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To Our Readers The Live It Right Dream Ride: Gathering Adventure Travel Intelligence By Emily Flinkstrom & Jay Wilgus Motorcycling and Law: Substitute for HB 46134 No Fault Reform by Dondi Vesprini The Preacher Speaks About... New Stuff From H-D and Tech Talk by Franz Hoffer Tips for Gearing Up for the Motorcycle Season by Jason Waechter Open Terrain - Exploring the World and Soul by Motorcycle: The Slippery Road of Drama by Nicole Espinosa

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How to Beat the Winter Blues by Vincent Cardinale Open For Business: Motorcity Indian & Victory Motorcycles Winter Riding in Central Florida by Gene Southard

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Large cover photo: Gene Southard takes a break from riding shile exploring Florida this winter. Photo by Gene Southard. Publisher/Managing Editor Ray Peabody

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April 2014

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If you read only one column in this issue, be sure it’s Substitute for HB 46134 No Fault Reform authored by Attorney Dondi Vesprini. What makes this information so important is that this Bill caps or eliminates many benefits which are currently provided to motorcyclists under Michigan’s No Fault Act. The bill, proposed by Speaker of the House Jase Bolger, treats motorcyclists as secondclass citizens unworthy of the same level of No Fault Insurance benefits to which auto drivers can claim. I won’t try to summarize the details of this bill but encourage you to first read Dondi’s column and then contact Governor Snyder and your representatives in the State Senate and House to help prevent this bill from being enacted as law. The Bill is a serious threat and we motorcyclists will rue the day we didn’t act should it pass. If, on the other hand, you want more information than you can get from one article, we have some excellent material for you. The Live It Right Dream Ride adventurers, Jay Wilgus and Emily Flinkstrom, offer a broad selection of travel planning resources in their column this month. For those unfamiliar, Jay and Emily are departing for Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, South America in mid-June. They are sharing their preparations and plans with us in a monthly column. After departing, they will continue their column with experiences from their adventure. This month, they highlight some of the resources they’re using to help in preparations for their trip. These

two are terrific writers. Their column is a “must read” for anyone planning a weekend motorcycle jaunt to northern Michigan, a vacation trip across the country or a multiyear expedition around the globe. Don’t miss this or any of their stories. Occasional contributor Vincent Cardinale returns this month with advice for riding in winter weather conditions. Vince knows his subject because he rides year round. For those wanting more riding in their year, Vince’s suggestions are well worth considering. He is a talented writer whose humor permeates his writing. Gene Southard is another occasional contributor who rejoins us this month. This winter, Gene did what many of wish we could do: he closed up his Illinois motorcycle shop and traveled to Florida for 2½ months of riding. He’s usually riding in other countries but this year he opted for a trip a little closer to home. If you think riding a motorcycle in Florida is boring, read Gene’s article in this issue. He seems to be having a great time. Franz “The Preacher” Hoffer launches his Tech Talk column this month with an interview with Jerry Battaglia, owner of Jerry B’s Cycle Works. Jerry offers suggestions for preparing your motorcycle for the coming riding season. This is a good start for the Tech Talk column. We’re looking forward to more stories about motorcycle service and repairs in future issues.

Nicole Espinosa continues to expand our thinking about what motorcycle riding is all about with her column, The Slippery Road of Drama. As Nicole points out, the world is what we think it is. If we think it’s bad, it is. If we think it’s awesome, it is. When you’re riding a motorcycle (as with most everything), what you think can have a huge impact on how much fun you have. Don’t miss Nicole’s latest entry in her Open Terrain Exploring the World and Soul by Motorcycle series. Thank you for reading. This issue is also available on our website at Be sure to also like us on Facebook for more up to the minute news. Feel free to share this issue with other enthusiasts. Finally, please patronize our advertisers. Without their support, this magazine couldn’t be published. They will appreciate your business and so will we. Have fun. Watch for potholes (some deep, gaping, dangerous holes out there) and ride safe. See you on the road in the near future.

