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Book Corner :: An Inside Look at The Ghost Walkers

February 2014

Whispering Wynds

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Welcome to Dark Hunter Unbound and Unchained, We are a new group but have built incredibly fast with over sixty characters strong! Looking in the month of Love to bring home our Lost Love Ones to their, mates, friends and families, but know that we have many other roles that might be perfect just for YOU! Know that we are a Canon Group, who follows the Author goddess Sherrilyn Kenyon books, but have an edge of creativity to bring their roles to life. If interested we ask you to be: 18 years of age or older, good working knowledge of the books and the character you are applying for and come with an Enthusiasm that matches ours! Come join our Family! Follow the Link to Our Writers Needed Page!

The cool night air brushed against Adrian's skin softly causing her hair to blow into face tickling her skin. On a soft sigh she brushed her thick mane of fiery hair out of her face only to catch the familiar presence of the male that had haunted her dream for years. It was the same dream over and over again but something was different this time, she could feel it in her bones. Since she was thirteen she's had the dream of a man watching her from the shadows of the forest while she played in a secret meadow she had never seen before. The full moon cast silver rays of light on the meadow causing it's plain appearance turn into something that could only come straight out of a fairy tale book. All around her trees surrounded her giving it

a mysterious edge, hiding the secrets of the forest around her. Though she found it odd she Adrian couldn't help but relax under the silvery beams that was cast by the moon's glow giving the meadow an ethereal appearance. As she danced and frolicked through the meadow a sound from the west caught her attention and she instantly stilled her gaze shifting towards the sound. She knew what was coming next.... so she turned and resumed her play but something held her in place. All she could do was lift her gaze to the full moon seeking comfort from the silver rays of light. An eternity seemed to go by before she felt the sensation of big, muscular arms wrapping around her waist pulling her against a hard chest. Adrian stiffened for a long moment then relaxed as the familiar scent of male and dark spices filled her nose. Smiling to herself she leaned back against the chest allowing the arms that had comforted her through the years tighten around her. That was when she realized that there was something different about this dream. The same elements were the same.... the moon, the meadow, the unknown man coming to her from the forest. But the feel of it was entirely different, she couldn't pin point exactly what it was but there was something totally different than before. Adrian felt the sensation of something brush against her neck before her hair was brushed away exposing her neck and throat. An instant later fingers brushed against the nape of her neck teasingly slow making her shiver and goose bumps rise on every surface of her flesh. Closing her eyes she melted further back into the unknown male's embrace and leaned her head back against his shoulder. Though her eyes were shut she could perceive a head

lowering to bury itself into the hallow in her neck and inhaled deeply taking in her scent and making her shiver. What felt like lips brush against her nape eliciting another shiver from her. What was happening to her? Adrian could feel the changes in her responses from the other times but couldn't seem to make herself stop whatever it was that was happening. Those lips trailed up to take the lobe of her ear between teeth and was nipped sharply causing her to moan with delight. Opening her eyes Adrian was startled to find that she had been somehow turned around without even realizing it. Swallowing hard she lifted her gaze to the unknown male that held her so firmly against him. There was a low growl an instant before the head was lowered to her neck once more and kissed her from her neck and across her jawline. Then in a flash she was being kissed by a pair of the most sinful lips she'd ever felt against her own. For some reason all her inhibitions went out the window along with all reason. When she felt a pair of strong teeth nipped sharply at her bottom lip making it sting Adrian instantly opened her mouth and found herself invaded. Strong hands ran themselves from her shoulders all the way down to her wrists then to clasp her hips urging her closer. There was a long moment of resistance then she utterly gave up, surrendering herself to the male that kissed her so fiercely. Hissing she wound her arms about his thick neck and clung her hand tugging his head down so she could kiss him more fully. After long moments of being kissed and returning the kisses, Adrian lost touch of everything solid and felt as though she was floating through the air. The only thing that kept

