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May 2014


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To Our Readers Random Ramblings of a Rare Bird: Where Will Your Bike Take You This Year? by Mike Mekinda Ask Dr. Cychol The Live It Right Dream Ride Update The Preacher Speaks About... Tech Talk and E85 Ethanol by Franz Hoffer The Skinny On... Cure for the Polar Vortex by Pedro Gregorio Ohio Motorized Trail Association: Personal Responsibility is Key to Safe Riding by Matt Mesarchik Motorcycling and Law: Answering Reader Questions by Dondi Vesprini Motorcycle Awareness Month: Get Endorsed, Get Insured & Spread the Word by Jason Waechter Open Terrain - Exploring the World and Soul by Motorcycle: Death Valley Noob Rally, 2014, Life from the Springs by Nicole Espinosa

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Large cover photo: Contributing Editor Pedro Gregorio’s Speed Triple at rest during his annual pilgrimage south to escape winter in Michigan. Photo by Pedro Gregorio. Small cover photo: The smile on her face shows the joy Contributing Editor Nicole Espinosa experiences when overlooking the Saline Valley in the desert. Photo by Paul H. Smith.

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May 2014

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Shedding Winter: The First Ride of Spring Finally, we seem to be leaving the winter of 2013 – 2014 behind and creeping into the new riding season. As you will read in this issue, like most of you, every contributor has been suffering through the seemingly endless snow and cold while at the same time planning for that first opportunity to get out for a ride. Some stay inside and make plans for when the snow clears. (See Mike Mekinda’s column.) Others make their way to the garage to putter with service, repairs and add-ons in preparation for that first ride. Some don’t wait for the weather to clear but instead head south to ride where the sun is more likely shining and temperatures are reaching into the mild range. (See Pedro Gregorio’s column.) While, in the past, I tended to follow some of these same activities during the winter months, this past winter was different. Since about mid-November, my motorcycle-related activities (aside from the magazine) have been lethargic. The Tiger was prepped and stored in the corner of the garage awaiting planned modifications, minor repairs and new tires that I would complete well before the riding season began. Never happened. The best I could accomplish was to add

T-5 Microwire Heated

Gloves Heated


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Gerbing G-3 Microwire Gloves

reassembled the disassembled parts, checked the oil, coolant and tires, added fresh fuel and turned the key to the “ON” position in preparation for the first start of 2014. Nothing. No lights. No instruments. No clicking. The year-old battery was dead despite having been on the trickle charger all winter. While there was disappointment for having to replace the battery, my enthusiasm was returning. I purchased a new battery, started the Tiger and let it purr for a few minutes. The bike and I were good to go. It was still a few days before I could take the first ride but at least I was ready. When the day of the first ride finally dawned, the last straggling bits of my dormancy were being pushed towards the door. Even before I went to the garage, while I was putting on my boots, the old enthusiasm for the ride was returning. With each piece of gear – chaps, jacket and

18th Annual

Hosted by the BMW Motorcycle Club of Battle Creek

Heated Apparel

Jacket Liners

Stabil to the fuel system and hook up the Battery Tender. Otherwise, I barely looked at my steed for three, maybe four months. Even my winter motorcycle-related reading, which usually keeps me charged up through the dark months, declined. I entered a pseudo-hibernation phase. During my dormancy, I went outside only when necessary. Other than the truck, the only involvement I had with any kind of gas-powered device was the regular, seemingly daily, use of the snowblower to keep the driveway and sidewalk clear. Otherwise, back into the house. The lethargy began to disappear only when the days started to get longer with more light in both the mornings and evenings. I started to look at the motorcycle I ignored all winter – despite having walked past it several times every day – a little more often. The projects I had intended to complete returned to my consciousness. If I was going to be prepared to ride when the sun finally resurfaced, I needed to get a few things done, even if those things were only enough to get the bike road worthy. I

Sunday, June 10, 2012 ine! June 8, 2014 h S n or 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Rai GILMORE CAR MUSEUM

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Retail Warehouse Phone: (269) 651-2464 Fax: (269) 651-8767 1640 S. Centerville Road (M-66 South) , Sturgis, MI

We accept all major credit cards Call (269) 651-2464 now or visit our on-line store at


Midwest Motorcyclist

6865 Hickory Rd, Hickory Corners, MI Midway between Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Lansing and Grand Rapids

269-671-5089 5

more output, and the warmth will be motivating us to hit the garage and prep the bikes for the riding season. In the meantime, I hope days like today had you daydreaming as well, and you’ll have created a mental or written list of places your motorbike will take you this year. I spend the winter reading books and magazines of traveling and racing. They’re not all about motorcycles, but they all include someone’s grand adventures, and their stories warm cold winter days. When I realize I’ve been planted in my chair for too long (nearly impossible when I have to get up and by Mike Mekinda shovel snow every few hours!), I hit the motorcycle shows, car shows and the local dealerships to find the What the heck happened? Seems I was out vehicle(s) that will support my dreams. For anyone riding on a beautiful winter day, pulled into the into any form of motorsports (or even non-motored garage and Polar Vortex 1 took over and froze our sports), we are truly living in some terrific times. Two world. Things started looking up, a thaw came hours into the International Motorcycle Show, I through (complete with ice jams and flooding), realized there is something for everyone, for every another chilly ride and we slid into Polar Vortex 2! taste- fast, less fast (there are no slow!), cruiser, Today I’m looking out my window at absolutely adventure, sports, retro, modern, even some really beautiful fresh white snow, lit by bright sunshine, cool scooters. The best part is, there’s not a bad choice unfortunately wrapped in -2 degree temps and -25 in the lot! The same goes for the auto show - even the windchill. A perfect day for laying in the warm, most insanely fast and hard-core sports cars are sunny spot on the floor with the dog and dreaming beautiful, well-made, comfortable and even get better of upcoming rides. By the time you’re reading this, mileage than crappy economy cars of just 20 years ago. I’d like to think the 60 watt winter bulb in the sun If you’ve got the cash, you really can’t go wrong. If will have been swapped for something with a bit you’re short on cash, scoop up The Latest in Head Protection Technology someone’s newer used vehicle - still awesome, might even have a bit Stop by our store today for a fitting. as of an adventure you hadn’t thought of left over from a previous owner. The Best Just Next Generation. If you’re really bold (or a bit crazy), Got Better Women Specific. go the vintage route and make an Engineered specifically for women, the The C3 PRO takes its position as the new C3 PRO WOMEN takes new leader of flip-up helmet old bike (nearly) reliable enough flip-up helmet performance technology with critical for a trouble-free summer. Now to a new level. Designed new features to fit a woman's engineered for the we’ve got our vehicle, or at least a unique facial structure, most demanding vehicle in mind, the dreaming, a redesigned liner riding. A redesigned provides improved fit liner provides scheming and planning can begin. and comfort while improved fit and comfort, Every year I start out with a aerodynamic enhancements new aerodynamic design minimize lift and buffeting. The minimizes lift and buffeting ridiculous list that I have little interior's “soft” memory foam while the patented internal chance of completing, but it still further tailors the fit. To antenna and Bluetooth provide even greater comfort, receiver deliver enhanced gives me something to look the helmet's soft, jersey knit communication range. The C3 Microfiber lining is antibacterial, forward to in the frozen months. PRO's long-term development hypoallergenic and easy to clean. also made it the world's quietest Many of my rides are solo, some flip-up helmet. two-up with my wife or daughter, BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids and a few are group rides that I hope one day, when he finishes 5995 South Division, Grand Rapids, MI college, will include my son. I have (616) 530-6900 one destination (actually a group of Latitude 41.855022 Longitude -85.66382 destinations) that I cut and paste to each new year’s list, that I call my National Visits Tour. I want to Year Make/Model Price 2013 Suzuki Vstrom 650 Adventure $8,995 travel by motorbike 2000 BMW 2013 BMW F700GS Low $8,950 and visit every R 1200 C 2012 BMW K1600GTL $20,450 friend and relative I Black, Good cond., 2012 BMW F650GS $9,450 35,995 miles, Stiletto 2012 BMW K1600GTL $19,950 have spread out version, Custom 2011 BMW F800R $7,950 across the U.S. Some 2011 Ducati Multistrada 1200 ABS $13,950 seat, Clean bike of these are merely 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 ABS $13,450 ONLY $4,950 day trips (that I still 2010 BMW K1300S $9,950 2009 Suzuki DR650 $3,750 have trouble 2009 BMW K1200LT $15,450 making time for), 008 Honda Goldwing $13,950 most will require a 2009 Suzuki 2007 BMW K1200GT $9,950 long day, or three, 2007 BMW K1200S $8,950 DR650 2007 BMW F800S $5,750 of travel time White, Very good 2006 Yamaha V Star 1100 $4,450 especially if I choose cond, 3,665 miles, 2006 BMW K1200S $8,700 to avoid the Top case, Windshield, 2005 BMW R1200RT $8,250 Hand guards, superslab and go for 2005 BMW R1200RT $7,950 Luggage rack 2004 BMW R1200CLC $7,950 backroads. In this Honda ST1300 $5,950 case, however, I’m ONLY $3,750 2004 2000 BMW R1200C $4,950 not picky highways will be BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids just fine. In most 5995 South Division, Grand Rapids, MI cases, I don’t intend (616) 530-6900 to stay long, so Latitude 41.855022 Longitude -85.66382 family or friends