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The Live It Right Dream Ride

Tapping the Adventure Travel Knowledge Base by Emily Flinkstrom and Jay Wilgus

After countless hours of research, we’re well aware that some people take extended international motorcycle trips with very little preparation. Buy the bike, strap on some gear (including a passport), and hit the road. We are not those people. Our approach to The Live It Right Dream Ride has been long and methodical. Last month, we shared some thoughts about how to budget and save for a trip like this. This month, we’d like to highlight some resources that taught us what the trip will require, as we aim to strike an appropriate balance between wild wonder and steady predictability. There are obvious topics we needed to research like route selection, border crossings, and gear options, but the deeper we got in the planning process, the longer our list of research items became.

Fortunately, for every question there are equally as many places to look for answers. We can’t possibly describe everything in the space below, so consider this our non-exhaustive list of go-to resources.

Comprehensive Resources To begin, we have to mention a few resources that provided many answers to questions that arose during our planning process. Although there’s no such thing as a one-stop-shop for planning an adventure like this, the following resources are about as close as they come. •

Adventure Motorcycling Handbook: A comprehensive route and planning guide written by Chris Scott. This is a must read for anyone planning a long distance, international motorcycle adventure. It includes information on everything from bike and gear options to necessary documents and dealing with culture shock. It also contains route maps and details specific to each country.

Horizon’s Unlimited: A fantastic website with a wealth of information about longrange motorcycle travel. The site is easy to navigate, as it’s divided into categories like getting inspired, getting ready, gearing up, and other practical information to know while on the road. It also includes a forum for members to post questions and learn from each other. Visit Horizon’s at

Adventure Rider: A lively and popular forum among adventure motorcycling enthusiasts. With bike, route, and issuespecific forums and threads, this website is terrific for those whose who are adept at navigating discussion threads or who appreciate user-based answers to the broadest and most specific questions. There are also plenty of pictures, ride reports, and stories for endless inspiration. Visit AdvRider at

Personal Experiences Since we’re not the first to take a motorcycle journey through Latin America, we’ve found it helpful to peruse other adventurer’s blogs and


personal websites. By reading about their expeditions, we’re able to learn from their successes and failures. While there are many sites to choose from, we’d like to mention two that we’ve explored more extensively: • by Alex Chacon: Alex rode from the U.S. to Tierra del Fuego in 2010 and created a YouTube video from his footage along the way that went viral. He now travels all over the world on his motorcycle filming and leading trips. He also started a consulting business ( where he answers (for a fee) all the questions someone taking a motorcycle adventure needs to know. While we have chosen to complete the research on our own, this could be a worthwhile investment for someone who does not have time to plan their trip independently and has some financial means. by Ben Slavin: Ben has also ridden from the U.S. to Tierra del Fuego, documenting his journey in his blog. Additionally, he created a DVD titled Motorcycle Mexico that provides information relevant to traveling through Mexico. Through Ben’s blog, we got the idea to create an interactive Google map (linked on our website) where people can suggest points of interest or connect us with friends along our route.

Issue-Specific Resources There are certain topics that require multiple sources of information in order to gain a robust and accurate knowledge base. For the items listed below, you can find lots of helpful information in the resources previously mentioned. However, we felt they deserved a bit more exploring so we tracked down some additional information. Continued on page 7

April 2014

Continued from page 6

Border crossings and countryspecific information • – This site provides country-specific information for U.S. citizens traveling abroad. Helpful components include information about vaccinations required or recommended, contact info for U.S. embassies, entry and exit requirements, visa requirements, security warnings, traffic safety, and road conditions. – This site was created by Ben Slavin ( after realizing the difficulty in finding information about specific border crossings. This site allows people to write reviews and post information based on their experiences crossing borders. It’s still a work in progress and it’s important to verify the accuracy of any content, but it’s a helpful resource nevertheless.

