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‘’Research Project Maastricht investigated and explored the Brazilian gymnastic equipment market in order to reveal Janssen-Fritsen’s opportunities to become the main supplier of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. We were impressed by the thorough research that was conducted and the professional way the results were communicated and presented. During the whole period of research, the team proved to be well prepared and dedicated. We have used the recommendations of Research Project Maastricht in order to position ourselves on the Brazilian market and we definitely recommend their services.’’ Drs. J.M. Janssen, Chief Executive Officer, Janssen-Fritsen Gymnastics ‘’Research Project Maastricht has conducted a partner search project on behalf of Douwe Egberts. The objectives of the study were to identify the market potential and to propose a short list of Full Service Partners meeting an agreed set of criteria. Douwe Egberts is impressed by the professional and structured approach by the team that resulted in a highly valuable and complete report. For Douwe Egberts this was a very cost effective and efficient way to explore new market opportunities. Douwe Egberts thanks RPM for the outstanding cooperation and highly recommends their services.’’ A. Leusink, Business Development Manager, Sara Lee Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems B.V. ‘’On behalf of Strukton Civiel, the Research Project Maastricht evaluated the local situation at Joint Venture Teluk Bayur Seaport (JV TBS) from an operational point of view. RPM assessed the growth potential of this West Sumatran seaport based on hinterland expectations and the business environment. Strukton Civiel was very pleased with the cooperation and the results of the research.’’ A. van der Put, Project Manager, Strukton Civiel ‘’Research Project Maastricht explored the market opportunities and entry strategies for TKF in Singapore and Brunei. We were impressed by the results, the professional and enthusiastic manner in which the research was conducted, and the whole setup of Research Project Maastricht. We truly recommend their services.’’ P. Nes, Business Manager Marine & Offshore, Twentsche Kabelfabriek

Drs. D.A. Benschop President Director Shell Nederland B.V. Dr. P.A.M. Berdowski CEO Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. Prof. P.L.H. van den Bossche Member of the Appellate Body World Trade Organization Drs. T.J.F.M. Bovens Kings Commissioner Province of Limburg J.F.M.L. van Boxmeer Chairman Executive Board & CEO Heineken N.V.

Drs. J.J.H. van Breukelen Chairman Board of Management & CEO KPMG N.V. Prof. dr. R.J.M. Dassen RA Global Managing Director Clients, Services & Talent Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd. Ir. W. Draijer Chairman Sociaal Economische Raad Prof. dr. P. Eichholtz Professor of Finance and Real Estate Maastricht University

Drs. L.M.L.H.A. Hermans Chairman Greenport Holland

Mr. drs. B.J. Koopman Managing Director Fenedex

Prof. dr. L. Soete Rector Magnificus Maastricht University

O. Hoes Mayor of the city of Maastricht

B.J. Marttin MBA Member of the Executive Board Rabobank Nederland

Drs. A.F. van der Touw CEO Siemens Nederland N.V.

P.B. Mensing Senior Vice President Booz & Company

Drs. Th.M.A.J. Verhagen Managing Director Limburg Development Company LIOF

Prof. dr. G.H. Hofstede Professor Emeritus Maastricht University W. Houben Director Chamber of Commerce Limburg Ir. J.J. de Jong CEO Philips Electronics Benelux

Ir. R.J.J. Fouchier CEO E.ON Benelux

Mr. A.B. Smalbraak CEO Pon Ir. drs. H.N.J. Smits President & CEO Port of Rotterdam

Drs. M.R. van Bommel Area Manager Asia Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion (NCH) E. Bouma Director Indonesian Netherlands Association

G. van Gansewinkel Principal The Boston Consulting Group

J.W.M. Knape-Vosmer MBA Global Director Human Resources Koninklijke Vopak N.V

Prof. dr. M. Paul President Maastricht University

Drs. C.M.L. Hijmans van den Bergh MBA Chairman of the Board Boer & Croon

A. Leusink Senior Manager Business Development Douwe Egberts Professional – Export

B. Pulles Managing Director NL EVD International

M.M.M. Hoedemakers Global Head Network Management ING Bank N.V. Mr. A.M. Kloosterman Director Rabobank International

O. Oehms Senior Economic Advisor Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

T. Simbolon Director INDO-NED Consultancy Drs. S.D. Stevens International Economic and Social Affairs VNO-NCW - MKB-Nederland

Ir. N.J. de Vries CEO Koninklijke BAM Groep N.V.