Random Ramblings of a Rarebird

Where Will Your Bike Take You This Year??


Pre-Owned Motorcycles


don’t need to make up the guest room. I just want to stop by, take them to lunch or dinner, catch up on happenings and head home. This goal is all about the ride, with friends and family as the added bonus. A few of those trips will require a bit more time to invest. For instance, a close friend’s son just relocated to California, a destination that also has its own line further down my list. I’ve been to California, but the last time I was a toddler waiting for my Dad’s ship, the USS Canberra, to return to San Diego from Vietnam. I don’t remember much of the trip, (though Mom tells me we had a good time!), but I’ve always wanted to go back. Considering my list actually has lot of destinations on the west coast, that visit is going to require a great deal more time than the ride out, lunch, ride home format. Another visit that will require much longer is a cousin in Key West. I fear that ride will require days of recovery before even considering mounting the bike for the trip back north - assuming I ever want to leave! My National Visits Tour always gets the top slot on my list, because it can broken into individual trips. Ideally, I would love to just cut and run for a summer and pinball across the country doing it in one epic adventure, sharing my adventures to spark others as they dream through winter. Unfortunately, real life always intervenes, and it just can’t happen... yet... and that’s why I fill out the list with dozens of more reasonable riding goals and destinations. By March of every year, there are lists of upcoming events in magazines like Midwest Motorcyclist and on rider websites (, of course!) to choose from, and I usually come up with several, like The Ton-Up in Michigan or Americade in New York, I hope to attend. There are monuments and parks I want to visit, restaurants I’ve read about and wanted to try, and museums that sound intriguing. There are roads I’ve read or heard about that sound epic and must be ridden, either as a sporting roads or as examples of the beauty that makes this country so awesome. I pick a track day or two I hope to attend, as well as a few skills classes that can only help make me a better rider. I decide how many new riders I hope to teach through Harley-Davidson’s new Riding Academy and Motorcycle Ohio’s MSF courses, and what new skill(s) I intend to learn myself this year. I set goals of how many weeks I intend to ride cage-free this year, and how many weekends will go to the car to keep my steering-wheel skills competitive. I even go so far as writing the names of anyone significant in motorsports I’d like to meet in a given year, or who I’d like to learn a bit more about. Once I’ve more or less completed the ongoing process of my list, I realize my world is finally beginning to thaw, I’ve gotten through another winter and it’s time to get the bikes ready to enjoy a couple bullet points from my list. How about you? Do you have a list? It’s not too late ya’ know- the season’s just starting. Your list doesn’t have to be on paper or computer, but there’s something gratifying about scratching off a line, or moving it to the “DONE” column and seeing it for years to come. Print seems to be motivation that keeps one adding to the list, a kind of “I did that, so I know I can do this, too” effect. Our bikes and the road (or, perhaps, a place with no roads) are calling on us to step up, mount up and ride out. The ride can be just minutes or days, and, regardless of time, that adventure can still be epic, and the freedom liberating! Think about it... What do you want to do on a motorcycle this year, next, or before shuffling off this mortal coil? Who knows, we may even cross paths as we’re crossing objectives off our own listsand you can share a few that might make my list for next year. Be seen, ride smart, stay safe and I’ll see you on the road! -mike

May 2014

Pre-Owned Motorcycles

Pre-Owned Motorcycles

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Visit your local Harley-Davidson® dealer today. The complete list of Michigan Harley-Davidson® dealers can be found on page 10 and 11 in this issue. TM

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ASK Dr. Cycholl Q&A Column For Your Questions Relating to Motorcycle Safety, Riding Techniques and Touring By Maurice “Moe” D. Cycholl Dear Dr. Cycholl, I am 35 years old looking to get into motorcycling for the first time. I have friends that ride sport bikes, other friends that say their bikes are “sport touring” bikes and still others that say their bikes are touring bikes. All tell me that I should buy a bike like theirs. What is the difference between these styles and why would I want one VS the other? Thanks, Glen Ver Spaden, Grand Haven Mi Dear Glen, No one really has much of an unbiased opinion when it comes to their choice in motorcycles. Sport bikes are replicas of motorcycles designed for racing. To suit this purpose, they have powerful engines, low handlebars, compact full fairings for less wind resistance, high foot pegs for ground clearance in turns and little in terms of comfort at all. My biased opinion is that they are only

somewhat more comfortable than a crucifix. Few humans can endure the sport bike riding position or seats for very long. Sport-touring bikes are designed for sporty handling and better comfort. They will normally come with powerful engines but a more relaxed riding position than a true sport bike. They will have higher handlebars, lower foot pegs, larger fairings, taller windshields and hopefully a more comfortable seat. They must be equipped with saddlebags to really have “touring” included in their description IMHO. They can normally be ridden much longer (in terms of miles and time) in comfort than any sport bike while still looking and performing in a sporting manner. They are a better choice, in my opinion, than any sport bike if you want to actually ride much. Touring Bikes are physically bigger with powerful engines, much bigger windshields and fairings, higher handlebars, lower foot pegs, (usually) more comfortable seats, saddlebags and a trunk. They are a bigger handful to manage at walking speeds and have less ground clearance in turns. They can carry more load and two people more comfortably for more time and distance. Because of their size, they are not a good choice for someone just starting out. In my opinion, they are the best choice if you intend to ride a lot of miles locally and certainly the best choice if you intend multi-day trips. Many can still be ridden in a surprisingly sporting manner depending on the rider’s skills. If you are a new rider the best thing to do is get trained in a Rider’s Edge or Motorcycle Safety Foundation course first, before you buy any bike. If you pass, buy a used, smaller, basic bike as a learner. Ride this for a season and you will have a better idea as to which type of bike actually suits the riding you intend to do. .