Inspiration! Finally, we sometimes find ourselves so entrenched in the planning and research process that we forget the reason we are putting in these extra hours of “work” in the first place! In those instances, we turn to resources that get us excited and energized for the adventure ahead of us: •

Health and Travel Insurance Turns out this one is complicated! We are still trying to find a plan that meets our unique needs related to affordability, access to health care if one or both of us gets sick or injured, as well as coverage for repatriation of remains, emergency

of a woman who left her job to ride from Alaska to Argentina – solo), Jupiter’s Travels by Ted Simon (see Ray’s description in the March issue of Midwest MotorcyclistTM), On the Road by Jack Kerouac (a wanderlust’s delight), No Shortcuts to the Top by Ed Viesturs (inspiration from an American mountaineer), and – to make sure we’re appropriately calculating some of the inherent risks – Two Wheels Through Terror by Glenn Heggstad.

evacuation, etc. An important piece of this research is reading the policy closely to make sure it covers the type of motorcycle riding you will be doing. For example, we’ve found many attractive and affordable policies that, upon closer examination, won’t cover us while traveling on unpaved roads. One website we utilized in our search for the right health and travel insurance is There are many others out there though.

Movies and Shows: Some of our favorites include Dust to Glory (a thrilling documentary about the Baja 1000 off road race), On Any Sunday (a cult classic featuring legendary desert racer Malcolm Smith, Steve McQueen, and others), and the wildly popular series featuring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman called Long Way Round and Long Way Down about their trips around the world and down through Africa.

There are thousands of questions and topics to explore when planning a trip like ours. We are still figuring a lot of them out, so we welcome any recommendations, suggestions, and pieces of advice from you! If you haven’t already, please visit our website ( to learn more, make a suggestion, or follow along as we make our way south beginning this July.

The Live It Right Dream Ride is sponsored in part by:

Books: Some of our favorites in the print category include: Lois on the Loose (the story

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Winter Therapy

How to beat the winter blues in one easy lesson: Ride


by Vincent Cardinale Go ahead, call me crazy. (You wouldn’t be the first.) Yes, I ride my bike during Michigan winter. I even rode during this brutal winter of 2013-14. There have been numerous stretches where road conditions precluded two-wheeled exploits. Yet, between blizzards, opportunities have arisen to gear up and hit the freeze/thaw-tortured, pothole-infested Michigan tarmac. This past week saw the mercury rise above the freezing mark several times. Combine that with bright sunshine and viola – the roads are no longer coated with frozen precipitation. Clear, dry roads equal your ticket to ride. Getting out on your trusty steed after a long, Mother Nature-imposed hiatus can clear your mind of gloom and blues like nothing else. Opening the throttle and clicking the next gear as needle meets redline is particularly pulse quickening, especially after a serious break in the action. And the looks you get from motorists is enough to put a huge grin on your face. Thoughts come to mind like Wow, it’s good to be back. But before you whack the throttle, some things to keep in mind... Be mindful of road and weather conditions. If ice is present, or precipitation is forecast, discretion is probably the better part of valor. You also don’t want road salt getting all over your bike, it will eat the aluminum. If you notice salt on your ride, hit the quarter carwash ASAP. Watch for ice on the road surface, especially through the curves. This can ruin your day faster than you can say “Oh sh!t.” Constant vigilance is a must. Look well ahead and figure out how to avoid any shiny spots. If avoidance

Help Wanted


is not possible, stand the bike up and pull in the clutch.

balaclava, it does not cause my eye glasses to fog up.

While you’re at it, watch out for potholes. Hitting one of these craters at speed can land you on your head, or at the very least seriously damage your bike.

Skip the booze. And the beer and the wine. And anything else containing alcohol. And any other intoxicating substance. Intoxicants can dull your survival-dependent focus and concentration. The sauce can also dilate blood vessels, bringing more blood closer to the skin surface, increasing heat loss. You may feel warmer, but in reality the exact opposite effect is actually occurring.

