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ABDF CCG is facilitating ADOMS in meeting its objectives so that Antigua and Barbuda as a Member State can be successful in the VIMSAS audit. Another major area of collaboration would be information sharing. As the focal point for the International Maritime Organization (IMO) the Department attends all major meetings of committees, council and the assembly. With a permanent representative to the IMO, ADOMS is able to gather relevant information pertinent to Coast Guard activities which once communicated would ensure that a level of currency in execution of duties is maintained. An excellent working relationship between ADOMS and the ABDF CG has been forged where both organizations and Antigua and Barbuda

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by extension are poised to benefit from the synergies that have been established. As one looks to the future, the ABDF CG certainly has the potential to be the operational and enforcement arm in support of ADOMS in the areas of maritime safety and oil pollution response involving vessels of all size and type. However, additional training, qualification and certification of ABDF CG personnel would be required in order to achieve this level of specialization. Both the Chief of Defence Staff of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force, Colonel Trevor A Thomas, and The Director and Registrar General of the Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping, Mr. Dwight Gardiner, are very committed to the development and enhancement of this relationship and have made it their mandate to foster closer ties between the two organizations.


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As 2011 comes to a close and we enter 2012, the forecast for the world economy continues to be news of job cuts and hints of a "double dip"...