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1: With the Horse back in the NUCOR Steel Hardcore Horsepower Garage, we got busy this month fabricating some pieces in the passenger compartment. Here, TIG master Robert Floyd welds in some mounts for our PROCAR seats.

PART 30 >>We mount up a pair of PROCAR buckets and a number of other pieces as chassis fab nears completion


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t seems like the details on a build take longer than the big tasks. Take, for instance, our 25.3 SFI dual rail chassis. Although the bulk of the fabrication has been done for

october 2016 | RPM Magazine

over a year, we still aren’t done with all the small brackets, mounts, and miscellaneous doodads that will make the maze of tubing become functional and ready for coating.

As with so many areas on this build, things spiral rapidly. Consider the fact that this month we wanted to mount our Lokar billet throttle pedal. However, before we could do that, we

Toby Brooks

needed to mount the brake pedal. And before we could mount the brake pedal, we needed to finalize the floorpans. And before we could finalize the floorpans, we needed to mount the seats.




2 & 3: First we trial fit our new Pro Werks billet bottle brackets, mounting the DJ Safety Cold Fire bottle on the passenger side and the small CO2 cylinder on the drivers side. Fit and finish a e impeccable.

And...well, you get the idea. Every step in a well thought out build requires knowledge of several steps before and after. Before we tackled any hardcore fabricated mounts, we started simple. We ordered a pair of billet bottle mounts from Pro Werks, opting for their anodized “Black Brilliance” finish. We trial fit the DJ Safety Cold Fire bottle to a chassis bar behind the passenger seat and a small CO2 bottle behind the driver’s seat. Not only was the finish flawless, the fit was perfect and both bottles look great. We then turned our attention to our own fabrication tasks, starting with the

seats. Initially we thought we were stuck with fixedmount fabricated aluminum racing seats. Not only was that option not ideal due to the lack of adjust-ability, they were also pretty uncomfortable compared to other more street-typical options. However, after trial fitting a pair of cool PROCAR by Scat Rally Smoothback seats, we discovered not only did they fit, but they were far more comfortable than other options. We also discovered Chassis Unlimited’s super cool billet seat sliders that would allow us to mount the seats and still retain adjust-ability. At last we had a plan.

4 & 5: We used the Rogue Fab VersaNotcher to prep several tubes for the fl or of the chassis to provide mounting points for the seat brackets and DJ Safety harnesses.



6: Before we could figu e out exactly where the seat mounts needed to go, we had to figu e out where the seats needed to be positioned. Here, you see a PROCAR by Scat seat and DJ Safety harness set into position. | october 2016




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7 & 8: We thought we’d be stuck with fi ed-mount seats... until we found these ultra trick billet seat sliders from Chassis Unlimited. The low profile design saves valuable head room, the made in USA CNC construction looks great, and the quick pin secured tongueand-groove design is smooth and secure.


october 2016 | RPM Magazine


12 After mocking everything in place, we used paper templates to transfer to 1/8-inch chromoly plate in order to hand cut the seat mounting tabs for the front mount. Meanwhile, we used the laser-cut tabs available from Chassis Unlimited for the rear mounts. At the same time, we fabricated the lap belt attachment tabs for bolting in our DJ Safety Blackout 5-way Cam-Lock harnesses. A number of the mounts needing to float somewhere between the existing bars in our chassis, we measured up several pieces of 1.25-inch chromoly tubing and notched up the

9: Once we determined the shape we needed for the seat mounting brackets using posterboard, we used decal transfer paper on 1/8-inch chromoly plate to transfer the shape over. We then cut the shapes using a cutoff wheel and a fla disc grinder to dress the edges. 10: Here, the billet sliders have been bolted to some adapters we fabricated with chromoly tube and Pro Werks tube adapters. We’ve tacked in three of the four mounts and have placed a small piece of tubing for the attachment point of the fourth.


11: Once the custom brackets were made by hand, we checked fit again before Floyd finish welded them along with their mounting tubes. Check out the tube fitment prior o welding thanks to the VersaNotcher!

12 12 & 13: With the seat sliders in place, we bolted in the PROCAR by Scat seats that now have a full 10 inches of adjustable slide, not to mention the fact that they recline and tip forward, too. With the seats mounted, we figu ed out the best locations for the two mounts for the DJ Safety lap belt as well as a third mounting point for the antisubmarine belt.


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SOURCES Cutting Edge Fabrication 432.230.3332

Pro Werks 231.873.9252

Rogue Fab 503.389.5413

DC Electronics

14 & 15: With the seats in place, we started mounting the DCE electric power steering assist and brake pedal mount. We managed to get the steering box in place, but ran out of time prior to press to get the pedals where they need to go. It’ll be a tight fit


appropriate fishmouths using the Rogue Fab VersaNotcher. This piece is made in USA, nearly indestructible, and more versatile than most any holesaw-style notcher on the market. With Virtually no gap whatsoever between tubes, welder Robert Floyd of Cutting Edge Fabrication laid in some gorgeous (and small) beads with our Miller Diversion 180 TIG welder. With the seat mounts complete, we turned our attention to mounting the under-dash brake pedal/master cylinder mount.

october 2016 | RPM Magazine

After fabricating a small mounting box from 1/8-inch chromoly, we used our Rogue Fab Model 600 air-over-hydraulic bender to whip up an under-dash mounting bar then notched it for a perfect fit with the VersaNotcher. With these tasks complete, we’ll turn our attention to other small chassis fab tasks and try to get this thing to powder coat soon. Stay tuned as we keep working hard to usher in the second coming of pro street! 704.230.4649

PROCAR by Scat 310.370.5501

DJ Safety 323.221.0000

Chassis Unlimited 888.552.5371

1610 part 30 take a seat  

Part 30 - Take A Seat

1610 part 30 take a seat  

Part 30 - Take A Seat