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Work Expensive 25th June To 29th June 2012

Monday 25th June 2012 Research- 1 hour 30mins I started research different music website trying to find what I search to find the website. I found three music video website that want to forces on. I put in the search engine, music and music videos. The three websites I found were: main competitor are:, and I did some compering between and On the page I liked the link bar because every ten seconds it change from (example Rhianna to Coldplay to take that) also I liked the browse bar its a alphabetical link section for example: C link links you to: Coldplay and Cherly Cole. On the website there was a language bar lets you change the language. After looking at the website I through that I would making a music video site for example I decide to remake, so I stared the logo. Logo-2 hours I started the design of the logo, I kept the same colour scheme green, white and black. I started making the logo like the original but a bit more detail like shadows and emboss. I finish at 30mins but I didn't like it so I started again. I then made a big M then in small I put “usic .com� next to the big M. again I looked at the logo and through that it need something else so I found a guitar and change to colour to the background (white) the put it on the front of the M.

Then lunch logo continue 20min Next I made the logo more modern by put a gradient on the 'm' and ''. The end Product;

The last thing I started was make a website on. I started making a header with the logo (above) on it which would go on my website but it took me a while till I could get it on because I didn't know where to find he place where you put it on. Then I started make picture to go where the videos would go and that all for Monday. Tuesday 26th June 2012 Started make the report 1 hour 45min. Facebook Website Then I started Making a Facebook page for my Website

The cover picture was from:

Also I watched the web coding tutorial on I watched all the html tutorial and the Css tutorial. Wednesday 27th June I Started editing the website, I started filling the home page also I started making post and in the post I put some names of Artist what I will fill in later. The artist are: Carly Rae Jepsen, Cheryl Cole, Coldplay, Rihanna and Adele. I add “New Songs” and “Top Ten”

Thursday 28th June 2012 I added more artist: Katy Perry, The Script and Bruno Mars. I started put their N.1 hits if they had any, Example Coldplay: Charlie Brown, Princess Of china and Paradise. I then went on Youtube and looked for the video then copyed the Http and linked it to the Hits Then I through it needs more so I put in the latest album so Coldplay's is Mylo Xyloto. I then went on Youtube and looked for the video then copied the Http and linked the list of song in the album. Then I went looking for picture for headers. Example Coldplay I have a picture of the band.

W.E Report  

work expensive

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