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April 2014

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We are looking for a few good writers. If you love to write and aren’t afraid of a little hard work, join us. We’d love to have you. Contact Damien Wolfe today.

Kresley Cole’s Wanted, Undead or Alive By Aria Wolf For this month’s book corner, I chose Kresley Cole’s Wanted, Undead or Alive. I’ve loved her work for a while now. This book was no different. I loved how Phinneas and Brynley were both trying so hard to not have feelings for each other, and trying to persuade themselves that they were all wrong for each other, to the point where the Brynley actually thought Pinneas hated her, and vice versa. It was funny how they were both a little insecure, but still always acting so strong and prickly towards others. Every female always thought Phinneas really was the Love Doctor, and he came to hate that this was what people thought was the most important thing about him. I got punked at the very start of the story, I totally believed Phinneas' spiel, and I was shocked! However, when I think about it, it truly was the best way to get Cory out of hiding, and he played his role so well that even reading about it was very convincing! I like that the vamps in this series can teleport - if I could have a super-power; that would be the one I'd wish for. Of course, it

makes things very interesting when the vamps being chased can teleport as well, as it is impossible to follow someone that way, and the vamps can only teleport to places where they have already been before - or through calling someone and going towards their voice. I loved all the interactions between Brynley and Phinneas, and their chemistry is sizzling! It was really a true love story, where most of the action happened with only Brynley and Phinneas in the picture, the other characters being elsewhere. Phinneas handled himself perfectly well, he showed his growth, he has changed a great deal from when he was first introduced, and the way he has matured is very pleasant. There were quite a few bad guys in this story, and they were chased all over the world, while our good vamps were doing their best to keep everybody safe from harm or worse. There were a few new characters introduced to the cast, and both Freemont, Phinneas' human brother and Nate, Brynley's long lost friend were really great. Hopefully, we'll see more of them in the future. There were some not-so nice additions as well, but that was to be expected. I especially loathed Brynley's intended husband, and I was appalled at the way her father used her as a pawn to make himself stronger. No wonder both Phil and Bryn ran away from the pack at the first chance they got! A blast form the past came in the character La Toya, luckily, only by phone, but her treatment of Phinneas made me hate her all over again - and here's to hoping she will not show up later.

The final battle was epic, as usual, but with an unexpected twist that caught me completely unaware, and I was really worried for Phinneas. He wanted to be more than that. He wanted someone who would look past his outward appearance to connect with his soul. Someone who would see him as special. Worthy of a lifetime, not a singe night. "So you got tired of one-night stands?" Freemont wrinkled his nose. "Is that even possible?" "Yes, it is. Eventually, I realized that being wanted as an oddity is an insult. I want to be appreciated for being myself.“ Both of these quotes point out the change in Phinneas, from being the love-doctor only thinking about having fun and canoodling with different women every night, he realizes now that he wants more, and that he deserves more. It also made him treat other people (and vamps) differently, as he understood that he might not have been the only one playing a role. If you are a fan of the `Love at Stake' series, this is a must-read! And if you haven't read it yet, but love paranormal romance with a dash of humor, I recommend that you start with book number one at your earliest convenience, and then just enjoy the ride.

Hello fans and minions and all, this month I had a chance to sit down with a new friend of mine Vaxyn Shezmu Varduzynstee. I hope you enjoy getting to know him like I did. Me: Who is Vaxyn? Vaxyn: Vaxyn is my version of the Egyptian demonic god Shezmu; god of slaughter, wine, oils, perfumes. He is unstable at best with an unquenchable thirst for torture and death. He enjoys that a lot more than he should it is almost like a fetish of sorts with him. He is also extremely quirky with a lot of things that make him eccentric. Although he is basically a serial killer by job title he is fun-loving, protective, and vulgar all at the same time shamelessly with the ones who he considered friends or loved ones. Me: Why this type of character? Vaxyn: I wanted a character I could have fun on, that was not like any others out there in the rp world, one that most others would be hesitant about taking on. The mix of almost childlike behavior and his fixation with killing in some of the most brutal ways makes him unique With my personal liking for torture scenes and my ability in making them graphic this character was perfect in that aspect. Me: For you as a writer was it hard to come up the basics for this character compared to using one from a book?

 Vaxyn: No, not at all, I enjoy producing my own creations. It is a bit more time consuming and takes a more thought but I find that it is a lot more satisfying as a writer to make your own character. To understand every flaw and strength, know every story, to actually hear the character speaking to you in your head telling you what they want from you. When you use one from a book that process is already prepared for you, and half the stories of the characters life could or could not be known or understood by yourself.  Me: What would you like people to know about your character?  Vaxyn: That he has reasons for being crazy, he might not share those reason with everyone but the reasons are there. He keeps them hidden from just about everyone even the ones that he trusts the most only a rare few know about it.  Me: What do you see in the future for vaxyn?  Vaxyn: As of right now he has currently been brought back to Duat the underworld; he was given his own piece of it to rule. So I am seeing him coming to terms with that, dealing with the ones who seek to judge him as an outcast for whatever reason, and of course he is slowly moving forward in his new relationship.  Me: What would you like to see in the future of Rp itself and do you have any idea to help achieve them?