Thank you,

Dr Cycholl

The Dr Requests your help! I need your questions! This column will be only as good as your questions. If you have a question, it is very likely it will be answered quickly, via Email or snail mail and, in the pages of Michigan Motorcyclist/Midwest Motorcyclist magazine. Please send them in! Dr. Maurice D. Cycholl is a world-renowned expert in Motorcycle Safety, Riding Techniques and Touring. In addition, while he is not a recognized expert in motorcycle mechanics, he does possess a fair degree of knowledge in the area of mechanical, and electrical systems found on many motorcycles. He welcomes your questions on these subjects. While you may submit questions on any subject, his advice on other subjects may, or may not be, as reliable. Please submit your questions via email to: askDrCycholl@ or via snail mail to: Dr. “Moe” D. Cycholl, c/o CC media, 709 Fall Street, Spring Lake, MI 49456

• Monday, May 12, 2014 •

Spring 2014 Track Day Grattan Raceway The day costs $170, which includes track time, class room instruction and lunch. All makes and models of bikes are welcome to attend our track events! To register, or if you have any questions at all regarding our track events please call Audrey at SEM: (734) 981-1479 BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan 39933 Ford Road, Canton, MI 734.981.1479 8

May 2014

The Live It Right Dream Ride Column Will Return Next Month Regular readers know that Emily Flinkstrom and Jay Wilgus are in the process of planning and organizing their 15month grand adventure ride to Tierra del Fuego and back, beginning in mid-June. This column documents their preparations for the trip and will continue as a journal of their experiences after they hit the road. As we go to press, the couple is closing the deal on their motorcycles, getting all of their gear sorted while at the same time trying to sell their house in Ann Arbor. Much to do and time is getting short. For those readers following their column, it will return next month with lots of new, interesting information (they promise!) Thanks for reading and stay tuned. In the meantime, be sure to visit the Live It Right Dream Ride website at for more information.

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2014 MI Supermoto Test and Tune Dates April 19 May 5 June 22 July 20 August 24 September 21 October 4 October 5

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The Preacher Speaks About...

TECH TALK and E85 Ethanol by Franz “The Preacher” Hoffer I had an excellent response to our inaugural edition of Tech Talk where Jerry B discussed getting our bikes ready for riding after the winter hiatus, concentrating on often overlooked tires. I received several e-mails on suggestions for future Tech Talk subjects and we will get to all of them. In that initial article, I had to edit out some aspects of my interview with Jerry that I really didn’t want to, but due to space considerations I really had no choice. In brainstorming the issue with Ray Peabody the Owner/Editor of Midwest Motorcyclist, we came up with the idea of running Tech Talk every other month and devoting the entire article to it, thereby allowing me to include much more pertinent information and not having to edit and re-edit to fit into the allotted space, as well as including detailed pictures. In the alternating issues, I’ll continue to write about my personal riding experiences and other topics of interest, centering on Harley-Davidson Riders. I have been out on my bike already this year and it was refreshing and invigorating to get on the road. Uncovering my Road Glide Ultra from its winter blanket, rolling it out of the garage, checking the fluids, checking the clutch, brakes, battery, and all the connections not to mention checking the tires (I will be replacing my front tire shortly), making sure the tread is good with no cracks and getting them up to the proper tire pressure. This process has, for me, become a rite of spring that seems to put everyone in the neighborhood in a good mood as they all drive or walk by, many stopping to admire my twowheeled work of high performance art. But something I have been reading has me concerned, especially regarding my planned summer trips to the East Coast and then my annual pilgrimage to Sturgis. That concern is E-85 Fuel, containing 15% Ethanol. I have heard the pros and cons and decided I needed to educate myself on the subject. Recent action by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has allowed, but not mandated, up to 15% ethanol in gasoline. The waiver by the EPA requires that the pumps be clearly labeled “Passenger Vehicles Only” and the EPA lists motorcycles among those vehicles that should not be fueled with E-85. Currently, we are all likely using E-10 (90% gasoline, 10% ethanol) and the bump to E-85 is in compliance with the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, put in place to cut dependence on foreign oil and to reduce the production of greenhouse gases from vehicles. Ethanol in gasoline seems to be the enemy of the motorcycle engine, air or liquid cooled. Ethanol contains 1/3 less energy per gallon than gasoline and causes a very lean fuel-air mixture, possibly to the point of damaging the engine. Many small engine manufacturers will not honor warranties if the fuel used contains more than 10% Ethanol. The big fear for motorcyclists is that while the E-85 pump is clearly marked, many pumps share common Continued on page 16



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Cure For The Polar Vortex by Pedro Gregorio Seventeen degrees Fahrenheit. That was the temperature on the first Sunday of Spring when I put my Speed Triple on the trailer – seventeen stinkin’ degrees. This winter has been a doozy and by “doozy” I mean a freeze-your-cojones-off kind of winter. At first, I loved using my new snow blower to clear the white stuff that kept falling from the sky. But it kept falling, and falling, and falling. By the end of March, I was so ready — ready to get the hell out. Last year, my baby and I spent a week in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee (TN) and North Carolina (NC) which I wrote about it in my Midwest Motorcyclist “Spring in the Smokies” series. I mentioned that this might become an annual tradition for me so this year I decided to do it again. The weather around Pigeon Forge can be a crap shoot this time of year but the chances of a Michiganstrength polar vortex were pretty rare. I wasn’t the only one ready for some excellent riding. I had bought the Speed Triple an Elka rear shock for Christmas (What? Don’t you buy your bike Christmas gifts?) and was dying to see how it felt. The stock shock, even after re-valving and respringing just wasn’t cutting it so I decided to spend the money on a high-quality aftermarket unit. Riding the twisties would also be a perfect warm-up for the Michigan MSTA’s (Motorcycle Sport Touring

BMW Motorcycles of Detroit 34080 Van Dyke Ave Sterling Heights, MI, 48312 (586) 274-4000

Association) opening group ride in the Ozarks in April. My favorite roads within an easy day’s ride of Pigeon Forge were all ingrained in my mind: Foothills Parkway, Deal’s Gap, US129, Rt.28, Cherohala Skyway, Rt.360. The week started off cool but allowed me three glorious days of riding capped off by a 60-degree, sunny Thursday that gave me almost 300 miles of the best riding this area has to offer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: for all of the fanfare that Deal’s Gap gets, I really do prefer every other road around it. Eleven miles of 2nd gear corners don’t really turn me on. What does turn me on? Flow, baby, flow. I absolutely love roads that flow smoothly and quickly, preferably in 3rd gear at 7,000 to 9,000 rpm. How fast is that? Let’s just say fast enough and leave it at that. I’ve waxed poetically about the Cherohala Skyway between Robbinsville, NC, and Tellico Plains, TN, but there are 3 other roads that you MUST ride when you head down there. The 18-mile long section of the Foothills Parkway connects Rt.321 near Townsend, TN with US129 and it was my route to and from my home base every day. During the high tourist season, this Continued on next page

Never Enough Expands into Powersports

Continued from page 13 - The Skinny On... amazing road can get clogged with cars (the passengers in which are admiring the beautiful views) but this time of year, that was not an issue. What this meant for me was that every morning and every afternoon, I was able to experience the perfect, constantradius corners in solitude – blissful, 3rd gear, 8,000 rpm solitude. I never sighted any wildlife bigger than a squirrel so maybe the wail of my Arrow exhaust kept the deer at bay. Once I hit US129 and turned right, I enjoyed the view of Chilhowee Lake on my left and the lazy sweepers before the road turned inland and gave me a few delicious kinks up to the intersection with Rt.72. 72 doesn’t have many entertaining curves but did give me a few long straightaways to play with. Making a left on US411 and a few miles down the road, another left put me onto the 2nd must-ride

30805 Plymouth Rd. • Livonia, 48150 734-422-3435

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Grant, Michigan – Never Enough Auto and Truck Accessories has announced the expansion of their business into the powersports market. The 11-yearold company sees this move as a natural extension of their existing business.

road: Rt.360 to Tellico Plains, TN. The combination of low and high-speed corners makes this a curve lover’s dream. But wait, the best is yet to come. When I got to Tellico Plains, I followed the signs to Rt.68 south. In my opinion, this road wins the M.V.A.C.A. (Most Variety of Amazing Corners Award.) From tight 2nd gear narrow curves to wide, very fast sweepers, this one does it for me. Plus any road that takes me to a place called Ducktown, TN, gets extra points. Just over the Georgia border is McCaysville where I enjoyed a scenic lunch sitting next to the fast-flowing Toccoa River. I had forgotten what sixty degrees felt like. Then it was time get back on my bike and do it all again in reverse. So whether we have another Polar Vortex next winter or not, you can show winter who’s boss by going to the Smokies (before the tourist hordes invade) and experience some of the best, most deserted twisty roads you’ve ever ridden. You can bet I’ll be back.


