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1: It may be difficul to tell, but this intake is sporting THREE full nitrous systems, with two 8-port kits and another one-off CNC-machined plate behind the throttle body. We relied on the pros at Nitrous Supply to do the plumbing.

PART 29 >>The gang at Nitrous Supply plans and bends and fla es not one... not two...but THREE nitrous systems on our VED billet intake manifold



f a little is good, a lot is better. If a lot is better, the most is best. It is funny how things have a way of spiraling out of control around these parts, and these adages have certainly

september 2016 | RPM Magazine

held true with our now almost-threeyears-in-the-making Project aPocalypSe Horse. The original plan was fairly simple: lets add a Nitrous Oxide Systems Sportsman

Fogger nitrous system to our fabricated intake manifold. When our first intake was made, it was welded up with provisions for the standard 8-port system up top. However, when we decided

Toby Brooks

to go with an all-billet intake, from Visner Engine Development, we opted to also have provisions for another 8-port fogger under the runners along with the other set up top. So far so good.


2: This is Nitrous Supply’s resident plumbing expert Lloyd Chaudoin who has been bending up lines for nitrous systems for years. While every kit can certainly look cool, Chaudoin is meticulous in ensuring that every kit he installs performs its best, too. Part of that comes down to planning. Note that all three kits were plumbed with lines of similar lengths while still avoiding interference with the 16-injector system and fuel rails. To be sure, our install was as challenging as they come and Lloyd knocked it out of the park!

3 With 16 wet ports ready to be plumbed, we happened to notice some of the newer plate nitrous systems and started thinking (always dangerous, we know)... what about having a plate machined to accommodate another 100-shot just behind the throttle body? After a call to Mike Cofini at Billet Connection, we had a plan in place for a custom-built CNC machined billet plate. But we still needed to somehow plumb those other 16 ports. Not to mention the plate itself. After making several calls explaining our situation and striking out, Mike Flynn and the crew from Nitrous Supply was more

than happy to help. Flynn and the staff t NS have been in the nitrous game for more than three decades and not only do they sell a full line of nitrous components and plumbing supplies, they will also install just about any kit you can dream up. And unlike many competitors, NS will install and flow components from other manufacturers, too. Since we already had two kits from Nitrous Oxide Systems in hand, such was critical. We carefully boxed up our Visner Engine Development all-billet intake, said a lengthy prayer to plead for its safe arrival, and dropped it off t the local shipping center. Within days it was in

3: Awaiting the completed nitrous system install is a full complement of products from Nitrous Oxide Systems, including a pair of their ultra-cool carbon fi er bottles with billet brackets, purge valves for each stage, and all necessary wiring. In order to control the three stages, we will be installing one of NOS’s Launcher digital multi-stage controller systems, which we will show you in an upcoming wiring tech piece. | september 2016



4 4 & 5: This trick little low-profile plate was designed by Mike Cofini of Billet Connection. It accommodates a pair of fuel and nitrous nozzles in a sleek design that fits right up with the VED BigOval throttle body and eliminates bulky fogger nozzles that would likely interfere with the hood.


september 2016 | RPM Magazine


6: The under-mount system was a chore in itself. Chaudoin plumbed it up using our NOS annular discharge nozzles, billet distribution blocks, and Fragola Performance Systems tube nuts and sleeves on the stainless lines. 7: The upper system was planned out using the typical arrangement with centrally-mounted blocks. Here, the outer pair of nitrous lines have been formed. Note the indexing lines to ensure everything matches perfectly.

8 & 9: Here Chaudoin completes the nitrous lines (8) and the fuel lines (9) while tucking the solenoids in tight to the intake and fuel rails. Notice how symmetrical all the lines are? Such is the hallmark of a quality job.



California and ready to be plumbed. Once at NS’s Huntington Beach facility, NS master installer Lloyd Chaudoin took a bit to analyze our intake and asked a few questions about the intended use for our system. We wanted a system that would look cool and perform well, so Chaudoin mapped out a

more traditional upper stage with distribution blocks centrally located near the fuel rails and a compact system below to ensure everything would fit. Using black anodized Fragola Performance Systems hardware with stainless lines, our intake was beginning to sport a cool look that was sure to remain leak-free for years to come.

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For the upper stage, Chaudoin opted for a dual diamond arrangement using Y-blocks to minimize flow restriction while adding a cool look. The upper plate was then plumbed to a single small fuel and nitrous solenoid, each mounted to the upper fuel rail on each side. With the intake complete, we will now turn our attention to other aspects of the build

starting with the chassis. We are hoping to get all tabs and brackets mounted up next month so we can at long last get some color on the bars and finally start putting this thing together. We also hope to get the blowers back together and start mocking up the induction tubing. Stay tuned as we keep working hard to usher in the second coming of pro street!


SOURCES Nitrous Oxide Systems 866.464.6553

Visner Engine Development 616.726.6600

Billet Connection 509.467.7584

10 & 11: Done at last! Lloyd and the gang at Nitrous Supply finished up our install by plumbing the plate system using a cool dual diamond pattern on Y-blocks, then tied into the fuel and nitrous solenoids.


september 2016 | RPM Magazine

Nitrous Supply 714.373.1986

Fragola Performance Systems 866.337.2739

1609 part 29 plumbed crazy  

Part 29 - Plumbed Crazy

1609 part 29 plumbed crazy  

Part 29 - Plumbed Crazy