her from floating away was two strong arms winding around her gripping her hips into a fierce hold and pulled her even more tightly into a wall of solid muscle. Air whipped around her as though she was running through the woods then something damp and cool pressed against her back making her shudder. There was a shift of movement then the sound of something ripping just before air brushed against her bare skin making her shudder harder. The absence of warmth got her attention and her eyes fluttered open. Kneeling at her feet was the shape of the male that haunted her dreams. Though the moon was full and brightened up the meadow he somehow managed to remain in the shadows. But judging from the outlines of the body that was so close yet so far away, he was built. Getting cold Adrian reached out towards the shadowy figure with a whimper that escaped from somewhere in her chest. There was a chuckle an instant before all that wonderful heat surrounded her. Instead of kissing her again the head descended to kiss her just below her left ear before giving the edge of it a teasing lick. Adrian hissed and arched into that heat desperate to drive away the chill that settled over her. There was another chuckle then another kiss before a husky, masculine voice whispered into her ear. "Shh, be at ease little one. I am here and not going anywhere, just relax." Not only was it husky but it was deep and slightly hoarse. Once Adrian found herself being kissed but this time teasingly, a maddening brush of his lips over her followed by gentle nips. Growling with frustration she reached up

clasping her hands around his neck and pulled him to her for a much deeper kiss that set her aflame. She felt him stir above her be fore his hands was prying her hands from his neck, gently and held them over her head that rumbling chuckle filled her ears once more. Why did he find this situation so amusing? She found nothing amusing about it. She opened her mouth to say something to him but all that came out was a gasp as his lips trailed down her throat and down her collarbone torturously slow. She tried to move her hands but found that they were pinned by the wrists by one hand while the other buried itself in her hair. He kissed every inch of available skin he could reach.......

(This is the first chapter in a book by Kyler DeVash. If you’d like to read more then check her out here :: m/28664545-full-moondreams :: Thanks for reading.)

She hears a voice as the little girl cries The days went dark crash the thunder skies Tears slowly fall to the seeping end For this poor little girl has a heart to mend The memories are painful but they still remain this poor little girl went down insane Lying peacefully hurting so deep inside Love causes pain this little girl hides Afraid of being loved is no way to live a life across the wrist drew blood from a knife Why does this girl have to be treated this way love had it's chance and left hurtful feelings to stay

Embarking upon a weight-loss or fitness program is easier when you do it with friends. Meet other people who are struggling with their fitness as they discuss diets, fitness routines, counting calories, and what foods to choose.

I hide in the shadows and lust for the light for I am vampyre. Forever imprisoned by the night only dreaming to be free as I look into your eyes. Your golden eyes looking like the sun I so long for to touch but I can not. For I am a vampyre only dreaming to be free. The night is my only time to look at the world, a very dark world. Alone I always shall be hiding away from everything. I wish to be known to the world. You know nothing of me. You think this is a dream but, my dear, it is not. I'm only thought in your head. Believing you dreamed of me, like a lost lover. I'll taste your sweet blood and kiss your lips goodbye. I'll see you again you will age but I will not for I am a vampyre. I live in the night

your only a human. I'll stoke your cheek as I wish to lay next to you. Ah, my love, I miss you. So I watch you sleep till the sun rises and I have to go back into the shadows. I wish to stay with you but I must go. Time is running out for you but time is all I have. I am alone so very alone. I watch as you get older. I long to be by your side dancing at the balls. How much I miss but I must go. I must leave this place because you have seen me. You run. You call out my name but I only run. I do not want you to see me as this monster i became. I turn around for one last look at your dark skin as I look down at mine so light. The moon is my sun. I stand there in it. Drinking in its power. Closing my eyes, I only see you. You have aged as a old man. You’re weak. I can hear your heart beating. You almost dying. I come to see you one last time before you go to keep your god. I come in thru the window. You think your dreaming of me again. I sit down on your bed, laying my icy hand on yours. You asked where I’ve been. I only smile and say I’ve always been by your side, always watching you from a far. Not showing my fangs. I see the light leaving your eyes. Blood tears run down my cheeks. I kiss your lips. Then, I stand. You watch me as I watch death from take you away from this place. I tell you I love you. I say it’s time to go. You smile at me as more tears come. I leave the same way I came... I hide in the shadows and lust for the light. For I am vampyre, forever imprisoned by the night....

Come write with us. Guardiano Oscuro is a up and coming Multiverse role-play group. We have lots of roles available that just need a good driver behind them. Break out of that writing slump and join us today.

