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We Speak For Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves

“We call them dumb animals for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words.” - Anna Sewell Author, Black Beauty

MAIN LOCATIONS • • • Quebec Street Shelter Pet intake and adoptions 303.751.5772 thams’ lost and found center 303.751.9688 cruelty investigations 303.923.0022

2080 So. Quebec St. • Denver, CO 80231

Buddy Center all services 303.751.5772 4556 Castleton Ct. • Castle Rock, CO 80109


The Dumb Friends League is an organization founded in 1910 that is committed to rescuing, protecting,andfindinghomesforanimals.Theterm “dumb” was commonly used to refer to those who could not speak.The name was kept because it maintained significant recognition. The league is a non-profit, private organization which finds supportfromdonorsandcorporations.Theshelter does not turn away any animals. They recieve an average of 63 animals per day which are sheltered for weeks sometimes months. But because of the many animals that come in and the limited amount of homes for all of them, the shelters do have to euthanize when absolutely nessary. The shelters philosophy is to keep working at the root of the problem. This includes stopping overbreeding,educatingthepublic,nurturingsick and ill-behaved animals so they can be ready for adoption and supporting pet owners who need helpkeepingalongtermcommitmenttotheirpets.


The Dumb Friends League is different compared to limited admission shelters. The other shelters have what is called a “no kill” policy, which means they do not euthanize animals. But that also means that the shelters cannot take sick or injured animals.These types of organizations focus on healthy, well-behaved animals that people prefer to adopt. With the Dumb Friends League, no animal regardless of how healthy or what their behavior is , is turned away. Each day about half the animals are adopted and the others are kept for weeks to months. Also, each animal is spayed/ neautered. when they come into the shelter by the staff. Unfortunately the animals who can not find homes have to be humanely euthanized. This is why it is important for people to become aware and reach out so that these animals can find homes.


Volunteers are the heart of the organization. Anyone interested in volunteering that is at least 16 years of age and is willing to make a commitment of three hours a week for six months is encouraged to call. Volunteerring jobs include: •help with walking the dogs •grooming • being a foster parent for animal until they find a permanent home • feeding and caring for pets The Denver Dumb Friends also has annual events each year such as the Furry Scurry which is held in the first week of May at Washington Park. Or you can send your child to Critter Camp where children do activities, games, crafts, and learn about animal etiquette. 85% of the Leagues support comes from individual’s donations. The other support comes from corporations. Donations are important because $240 dollars are spent on each animal!To make a donation you can go to their website at,oryoucanmailorfaxyourdonation.


Dumb Friends League  

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