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August 2017 Celebrating


19 Years

2017 Ural Gear Up side car rig

Also in this issue: ❱ Book Review: Stealing Speed ❱ Classifying the Polaris Slingshot

BIG ThreeWheeler Test

2017 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide trike

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To Our Readers Ask Dr. Cycholl by Patrick Armitage Random Ramblings of a Rare Bird: Three-Wheelin’ on a Harley Tri Glide Ultra by Mike Mekinda The Struggle to Classify the Polaris Slingshot by Jason Waechter Motorcycling & Law: Passing of the Bill to Include the Slingshot as a Motorcycle by Dondi Vesprini The Preacher Speaks About... The Ride for Freedom & Midwest Motorcycle Training by Franz Hoffer

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Tested: 2017 Ural Gear Up, Adventure on Three Wheels by Ray Peabody Book Review: Stealing Speed by Max Oxley, Reviewed by Gene Southard

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Large cover photo: Long-time sidecar rider and MotorCity Motorcycles Sales Manager, Jeff Bottrell, demonstrating his side-car rig balancing skills. Photo by Ray Peabody Small cover photo: The Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide trike at rest. Photo by Mike Mekinda

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August 2017

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123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345 Jason Waechter, The Motorcycle Lawyer..24 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345 Jerry B’s Cycle Works.........................10 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345 Life Cycle...................................................................7 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345 Metro Triumph Riders Battle of the Brits.....11 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After returning from the Honda XR400 Lightweight Adventure Shakedown Tour, during which the XR ran perfectly, some mechanical gremlins began to show themselves. First, the engine began backfiring when rolling off the throttle; not big popping sounds but more of a low rumble. After a little research and examining the spark plug, the diagnosis was a leanrunning condition. The clip on the jet needle was in the topmost position so the lean-running condition was no surprise. After moving the clip down two places, the engine was bogging and surging. Before returning home from that test ride, I stopped for gas and noticed that when unscrewing the cap, the sound of air rushing into the tank was noticeable. Postings on the internet suggested that the stock cap on the Clarke aftermarket tank was prone to failure. I ordered a Tusk aluminum vented cap as a replacement. That seemed to have improved the venting on the tank. Over the next week or so, the carburetor was disassembled, cleaned, inspected and reassembled. I didn’t find anything suspicious that might be causing the problem. After moving the jet needle clip back up one position, the XR seemed to run better for a short distance before a loud backfire and engine stall. After restart, a noise similar to what you might hear when shaking a can full of pebbles was coming from the front of the engine. Not good. The XR has been sitting while I research next steps. According to some online forums, other riders have experienced a similar noise and discovered the cause to be one or more of several possibilites. Apparently, the solution might be as simple as a valve adjustment. (Having heard the noise, I’m skeptical that this is the solution.) Alternatively, the cam chain might be loose, the cam might be damaged, one or more valves might be burned, or the problem might be more serious. Until I dig in, I won’t know for sure. Gene Southard, one of our contributing writers who also owns a motorcycle shop, suggested that a leak-down test would be a good first step in narrowing the problem. Others posting on some of the online forums have suggested the same thing. As you might imagine, this problem has been frustrating and the solution illusive. In addition to the

steps outlined above, I’ve had the carburetor off the motorcycle four or five other times. More often than not, the engine runs worse than it did before the changes. I then revert back to the previous setting to ensure (as much as possible) that I’m always starting from the baseline condition. Stay tuned as I work through this issue. The XR is an excellent, if somewhat dated motorcycle, and I look forward to getting it back to a road- and trail-worthy running condition. Though not planned, this issue focuses on three-wheeled motorcycles: a Ural Gear Up sidecar rig, a Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra trike, and the Polaris Slingshot. (I’m not sure what you call a Slingshot but “motorcycleâ€? isn’t a descriptor I would use.) We have much more in this issue including updates from our legal columnists, event reviews, and events. Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy this issue. We hope you’re enjoying an awesome summer with lots of riding. Have fun. Ride safe. See you on the road or at an event in the near N O N - C O M P E T I T I O N future, • MAINTAINED TRAILS • ORGANIZED EVENTS • FAMILY FUN • ALL LEGAL

No place to ride? Michigan is home to the largest organized network of off-road trails in the world - more than 3500 miles of marked, maintained ORV trails for the entire family to enjoy! Since 1968, The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan has led the charge to assure continued access to public lands for motorized recreation by working closely with state and federal government. Membership in the CCC offers organized trail rides, a map CD of the entire trail system, a subscription to the Great Lakes TrailRider Magazine and a host of other member benefits! Call us today at 517-781-4805. The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan PO Box 486 t$PMEXBUFS .*tXXXDZDMFDPOTFSWBUJPODMVCPSH

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2017 Ural Gear Up Adventure on Three Wheels by Ray Peabody “Practice before you head out ,” said Jeff Bottrell, Sales Manager at MotorCity Motorcycles. “The Ural handles differently than any twowheeled motorcycle you’ve ever ridden and you should get used to it before hitting the road.” Mr. Bottrell said that after completing trip around the parking lot while balancing on two wheels with the sidecar in the air. He explained that the sidecar will lift off the ground quite easily when making a turn to the right (the side of the motorcycle to which the sidecar is attached). Like a car, the weight of a sidecar rig (or a trike) shifts to the outside of the turn. When making a turn to the right, the weight shifts away from the sidecar thereby allowing it to come off the ground quite easily. Turns to the left shifts the weight to the left and firmly plants the sidecar tire on the pavement; the rider has to muscle the motorcycle through the turn since it won’t lean as it would on a regular motorcycle. Bottrell’s tips and insistence on practicing before going out onto the road made good sense. With a little practice, my ability to handle the Ural improved and confidence grew, even in those instances where the sidecar came up off the ground. Out on the road, the Ural feels… “industrial.” Modeled after the 1930s-era BMW R71, the first Urals were designed for the Russian army for heavy-duty use against the German army in a rugged environment with few roads. The modern Urals retain that rugged design. Hence, the “industrial” feel. Powered by an air-cooled, 749cc, four-stroke, fuel-injected (since 2014), flat twin (boxer) producing 41 horsepower, the Ural is no speed demon. The company’s website says that the Ural is “happy cruising between 65 and 75 mph” but 75 is the upper end of the speed range. If you’re planning to use the Ural for long-distance drones down the freeway, you might want to reconsider. This machine is better suited for 55 mph two-lane roads and even slower dirt roads or trails. That industrial feel also comes through in the way the four-speed forward and one-speed reverse transmission operates. (Reverse gear is engaged by a foot pedal next to the rear brake pedal on the right side of the motorcycle.) Riders will feel a heavy-duty clunk with each shift up or down. That feel is similar to that of any Harley-Davidson transmission or the older BMWs. When approaching a stop, riders will have to pull in the clutch separately with each downshift. Riders will not be speed shifting through the gears on this motorcycle so this isn’t an issue. If anything, it’s reassuring to know that you have a heavy-duty transmission when you’re 100 miles from civilization. Despite the retro looks and industrial feel, the new American owners at Ural initiated a program to overcome many of the quality issues that negatively affected the brand’s image for years. For example, in 2012, improvements included new piston rings with tighter tolerances, a new camshaft with improved materials and bearing surfaces, improved two-piece design for sidecar driveshaft yokes, and new 2WD gear hubs for the final drive and sidecar swing arm drive. In 2014, the company introduced electronic fuel injection, a hydraulic steering dampener, new aluminum triple clamps, disk brakes on front, rear, and sidecar wheels, and a new final drive housing. These types of quality improvements have continued to the present day. The primary drive from the engine to the rear wheel uses a driveshaft similar to that on a BMW. A driveshaft is also used to engage the on-demand twowheel drive (the second wheel being the sidecar wheel). The two-wheel drive feature is not intended for everyday driving but instead for those challenging conditions in either mud or snow. As mentioned previously, getting comfortable with the Ural’s handling is a challenge because it’s not like a typical motorcycle. The sidecar hanging off the right side tends to pull the rig to the right; not so much that the rider is constantly have to muscle it to go straight but enough to cause a drift in the lane if attention is not paid. The rider will have to muscle the Ural through turns to the left while turns to the right are easier except that care should be taken if the sidecar comes off

