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FINANCIAL COORDINATOR MRS LAURILYN DUBLIN Mrs. Laurilyn Dublin is the financial coordinator and has worked in the Department for 20 years; it was her first place of employment. Mrs. Dublin is renowned through the Department for her frankness and forthrightness, in other words one can depend on her to tell it exactly as it is. It is therefore easy to see why Mrs. Dublin has chosen this field of endeavour and is such a natural fit for the position she holds, prudently managing the financial affairs of ADOMS. Financial management requires a specific skill, an aptitude and fortitude to say at times very nicely of course…`no’ and at times `it must be deferred’ and there is no doubt that Mrs. Dublin possesses that skill. She is clearly committed to her job and actively pursues every opportunity for further training in her field; over the course of her employment she has successfully undertaken a number of courses having resolved to keep up to date with the latest developments in her field. She describes her daily tasks as rewarding and fulfilling, particularly if in some small way she is able to allay the financial concerns of her colleagues. Mrs. Dublin has a love for family which is evident when she speaks of her immediate family (she is married to Ivan and is the mother of two lovely girls) and also when she speaks of her many aunts, uncles and cousins of her extended family. She has a passion for travelling, her favourite hunting grounds being the UK and the US. Her greatest desire for the Department is to see its promotion throughout Antigua and Barbuda as locals are not aware that the Department even exists.

BusinessFocus • December/January 11/12

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Business Focus Antigua Issue 40  

As 2011 comes to a close and we enter 2012, the forecast for the world economy continues to be news of job cuts and hints of a "double dip"...