ď ś Vaxyn: I would like to see, more creativity among writers and less drama that is not storyline involved. I think respect for fellow rpers, communication with all that interact with your character, and the realization that though we play characters on the screen; there are real people behind the character and all humans have real feelings are a few tips on how we can achieve those things. ď ś Me: Do you have any advice for up and coming Rp'ers who are just starting out? ď ś Vaxyn: Just to be themselves or whoever their character is rather, to not change for the others who might influence them in the rp world. Keep an open mind to everything and be original as possible. But most importantly, I would say to just have fun I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I had doing the interview.

The Realm is considered by many to be nothing more than myth, a legend, a fairy tale. A place of untold magic and creatures you've only seen in your nightmares. Existing for centuries in isolation behind their shrouding mist, the inhabitants are creatures of immense power, icy logic – and unequaled passions. The Realm is cruel, demanding, and dangerous. Time moves slow and yet the culture is very highly developed. Only the truly powerful or their lesser can cross over to the Human world. Only the strong survive to protect the weak. Those of the true darkness seek to destroy the world the the Regem in caligine, King of the Mist, has created. With the king now dead, his sister rises to the throne against his enemies...Join her and those loyal to the King against all odds. What side will you be on?

Tips & Tricks To Spice up Posting

By Allie Caminali

 INTRO We are all role players here, right? So we all know how to build a post, a story, or even a C.D or S.L. But do we know how to make our posts spicier? Do we know what words we can add in to make the post just... Pop from the computer screen. Today, our main article is about little helpful hints to making your posts do just that, and helping your reader want to come back again, and again, and again.  SAID IS DEAD I will say this time and time again. Said is a dead word when it comes to writing. Using different variations of the word though, depending on how the person is thinking, responding, or feeling will make the difference. Don’t say: “It is such a happy day!” he said. Try using, “It is such a happy day!” he cheered. It helps to understand the emotion that your character is feeling, and why he is feeling it. And please remember guys. Do not repeat! Its why said is dead. Do you really want to read a post that over and over and over has the words he/she said? NO! Trash the word, throw it to the dogs, and pretend it never existed. Why? Because it is a repetitive word, and while reputation helps you to learn, it bored the readers!  USE A THESAURUS Why? Because like “Said is Dead” there are many more imaginative ways to speak something. I am furious about

reading the simplest ways to say emotion. See what I did there? I didn’t say angry. I said furious. There are at least a hundred different ways to say different words, and even more tools online to help you find out how to say it. Don’t have your character tell me, “I’m angry!” Why is your character angry? It is because they are hateful? Frustrated? Threatened? I can even shrink that further down too! Is he jealous? Resentful? Infuriated? Provoked? There are many different ways to say many different words. If your character is sad, don’t tell me that. Tell me that your character is depressed, empty, inferior, powerless. Just using different words to describe different feeling can change the entire course of a post, help your partner to understand what your character is going through, and help you get through a paragraph. DESCRIPTIVE WORDS Here we go. This is going to be one of my favorite sections, cause it is one I have had to teach a dozen times. Ever hate reading a role play that sounded like it was a list of things to do for the day? It kinda sounds something like this: “Woke up. Rolled out of bed and looked at the clock. Cussed at the clock when it told me I was late for work. Jumped in the shower. Let the soap cascade over me because I rushed to get ready.” No lie everybody, I have actually read something like this while I was running my own Dark Hunter group. BUT! There is a way

to save that post. You add descriptive words to it. Describe your situation. You don’t want your reader to know it’s raining... You want them to be able to close their eyes after reading your post and be able to feel the rain on their back. So, that bad post I wrote for you. How are we going to spice it up? I am going to underline the words that we added it to spruce the paragraph up. “Waking up from his deep slumber, he looked over to the clock, realizing that it was time to wake up for work. He barked out a loud curse as he furiously rolled out of bed and made a mad dash to the shower. The water padded on his back like the beating rain from a storm as the steam cleared his senses, the soap cascading down his body like a hateful river trying to find the ocean it connected to. Do you see how that changed the entire post? Made it a little more interesting to read? It described what he was doing, not just making a grocery list of things to do for the day. PUNCTUATION I know this was covered in a different issue of the RPG Gazette, but I feel it is important to cover. I am a punctuation Nazi. Every time I am trying to write seriously, I use the proper punctuation. I find it is easier to read, and for all you writers out there, it makes it understandable! How many times have you had to re-read a post because you couldn’t tell if it was an action, or a speaking part? I know I have