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August 2017

Book Review

technology advanced by leaps and bounds in the '60s and '70s with multi-cylinder 125s and 250s . The four-stroke builders tried to stay competitive with multi-cylinder engines. Honda even produced a sixcylinder 250 and there was talk of manufacturing a By Max Oxley Reviewed by Gene Southard 500cc V8. The number of transmission gears also increased in the small two-stroke machines that had Stealing Speed is the true GP circuits brought them much very narrow powerbands. Some of the 50cc mastory about Ernst Degner and his notoriety within the Communist chines had 14 gears. exploits in motorcycle GP racing Party. With Degner as rider and In 1963, Degner had a serious crash at the after World War II. If you enjoy Kaaden as Chief Engineer, they newly constructed Suzuka racetrack in Japan and spy thrillers and you also enjoy finished in third place in the GP was badly burned. His career started downhill from reading about the beginnings of standing in the 125cc class. there. His final GP event was the 1966 Isle of Man TT motorcycle road racing, you will In 1961, Suzuki had just definitely enjoy Stealing Speed. If entered into GP racing and was failing on a twin-cylinder 50cc Suzuki. After his retirement, Degner made an Ian Fleming were to write a spy miserably with slow, undependable unsucessful attempt at automobile racing in a novel about Geoff Duke, it would engines. To get on the fast track with Brabham Ford. In his latter years, he could be found have nothing on Max Oxley's two-stroke engine development, Stealing Speed. Max has done Suzuki offered Degner a large amount working in the pits representing parts suppliers but Degner's physical injuries left him a drug addicted extensive research about Degner, of money if he would defect to the his friend Walter Kaaden, and west and bring his engine technology shell of his former self. Degner passed at the age of 51 and Kaaden passed in 1996 still living in his their contribution to the developwith him. The very day that Degner home town of Zschopau, never bitter at Degner's ment of the two-stroke engine for and his family had planned on success using the technology that he helped demotorcycle racing in the '50 and '60s. defecting, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev raised the velop. Degner and Kaaden were engineers during Iron Curtin and closed off all travel between East and Oxley goes on to talk of the development WW II working for the Nazis on the V-1 and V-2 West Germany. Degner was later smuggled across the of the two-stroke race engine and its many successes rocket programs. They also worked on the Nazi's border in a car driven by a Suzuki employee with MZ in GP racing until they were finally replaced in 2002 Me262 jet airplane. Although they were not Nazis, engine parts hidden in the truck. The Communist by the 990cc four strokes. Maybe with the use of they learned a great deal about pressure waves in the powers managed to have him disqualified for the rest direct injection on two strokes, they can solve their development of the V-1 rocket motor. After the end of the season. pollution problems and make a comeback. of the war, one of their fellow workers - Von Barun In 1962, Degner won the newly formed 50cc After reading Max Oxley's Stealing Speed, I will think defected to the West and worked at developing the US class at the Isle of Man with a Suzuki RM62. Suzuki of Ernst Degner and Walter Kaaden's development rocket program. Degner and Kaaden stayed under the finished 1st, 5th and 6th; Degner's technology had just of the two-stoke engine everytime I twist the Communist rule in East Germany. Degner moved won its first race. As a side note, Beryl Swain, the first throttle on my RG500 Suzuki. back to his hometown of Zschopau and began female rider to qualify for the TT, finished 22nd in the Stealing Speed is currently out of print. I was developing a small two-stroke race bike from a 50cc race that Degner won. Her performance prompted the lucky enough to get my copy on an ebay auction. DKW in his spare time. The DKW factory was located FIM to outlaw female riders from entering GP events. Check out Max's website to find out when copies just outside of town and Degner would do his test In 1962, Degner also won the Spa, Assen and will be available. rides past the factory. DKW had built airplane the Solitude events in Germany. He then had the 50cc product/stealing-speed engines for the Luftwaffe during the war. The heads points lead. Unfortuntely, of DKW noticed the horsepower improvements on he fell and broke his knee at his loud machine and offered him a job as Race the Ulster 125cc event. After Director. There was very little money at this tightly missing several races, he did controlled Communist factory, but the small rotaryreturn to win the first ever valve, two-stroke engine showed modest improve50cc World Championship ments and started doing well at the races. “Racing is for Suzuki. This was the first like war,” said Degner. “It brings out bright ideas and time since the World technology.” Championship started in Degner started his own race team and, with 1949 that a two-stoke had the help of Kaaden, formed the MZ motorcycle won a championship. company. Their success at the Isle of Man and other Two-stroke

Stealing Speed

Want vintage style with modern performance?

BMW has developed several retro-styled motorcycles - including a cafe racer, scrambler, and G/S enduro - all powered by an 1170cc, 110 horsepower, fuel-injected, air/oil cooled flat twin (boxer). Add in front and rear disk brakes, ABS, and a six-speed transmission, and you get all the visual appeal of a vintage motorcycle and the enhanced quality of a modern bike. Stop by our dealership today to check out the full line of BMW heritage motorcycles.