Beautiful Breakdown By Kiara Trisani

For the first time,  In what seems to be an eon, The turmoil outside my window Does not reflect the way I feel inside. I am fascinated by the torrential rain, The violent gusts of the wind, And the angry strikes of lightning, That take over the skies. And the many shades of grey Do not overcome me. I simply watch with awe And still a warm feeling remains with my heart. I quickly compose a piece of pen & paper art, Which soothes my soul; calming & therapeutic. As the chaos unfolds on the other side of the glass.  Alas!  This light show is the cause of the brainstorm,  Behind these pretty blue eyes This perfect storm, is why,  I am hypnotized. I can only seem to capture a fraction Of Nature's most beautiful breakdown. And no longer do I wear the frown That could nearly drown  An entire population in my sorrows, or, That could soak up the sun or any foe Because now my vision sees a clearer tomorrow.

Rules are :: 1.It has to be your original work. 2.Must be at least 500 words. 3.Have to be willing to let it be published in the magazine. 4.It has to be submitted by the 5th of March. To Submit an entry e-mail and put WW March Contest in the subject. The winner will be the next cover story.

This series by Christine Feehan is called The Ghost Walkers.   It's about these soldiers both male and female that are experimented on by a man named Whitney who is determined to create an army of psychically enhanced soldiers. As the series goes on it follows the stories of these exordinary people as they battle to win back their lives from the demented man called Whitney. Along the way they find their way to freedom as they fight their way through the many obstacles that block their way to freedom.   I once stumbled upon the story upon the story of Rose some years ago while shopping for some new reading material. It was unlike anything that I had ever read before and thought it would be an interesting read. Boy was I ever wrong! It went beyond interesting as I followed the progress of this young woman while she tried to make her bid for freedom with a strange man she had never met before while out searching for the murderer of her caretakers.

Along the story you will find that two people are the complete opposite find the bond that was forged from the first meeting in the swamplands of Louisiana all the way to the point where they find out who exactly killed her care takers. Â As you read you will experience a whole new side of the human psyche and abilities that you had never thought would be possible. Is the series really worth the time it takes to read it? Absolutely! You'll find that honor, love, courage, and bravery are the exact tools that are needed to conquer an empire that a cruel madman tries to create.

It starts out as a tap Just a small movement It slowly grows until you can’t sit anymore and feel the need to move and so begins the dance with a simple sway at first as you stand Getting a feel for the music Letting it move you Rather than you move for it Then you dance Swaying sensually along As the pulse takes you away Pushing you higher as your heart beats faster twisting twirling caressing then just as it had started  it drifts to a stop leaving only the feel of your heart beating

Jax laid with her head on Levi's shoulder, the blanket was the only thing covering them. They were alone. Her parents were out Daimon hunting and everyone else they knew thought they hated each other. Not even Miyu and Otto knew they were together. It had started out that they had hated each other, but something had changed and they had become inseperable. There was something that made her feel safe and loved. When he had his arms wrapped around her, Jax felt like nothing would ever touch her, Levi wouldn't let it.    "You think to much." He grumbled. Jax shifted to look up at him.    "You whine to much." Levi chuckled as he leaned down to kiss her forehead tenderly.    "Whats going on in that pretty head of yours." "Doesn't Otto ever wonder where you are? Why you never patrol nights." Levi shrugged he didn't really care, he would rather be here with her.        "No, not really. He's to into Miyu to care. Besides," He smiled at her, "I wouldn't leave you anyway. Zues knows what's out there to hurt you. If someone tried to force me to, I would have to blow our cover." Jax leaned up to kiss the