plenty of times! Use quotes when you speak, use apostrophes when you think, and use comas to break apart a sentence to keep it from looking like a run on sentence. TO FINISH Practice makes perfect, and even then you will never be perfect. No one is. I have even seen some of the best writers make mistakes. But you never know unless you try. Don’t say you won’t use descriptive words because you have never used them. Just try! Don’t keep using stars because using quotes is to hard. It really isn’t. It takes the same amount of button pressing to make a quote than it is to make a star. And remember, just because it may seem hard now, does not mean it will always be. Soon enough, writing long, descriptive, and correctly punctuated posts will come natural too you! Just keep writing. You only truly fail if you put writing down for good. Guardiano Oscuro is an up and coming multiverse. They’re new to the scene and have many roles available as well as welcoming indies. To check them out contact Vane, Bride, Phenix, or Jenks. Fan Page :: 5544303024110/ Open Characters :: 184451652279/

By Jasmine MacGregor

Hello fans and minions, so this month for our Spotlight group we have DHInc. I had a chance to speak with the Admins Morrigan Celt snd Sunshine Runningwolf which was so much fun. I must say thank you to them for taking their times and speaking with me. So I asked each of them the same questions and here are their answers. Me: Why this type of group?  Morrigan: We both have a great love of SK and her books. There is a strong pull to the Dark Hunter groups, since that is where I got my start in RP way back when I was a totally different voice, but Morrigan always stuck with me even though she was small in Sunshine and Talon's book. Me: What is DHinc? Morrigan: Dark Hunter's Incorporated is a relaxed drama free group that follow SK's guidelines for RP'ing the dark hunter series. Me: Where do you see your group in the future? Morrigan: I see us ever changing. With new ans evolving SL's and new family and friends. Me: What are the goals for the group?  Morrigan: I think the goal is to keep new and interesting ideas coming in.

 Me: What advice would you give to new RP'ers?  Morrigan: To not doubt yourself, but take constructive instruction.  Me: What do you look for in an RP'er so they may join?  Morrigan: We look for someone without drama, we don't care if you are completely new or seasoned. Here are the answers from Sunshine.  Me: Why this type of group?  Sunshine: The Dh group because its an amazing series with different characters and exciting.  Me: What is DHinc?  Sunshine: Dhinc is Dark Hunter's Incorporated which is a Dh Group where we tolerate no drama and had been around for 2 wonderful years.  Me: Where do you see your group in the future?  Sunshine: In the future I see us still writing and striving coming up with SL's and writing with the amazing group of writers that we've been lucky to gain.

 Me: What advice would you give to nee RP'ers?  Sunshine:The advice I'd give new Writers is simply just try it. It may be hard at first but the more you dig into the character and get to know them it will be easier. If you pick a character that you can relate too, and then take that emotion and go through the journey with the character.  Me: What do you look for in an RP'er to join?  Sunshine: We look for someone who isn't going to cause drama whose fun and wants to write and be with a group who wants to be welcomed into the family. All we ask is that they fill the application out that is located in our fan page.

Again thank you so much Morrigan and Sunshine for letting us all learn about you and your group, you are two wonderful women.

Need support with weight loss or getting fit. Come join us. Studies have proven people do better when they work together.

By Kessar Gallu Demon


I sit here, in my large leather winged back chair and wonder this for my own character. My fingers steeple and touch my nose I begin to contemplate this question. My brain whirls with ideas on how to best build the demon. The first thought is who is this character, what does he or she look like. Is he tall, short, does he hold himself with honor or with a predators manor or is she shy and vulnerable. Next would be the looks, voice, color, all the things that make up an individual. Details that swirl as one, making that person whole. Next is the past. Your characters past will indeed impact its present and future. Sit back, close your eyes and envision what your character went through, be it an original or a previsioned character. Understand what the character went through, understand the emotions that he or she went through. Was it all happiness at first that was swallowed by darkness, or was it evil that ran rampant in their lives? Or, if your character has powers, how did they deal with this, did the powers eat them alive making them crazed, or did they flourish and soothe others around them. Once you sit back and relax and see, hear and yes, maybe even smell your character, is when you finally understand your character. Because you are now in their head, you understand their past, present and future. You understand why your character is who he or she is. Thus begins your bio. You have created all the details you need to build the world around him. Details that bring them alive, so you as the writer

Example Bio Template

can make the reader understand the depths of your character, not just as a role play character, but as a true flesh and blood person. With real details that people, as a whole, can relate with.

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