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1: It is great to finally see some color going on some parts! In front, you can see the ProCharger blowoff valves that have been treated to a matte gray coating with a transparent raspberry accent, while the Mechman alternator looks great with black anodizing and powder coating.

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PART 27 >>If the details didn’t matter, Project aPocalypSe Horse would probably be done by now!



ometimes it is important to realize that even when it seems like your longterm project isn’t ever going to be done that you are actually making

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progress. And it is also critical to understand that other times when it seems like progress has stalled, that things are actually falling into place. That’s our story this month.

After getting the car back to 13 Sins Garage in Lubbock, we pulled the engine and got started on some cool new finishes. We also got some new parts in to inch us ever closer to finally firing

Toby Brooks

our 529 ci Kaase Boss Nine at long last. First, we realized that with all the additional accessories we had planned for the Horse, we needed a high output alternator. After shop-

2 2: After blasting off the original red anodized finish, e sent the top plates of our ProCharger blow off alves to Billet Connection where Mike Cofini machined the olt hole provisions oversize to accomodate the black anodized Performance Engineering cup washers to lend a high-tech look. 3 & 4: Mike Cofini of Billet Connection made this slick integrated nozzle plate to fit ehind our Visner Engine Development throttle body. It will allow a third stage of nitrous to supplement the twin 8-port NOS fogger kits already installed above and below the intake runners. ping around for a bit, we decided on a Mechman Alternators 150 amp G series billet alternator. Like all Mechman units, it features a 2 year warranty and the killer black anodized billet case looks fantastic. We’ll have more on this when we wire the car in a couple of months, but we couldn’t help but show you a sneak peek this month. Elsewhere, we also received a sleek integrated nitrous fogger plate from


5 & 6: We looked everywhere for a quick release clevis to fit one of our chassis bars o allow the nitrous bottle to be removed without taking out the back window with no luck. Thankfully, good friend and master fabricator Steve Yates was able to make us a set on his Bridgeport using solid chromoly stock. Mike Cofini at Billet Connection. Most famous for their innovative Clear View remote oil filter, Billet Connection can also do some one-off tuff s their schedule permits, so we sent our Visner Engine Development billet throttle body to Cofini. He whipped up a very cool plate that will add a third stage of nitrous in addition to the two NOS fogger kits currently being plumbed at Nitrous Supply in California.

There are certainly times when off-the shelf parts just aren’t available to suit your needs. Such was the case when we started looking for a way to quickly remove a bar from the dual funny car cage to access the nitrous bottle for refilling. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a quick pin clevis anywhere to fit the 1 1/2inch tube that needed to come out once in a while. Although the bottle can easily be mounted in place



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7: Here’s what we started with: a primered 2014 Mustang front fascia panel. We found a six-piece billet insert on the web to clean it up and decided to go with a hex mesh material behind it for a high tech look.

with the rear window out, there isn’t currently any way to remove it once the window is installed due to the twin funny car cage. After unsuccessfully Googling for hours, we were ready to give up. That’s when good friend Steve Yates messaged us that he could make a set from scratch on his Bridgeport. You might remember Yates from last month’s story, as he rode shotgun with Rod Bollini in bringing the car west to Missouri for us. Yates is an incredible fabricator who loves a good challenge. When he heard there was no such thing as a 1 1/2-inch quick release clevis, he got to work and had a pair whipped up in a day. Next month the crew at 13 Sins will

have them installed, so that’s one more problem checked off he list. We also got another install completed this month with the addition of a six-piece billet insert we sourced from the web. Looking for something other than a run-ofthe-mill brushed billet insert, we opted for a black powder coated finish and also added a subtle aluminum hex mesh screen behind it. Before you cry “tuner!” or “heretic!” hear us out here. We love the high-tech tactical look of the hexagon pattern and are incorporating it throughout the build. The hex screen will not only add a bit of protection to the Saldana radiator, Vintage Air condenser, and B&M trans coolers, it will also carry that

8: The first s ep was to cut the center section from the factory lower grille to make room for the billet piece.