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“Our customers have a variety of toys – not just cars and trucks – that they’re passionate about,” said Curt Miles, Sales and Marketing Manager. “They also have motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats and RVs that are part of their active lifestyles. We want to be their one-stop source for parts, accessories and apparel for all of their toys.” Initially, Never Enough will stock Tourmaster and Cortech luggage, rain suits, gloves and boots. They will also offer motorcycle detailing. The company plans to expand their offering as they get a better sense of what their customers want in powersports apparel, accessories and related products. Never Enough’s 30,000 square foot facility (including a 10,000 square foot service center) has plenty of room for additional inventory. “Every employee here at the store is an enthusiast of cars, trucks and some other powersports activity,” said Mr. Miles. “We like our toys and have a good idea of the wants and needs of the market. That said, we are ready to adapt to requests by our customers. Our objective is to offer a wide variety of great products at affordable prices.” Never Enough is located 360 South Maple (M-37) in Grant, Michigan. For more information, visit their store, check out their website at or give them a call toll free at (877) 609-6727. For those planning to attend the Baldwin Blessing of the Bikes on May 16, 17 and 18, be sure to stop at Never Enough on your way. They’ll have tents set up in the parking area with lots of product and great prices.


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Groundbreaking Set for Future Home of Ray C’s New Dealerships Lapeer, Michigan – Ray Clemens, Sr., owner of Ray C’s Harley-Davidson and Ray C’s Extreme Store (Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha), announced that he will hold a groundbreaking ceremony at the new site of his dealerships on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 12 noon. The location, 1491 South Lapeer Road (M-24) is situated a couple miles south of Lapeer and a half mile south of the I-69 / M-24 interchange. “We’re looking forward to the move to the new location,” said Mr. Clemens. “The property will allow us to have both dealerships on the same site, provide easier customer access from I-69 and create a destination for motorcyclists from all over. The new location will be good for everyone.” The 10-acre property will not only be home to both the 27,000 square-foot Harley-Davidson and 10,000 square-foot Extreme dealerships but also an outdoor pavilion, a fire pit, water tower, multiple spots for pictures and even a customer lounge with a cleaning station for eyeglasses. Construction will take approximately five months with a grand opening planned for sometime in September. All motorcycle enthusiasts are invited to attend both the ground breaking and grand opening. For more information, visit Ray C’s website at, call the store at (810) 664-9261 or go to the dealership’s Facebook page.

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Dirt Track Heroes, Bike Show and Expanded Indian Exhibit Take Center Stage at Vintage Rally 2014 National Motorcycle Museum Celebrates its 25th Anniversary Anamosa, Iowa - Now is the time to start planning summer rides to motorcycle events. A great one to attend is right in the middle of America, the Vintage Rally at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa June 7 and 8. There’s a great allbrand bike show featuring dirt track race bikes and Indian motorcycles, 1988 and older. The swap meet is always good fun. And typically some racers and other Hall of Fame inductees attend ready to tell their stories, give you their autograph. Then you cap it all off with a Sunday morning ride through some of hilly eastern Iowa, artist Grant Wood country. Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, the National Motorcycle Museum is a really great place to visit, filled with things that will stimulate your motorcycling memory, even serve as a research tool. This is an expansive museum with over 400 motorcycles and tons of memorabilia on display, so

hoses; there will always be residue from the previous user in the hose. In the relatively small gas tanks on our motorcycles, this means up to ½ gallon of the E-85 mixture being mixed in thus increasing the Ethanol level in our gas tanks. Many motorcyclists claim a decrease in mileage as the level of Ethanol goes up and one study I read indicated that even with E-10 the reduction in gas mileage is a whopping 10% to 15%. This has turned into a political argument. Corn states love the alcohol (ethanol) percentage increasing in gasoline as it drives up the price of corn which is good for their state and their taxe revenue. On the other side, the United Nations has formally asked the United States to suspend the use of corn as the increased demand for corn has driven up the price worldwide. The AMA has come out strongly against E-85 and, as of today, you don’t see that much out there….but then the E-10 caught on slowly and now it’s everywhere. I read a report of an individual whoowns a 2009 Harley Road King Classic, living in a “corn state.” In order to run the E-85 efficiently (which for him is locally readily available at a lower price that the high octane gas he is supposed to run), he took the bike to his mechanic and they changed the computer, injector, and oxygen sensor. The bike runs fine, but he does admit to decreased gas mileage. I guess the decision on how to handle it will up to the individual rider. For me, I’m not sure I like the Federal Government dictating what gas we should use. To leave you with food for thought, I’d like to quote the disclaimer that Harley-Davidson is putting in all their new manuals: Fuels with an ethanol content of up to 10% may be used without affecting vehicle performance. U.S.EPA regulations currently indicate that fuels with 15% ethanol (E15) are restricted from use in motorcycles at the time of this publication. Motorcycles delivered in some countries are calibrated to operate with higher ethanol concentrations to meet the fuel standards in those countries.” My friends, my take on all this is pretty simple and straight forward. I love my motorcycle and for me, I’m OK with E-10, but will avoid E-85 until such time as I am completely confident that it won’t harm my bike….what about you? Let me know your thoughts at Lakes Dual Sporters

SPRING OPEN HOUSE • Saturday, May 17, 2014 • Join us in celebrating the start of a new riding season!

• New models • Demo rides (weather permitting) Do • Special prices storewide mis n’t s it • Food & refreshments ! BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan 39933 Ford Road, Canton, MI 734.981.1479 16

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Continued from page 10 - The Preacher

The Great is a like-minded group of offroad motorcyclists who enjoy riding Michigan’s vast two-track trails and back roads. All done using a street legal dirtbike also known as Dual Sport. If you’re looking for fantastic dualsport riding and the company of great friends, join us. Check out our website at to learn about our group, our events and much more. Only $10 to join!

plan to take it all in while you are at the Vintage Rally. Especially good news is that the Museum staff will be expanding the Indian exhibition area, adding bikes, bringing in more stories of the history of this famous marque. And, if you haven’t seen the Allstate Motorcycle Dirt Track Heroes presented by J&P Cycles, this is a perfect time. Chat with expected guests, dirt track racers Bill Tuman, Dick Klamfoth, Mike Wilson, and Bobbie Hill plus local Iowa champ John Tibben, all Hall of Famers. All this is waiting for you at the National Motorcycle Museum June 7 and 8 during Vintage Rally 2014. Take note, Allstate Motorcycle Dirt Track Heroes, contains almost 30 race winning Harleys, Triumphs, Yamahas, BSA’s, Indians, OSSAs, Hondas, Kawasakis and even a Matchless. Plus leathers, helmets, even a special exhibit featuring Ken Maely