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Dear Al, Good question. I ride a GL1800 Goldwing. An 1800cc (1.8 Liter) motor would be small for a car and the Wing weighs less than 900lbs. Why doesn’t it get better than 35 mpg on the highway? My Chevy Malibu with a 2400cc (2.4 Liter) engine gets at least 30mpg on the highway. How is that possible? There are many reasons but the most important are aerodynamic drag, government busybodies, and market forces. Motorcycles have poor aerodynamic drag. According to Motorcycle Consumer News, most motorcycles have drag comparable to that of a large SUV. Government busybodies have limited their meddling in MPG primarily to cars and trucks at this point so the automakers put huge effort into wringing every last MPG out of their products. Virtually no one in this country buys a motorcycle because they want to save money on their commute to work. (They might try to sell their significant other on the need to buy a motorcycle on this basis, though.) Most riders drive a car or truck to work and waste fuel aimlessly riding around on their motorcycles on the weekends. (Like me.) There are bikes that get good mileage but they don’t sell in big numbers in this country. We want big bikes that have better performance than big MPG numbers.

By Maurice “Moe” D. Cycholl

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Thank you, Dr Cycholl Dear Dr. Cycholl,

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A friend of mine has an old Kawasaki 600 Ninja in his garage. I don’t know the year. It doesn’t run now but it supposedly did when it was parked. He will give it to me if I want it. What might I have to do to make it rideable?

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You could be looking at a bigger job than you think. If the bike was parked with fuel in the tank and the fuel supply valve left open (usually the case), the four carburetors will need to be removed, cleaned and rebuilt. When reinstalled, they will need to be adjusted and synchronized. This is a job you will likely need a professional to do. It will be expensive. All fuel and vacuum lines should be replaced. You will likely need to rebuild the fuel supply valve. The old fuel needs to be disposed of and any rust in the tank will need to be removed. You will need a new battery. The brakes could be locked up. If so, the calipers need to come off and be disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt. In any case, all brake fluids need to be flushed and replaced. Electrical connections may need to be cleaned. This is only the big stuff. As you can see, it could be time consuming and expensive. You could probably buy an identical or similar bike in running condition for less than you will have in time and money fixing this one. I would only put this kind of effort and expense into a rare, valuable find.

: Michigan Sport Touring Riders

Thank you, Dr Cycholl

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August 2017

Continued from page 6 - Gear Up test the ground. The handling works the opposite of the way I thought it might. Before the test, I thought the Ural would be harder to turn to the right since the sidecar is on that side while turns to the left would be easier. For that reason, that practice session prior to getting out on the road was invaluable. Brembo disk brake calipers are used on the front (four piston) and sidecar (two-piston) wheels while an HB big-bore, single-piston caliper provides stopping power at the rear. The brake set up effectively brings the 730-pound (dry) Gear Up to a stop. As with the acceleration and cruising, care must be taken when braking because, when actuated, the brake on the sidecar wheel pulls the rig to the right. This effect might be a big surprise if the rider isn’t prepared for it. The Gear Up comes standard with a variety of features sure to attract adventure riders including a sidecar spot light, sidecar power outlet, sidecar tonneau cover, jerry can, utility shovel, luggage rack, and a universal spare wheel that fits all three positions. Every Ural comes with two-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Once I acclimated to the Ural’s handling characteristics, I enjoyed the ride. The pre-ride practice certainly helped. I can get past the heavyduty, industrial feel as long as the rig is dependable. Recently, my preferred type of riding has been slower-speed explorations of areas in which I haven’t previously ridden. The Ural seems perfect for that type of riding. One last observation: the fit and finish of the Gear Up is excellent. The retro styling is appealing; so much so that Ural enthusiasts have a term for all of the attention Urals get on the road, at gas stops, or anywhere else. It’s called “UDF” – Ural Delay Factor. It’s a travel delay caused by all of the people who want to talk with Ural owners about their rigs. Many thanks to MotorCity Motorcycles General Manager, John Erickson, for loaning his personal Ural to me for this test. Thanks also to long-time friend of this magazine and MotorCity Motorcycles Sales Manager, Jeff Bottrell, for his riding tips and instructions for the Ural test. For more information about Ural motorcycles, visit MotorCity Motorcycles at 1765 S Telegraph Road in Bloomfield Hills, MI, give the dealership a call at (248) 920-2000, or visit their website at MSRP for the 2017 Ural Gear Up starts at $16,499. MSRP for the Gear Up with the Bronze Metallic paint and blacked out drivetrain like the test bike is $18,499.

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Battle of the Brits Motorcycle & Car Show and Swap Meet

Sunday, 2017 BattleSeptember of the 10, Brits 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Camp Dearborn 1700 General Motors Road, Milford, MI Presented by the Metro Triumph Riders Supporting Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation

Battle of the Brits

SHOW BIKE REGISTRATION Day of event: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

PARTICIPANT VOTING: - Ends at 1:00 p.m. - Only votes submitted by 1 p.m. will count!

Pre-Registration By mail…see entry form below

Motorcycle Classes 1. Master Class (entrants will receive a free Battle of the Brits t-shirt!) · Open to all British motorcycles, including café racers, customs, etc. · Judged by a panel of experts · Only bikes in this class are eligible for (3) Best in Show awards! 0. Original/Survivor Class · Open to all British motorcycles at least 30 years old. · Judged on originality by a panel of experts. · “Original,” in this case, is defined as, “unmolested, unrestored, and closest to the way it left the factory.” CLASSES 2-20 ELIGIBLE FOR PARTICIPANTS’ CHOICE AWARDS, including best in class (1st, 2nd, 3rd) Modern Triumph Classes (Hinckley-built bikes,

AWARDS PRESENTATION: 3:30 p.m. near the red MTR trailer

Save time on event day by pre-registering. Plus, receive a coupon for $5 off on a Battle of the Brits t-shirt! SHOW REGISTRATION FEES Motorcycle entries: $10.00 per bike + $5 Camp Dearborn entry fee at gate Swap-meet spaces: $40.00 for first space (15’ wide x 40’ deep). Additional spaces, $30 each. + $5 Camp Dearborn entry fee at gate SPECTATOR ENTRY FEE $5 per vehicle

Judges’ Awards for Best in Show! FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Available throughout the day METRO TRIUMPH RIDERS STORE Visit the red MTR trailer to purchase a variety of club and show items ACCOMMODATIONS Camping Is Available On Site! Rental cabins are also available! Go to or call (248) 684-6000

Area offers great roads and many points of interest nearby! An AMA-Sanctioned Event. Be There, Rain or Shine! FOR ForMORE moreINFORMATION information, GO go TO: to: call 586-944-7456 or

Become an MTR member:

Become an our MTRweb member! Apply our Apply on site or pickon up web sitea or pickat upthe a form at the show! form show!