9: With the lower grille cut out, we added four billet mounting bars vertically aligned with the billet grille. Before mounting the grille, we cut a piece of aluminum hex mesh to add extra protection and style. | july 2016



11 12: By adding in the custom billet mounts for the lower grille, fabricating the mounts for the lower outer grille inserts, and adding in the hex mesh, our grille install was far from a simple bolt-on. Regardless, the end result is clean and cool.


10: Here, the black powder coated billet grille and the aluminum hex mesh can be seen. The look is consistent with the theme utilized throughout the build: high tech and subtle use of texture to create visual interest. We’ll incorporate the material elsewhere in the build later, too.


july 2016 | RPM Magazine

11: We pulled out our Miller MIG welder to craft these brackets for the outer lower openings. Although they look odd from behind, they are completely hidden from the front. The real challenge was to hide the button headed cap screws used to hold everything in place.


13 & 14: The stock Sanden-style compressor from Tuff Stuff is quality piece, but we decided we need to slick it out a bit. After hours sanding, grinding, and otherwise smoothing it out, it was ready for coating. 15: The end result with the powder coated pulley, cover, and Performance Engineering fasteners looks fantastic.




17 16 & 17: Using Enderle linkage components from Good Vibrations Motorsports, some standard heim ends, aluminum rod, and Performance Engineering cup washers, we created this zoomie slide valve actuator that will be operated by two Hurst NitroStick shifters. The idea is to have a Lenco-inspired look that will actually be functional.


MUSTANG 1987 -1993


Part #26050



Th s is a light weight fiberglass front end for racing only.



july 2016 | RPM Magazine


Part #26300





18-21: Lloyd and the guys at Nitrous Supply got busy plumbing the lower 8-nozzle NOS fogger nitrous system this month, too. It is a tight fit, but thanks to the skilled crew at NS, it was no sweat.

theme to yet another part of the car, which is a nice added bonus. With several other aspects of the build awaiting parts, we turned our attention to other detail items. First, we disassembled our ProCharger blowoff alves and prepped them for refinishing. Although the red anodized factory finish looks great, it wasn’t in keeping with our build’s color scheme. We also wanted to add some Performance Engineering black anodized cup washers and cup caps. As a result, we sent the top to Billet Connection for machining to accomodate the cup washers, then applied a ceramic coating to the upper and lower parts. To add a splash of color, we sent the center sections to

BMC Powder Coating, where a transparent raspberry powder was applied. While we were at it, we completely smoothed the Tuff Stuff ir conditioning compressor, grinding and sanding all factory casting marks and the like before applying a matching tungsten ceramic coat to it, as well. To finish it off, we added a powder coated pulley cover and serpentine pulley and another full complement of brushed stainless fasteners and Performance Engineering cup washers for a stealthy, high tech appearance. Our last task was to start piecing together the linkage for the Miller SpeedSports zoomie slide valves. We decided to turn to Good Vibrations Motorsports, the

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nation’s biggest source for Enderle linkage BMC Powder Coat 13 Sins Garage components. After fabricating a base806.828.1037 806.683.9076 plate from aluminum sheet, we incorporated a number of linkage components to create a functional actuator for the valves that has a Lenco-like Mechman Alternators look. Once our Hurst shifter handles are back from KG Industries, we will 865.522.6166 finish the install and show you how Performance Engineering they work. Just as we were going to press 918.243.5588 we also got pics and info about the intricate nitrous plumbing job being Tuff tuff erformance done on the intake by Nitrous ply, as well. With the lower system 800.331.6562 now complete, the upper system should be done by next month’s KG Industries/Gun Kote installment, and we can’t wait to show you the finished product. We are pleased to say that progress continues, and with a little luck we Good Vibrations Motorsports should finish the last bit of welding on the chassis next month before 800.576.7661 we get ready to apply a high tech, cutting edge Gun Kote finish to the Nitrous Supply whole thing. Stick with’s just getting good! 714.373.1986




july 2016 | RPM Magazine

1607 part 27 chippin away  

Part 27 - Chippin Away

1607 part 27 chippin away  

Part 27 - Chippin Away