May 2014

and his steel shoe making mastery. Author Greg Pearson curated this exhibit and wrote the bios on all 25 Grand National Champions, so while you have a good time looking over all the great bikes and leathers, you can learn about the champion riders, too. Also recently added to the Museum displays is a scooter exhibit. Scooters from around the world are featured in the new exhibit entitled, SCOOTERS! Check out about 15 scooters, mini-bikes, too, reflecting designs from America, Italy, Germany, Japan and more. You’ll also be able to check out new additions to the National Motorcycle Museum’s international collection of motorcycles which is always changing and expanding. The National Motorcycle Museum’s annual event showcasing new exhibits, motorcycling heroes, a great swap meet, a bike show and a vintage ride is the Vintage Rally. But it’s two days that will never be repeated, so mark your calendar, book a room and plan to attend. While the Museum in its new location holds over 400 great motorcycles from Ariel to Zundapp and thousands of great pieces of art and memorabilia, the bike shows at the fourth annual Vintage Rally weekend bring to you even more fine machines for review. All Vintage Rally 2014 details and registration forms for the Bike Show and Swap Meet are at Here are a few event details: Saturday Bike Show judging will result in nearly 40 awards for owners of the best machines, including best original unrestored bikes for the Hagerty Motorcycle Insurance Preservation Award. Enter your vintage bike, street, competition, custom, even mini, 1988 or earlier in the bike show; Dirt Track Racers and Indian motorcycles will be featured in the Bike Show. Bike show awards are sponsored by Motorcycle Classics magazine. Got a nice cafe racer? The Ace Cafe, London will sponsor the special ACE Cafe Racer Award during the bike show. Walk the swap meet and pick up parts for your projects or add to your memorabilia collection. Or reserve your own 20 x 20 Swap Meet space if you need to trim your collection. Swap Meet entry forms are downloadable on the Museum website. There you can also sign up for the Sunday morning Vintage Motorcycle Ride and lunch hosted by Motorcycle Classics magazine. All riders and their motorcycles of any age are invited. Mark your calendar and plan to attend Vintage Rally, June 7 & 8, 2014. Watch the National Motorcycle Museum website, for entry forms, further event details, the activities schedule and lodging information as they are finalized. If you need more information, call the National Motorcycle Museum at 319 462 3925. TM

Midwest Motorcyclist

Continued from page 5 - To Our Readers ear plugs – my energy increased. It was a sort of rebirth to the new riding season. Out in the garage, I started the Tiger and let it warm as I finished putting on my helmet, sunglasses and gloves. By the time I lifted my leg over the saddle and settled in, I was excited, almost giddy, to be back on the bike. My hibernation had ended. I was charged up and ready to roll. That first ride wasn’t especially long. Less than an hour. Not even 50 miles. But it was enough to remind me of all the things I like most about riding a motorcycle. Yes, I was rusty. Throttle, clutch, shift were slightly of out synch at the beginning. Braking was, too. I went into a couple of corners a little too hot. My lines through a couple of other corners were less than optimal. Overall, not what I would deem an especially smooth ride. A huge blast, nonetheless. It was the last step needed for me to shake off the winter doldrums. The first ride of spring has a special quality distinct from other rides taken throughout the year. There’s an excitement not unlike doing something for the first time. You know what to expect but you also know that months have passed since the last ride. You wonder whether riding a motorcycle will be everything it was before. With the end of the 2013-2014 winter, you can know that it is what it was before and more. Terrific issue for you this month and we hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading. Feel free to send me your comments and suggestions to Be sure to patronize our advertisers. Please support them so they will continue to support us. We’ll both appreciate it. See you on the road or at a motorcycle event in the near future.

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Welcome to Motorcycle Mike’s (formerly of Blue Water Tires) Visit our store for your tires rather We carry the most popular brands of tires for every style of motorcycle you ride: than going to a swap • American V-twins • Dual Sport meet. We don’t charge for • Metric Cruisers • Off Road parking nor do we charge • Large Touring • Scooter an entry fee. Instead, you • Sport Bikes • ATVs will enjoy the same prices • Sport Touring • Trials • Racing • Dirt Track you would find at the • Vintage • and much more swap meet. Don’t wait. The riding season is here. You can rely on the expertise of our staff, with their combined riding experience of over 100 years! Whether you need help in picking out the best tires, mounting the tires, or balancing the tires on your wheels, just look to us to help.

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Trailside with Ohio Motorized Trails Association Personal Responsibility is Key to Safe Riding by Matthew Mesarchik If you read your local paper, you may have noticed an “article” recently with a title that read something like “Despite dangers, ATV use on roads continues” or some variation of that. This article was in the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch a couple of weeks ago, and it’s not the only paper to run this syndicated article. It has been spotted in papers across the country. Right at the top, the article indicates it originated in Los Angeles and the very first example of a crash is from Texas. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was thinly disguised anti- ATV/OHV propaganda being passed off as an informative news piece. I have a number of problems with this article and its conclusions drawn from flawed (absent) logic. Like many issues, we seem to be putting the blame on the object and ignoring the lack of personal or parental responsibility that is the major contributing factor. Let’s break it down starting with the last paragraph of the article: “Rocky Graham, Jaret’s father, said he worries that opening roads to ATVs would put more kids at risk: “When your kid gets on that four-wheeler and you’re not around, if he’s 12 he’s going to think like a 12-year-old.” Mr. Graham, first let me say that as a parent of a young boy myself, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the pain this has caused you. However, as a responsible rider, with a son who rides and is being raised to be responsible, I must also point out that Mr Graham stated the very first thing that should never be allowed: riding without adult supervision. My son would never be permitted to be riding without parental supervision. Not now when he is 8, not when he is 12, and not even when he is 14. Responsible riders know that children should never be allowed to operate an ATV, dirt bike, go cart, or many other things without proper adult supervision. So I have to ask: When this tragedy occurred where was the adult supervision? If there was adult supervision, why were two children allowed to be on an ATV together? Was this an ATV designed for one person? Were they wearing helmets? All of these contributing factors go unanswered in this article. These facts are relevant to the issue at hand, and any paper printing such a onesided piece of propaganda without answering them, doing their own fact checking, and vetting the source, should be ashamed. This includes the Columbus Dispatch, South Carolina’s The State,, The Miami Herald, Tucson Sentinel, and where it originated. I could list a lot more. Perhaps this sort of copy and paste is what we


can expect from news outlets these days. The article goes on to point out several more examples of deadly crashes. It is obvious that the writer, Bridget Huber, wants you to blame the machine, not the person responsible for the poor choices that led to the accident. I wonder what other facts Bridget conveniently left out of this piece. Now to be fair, in some of these incidents details are sparse, but what about obvious omissions of relevant facts? Time to exercise the Google Foo to find out. In the second incident listed, the case of Andre Allen, no mention is made of the following: “Preliminary investigative conclusions indicate excessive speed and alcohol may be contributing factors,” an Indiana Department of Natural Resources release stated. If she had killed her three toddlers in a car while driving drunk this would be a story about an incredibly irresponsible woman, not about how the car killed those kids. In the case of Joseph Vandini who “crashed into a curb and a tree, and was thrown through a tattoo parlor’s plate glass window” local news outlets report that investigators cited high speed as a contributing factor. The head injuries which killed him may have been prevented if he were wearing a helmet. If this had been a guy on a motorcycle this would be another story about a reckless rider. Instead, Bridget wants us to blame the ATV. The article also cites a study by the Iowa ATV Injury Prevention Task Force, which lists several interesting statistics. The article only mentions how many kids have ridden on a road but leaves out other relevant data from the study. There is indeed a high injury rate in the 12-17 year old age group. A large percentage of injuries are head injuries. 74% of surveyed riders say they wear a helmet never or less than half the time. Plus, NO ADULT SUPERVISION was a contributing factor in at least 74% of accidents in which a rider under 16 years of age was injured. But it’s not about personal responsibility, or parental responsibility, never mind all that and just blame the ATV. ATV and dirt bike riding is a sport and, like any sport, it has both risks and rewards. You wouldn’t let your 14-year-old take to the football field in a high school game without proper training and protective gear, why would any parent treat an ATV any differently? Matthew T. Mesarchik is the Government Relations Director for OMTA and an Associate State Partner for the National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council. He is also an avid dirt bike crasher.