1990- )

2a. Cruisersand Urban Sports (Bonneville America, Speedmaster, Rocket III, Speed Four, Trophy, Tiger, etc.) 2b. Modern Classics (Bonneville, T100, Thruxton, Thunderbird, Thunderbird Sport, Trident. etc.) 3. Triumph and BSA Triples Trident and Rocket 3 (1969-76) 4. Triumph Oil-in-Frame Twins 650 and 750 (1971-88) 5a. Triumph Oil Tank Unit Bonnevilles all 650 twin-carb models (1963-70) 5b. Triumph Oil Tank Unit Other other 500 & 650 models (1963-70) 6. Triumph and BSA Pre-Unit Twins all pre-unit twins 7. Triumph and BSA Singles all singles, unit and pre-unit 8. Norton Commando 750 all 750cc models (1968-73) 9. Norton Commando 850 all 850cc models (1973-77) 11. BSA Unit Twins A50, A65, etc. 13. British Open/ Vintage Ariel, Enfield, Velocette, Vincent, etc. 14. British Competition track bikes, scramblers, racers 15. British Café Racers including Triton, Norbsa, Norvin 16. British Choppers/Customs mild, wild, weird, and wacky 17. Italian Ducati, Moto Guzzi, MV, Aprilia, etc. 18. German and European BMW, Bultaco, Montesa, etc. 19. American (pre-1984) Harley-Davidson (pre-Evo), Indian, etc.

Battle of the Brits Pre-Registration Form

Name: ___________________________________________________________________ Phone: ________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________City: ________________ State: _________ Zip: ______________________ Email: ________________________________ Year Make Model Class

Number of vendor spaces required ____ Number of bikes x $10 ____ ____ Vendor spaces x $40 Additional spaces X $30 ____ Total Enclosed _____

Mail check or money order in U.S. funds only, please, to: Metro Triumph Riders, P.O. Box 700521, Plymouth, MI 48170



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Three-Wheelin’ on a Harley Tri Glide by Mike Mekinda

I’m constantly asked, “which bike should I buy?”, a question that just can’t be answered for another rider. Recently, a new question is asked nearly as often; “Thinking about a trike/ Spyder/ sidecar because they’re easier to ride… right?” Being fact-based, rather than opinion, this is a question I can actually answer, and the answer is “kinda”. My experience has been with sidecars and the occasional Can Am, however, so I decided to round out my experience to include the rapidly expanding world of trikes. Thanks to Scott Miller and my friends at Western Reserve Harley-Davidson, I borrowed a loaded 2017 Harley Davidson Tri Glide Ultra for the afternoon. That experience may have spoiled me for life! In all honesty, the first glance at the Tri Glide had me asking, “why?” It’s an oddly cool looking vehicle, but “motorcycle mullet” flashed in my head - car conservative in front, Harley rebel in back. For whatever reason, The Motor Company’s other trike, the Freewheeler, doesn’t strike me the same way, reminding me more of a funky restomod ServiCar than trike. Harley-Davidson is the only

manufacturer that designs and builds their own trikes, so the Tri Glide (like the Freewheeler) is all Harley- even the two fat tires on the solid axle in the rear. Mounting the seat, some of the weirdness falls away; for a while, at least. Aside from no need to balance the bike, the handlebars, controls, and seating position are straight Harley-Davidson touring cruiser. The Ultra includes the huge top case and cushy passenger seatback, with an additional large trunk built into the wide rear body. Toss in a large color touch-screen infotainment system with GPS, mega-watt BOOM! stereo, and electronic cruise control, and the bike I would be riding after the Help support the men and women who have served in the U.S. test seems like a 3-speed Armed Forces on our behalf. The local Veterans Administration with a chainsaw motor! office tells us that there are a significant number of local area Thumbing the veterans who need a variety of basic items, including coats, starter, the new Milwaukee hats, gloves, underwear, deodorant, toothbrushes, Eight rumbles to life with toothpaste, socks, t-shirts, etc. Our dealership, MotorCity all the sounds and

MotorCity Motorcycles Actively Supports Our Veterans

Donation Drive for Veterans in Need

vibrations of a proper Harley. ‘Thunking” it into gear and accelerating down the street, the Tri pulls like a proper Harley and gives little indication there’s another 300lbs or so tacked on the back. When changing directions, however, the motorcycle familiarity quickly falls away. Much like my sidecar, the Tri Glide leans… out! If you’ve been on two wheels for any length of time, there is a definite learning curve to riding a trike, and a need to wrap your head around the freaky vehicle dynamics at play. If you’re new to riding and come without a lot of two-wheeled experience, the skills will likely come quickly - but be prepared to throw out most of what you learned about cornering in your beginning rider course! Steering a three-wheeler is all shoulders and upper body strength. There is no press-to-lean in curves on three wheels, though shifting weight helps keep the inner wheel on pavement. When the road gets twisty, the Tri Glide feels tippy, and the front end skitters and pushes if asked to change directions quickly though my short time on the Glide gave little chance to learn how to correctly hustle a trike. A friend’s wife amazes everyone as she rips through places like The Dragon on her Freewheeler, so I’m sure it comes down to technique and time in the saddle. Might need to rent one for a weekend! Cruising on the highway, however, the Tri Glide finds its stride. I love the new Milwaukee-Eight. It’s right at home in the Tri: sounding terrific, pulling hard, and buttery smooth at cruise. I can see rolling stupid mileage behind the redesigned batwing on the Tri Glide. And knowing that, when fatigue sets in, there’s no chance of getting wobbly while balancing a heavy motorcycle in traffic! Roaring onto the highway, I got to thinking about the motivation to choose three wheels over two, and a few solid reasons came to mind.

Motorcycles, is accepting these items on behalf of the local VA from now through the end of the year. Please be generous. Our veterans deserve our support.

Up to $1,000 OFF for military, police and fire on NEW Indian or Victory motorcycles in tock.

1765 S. Telegraph Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI One mile north of Square Lake Rd. on the east side of Telegraph Rd.

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August 2017

The Struggle to Classify the Polaris Slingshot by Jason Waechter, Esq. How is a Polaris Slingshot classified under the law? Is it a car or a motorcycle, or something else entirely? It’s an Autocycle. An autocycle is a three-wheeled vehicle that looks a lot like a car but only has three wheels. Some are enclosed, that is they have a roof and sides. You can’t miss these vehicles going down the road. They’re so different that they instantly attract attention. For example, the Slingshot is not enclosed. It has fairly open and exposed front wheels, a cockpit that fits two and one wheel in back. It looks like a mini Batmobile. How does Polaris classify its Slingshot? The Polaris website states, “The Slingshot is a three-wheeled motorcycle. It is not an automobile. It does not have airbags and it does not need to meet automotive safety standards. Three-wheel vehicles may handle differently than other vehicles, especially in wet conditions. Always wear DOT-approved full-face helmet and fasten seat belts. Driver may need a valid motorcycle endorsement.” According to Polaris, the Slingshot is a three-wheeled motorcycle. But Polaris doesn’t make the driving laws in Michigan, so what does the State of Michigan have to say about the Polaris and other vehicles like it? Under Michigan’s vehicle code Section MCL 257.31, “‘Motorcycle’ means every motor vehicle having a saddle or seat for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than 3 wheels in contact with the ground but excluding a tractor.” While Section MCL 500.3101(2)(f) of Michigan’s No-Fault law states “‘Motorcycle’ means a vehicle that has a saddle or seat for the use of the rider, is designed to travel on not more than 3 wheels in contact with the ground, and is equipped with a motor that exceeds 50 cubic centimeters piston displacement. For purposes of this subdivision, the wheels on any attachment to the vehicle are not considered as wheels in contact with the ground. Motorcycle does not include a moped or an ORV.” However, a recently proposed Michigan law that might change the way vehicles like the Polaris Slingshot are classified. Senate Bill 160 has passed the House and the Senate and is likely to become law. It defines the specialized vehicle as an “autocycle” and states “‘autocycle’ means a motorcycle that is equipped with safety belts, roll TM