E. Waller Head of High Growth Markets Practice KPMG N.V. Drs. P.H.M.J. Witteveen Managing Partner OC&C Strategy Consultants Benelux

T.F. de Zwaan Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Indonesia

Islands of Opportunities P.O. Box 616 6200 MD Maastricht The Netherlands

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Research Project Maastricht

Drs. Sj.S. Vollebregt Chairman & CEO Fokker Technologies B.V.

Board of advisors A.J.C. Assink Manager International Affairs Chamber of Commerce and Industry Limburg

Islands of Opportunities


‘’On behalf of Maastricht University and with pleasure I wholeheartedly support the students who participate in Research Project Maastricht 2013-2014.’’ Prof. dr. M. Paul, President, Maastricht University

Board of recommendation



Contractual research

Opportunities for your company

Research Project Maastricht conducts company-specific research with the aim to meet the unique demands of your company. The project focuses on investigating business opportunities for internationally oriented companies, varying from small and medium sized firms to multinational enterprises. In previous years, RPM has performed various types of research, including market and sector analyses, competitive analyses, identification of investment opportunities, and searching for new distribution channels or possible new business partners. Before departure to Indonesia, preparatory research is conducted in The Netherlands. Your company will be regularly informed and updated on progress. In order to ensure the highest quality of this customized research, the current economic, political, legal and cultural environment in Indonesia will be analysed. Furthermore, a comprehensive overview of the long term prospects and economic opportunities of this country will be provided.

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world. Over the past decade, the country sustained an annual growth rate of more than 6% and that trend is set to continue over the coming years. Driving factors of this remarkable economic growth include robust private consumption and an increase in fixed-capital investment. With the Netherlands being the fourth largest source of foreign investment in Indonesia, Dutch companies have gained a prominent role in the Indonesian market. Considering the economic prosperity, natural resource wealth, attractive labour force and many promising sectors, Indonesia can be a rewarding source of investment for your company.

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Islands of Opportunities


For centuries, entities have recognised the wide range of possibilities in Indonesia. The Netherlands and Indonesia enjoy relationships in politics, economics and development work. With a surface area of approximately 1,900,000 km² and over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago. Furthermore, with its 251 million inhabitants Indonesia ranks fourth on the world’s population list. The rapidly growing economy, a favourable labour force and richness in natural resources, make this country a tempting market for competitive Dutch companies aspiring global leadership. Dutch businesses are keen on seeking investment and trade opportunities in Indonesia’s emerging economy, with the Netherlands being the fourth largest source of foreign direct investment in Indonesia. Research Project Maastricht (RPM) can assist your company in exploring new prospects and developments in Indonesia. Islands of Opportunities are within your reach.

Research Project Maastricht Research Project Maastricht, an initiative supported by Maastricht University, aims to successfully conduct company specific research on a non-profit basis for Dutch firms. RPM is carried out annually and is best suited for companies with international ambitions and a global orientation. RPM consists of a multi-disciplinary team with 12 carefully selected top students, who are in the final phase of their studies. The team members’ competences range from tax and legal to business studies. Every year since 1989, RPM has performed research in emerging economies including China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Vietnam and Brazil. From January to April 2014, the RPM team is eager to explore and evaluate the opportunities for your business in Indonesia.

