Crashes on theinformation superhighway

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“TWO THUMBS WAY UP!” “10/10 A GREAT STORY” “LIFE CHANGING, ON SO MANY LEVELS.” Ed Potton Peter Bradshaw Mel Campbell Times [UK] Guardian


\Where do I start or… where do I begin in this recursive loop… I am not who I am.. I am not who you think I am. I am who you think I think I am… With 20 years since a vehicle passed by the subout, I began to ask myself. There was the odd micro drone but mostly just foot traffic from shaders and shift salesmen. Fluid Tubes, fed into the 3rd loop zone’s mud chute for block C housing, today’s harvest wasn’t promising; trouble if we can’t generate enough from the next go around. It’s a matter of days before the Subokai close in on us… that’s it click… the end of a raw deal of life.



We were something I mean really… we were. I sit here confined to the subout staring into my grits, each of us our own piece of a whole. I’ll try calling Julie I thought, but no response. Maybe it was because the whole Subokai were looking for her… laying low waiting to duck out, just spinning the wheel picking fates and hoping that tiny decisions built into something in the distant horizon.. We had our motivations for what we do and with enough entry logs we could trace anyone to anything including our own time to theirs, most of which was spent hacking… that and Sudoku. A group of runners, living under the radar, We just found the broken holes and ran through them, If something did break only the Subokai knew how to fix it anyways, they knew that, fixing had long left us.


That’s what we do”, I reminded them looking up from my bowl, “we put the pieces back together… I don’t give a damn what Barth says about hacker’s, If we intentionally cause a “glitch” in the superhighway and move in henceforth that’s not terrorism, its an unveiling.” Barry shouted, “shut up… roll the dice” as he chucked the keytap over the hood of the gransport sd70 it slid across, stopping right before it hit the light meter. At that moment the Subokai flew over like giant hands in the sky as our eyes followed them… Cromer shouted, “get down move… move!” 4 Subokai agents inbound, we were proxies of disappearance they were the wrecking ball of reality. 3 Orbs fueled by mathematics replaced the Lights on Highway estate clusters flickered as the cybernetic hackers flew by the 3rd housing block. “Were being tailed”, I shouted as I jerked the wheel, station wagon still spun, packed to the brim with 2 generations of 3 names. People all flown into this dromosphere no more implanted into history than any other, but time had passed…. Only very slowly as the people awakened, a time in the periphery as the orbs slowly circled gaining size. Will I find life again? It didn’t feel like a real life, After all I sought for this reality, I hadn’t gotten much in return but the game. Time in periphery.


In a prior interval Barry and I had chalked that up to seeing life’s boundaries so soon. Revealing the illusion we were born into, looking over that wall.. we saw the loop for what it was, just a part of the social machine, drones and nomads such as us living outside of the Subokai with no place left to go. Barry I shouted as I tinkered with the sd70 for our final run, “hows the game breaking glitch?” “close he murmured.” You see, the Crash, Clarity, Glitchers they were all products of the core war, swept under the rug by the Subokai. A whole set of people measured by the thousands, who bit off more than they could chew. Reduced to generation’s speeding up their lives as they moved through the loop zones.


It was time to say goodbye as we glanced out on the loop Julie dictated, “no one wants to live forever”. She was content being mad forever, it was the badge she wore for what was done to her and the way which her cards got dealt. Who could blame her, no one liked losing but most didn’t take it personally. As that old familiar song began, it had a slight slip in its step, chopped and muted given a new accordance. We woke as we passed the mud chute again, passing the zone 6’s cell subout we began to ride the loop another time 017546 Julie was right there in the lead. *this has been a malfiction about the lives of the inhabitants of a game board.