Midwest Motorcyclist

bar or roll hoops, steering wheel, and equipment otherwise required on a motorcycle, not more than 3 wheels in contact with the roadway at any one time, and is not equipped with a straddle seat.” The bill then amends the MCL 257 Section 31 definition of “Motorcycle” to include autocycle. What does this mean for drivers of the Polaris Slingshot and other autocycles? If Senate Bill 160 is passed, the Slingshot will be classified as a motorcycle. Under Michigan Law, if it’s in a wreck - unless a car, truck, van, or SUV is involved, the driver of the autocycle does not get nofault benefits, the biggest of which is unlimited medical bill coverage. However, in this respect, Indiana law differs drastically from Michigan law. In Indiana, the law allows for the operation and registration of autocycles. Autocycles are defined as a three-wheeled motor vehicle in which the operator and passenger ride in a completely or partially enclosed seating area equipped with: rollcage or roll hoops; safety belts for each occupant; antilock brakes; and designed to be controlled with a steering wheel and pedals. To underscore just how difficult a time states are having when it comes to defining and classifying an autocycle, the federal government has stepped into the fray with a proposed bill - The Autocycle Safety Act. It was introduced by Senator Vitter of Louisiana because Elio Motors has selected Shreveport, Louisiana as its manufacturing plant location. The federal bill was only introduced and read by two committees, so it is not a law yet. It states, “(1) ‘autocycle’ means a motor vehicle with 3 wheels, an enclosed occupant compartment, and a steering wheel, which meets applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards, as determined necessary by the Secretary of Transportation through regulation.’’ This federal bill was supposedly introduced because there are so many conflicting state laws when it comes to defining and classifying autocycles. However, it appears to me that the federal Autocycle Safety Act doesn’t fix the problem. The Polaris Slingshot isn’t enclosed, so it wouldn’t fit this bill’s definition of an autocycle. It seems that Senator Vitter is only concerned with Elio Motors’ products, since they’re going to be manufactured in his state. But is anyone really surprised that politicians can’t agree? Because there are so many different opinions on the matter, the bottom line is that, for now, if it has three wheels, most laws say it’s a motorcycle.

Attorney Jason A. Waechter is a national attorney specializing in the areas of motorcycle and motor vehicle injury litigation. Mr. Waechter has collected millions of dollars in settlements, awards and verdicts for his motorcycle clients over the past 20 years. Jason feels a duty to give back to his community. A portion of each case settled goes to educational resources for bikers, funds to help bikers while their cases are being litigated and our motorcycle accident prevention campaign. Call Attorney Jason Waechter toll free at 1-877BIKER LAW. Or visit Legal disclaimer: The law is very fact dependent and there are many nuances and exceptions depending on your particular circumstances. Therefore, given the limited space, it is impossible to cover everything. Do not rely on the short article to protect your rights.

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39th Annual Concours d'Elegance The Inn at St. John's 44045 5 Mile Road, Plymouth, MI The Concours d’Elegance of America is a worldrenowned event that features some of the finest and rarest cars available. Since its inception in 1979, the festival boasts a lineup of esteemed car collectors who proudly put their exquisite vehicles on display. We’ll be there with our BMW Motorcycles booth. Stop by and say “Hi!”

Monday, August 28, 2017

Spring Track Day at Grattan The Grattan Raceway track day costs $165, which includes track time, class room instruction and lunch. All makes and models of bikes are welcome to attend our track events! To register, please call Caitlyn at (734) 453-0500

BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan 14855 N. Sheldon Rd., Plymouth, MI 734.453.0500


Events Events do change. Please call ahead.

Michigan July 28-30 July 3 day 2 days of TT Races Dan Raymond Park Bridgeton, MI July 30 ABATE Region 15 3rd Annual American Legion Poker Run Mystery Ride & BBQ $15 / Run & BBQ; $8 / BBQ only Reg. 10 a.m: First bike out 11 a.m. American Legion Post 200 11800 Michael St., Taylor, MI (313) 613-4703 July 30 Ride for Kids To Benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation; August 3-5 5th Annual Alpena Bike Fest Bands, Camping, Vendors, Bike games, Beer tent 21 years and older; No pets 6850 French Road, Alpena, MI Find us on Facebook August 5 1st Battalion, 24th Marines Memorial 1st Annual Poker Run Reg at 10 a.m.; Kickstands up at 11:30 a.m. $20 / rider; $10 / passenger Wolverine Harley-Davidson 44660 N. Gratiot Av, Clinton Township, MI Ride ends at AMVETS Post 29 1 AMVET Drive, Mt, Clemens, MI Music, Burgers & Hot Dogs (586) 531-5726 August 11-13 August 3 day 2 days of TT races Dan Raymond Park Bridgeton, MI

August 12 Motorcycle Poker Run to benefit the children of Anchor Bay Community Giving Tree $25/person; Reg. 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Wolverine Harley-Davidson 44660 N. Gratiot Ave. Clinton Township, MI Info: (586) 615-4067 or (586) 598-9716 August 12 13th Annual Bikers for Bethany to benefit adoption Reg 9 a.m.; Kickstands up at 10 a.m. $25/rider; $15/passenger Grand Rapids Harley-Davidson 2977 Corporate Grove Drive Hudsonville, MI (616) 499-6315 August 12 Lydia,s Gate Ride to Provide A shelter for women and children in need of temporary housing 115 Dayarmond, Mio, MI (989) 826—5588 August 12 Motorcycle Poker Run to benefit the children of Anchor Bay Community Giving Tree $25/person; Reg. 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Wolverine Harley-Davidson 44660 N. Gratiot Ave. Clinton Township, MI Info: (586) 615-4067 or (586) 598-9716 August 17-19 Great Lakes H.O.G. Rally Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan at Kewadin Casino Tickets available at August 19 Ride for the Red Shield (Salvation Army) Reg. 10 a.m.; Departure 11 a.m. $25/rider; $20/passenger Start at The Salvation Army 1258 Biddle Avenue, Wyandotte, MI Info: (734) 453-5464 August 26 Rally in the Woods Free event; Begins at Noon Live Music All Day, Free Hog Roast Burn Out Contest with Cash Prize Biker Games 11400 Linden Road, Fenton, MI (248) 807-8603