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by Dondi Vesprini coverage up to whatever limits the motorcyclist can afford. Uninsured is that coverage that would kick in for your pain and suffering claim if the at-fault driver was uninsured. Underinsured is the coverage that would kick in as excess for your pain and suffering claim if the at-fault driver was insured, but did not carry enough insurance to fully compensate for your injuries. I would also suggest that motorcyclists carry a good amount of medical payment as well. This is not only so you have sufficient coverage to comply with the modified helmet law, but if you are involved in an accident that does not involve a motor vehicle, you are left to your own resources when it comes to medical payments. Medical payment coverage on a motorcycle would provide coverage in this situation.

I end each of my articles inviting readers to contact me if they have any questions that I may be able to answer for them. Perhaps it’s the fact that Spring is in full gear and motorcycling is back in season or maybe its pure coincidence, but I have been asked many questions of late that multiple readers have had on a few different topics. You know what they say, “when one person asks a question, there are plenty of others who are pondering the very same question.� Thus, I thought I would use this month’s article to answer some of the most popular questions that I have been getting recently. 1.


What are the best motorcycle insurance companies? This is somewhat of a loaded question because it all depends on what standards you are using to define “best� and, of course, who you are asking. I am answering from my perspective as a trial attorney and representing injured motorcyclists who are making a claim for benefits from insurance companies. I stress that I am looking at this from “my� perspective, meaning there is definitely room for debate amongst trial attorneys and their own experiences when it comes to discussing insurance companies. In my practice as a trial attorney, I find that motorcycle insurance companies who offer the widest array of coverage’s (i.e., coverage for accessories, uninsured motorist benefits, underinsured motorist benefits, etc.) also seem to be among the most reasonable when it comes to dealing with claims. I also find that many of these types of companies have some of the higher insurance premiums. Perhaps this falls under “you get what you pay for.� However, this is by no means meant to say that you will never have any problems with any one insurance company, because I have had my share of lawsuits against virtually all of them. Sometimes, the level of reasonableness with which your claim gets handled depends more on the particular adjuster assigned to your claim versus the company they work for. What type of motorcycle coverage do you recommend? In addition to whatever types of collision or accessory coverage one may want to protect the motorcycle itself, I believe it to be essential that motorcyclists carry uninsured and underinsured TM

Midwest Motorcyclist


How do I report a dangerous or bad road? Find out who has jurisdiction of the road that is bad and fax a letter to the entity with jurisdiction. I say fax so you have proof that it was received. Many counties also have a website where you can report a bad road. You can report a pothole on the MDOT website as well. I recommend printing out anything that you send online, so you have some evidence that it was sent. The reason I say you should try to keep proof that your reporting was sent/received is because if a lawsuit is filed by someone who is hurt on a bad road, you need to prove that the responsible entity had or should have had notice of the condition.

As always, if anyone has any questions or if I can be of legal assistance to you or anyone you know who has been injured in a motorcycle accident, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I deal with Michigan No Fault law on a daily basis on behalf of injured motorcyclists statewide. Give me a call at 248-569-4646 or shoot me an e-mail at Dondi is a licensed attorney in the state of Michigan and is recognized as an expert in cases involving motorcycle accidents. He has obtained millions of dollars in recovery for injured motorcyclists over the course of his career as a trial attorney. Dondi’s representation of motorcyclists extends beyond the court room. He is a member of the Board of Directors of ABATE of Michigan and meets frequently with both legislators and lobbyists regarding legislation affecting injured motorcyclists and the rights of motorcyclists to ride free.

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We travel to great riding destinations close by and far away. We learn to be better riders. We share camaraderie and a common passion: The Passion To Ride!

For information about membership, meetings, events or rides, contact the MSTA group in your state: In Indiana, contact: Donald “Moose� Parish

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In Wisconsin, contact: Alan Tesch

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No place to ride? Michigan is home to the largest organized network of off-road trails in the world - more than 3500 miles of marked, maintained ORV trails for the entire family to enjoy! Since 1968, The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan has led the charge to assure continued access to public lands for motorized recreation by working closely with state and federal government. Membership in the CCC offers organized trail rides, a map CD of the entire trail system, a subscription to the Great Lakes TrailRider Magazine and a host of other member benefits! Call us today at 517-781-4805. The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan PO Box 486 t$PMEXBUFS .*tXXXDZDMFDPOTFSWBUJPODMVCPSH


This Motorcycle Awareness Month: Get Endorsed, Get Insured & Spread the Word! by Jason Waechter After what seems like the longest, coldest winter in a long time, great riding weather has finally arrived. As the season gets underway, I want to encourage all motorcyclists to get involved in promoting Motorcycle Awareness Month, which is celebrated across the country every year in May. It’s a chance to reach out to car and truck drivers to remind them to watch for motorcycles while they’re out on the road. Through my experience helping injured bikers as The Motorcycle Lawyer, I’ve created a list of what I think are three important things I think motorcyclists can do to protect themselves and other riders: Get endorsed, get insured, and spread the word! Get endorsed: No matter where you live in the U.S., you must have a motorcycle license or an endorsement on your regular driver’s license to legally ride your motorcycle on the highway. Requiring motorcyclists to get endorsed is an easy way to make sure they have the bare minimum skills and knowledge to ride safely. In Michigan, for example, to get your motorcycle endorsement you have to pass a vision test and a written test at a Secretary of State office, and pass a riding skills test on a certified motorcycle safety course. The investment of time and money you put into a motorcycle license or endorsement is, in my opinion, worth it. If you get pulled over without a motorcycle license or endorsement, you can be fined and possibly have points added to your license. Plus, taking a certified rider safety course and skills test will teach you valuable skills and lessons you can apply on the road. Get insured: Having the right gear when you go out riding is important. You know the expression “dress for the crash, not for the ride”? I feel the same way about insurance: Insure yourself and your bike for the worst-case scenario, and you won’t be left hanging if you lay your bike down. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to properly insure yourself and your motorcycle. Insurance requirements vary by state, but in most states Bodily Injury (BI) coverage is the bare minimum to ride legally. After that, there are a variety of different policies and riders that could help protect you and your bike, for not a lot of money. I always recommend uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, in case you are in a crash with a motor vehicle driver who is uninsured or who doesn’t have enough insurance. This insurance compensates you for your injuries if the negligent driver has little or no insurance. I also tell people

they should have a medical or health coverage policy as well; it’s a great back-up plan if you are hurt in a crash. To protect your bike, get collision coverage for the stock pieces and accessories coverage for any custom work you might have had done. That way, you’re covering all the repair and replacement options if your bike is damaged. In some states, there are additional insurance requirements associated with the states’ helmet laws. In Michigan, for example, wearing a helmet is the motorcyclist’s choice (with certain conditions); if you choose to ride without a helmet, you must have at least $20K in First Party Medical Benefits. If you’re carrying a passenger who is over the age of 21, that passenger can also choose whether or not to wear a helmet, and must have at least $20K as well. Does that sound like too much insurance? Think of it this way: if you crash, your costs will be much higher if you have to pay them out-of-pocket than if you have solid insurance coverage to protect yourself and your bike. Getting insured means having one less thing to worry about when you’re roaring down the road.

