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Zoning and Protected Areas Is It

FAIR to all Concerned???

I am free to own property. To deny the right to own property would be against the principles in the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda. To allow me to own property and yet deny me the freedom to use it for reasonable purposes can be just as tyrannical as to deny me the right to own it in the first place. Countries often use planning and zoning laws to restrict behavior and freedom. For instance, it is required to have a certain amount of square footage of land upon which to build a dwelling. That is not an unreasonable requirement, considering that with an unreasonably small lot, one dwelling would infringe upon the neighboring property and the property rights of others. Zoning amounts to the regulation of one’s use of one’s land and home and business in favor of how others prefer. In a democratic society these others are usually representatives of the majority, although very often they become nearly independent agents who can dictate 20 20 || BusinessFocus BusinessFocus •• December/January December/January 11/12 11/12

the ways land and buildings must be developed. Historic preservation and Environmental groups lobby incessantly to rule us in these regards. The basic reason for this has to do with protecting the members of the majority from the choices of members of the minority, choices that the majority would find objectionable. Thus the typical announced objective of a zoning regulation is to preserve the features that majority of the community prefers within a neighborhood and to keep out undesirable development. Over the past few years several instances have been raised where private lands that have been considered desirable for protection and zoning have been earmarked for development by the proprietors. Our National Parks Authority was established to, among other things, control development in an area that effectively covers 5% of the landmass of Antigua, ostensibly to ensure that any development of

Business Focus Antigua Issue 40  
Business Focus Antigua Issue 40  

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