September 10 35th Annual Battle of the Brits Motorcycle & Car Show/Swap Meet Camp Dearborn 1700 General Motors Road Milford, Michigan September 10 8th Annual Ton-Up Motorcycle & Music Festival Arbor Brewing Co. Microbrewery Ypsilanti, MI September 16 2nd Annual Trooper Chad Wolf Memorial Ride Proceeds benefit Thin Blue Line of Michigan Reg. 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Kickstands up at 11:30 a.m. $25/Rider; $35 with Passenger Live music & Lunch included Ride begins and ends at Bike Bob’s Harley-Davidson 14100 Telegraph Rd, Taylor, MI 734.947.4647 Pre-register at September 17 11th Annual All Clubs Day Come and enjoy a day of vintage, classic, and otherwise remarkable motorcycles displayed around The Village Green in Stockbridge Spectators welcome. Breakfast 8 a.m. to 12 noon at the Presbyterian Church Stockbridge Lions pulled pork lunch from noon on; Info - (517) 851-7437

Indiana August 4-6 HOG Pharm Biker Party BRAND NEW BIKER PARTY! Poker Run on Saturday, Field events, Wet T-Shirt, Live music: Big Dick and the Penetrators - Friday night Cold Call – Saturday night $30/person OR $50/couple Tent camping is free; RV camping - $75 Hog Pharm 7400 North 650 West, Orland, IN Rick Devlin 260-243-2606 Vendors, call 260-585-7405 August 5 Breast Cancer Benefit and Ride Breast Cancer Awareness Ride with us Saturday, August 5th. This is in conjunction with the Moonshine Cowboys’ Ride for a Cause and their live


auction with proceeds to help a local for breast cancer organization (dollars stay here in our counties). The ride will start and finish here at Brandt’s H-D parking lot. $15/person They’ll be a large tent with tables and chairs for the dinner, a beer tent, FREE Hog and lots of food hot off the grill, a live band playing and kickstands up promptly at 1:00 pm. Brandt’s Harley-Davidson 1400 N CASS ST, WABASH, IN 260.563.6443 August 5 Big Brothers Big Sisters 6th Annual Big Ride for Kids Sake $20/rider; $25/rider with passenger Reg. 10 a.m. to 10:45 p.m. Departs at 11 a.m. from Big Brothers Big Sisters, 1603 N. Detroit St., Warsaw, IN Hog roast lunch provided for riders (574) 306-2178 August 5 The Resurrection of Stevie Ray Vaughan 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The Lerner Theater 410 S. Main St.,, Elkhart, IN A Rock N Roll Blast! August 5 Get Wet for a Vet $‘15/person includes T-shirt, lunch, entertainment; 21 & older only Reg. 10 a.m.; Kickstands up at 11:30a.m. Escorted 40-mile ride VFW Post 360 1307 E. Jefferson, Mishawaka, IN August 11-13 Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society Presents the Hog Daze Motorcycle Rally At Ballard Field, 600 East 1st Street, in Marion, IN Profits go to local children’s charities $10 /person for the entire weekend Come and enjoy the region’s best music, a classic pin-up contest, multiple motorcycle shows, challenge your riding skills at the rodeo, a burn out competition, swap meet and browse the food and merchandise vendors. Do not let the weather keep you home either, we have a gigantic entertainment test to keep you dry. Check us out a and on Facebook, search Home of the Hog. Bring your party attitude and we look forward to seeing you. August 12 Renegade Classics 3rd Annual Block Party Vendors, Giveaways, Dyno drags, Slow drag People’s Choice Show


BMW-Motus Motorcycles of Grand Rapids 5995 South Division, Grand Rapids, MI (616) 530-6900 • 14

August 12 Humane Society for Boone County Motorcycle Ride Reg. 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. Kick stands up 10:30 a.m. $25/rider; $40/couple Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis 4146 E. 96 th Street, Indianapolis, IN or (765) 485-8888 August 12 SPC Chad Clements Memorial Ride $15/rider; $5/passenger Reg. 9:30 a.m.; Departs at 11:30 a.m. Knights of Columbus 2817 Theater Avenue, Huntington, IN (260) 519-2922 August 19 Brotherhood Bash & Ride Join us for a 250+ mile ride starting at 11am! Just $20/bike and it includes free Bash entry, beer, and dinner. The Brotherhood Bash/Car Show will take place at the Kendallville Eagles starting around 5:00pm after the ride has finished. Hayden Honda Powerhouse 619 Westgate Ave, Kendallville, IN 260-347-0060 August 19 American Legion Riders, Post 24 Presents 3rd Annual Hayden’s Ride for Infant Loss Awareness All proceeds donated to “Our Hospice of South Central Indiana” to benefit :Infant Loss Awareness Support” through the “Wings For The Journey Bereavement Program”. (A support group for those who grieve the loss if a child) $20 per bike. Registration starts at 10:00am. Kickstand up at 11:00. 100 mile ride. Prizes raffled after ride. Food available after ride, included in ride fee. American Legion Post 24 2515 25th Street, Columbus, IN 812-376-7036 August 19 12th Annual Ride to Provide All proceeds to benefit Mark Thomas Reg. 11 a.m. to noon; Departs 12:15 p.m. Info (260) 758-3437 August 19 5th Annual Lapel Eagles Benefit Ride for Trenton Brown

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The Great Lakes Dual Sporters is a like-minded group of offroad motorcyclists who enjoy riding Michigan’s vast two-track trails and back roads. All done using a street legal dirtbike also known as Dual Sport.

Monday, August 28, 2017 The day costs $165, which includes track time, class room instruction and lunch. All makes and models of bikes are welcome to attend our track events! Call our store to reserve your space today.

Renegade Classics 9546 Allisonville Road, Suite 115 Indianapolis, IN

If you’re looking for fantastic dualsport riding and the company of great friends, join us. Check out our website at to learn about our group, our events and much more. Only $10 to join!

August 2017

The Preacher Speaks About...

The Ride for Freedom & Midwest Motorcycle Training by Franz “The Preacher” Hoffer I was at Wolverine HarleyDavidson (WHD) all day on Sunday, June 25, for the 15th annual “Patrick Wisniewski Ride for Freedom”. I’ve been at every one. It’s a ride to honor our veterans and collect money for veteran’s issues. The ride is named in honor of Officer Patrick Wisniewski, a 33-year-old married father of five, who died on Sunday night, June 13,, 2003 after his motorcycle collided with a car along Jefferson Avenue in Chesterfield Township. Officer Wisniewski was a reserve officer with the New Baltimore Police for two years. The department was in the process of bringing him on as a full-time officer before he was killed. He was also a 15-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and was working with High School students at Anchor Bay High School as a school resources officer. At the time, Chesterfield Police said the 64-year-old man driving the car that hit Patrick was driving on a suspended license. He had turned his Chevy Impala in front of Wisniewski’s motorcycle at the 21 Mile Road and

Jefferson intersection. We expected at least 350 to 400 motorcycles for the Ride. Between riders, passengers, military personnel, and onlookers, there would most likely be about 1,000 people. Wow! We were surprised! There were closer to 600 motorcycles and probably about 1,500 people participating. It just shows how good, generous, and compassionate those who ride motorcycles can be. Not just Harley riders, but all brands were represented at the event.

