, he said using the Rogue Fab unit might have had a downside: now he wants to buy one for his shop. Within a matter of seconds, he had two perfectly symmetrical strut bars at the push of a button. After notching they were ready for install. Yates tacked each one in place before finish welding all four attachment points.



The end result looks clean and fits perfectly. While Yates was waiting for the intake to arrive, he assembled the engine and transmission and installed our new Canton oil pickup and flat bottom high capacity oil pan. Once the guy in the brown truck finally brought our intake, Yates started fab work by adding a pair of strut bars before deciding how to mount the factory front clip. With the help of Joe Maltimore, Mike Christy, and Rod Bollini, the crew first cut away the hood hinge mounts initially installed by friend George Norovich. While the mounts were more than adequate, we decided that the dual rail chassis would just be subject to too much abuse on the street to live happily without strut bars. Unfortunately, their install

necessitated a rethinking of the hinge mounting. Using our Rogue Fabrication air-over-hydraulic bender, Yates crafted two perfectly sculpted strut bars and tacked them in place. Then Keith O’Fallon— whose killer blown and injected Corvette graced our March 2016 Pro Street Spectacular issue—came over and began nearly a week solid of helping Yates design and install a super-secret front end mount that will quick release off when needed but also hinge up at shows or while just cruising. More on this next month. Yates then began fabrication on the induction tubes from the dual ProChargers up to the intake. Using Spectre components, he crafted a cool looking two-into-one 3-inch to 4-inch transition pipe secured

F-3X S NEW -3 CE UX D WOF + E P! ER NP C 0 HS 0U OD 3,5 ! P PR H + 3,500

(913) 338-2886 • www.procharger.com (913) 338-2886 • www.procharger.com

Our industry-leading, extremely rugged superchargers have helped customers win more Our industry-leading, extremely rugged superchargers have helped customers win more records and championships over the past 15 years than every direct competitor combined. | april records and championships over thewww.rpm-mag.com past 15 years than every direct competitor combined. No matter your class of choice, call us today to take your racing and winning to the next level. No matter your class of choice, call us today to take your racing and winning to the next level.

2017 111


22 21, 22, & 23: Yates started the mockup of the Spectre aluminum induction tubing using duct tape to get the fit he was after before tacking it in place. The ProCharger blow off valves look sinister and the billet Accufab clamps provide a perfect seal and a high tech appearance.


24: With the outlet side done, Yates turned his attention to mounting the radiator and routing the 4-inch Spectre aluminum inlet tubes. To say it will be a tight fit is a huge understatement!


25 25: Rod Bollini (left) and Keith O’Fallon (right) trial fit the factory fascia and the custom Roush grille.

Visit our Facebook page and share a pic of your ride for a chance to win free stuff!!

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april 2017 | RPM Magazine

with Accufab billet clamps and equipped with a pair of ProCharger blow off valves. If you use your imagination, the intake now resembles an angry anteater wearing an old-school nitro mask. It feels like we say this every month, but things are really shaping up on the

www.rpm-mag.com | april 2017



26: Keith O’Fallon tried really hard to just do awesome work but stay out of the camera. While he was successful at the former, you can see him here fitting a panel to cover the tree mount for the factory Ford urethane front fascia. Keith and Steve are planning to make the entire front end with stretched steel fenders, the 2014 front grille, and the stretched fiberglass hood all easily removable using Quik Latches. Check back here next month to see how they do it!


build, and with a ton of work and a little luck, you’ll get to see the Horse in person for her big debut at the 2017 General Tires Street


Machine Nationals in Du Quoin, Illinois. Stay tuned…it is going to be a crazy few months!

april 2017 | RPM Magazine

Texas Premier Polishing

Spectre Performance

www.texaspolishing.com 806.317.8067

www.spectreperformance.com 909.673.9800

Nitrous Outlet

Rogue Fabrication

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www.roguefab.com 503.389.5413

Canton Racing Products www.cantonracingproducts.com 203.481.9460

Yates Performance Chassis 618.292.9712

Accufab Racing www.accufabracing.com 909.930.1751

ProCharger www.procharger.com 913.338.2886

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Carb Defender Fuel Additive Protects against corrosion caused by Ethanol blended gasoline and the moisture it attracts. It also restores performance and protects carburetors from performance-robbing deposits.

Space Age Spark Plug Boot Protectors • 6" long, heat treated fiberglass • Available in six wire matching colors • Withstands temperatures up to 1200°F • Slides over most plug boots and installs best on universal sets prior to final boot termination • Packaged individually or in 8 packs


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RPM Magazine April 2017  

THE RIDES COVER CAR - Double Take...This 1985 Electron Blue GT is making memories for Joely Alley and family. Green Machine...A 30 year dre...

RPM Magazine April 2017  

THE RIDES COVER CAR - Double Take...This 1985 Electron Blue GT is making memories for Joely Alley and family. Green Machine...A 30 year dre...

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