Most crashes between motorcycles and other vehicles occur at intersections, usually when the other vehicle makes a left turn directly in the path of the oncoming motorcycle. It’s a great example to illustrate that drivers need to be extra careful and really look for motorcycles on the road. Promoting motorcycle awareness among vehicle drivers is the responsibility of every motorcyclist. In my opinion, promoting and encouraging motorcycle awareness is a very important thing bikers can do to help keep us safe. My team and I have devoted a lot of time and energy to promoting our Watch for Motorcycles awareness campaign, including hosting billboards, giving out free bumper stickers, and providing free information and education on our website to help get the message out. You can request free motorcycle awareness materials by visiting our website: This Motorcycle Awareness Month, I challenge all bikers and their family members to get involved in promoting motorcycle awareness. Take a pledge, talk it up, and commit to helping other driver be extra vigilent. Get endorsed, get insured, and spread the word: motorcycle awareness starts with all of us. Source(s): NHTSA Attorney Jason A. Waechter is a national attorney specializing in the areas of motorcycle and motor vehicle injury litigation. Mr. Waechter has collected millions of dollars in settlements, awards and verdicts for his motorcycle clients over the past 20 years. Jason feels a duty to give back to his community. A portion of each case settled goes to educational resources for bikers, funds to help bikers while their cases are being litigated and our motorcycle accident prevention campaign. Call Attorney Jason Waechter toll free at 1-877-BIKER LAW. Or visit Legal disclaimer: The law is very fact dependent and there are many nuances and exceptions depending on your particular circumstances. Therefore, given the limited space, it is impossible to cover everything. Do not rely on the short article to protect your rights.

Spread the word: No matter what motorcyclists do to protect themselves on the roads, ultimately a bit part of biker safety is determined by motor vehicle drivers. Having a proper license or endorsement is a good start, so is ensuring you and your bike have good insurance coverage. In my opinion, an important thing bikers can do to protect themselves is to promote motorcycle awareness wherever and whenever they can. Get yourself a lawn sign We stock the full line of heated gear from both Gerbing and Powerlet. Stop by our store today if reminding drivers you want to keep riding long after other riders have put away their motorcycles for the season. to Look Twice to Save a Life. Get one of my bumper stickers, reminding other drivers to Watch for Motorcycles. Talk to your friends and family, Rapidfire Heated Jacket & and spread the Glove Liners Heated outerwear - jackets, pants, gloves plus socks & liners word via social media that Serious riding gear for serious riders. motorcycles are BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan everywhere. Share 39933 Ford Road, Canton, MI facts like this one:

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Michigan April 26 Sportbike Track Gear Open House 56844 Mound Road Shelby Township, MI 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (888) 784-4327

May 4 All Clubs Ride Stockbridge, MI Meet at 10 a.m. 517-851-7437 May 4 Annual Itch’n Run Scavenger Hunt Zukey Lake Tavern 5011 Girard Dr. Pinckney, MI Reg 11 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. $20/bike (734) 765-6478 May 9-10 14th Bikin’ for Burns Top End Cycle G3360 S. Dort Hwy. Burton, MI $10/person Details at (810) 743-0100

April 26 HIM Swap Meet 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 8219 E. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 248.807.8603

May 9, 10 & 11 Indian Motorcycles Demo Truck Motorcity Motorcycles Indian / Victory 1765 S. Telegraph Rd. Bloomfield Hills, MI 248.920.2000

April 26, 27 12th Annual Spring Open House Michigan Chrome Shop 69090 Main Street (M-19) Richmond, MI 586.727.7829 April 27 Lakeshore Blessing of the Bikes Ottawa County Fairgrounds 1286 Ottawa Beach Rd Holland, MI 49424 Gates open 10 am to 4 pm. Drawings/awards begin at 2:15 with Blessing at 3 pm 616-566-2902 Web: May 2-3 Grand Opening Motorcity Motorcycles Indian / Victory 1765 S. Telegraph Rd. Bloomfield Hills, MI 248.920.2000 May 3 2014 Wolverine Antique Motorcycle Show Perry Harley-Davidso 5331 South Sprinkle Road Kalamazoo, MI Spectators FREE 269.207.9132 May 3 7th Annual Ray Rios Spring Memorial Ride Midland American Legion 5111 Hedgewood Dr. Midland, MI $20/ person; $30/couple Reg 11 a.m. 989.631.8595 May 3-4 West Michigan Motorcycle & ORV Show NEW 28th Street Showplace 1256 28th Street Wyoming, MI Admission $5 (616) 261-5664 May 4 Blessing of the Bikers 1100 N. Ovid Ovid, MI (989) 834-5950

May 10 Blessing of the Bikers Ride for a Reason Hot Rod Harley-Davidson Muskegon, MI $10/bike donation Reg 9:30 a.m. May 10 1st Annual H.I.M. Bike Blessing Retail Warehouse Sturgis, Michigan Reg 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Blessing at 11:30 a.m. Ride at 12:30 a.m. May 10 2nd Annual Allegan Blessing of the Bikes & Classic Cars Blessed Sacrament Church 110 North Cedar Street Allegan, MI $5 admission Kids under 10 free 269.806.3883 May 11th 34th annual Mothers day swap meet and ride in bike show Midland Co Fairgrounds 6905 Eastman Ave Midland , MI 11am-4pm , $5.00 admission Ride in bike show sign up 11am1pm, trophies at 3:00pm 989-697-5525 May 17 ABATE Region 7 Rest in Peace Run Evergreen Park Donations accepted May 17 Axemen Michigan 6 Fun Run Begins at Rocky’s Ends at Scooters Reg 10 a.m. $15/single; $25/double (810) 820-5346 May 17 5th National Freedom Ride American Legion Hall 4314 W. Carpenter Road


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Flint, MI Reg 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. $20/rider; $25 w/ passenger May 24 10th Annual Dillinger Ride The Inn Between Saloon 4711 E. Kinde Road Port Hope, MI Reg 11 a.m. to 12 noon $15/person $25/couple (989) 428-3522 May 24 & 25 14th Annual Bubba’s Memorial Weekend Classic 804 S. Huron (M-13) Linwood, MI Saturday charity bike show Sunday charity poker run Sunday bike raffle giveaway at 5:30 Sign each day is 10am-12pm $5.00 donation for either event 2 days of food, rock and roll, friendship and charity fundraising All proceeds go to Camp Fish Tales- A local barrier free camp 989-697-5525 June 1 14th Ride for a Reason Cabela’s in Dundee $20 / person before 5/16 $25/person same day 734.947.4647 734.946.7500 June 4 Freedom Rally Michigan State Capitol Lansing, Michigan (269) 435-2058 June 7 4th Bikers against Breast Cancer Headlight Run Teazers Bar & Grille 819 Ottawa Avenue Grand Rapids, MI Reg 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. $20/person (616) 890-4082 (616) 914-0211

Indiana April 26 ABATE Region 10 Redneck Romp 2131 West CR 150 S Paoli, IN $10 / person 812.723.3470 April 26 ABATE Region 11 Battle of the Bands Rock House 3940 S. Keystone Avenue Indianapolis, IN Opens at 11 a.m. $5 / Person 317.437.9482 May 3 ABATE Region 2 Spring Breakout Laporte County Fairgrounds 2581 West Highway 2 Laporte, IN Open at Noon $15 / single; $25 / couple 219.331.4546

May 3 11th Run for the Son Knights of Columbus #5521 61533 S. Ironwood Drive South Bend, IN $20 single; $25 couple Reg 9 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. (574) 250-3311

May 18 Fallen Heroes Family Run Sign up at Walmart, Portage Ave in South Bend, IN Ride begins @ 11 a.m. $15/rider; $10/passenger 574.339.1575

