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It gives me great pleasure to extend congratulations to the Antigua and Barbuda Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping (ADOMS) for their service and accomplishments which cannot go unnoticed. Over the past few years the Department under the stewardship of the Director and Registrar General Mr. Dwight Gardiner has expanded and diversified its service base and in so doing has established Antigua and Barbuda as a recognized maritime nation holding her own with much larger developed States. I am proud to be the Minister with portfolio for this particular agency and it has given me great satisfaction to work along with the team to ensure that the goals set forth were achieved and the plans put in place realized so that our fair country could be represented at the highest level in the regional and international maritime community. I would also like to use this occasion to say how pleased I am that the Antigua and Barbuda Mega Yacht Registry (ABYR) has been launched as this will complement the successful commercial Ship Registry that is already in existence and coupled with the experienced team will provide for a rounded, efficient and capable Maritime Administration. Congratulations! May the Department continue on this path of growth and may God bless all your future endeavors.

Hon. W. Baldwin Spencer Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Minister with responsibility for Merchant Shipping and Ship Registration

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BusinessFocus • December/January 11/12

Business Focus Antigua Issue 40  

As 2011 comes to a close and we enter 2012, the forecast for the world economy continues to be news of job cuts and hints of a "double dip"...