Speaking of your noggin, don’t even think about riding without a helmet – preferably a full face with fog-resistant face shield. (Google Pinlock anti-fog) The full-face helmet will keep you warm and safe. As for the rest of your gear: Heated garments make riding even in subfreezing temperatures not only bearable, but even dare I say pleasant. Gerbings and Powerlet among others offer a wide range of heated gear plus controllers and electrical connection hardware. I personally employ a heated jacket liner, glove liners and socks. I installed the supplied fused connection directly to the bike’s battery and ran the connector lead up between the seat and gas tank. Anyone moderately handy should be able to handle the installation. To regulate heat output, I use a 2-channel wireless controller; one channel controls the jacket liner, while the other channel runs the glove liners and socks. A good, Thinsulate-lined riding jacket keeps the cold and wind at bay, and lined riding pants keep the lower extremities comfy. A riding suit can also go a long way towards keeping the cold comfortably away from your hide. A neck gaiter keeps my neck warm, and unlike a

Remember that the cager crowd is not expecting to encounter a motorcyclist during the winter months. (As if they do any other time of the year...) Be extra alert for the dreaded oncoming left turn into your path, or the car on the right making a right-hand turn directly into your lane. If you suspect either is about to occur, flash your high-beams repeatedly and/or lay on your horn. No need to be shy here. Some may view winter riding as unconventional. But do you really want to sit around watching your bike collect dust, while you’re waiting for the mercury to finally head north of BRRRRR? Nowadays it is practical to ride nearly year-round. We ride because we love it. What better way to shake the winter blues than doing something for which you are passionate. Now gear up and grab those grips. Ride safe and ride smart. Vince Cardinale, Royal Oak, MI 2000 BMW R1100RT

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April 2014

Open for Business: MotorCity Indian & Victory Motorcycles Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - On February 8th, the doors opened to the Detroit area’s newest motorcycle dealership - Indian Motorcycle Motorcity and Victory Motorcycle Motorcity, located at 1765 South Telegraph in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The new store, which is part of the Penske Automotive Group, offers new motorcycles, parts, accessories and apparel for two of America’s favorite brands. The 8,000 square foot facility reflects a commitment to “best in class” quality. The motorcycles, accessories, apparel and displays are set up to create an open, uncluttered look and to give the customer a comfortable and pleasing experience. “We’re incredibly excited to open this dealership—— both brands offer excellent engineering, brand awareness and loyal customers,” said John Erickson, General Manager. “Victory, one of the newest American-made brands, continues to grow its market share while Indian offers terrific styling and modern technology to an iconic brand. Our focus is on our customers and everything we do

will be related to maximizing the experience for our customers.” The new store offers an indoor, air conditioned/heated service write up area, as well as new and used bike delivery rooms, in which customers have a completely private area to review all aspects of the motorcycle. As well, the service area is clean and staffed with fully trained and licensed technicians. Along with Erickson, who spent the last 15 years with Penske Racing, the team at Motorcity represents broad experience in the motorcycle industry. Jeff Bottrell, well known in the Michigan area as a former sales manager at Powerlet and dealership owner, joins the team as sales and service manager. Scott Gray, also well known in the area for having worked at numerous motorcycle-related companies, is the Parts Manager for Indian and Victory Motorcity. Motorcity will introduce the dealership to Continued on page 18