Pre-Owned Motorcycles 2015 Indian Roadmaster™, Thunder Black, 4,225 miles, $25,999 OUT THE DOOR!!!

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2011 Yamaha V Star Custom, Black, 11,2183 miles, $3,999 OUT THE DOOR!!!

One mile north of Square Lake Rd. on the east side of Telegraph Rd. TM

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2011 Kawasaki Vulcan® 900 Classic SE, 11,014 miles, $5,249 OUT THE DOOR!!!

1765 S. Telegraph Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 248.920.2000 •

The event kicked off with the posting of the colors by the Vietnam Veterans of America 154 Color Guard under the command of Glenn Cash. That was followed by a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem by Alicia Durst, an employee of WHD who happens to have a good voice. My singing wouldn’t do much for anyone except maybe chase them away, but Alicia brought many in the crowd to tears as she sang the National Anthem the way it should be sung without all the “hey, look at me” crap we see at sporting events by many recording artists. This is a reverent song that, in my opinion, should not be open to changes. George DeLaNuez then had some inspiring words for the gathered crowd. As usual, George kept it brief and to the point. What followed was an introduction of the Green Knights Chapter 129. The Green Knights are an International Military Motorcycle Club that fights for motorcyclists rights in the DOD. In simple terms, they stand for SAFETY. They keep the club updated on DOD, DOT, and local changes to traffic regulations. The Executive Board disseminates these changes to club and nonclub members alike. You can contact the club at their website: There were representatives from the Vets Returning Home organization, the Blue Star

2015 Indian Motorcycle® Roadmaster™, Indian Red/Ivory Cream, 2,470 miles, $21,999 OUT THE DOOR!!!

on Facebook at 15

Motorcycling & Law

Passing of the Bill to Include the Slingshot as a Motorcycle by Dondi Vesprini Back in December of 2016, I wrote an article regarding a bill that was pending which would classify a “Slingshot” type vehicle as a “motorcycle” under the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code. For those unfamiliar with the Polaris Slingshot or “The Original 3Wheeled Roadster” as it is called on the Polaris website, below is a photo of one. It has 2 open wheels, a two passenger go cart looking cockpit complete with steering wheel and 5 speed manual transmission, and one wheel supporting the rear. Senate Bill 160 which would change the definition of an autocycle to read “A motorcycle that is equipped with safety belts, rollbar or roll hoops, steering wheel, and equipment otherwise required on a motorcycle, has not more than 3 wheels in contact with the roadway at any 1 time, and is not equipped with a straddle seat.” The Bill would change the definition of motorcycle to read “a motor vehicle that has a saddle or seat for the use of the rider and is designed to travel on not more than 3 wheels in contact with the ground. Motorcycle includes an autocycle, but does not include a tractor.” By virtue of including an autocycle in the definition of a motorcycle, vehicles such as the Slingshot would be deemed a motorcycle for purposes of the Michigan Vehicle Code given that it meets the definition of an autocycle. Since my last article on this, the House Fiscal Agency prepared an updated Legislative Analysis. It states that during committee discussion on the bill, on May 30, 2017, a representative from Polaris testified and distributed information in support of the bill. It notes that the bill’s supporters argue that the legislation ensures consistency with federal classification of motorcycles and would insure consistency with federal VIN coding and required body type



classifications as required on product manufacturer’s certification or origin at registration. Those in opposition of the bill, including ABATE of Michigan which testified in opposition to the bill in June, have argued that a Slingshot is wider than any 3wheeled motorcycle and can’t share a lane with another motorcycle. Also, having bucket seats, roll bar, gas pedal, foot car brake, roll bar, seat belts and a steering wheel, it is not a motorcycle and should not be classified as one as such classification will skew statistics collected on “motorcycles”. Perhaps the most meaningful statistics would include those regarding analyzing the number of accidents, fatalities and helmet usage in accidents. Despite the opposition, the bill has been passed and presented to the Governor on July 12, 2017. This will mean that under the Michigan Vehicle Code, any regulation which applies to a “motorcycle” would by definition thus apply to a Slingshot or any other similar 3-wheel vehicle that meets the definition of an autocycle. Such regulations include but are not limited to Michigan’s modified motorcycle helmet law and noise regulations regarding decibel levels of noise that the vehicle produces. However, while the Legislative Analysis states that autocycles would be required to pay the same registration tax as motorcycles, it would appear, that Slingshot riders would not be required to get a motorcycle indorsement on his/her license, as the motorcycle indorsement law specifically excludes persons

riding an “autocycle” from the requirement. As always, if anyone has any questions or if I can be of legal assistance to you or anyone you know who has been injured in a motorcycle accident, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I deal with these types of claims on a daily basis on behalf of injured motorcyclists statewide. Further, for those readers who are members of any motorcycle organizations, clubs or groups, if you would like to have me come out to your group to speak or give a presentation on the legal rights of an injured motorcyclist or on any specific topic that your group may be curious about, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at (248-569-4646) or shoot me an e-mail at I give presentations statewide and there is never a charge associated with having me out. I enjoy having the opportunity to come out and meet motorcycle enthusiasts from all parts of our State!

August 2017

Indiana Continued from page 15 Golf Cart Poker Run Biker Poker Run Family Events Info: (765) 617-7720 August 26 Bikers for Backpacks A great way to kick off the school year! A scavenger hunt for things to put in the backpacks for kids for school. Get a group together and have a fun ride to support kids! Reg. 10am; Departs at noon! Food from Sweazy Q Catering and entertainment from Sideways Elkhart Indian Motorcycle 3016 Brittany Ct., Elkhart, IN 877-856-4326

Davidson motorcycles. Exciting, crazy, fun, and just Bad Ass are just a few words to describe the Busted Knuckles Stunt Tour. A loud and energetic crowd is just fuel to the riders fire. So the louder the crowd gets, the wilder they get! Come on out to Brandt’s H-D and enjoy these free shows September 9th at 11 am, 1 pm and 3:30 pm! They’ll be free lunch hot off the grill and the beer tent will be setup too! ;) Brandt’s Harley-Davidson 1400 N CASS ST, WABASH, IN 260.563.6443

Wisconsin September 23-24 2017 AMA National Adventure Riding Series 2017 Big Woods 200 Wisconsin Dual Sport Riders Wabeno, WI