tip of his nose.   "I think I would to. We should tell them anyway. I would like to go on a real date, Levi."    "I know. Promise me you dad won't kill me and we'll tell them." Jaxon frowned as she thought about it. Her father was an anciet Roman whose favorite activities were death and torment. Well not for her dad, but for others of Ancient Rome and she was his only daughter. Yeah he would go Loco. Probably drag Kyrian and Ash in to. Possibly Zarek. On second thought.     "Uncle Z won't let him kill you."     "Psycho-ass? Your betting my life will be saved by Psycho-ass?" Jax shrugged.     "Its better than nothing." she defended herself. Levi laughed and rolled them until she was under him. "I love you Levi."      "I love you to Jax. Don't ever leave me. I don't know what I would do without you." Jaxon leaned foreward and kissed him soundly.      "Never." Levi pulled away with a look on his face. Suddenly his eyes widened and he shot of the bed, getting dressed.      "I've got to go, you're parents are home." He quickly kissed her before scaling down the tree outside her window. Jax laughed as she pulled on her pajamas on before watching Levi running across the yard.  She slid the window closed and fell back on to her bed before Valerius entered. "What are you still doing up?"  Jaxon shrugged.      "I couldn't sleep." she lied. Valerius shot her a look that

clearly said he didn't believe her, but he didn't push. She would tell him in her own time, she always did. "But now that I know you guys are home and safe. I think I'll sleep now. Got to be up for class in a bit." Valerius kissed the top of her head.     "Good night, Filia."he whisperd. Jax smiled as her dad used the latin endearmenet for daughter, his pet name for her.    "Night, tata."  her nickname for him which was latin for daddy. Valerius left and Jax laid down and fell into a fitfull sleep. Something was about to go down and she was going to be in the middle of it. She needed to tell Levi soon, he needed to know since she had a feeling he was going to be involved too. If only she knew what was going to happen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------    "Ugh you pig, would you put some distance between us?" Jaxon sneered at Levi as she sat in the backseat of Otto's SUV with him. Miyu and Otto chuckled from upfront . Levi shot her a look and snorted. They could play their parts well.     "But don't you want to snuggle to conserve body heat? Its awfully cold back here." he said with a grin. Jax leaned forewarda and flipped the air conditioning to heat.    "There. Now its not cold. Personal space Levi." This was their common fight, since Otto gave the girls a lift to classes. Unfortunatly Levi got to tag along with Otto. Lucky her.    "I'm hurt, Jaxon. You don't like me?" Jax snorted.    "What gave you that completly correct idea?" Levi

grinned at her, she wanted to kiss him. Ugh keeping this secret sucked.   "Perhaps it is the fights you two have every damned day." Otto grunted. Miyu smacked his arm and Levi and Jax shared a look as he grabbed it and held it. Only friend their butts. "Or perhaps its the years of sexual tension building. One day I am going to look back there and you two are going to be going at it."Jax could almost hear Levi thinking 'I wish!'    "Here is your building, out you go." Jax and Levi slid out of the backseat and started towards her class. As their friends pulled away, Levi grabbed Jax's hand and dragged her to a secluded corner so he could kiss her. "A lot of sexual tension, huh? I think I could fix that." her muttered against her throat. Jax laughed and pushed him back. "Alright, but later. I have to get to class now."She threaded her fingers through his and pulled him along. "I still want to know why Ash made you immortal and my body guard. You don't think he knows do you?" Levi shrugged.    "That man knows a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if he did." Jax frowned. If he knew, he could easily tell her dad. And heads would roll when Valerius Magnus found his daughter was sleeping with a squire. A Dorean, blood right squire, no less. Kill then ask questions later was his motto. Especially when it came to her. "Don't worry. Everything will work out in the end, ma belle princesse romaine." Jax loved when he use his name for her.  My beautiful Roman princess. She kissed him as he pulled away to lean against the wall outside her class as she slipped in.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------He watched them both. The girl was the one he was after, but it seemed he to go through the squire. This was going to be a bit tougher, but he would do it. That girl would be the key to get to the twins and their hunters. He could finally get what her wanted. He just had to wait until the time was right.

(This is chapter one in a book that Jasmine is working on. Hopefully she’ll have more to share soon. I know I’m looking forward to it.)


By Georgia Rhys-Bowen Sometimes we hide behind masks and conventions.. showing the world what they want to see, or what they wish to . Its a matter of burying our true selves with deception and platitudes. Layers to be peeled back.. and discovered... and once they see who we really are.... its up to those who we friend to decide whether they wish to remain ours.. or us theirs... Lies and half truths hurt and deceive.

A Hidden Dimensions Publication

Whispering Wynds - Feb 2014  

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