May 3 Punch Out Parkinson’s Disease Landmark Bar & Grill New Paris, IN $20/person; $30/couple Reg 10 a.m. Ride begins at Noon (574) 538-7856 May 3 Early Bird Ride & Chili Cookoff Dyes Bar & Grill 509 W. Market St. Wabash, IN Reg 10 a.m. to Noon $10 /person (260) 571-3358 May 3 Run for the Son Lebanon Christian Church 610 S. 250 N. Lebanon, IN

May 4 ABATE Region 8 Blessing of the Bikes Evansville Motorcycle Training site Brooke Road Evansville, IN Starts 9 a.m. (812) 480-0509

May 10 ABATE Region 13 Awareness Ride Lafayette Park Shelter House 5 Princeton, IN Breakfast 7 a.m to 9 a.m. Reg 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Members $10 Non-members $12 (812) 724-2063 May 17 ABATE Region 7 Memorial Brick Ride North Vernon Moose Lodge Hwy 3 across from Lowes Reg 10 a.m. to Noon $15 / person; $25/couple (812) 346-1807 (812) 767-2182 May 17 Operation Wounded Soldiers Southside HarleyDavidson 4930 Southport Crossing Place Indianapolis, IN Charity Ride, Lot Party, Live Music, Food Vendor, Door prizes, and much more (765) 242-2387

May 24 Stars & Stripes Forever Ride Sign up at Walmart on Ireland Rd. in South Bend, IN Ride begins at 11 a.m. $15/rider; $10/passenger 574.339.5657 May 31 Poker Run Benefiting United Cancer Reg 9a.m. @ RV Hall of Fame $20/rider; $10/rider

Reg 11:30 a.m. Free will donation (765) 481-9978

May 4 ABATE Region 10 Tim Fromme Memorial Ride & Blessing of the Bikes St. Joseph’s Church Hey 231 & 10th Street Jasper, IN Starts 10 a.m. (812) 309-8382

May 22-27 Indiana Chapter 1 Rolling Thunder Departs 10 a.m. HD of Indianapolis 4146 E. 96th Street Indianapolis, IN 765.409.0124 runtothewall

May 31 – June 1 Miracle Ride (800) 257-4337 June 7 Ride for Danielle Southside Harley-Davidson 4930 Southport Crossing Place Indianapolis, IN Reg 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Ride starts at Noon $25/ride; $10/passenger June 7 Elkhart Firefighters Local 338 Tent Party Hacienda 186 Easy Shopping Place Elkhart, IN $5/person to benefit Hoosier Burn Camp June 26-28 Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club National Rally Spring Mill State Park Mitchell, IN

The Bent Wheels Chapter of the CCC is looking for new members. BWCC has a long history of promoting events of all kinds and in preserving our ORV trail system. We are a family orientated, working club and ride the trails almost every weekend. If you’re looking for good times with great people - check us out. Contact Billy Vanderhoff by email at


Open Terrain: Exploring the World and Soul by Motorcycle Death Valley Noob Rally, 2014: Life from the Springs by Nicole Espinosa I love the word “noob.” It’s short, to the point, and gives recognition to the beginning of every one of our motorcycle love affairs. And to round it out, it rhymes with boob—some of us have them and some of us have acted like one at some point in our lives, making it all-inclusive. It’s a derivative of the word newbie, or beginner, but packs more of a fun punch. Joel Paez, creator of this rally, found himself eventless as a noob back in ’04 when every rally he attended was for intermediate or advanced riders. He used the world renowned adventure motorcycle forum website, ADVRider, to find other like-minded noobs who wanted to get together for easier rides. And thus, the Death Valley Noob Rally was born. This was my third year attending this rally, and three was an absolute charm for me. What was the icing on the cake this year? A


destination that is kept a secret by those outside of the ADVRider community, because of its sheer beauty and limited space. I don’t believe in keeping Earth’s beauty a secret, so will shout this landmark from the rooftops for all to enjoy. The Saline Valley hot springs is a favorite ride at this event, so groups are lined up each day from Wednesday to Saturday to squeeze in as many tired and happy riders into those healing oasis pools as possible. So glad Paul (writer / photographer Paul H. Smith) didn’t know what he was in for, otherwise I wouldn’t have reached this gold mine this year. Pulling into Panamint Springs Friday afternoon after an unusually windless ride to Death Valley found us sandwiching in between many of the riders who had already set up camp. We were immediately corralled to zip over to Jimmy Lewis’ demo on how to

Jimmy Lewis demonstates the intricacies of dismounting a bike from a precarious position.

dismount a bike when on a steep hill. I’ve been lucky to catch a few of Jimmy’s entertaining and very informative demo classes, but this one combined balance, braking, and sitting position on hills like no other had before. The knowledge gained from this class alone was worth much more than the cost of the whole event. This demo certainly got everyone’s dirt appetite rolling, and the delicious smell from the catering truck got our stomachs rumbling at the same time. ADVers excitedly compared notes of the rides that they had scheduled for Saturday morn as they found camp chairs and rocks to balance loaded plates of delicious fare on their knees. The buzz of the night was the fact that the south entrance to Saline Valley had been graded. That sealed the deal for us, with Paul having limited dirt experience. In the morning, Paul and I opted to ride to the hot springs on our own since we would be going at a slower photography pace for the magazine (ADVMoto). One other straggler, Chris Horgan, decided to join us after some of his other ride buddies opted out of their planned ride. He was the perfect addition for us to find out more about his non-profit organization, Stewards of the Sequoia, that helps keep gorgeous trails open for you and me. We had already gotten a road condition heads up from riders at dinner the night before, but “graded and a little bit of sand near the hot springs” didn’t come close to what we experienced on the 120 dirt mile day. The beginning of the dirt road swept through a graded incline twisting around a limitless Joshua Tree valley and up and over the pass that afforded us expansive views. The decline into Saline Valley introduced us to rocky terrain that was fun to dance around, as the temps of the day kissed us in the upper 70’s. My two riding cohorts were absolute gems to put up with my many stops for photo ops. But, it was the second half of the road to the hot springs that really gave us a test of our riding skills…tons of sand. Luckily, Paul and I had comms, so I could give him a blow-by-blow of what was to come. As I would spy the

soft sand from a distance, I always had to crank it up to third gear to get the front wheel to float out and skim the surface as it helped to steer at its whim. There is one tip to sand that I hold dear…gun the throttle like there’s no tomorrow. This usually keeps me out of all sorts of trouble—even through the 30 mph wind gusts on our way back to basecamp at the end of the day. After turning right after the dunes down dual track Bat Road, we tackled some super fun whoops, and forged ahead through the next five miles of sand. The fruit of our labor was a peek of the lush green oasis that could be seen from across the flats. As we slogged through the last bit of sand, the oasis hot springs bursting with green grass and shelter from multiple clumps of delicious palms came into view. Other riders were already soaking their sore muscles, while the “regulars” who had been camping there for weeks strutted around in their birthday suits like iconic throwbacks from the sixties. Everyone was all in agreement…it was paradise. I pulled out appetizers that I had packed away on Jack, my DRZ, to line the rim of the shade pool next to the embedded crystals for the stewed riders to enjoy. As I slipped into the pool squeezing between some Russian campers and Paul, I felt like I was back in the womb. I had dreamt of reaching this destination for three years, and finally made this dream a reality. There is unequivocal beauty in nature that can only be reached by way of motorcycle. This proves that it’s not only the click of ruby slippers that gets you home. There’s no place like it. Nicole Espinosa is Mom to two great kids, founder / owner of, Managing Editor of Adventure Motorcycle magazine and soon-to-be RTW motorcycle adventurer. Communication welcome for Nicole:

Chris Horgan of Stewards of the Sequoia gives his approval of the Joshua tree valley view.

May 2014

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