Event Listings are Free

Ohio Vintage Moto Mornings Vintage & rat rod motorcycles (about 25 years or older) are invited to our inaugural season of Vintage Moto Mornings. These will take place the first Saturday of the month at our shop. We’ll have coffee/energy drinks, doughnuts and project talk. Drive your old bike over in any condition and check out what everyone else is riding. 10am-1pm, A good place to meet up with friends before a group ride. The dates are: May 6, June 3, July 2 (This is a Sunday. John will be at Redbud on Saturday.), August 5, Sept. 2, Oct 7 (weather permitting) Motorcycle Solutions 3519 Jackman Road, Toledo, OH (419) 720-4313

August 26 Guardian Riders, Indiana Fox Park Music Fest & Benefit Ride Gates open at 11 a.m.; Music starts at noon Benefit ride: first out - 10 a.m. $15/rider; $5/passenger Ride registration is admission for music fest September 2-3 Hog Roast, Band & Labor Day Event FREE Hog! Bikes, a live band and BBQ on Saturday. Ride on over to Brandt’s H-D and get some free hog. Beer tent will be setup. Baked beans, chips & soda extra for sale to help fund a local organization. Brandt’s Harley-Davidson 1400 N CASS ST, WABASH, IN 260.563.6443

May 2, May 16, May 30 Bike Nights at Wesley’s Bar Every other Tuesday through September 6 pm to 9 pm Wesley’s Bar 1201 Adams Street Toledo, OH


August 18-20 XS650 Fest & Chop Off Defiance, OH

September 9 The Busted Knuckles Stunt Tour A Kick Ass, V-Twin Thrill Show performed solely on Harley-

2017 Saddlebags are in! • 40 Styles of Saddle Bags • 30 Styles of Sissy Bar Bags & Tourpacks • 4 Styles of Trunk Bags

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Retail Warehouse (269) 651-2464

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Dealer Events

For a complete list of Michigan Harley-Davidson Dealer Association Members, see the dealer locator on page 19. July 20-22 Sandy Corley Memorial Run Primitive Camping Opens Wednesday at 12:00 Noon – $10.00 per person per day (Weds. only) Must have event ticket for early camping or trailer drop-off.; Get your tickets early! $60 in advance, $70 starting 7/19 at 10pm Includes 3 nights of rustic camping onsite! Fireworks, Ride-in Bike Show, Field Events, World Famous H.O.G. Auction, Self-Guided Tour through West Michigan, Forgotten Eagles Beverage Tent. Adult Party Atmosphere \ Food Available \ No Pets Please! 2017 Harley-Davidson FLS Softail Slim Raffle: $5 Donation Event proceeds benefit the Sandy Corley Memorial Run Fund at Mercy Health Partners, Johnson Family Center for Cancer Care. Garry Bredeweg: 616.437.6972 – Double JJ Resort, 5900 Water Rd., Rothbury,; 1-800DoubleJ July 22 Christmas in July - A BCHD first...Christmas in JULY! Battle Creek Harley-Davidson, 5738 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233 July 29 Dog Days of Summer Fundraiser for the ROAR Animal Rescue! Battle Creek Harley-Davidson 5738 Beckley Road Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233 August 5 Mike’s 60th Birthday Bash Food, Beer, Cake, Music Battle Creek Harley-Davidson 5738 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI (269) 979-2233 August 5 12th Annual Teddy Bear Ride Yearly ride to bring joy & toys to the children of the covenant pediatric unit Drop off a new teddy bear or stuffed animal at Great Lakes Harley-Davidson Reg. 1 p.m.; Kickstands up at 3 p.m. Great Lakes Harley-Davidson 3850 S Huron RD Bay City, MI (989) 686-0400

August 12 Annual Swap Meet Hamilton Harley-Davidson 68951 White School Road US-12 Sturgis, MI (269) 651-3424 August 12 First Responders Appreciation Day Special Event for all Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMS personnel (current and former) whose service and sacrifice keep our community secure. NonRiders and Riders Welcome. Show ID to receive free food and 20% off all H-D Licensed Apparel. Capitol Harley-Davidson 9550 Woodlane Dr. Dimondale, MI 48821 517.646.2345 August 12 3rd Annual Junior Brett Bike Run Reg. 11 a.m. to noon: Kickstands up at noon All proceeds to benefit Saginaw Survivors of Suicide Great Lakes Harley-Davidson 3850 S Huron RD Bay City, MI (989) 686-0400 August 17-19 Great Lakes H.O.G. Rally Kewadin Casino 2186 Shunk Road Sault Sainte Marie, MI Come and join us. HOG rallies are about riding and great scenic riding will abound. Enjoy the outstanding riding along scenic coast lines and stunning forests in Michigan’s U.P. Don’t hesitate to register as soon as it is open. August 21-27 Big Tent Event Ray C’s Harley-Davidson 1491 S. Lapeer Rd. (M-24 & I-69) Lapeer, MI (810) 664-9261 August 25-27 U.P. Butt Ride Destination TBD Zips 45th Parallel Harley-Davidson 980 S. Wisconsin Avenue Gaylord, MI (989) 732-8000

Now stocking gray & brown saddlebags!

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Continued from previous page Mothers Chapter 180, and a group of Vets who were bussed over from the VA Hospital in Ann Arbor who wanted to be part of the event. Pat Daniels, who has been instrumental in developing and organizing this event from its inception and is “retiring” from that role, was also on site. Many thanks to Pat for his dedication to this event, our country and its veterans (of which he is one). The ceremony was capped off with a 21-gun salute and Taps by the VVA 154 honor guard. I did an invocation and blessing of the bikes and bikers as the 60-mile police escorted ride through Macomb County kicked off. Yes, I joined the ride and enjoyed every minute of it. The ride was followed by a tasty meal and camaraderie back at the dealership. This is a great event, one that evokes emotions from everyone in attendance. I am so pleased and honored to be part of it. Much credit goes to WHD Special Events Coordinator, Carla Carlson, who works behind the scenes to make sure all goes according to plan. In other news, my son, Eric, has taken the advanced class from Midwest Civilian Motorcycle Training ( civilian_t.html). He is starting to compete in events and will be heading to Omaha, Nebraska at the end of July to compete in the River City competition. I am tagging along, making it a Father-Son kind of event. (I am not competing....yet.) Look for news about his performance, as well as a report on the competition, in an upcoming column. Till then, ride safe...

Michigan Harley-Davidson Dealer Association Members 1. Battle Creek

12. Muskegon



2. Bay City

13. Sturgis



3. Birch Run

14. Tecumseh



4. Cement City

15. Traverse City



5. Fremont

16. Waterford



6. Gaylord

17. West Branch






15 17



5 12

10. Lapeer RAY C’S HARLEY-DAVIDSON® 1491 S. LAPEER ROAD, LAPEER (810) 664-9261,


7 8





1 4

11. Mt. Pleasant





August 2017


Midwest Motorcyclist



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