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Being an independent, non-profit foundation, RPM is able to offer high quality professional research tailored to your company’s needs at cost price. The team members are young and highly motivated professionals trained by widely recognised consultancy firms and multinationals. The team members are carefully selected from a large pool of applicants, and possess the technical knowledge, as well as the cultural skills required to successfully work in an international business environment. The team’s diverse educational background guarantees that the research will be conducted from a multifaceted perspective. Our expertise covers the fields of tax, legal and business studies. Ten months of intensive preparation ensures that team members possess all country- and business-specific knowledge required to successfully conduct the research. Four months of research on location in Indonesia provides access to firsthand data and the flexibility to carry out in-depth research, enhancing the outcome of the project. RPM has more than twenty years of successful research experience, delivering high-quality research targeted at specific issues of importance to your company. RPM offers a unique combination of recent academic knowledge, practical skills and company-specific research. The Board of advisors consists of senior business leaders and university professors and provides RPM with an extensive network and country-specific knowledge.

Emerging markets Indonesia has emerged as a major global market with the potential to evolve in one of the largest economies worldwide. Due to several years of political and macroeconomic stability and improvements in governance, Indonesia’s investment climate has ameliorated substantially. This resulted in an increase in FDI flows of 26% in 2012. Private domestic consumption benefits from an increase in employment and wages as well as lower inflation. This contributed to almost half of the GDP growth last year and this share is expected to grow in 2013. Additionally, over the coming decade, Indonesia’s rapidly expanding middle class will provide numerous opportunities for both local companies and multinational corporations.

Examples of former research A.Hak Industrial Services B.V. Research on the possibilities to provide the Southeast Asian market with their services in the inspection of oil product pipelines.

Boskalis N.V. Field research to gain insight in the regulatory requirements for the field of interest for Boskalis in Vietnam.

KLM Research to identify opportunities to start commercial flights between Amsterdam and Vietnam.

Maersk Ship Management B.V. Research on the Brazilian fleet to outline the possibilities for Maersk Ship Management concerning the Brazilian third party ship management market.

Meelunie Market research in India to identify opportunities within the starch and protein industry.

PSV N.V. Market research in China to recognise opportunities and strengths in order to determine a successful merchandise strategy.

Royal Dutch Shell Research in India aimed at providing insight into the considerations and preferences of university graduates in their choice of future employer.

Favourable labour force

Van Winkel Fashion B.V.

As the most populous country in Southeast Asia and fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia provides a young, attractive and ample labour force with a good level of literacy. Of Indonesia’s total population, approximately 67% is within the working age of 15-65. This creates an incredibly large, economically involved and active working population. Unlike many other emerging markets where the aging problem is a concern, the working age population in Indonesia is expected to increase throughout the next 20 years.

Research on the possibilities for market expansion of their clothing collections in Indonesia.

Promising sectors

RPM is supported by these widely recognized consultancy firms by means of training sessions.

There are many fast-growing sectors which are of particular interest to Dutch enterprises. Harbour development and shipbuilding, water management and sanitation, logistics management, retail management and agriculture are well-established sectors with numerous prospects for Dutch involvement. Apart from these more traditional sectors, Indonesia is a renowned market for resource extraction and a leading commodities exporter in a variation of resources including rubber, cocoa, tin, thermal coal and palm oil. Additionally, Indonesia plays an important role in the renewable energy market producing 40% of the world’s potential geothermal resources. To support these sectors and to maintain a sustainable economic growth, infrastructural developments are of great importance. In 2011 the Indonesian government announced the economic master plan ‘MP3EI’ which aims to increase connectivity across the country via infrastructure development. Projects are carried out in 27 industries such as steel, shipping, palm oil and rubber.

The team Upper row, from left to right Joep van den Heijkant, Daan Spoorenberg, Céline Savelkoul, Ruben Wouters, Maarten van ‘t Hooft. Middle row, from left to right Lotte de Ceuster, Joep Spoorenberg, Rob Kempen, Jennifer Turnbull. Bottom row, from left to right Carlijn Koopal, Lotte Loeber, Ellen Verboom.

RPM supports YAYASAN CIPTA MANDIRI in Indonesia. More information is provided on our website.

Brochure RPM 2014  
Brochure RPM 2014  

The brochure of Research Project Maasticht (RPM) 2014. RPM is an initiative supported by Maastricht University, which aims to successfully c...