bmw detroit


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Winter Riding in Central Florida by Gene Southard I was sitting in the showroom of my Illinois motorcyc+le shop reading a motorcycle magazine. The wind chill was 35 below and I had not had a customer all day. The phone rang and it was my buddy calling from Florida. “There is a rental available down here for two and half months, are you interested?” It took me about three seconds to say “yes”. I had about two weeks before it was available so I had time to get the BMW ready, load the van and prep the shop for some down time. The drive south took three days. Boy, the traffic in Atlanta was bad! I stayed just south of Lake Wales (about half way between Orlando and Tampa) and getting to the good riding areas only took a couple of minutes. I had been to Lake Wales last year but only for a few days. This time, I had plenty of time to explore the area by motorcycle. Route 27 runs north and south thru town and is lined by box stores and commercial development. However, just a couple of blocks off Route 27 is a rural area. The roads there are in excellent shape— I have not found a pot hole yet. The land is relatively flat with a few curvy road sections. Almost all back roads are paved and even the dirt roads are hard packed so the Beemer had little trouble going 35 or 40 mph on them. The scenery in this area is breath taking. Route 17 going south is called a “Scenic Hwy” and the name fits. The road travels through miles and miles of orange groves, yellow pine trees and cattle ranches. The average temps are usually in the 70s with lows in the 50s. Sure beats Illinois in the winter. I take day trips out of Lake Wales, sometimes having a destination in mind and other times just putting the Florida atlas under the tank bag and taking off. I will try to cover some of the most interesting places that I have had the opportunity to visit. I am a big race fan so going to the local race tracks is high on my list of trips. One of the bigger tracks in the area is Sebring International Road Course — about 30 miles south if you take Route 27. As you would expect, I wanted to take all back roads. On this trip, I took Old Avon Park Road then around Lake Reedy and into Sebring on Route 17. On one day I watched the Porsche Cup practice and the next trip I watched the Indy cars test for two days. They do not charge to watch testing or practice. Sebring runs several big sports car races in February and March. On the way out of town, I stopped to take a look at the restored train station. The next race track I visited was the Bartow MX track where they have open practice on Saturday and Sunday. Upcoming races are scheduled in April. Bring your sand tires if you plan on riding at this track. The track is just west of town on Agricola road. The third track that I visited was the local stock car track located in Auburndale. You go out Route 60 then north on Rifle Range Road. The track is a paved ¼ mile banked oval and is in great shape. They also have a 1/8 mile dirt track; the sandy track was so smooth I wished I had a skid shoe and my old short tracker. On the way back from Auburndale, you can stop at the small latino town of Wahneta for


Battle Creek Gene Southard and Mimi Hardman outside the Wales Museum.

something to eat at the taco stand. The city of Lakeland also has a 1/8 mile drag strip with grudge races on Saturday. You can take your Harley there and see what it will do. One of my favorite rides is to Frostproof for the yearly car show called the Orange Blossom Festiva. They also have Bike Festival in mid-March. How can you not want to go to a town called Frostproof? To get to Frostproof, you ride past Lake Moody and Lake Easy. Some of the views around the lakes are the best in the area. On one trip, I was riding along Lake Weohyakapka and stopped to rest . I said to one of the fisherman “That water looks good for swimming.” His reply, “There are alligators in there!” Maybe I decided to use the pool when I got back. Another trip was to the large phosphate mine in Fort Meade. Phosphate is used in agricultural fertilizer, but the strip mine looks like a good place to ride a dirt bike. I would never miss the yearly Mardi Gras parade that is held the first of March in Lake Wales. Or the demos of antique steam engines held at the Flywheelers grounds just outside Ft Meade. I have a couple of favorite places to eat. Frostproof has a 50s dinner called Frostbite. You can get curb service while listening to Elvis. I would take my hamburger to the city park and watch the sand hill cranes and the occasional eagle from under palmetto trees. There is lots of wild life in the area. I was told to watch out for wild boar; the only one I saw was dead. The Mexican taco stand just across the tracks from historic downtown Avon Park is another great place to eat. The local biker bar is Cherry Pockets just north of Lake Wales. If you are a history buff there are lots of places to see. Start at the Lake Wales museum in the old train depot with an engine, passenger car and caboose along side. Batow and Ft Meade also have large museums. The Spanish brought cattle to this area in the 1600s and were used to feed the southern troops during the civil war. Turpentine was made in this area using the sap from the pine trees. But oranges are the main agricultural crop today. This area has a large and varied history. I would like to thank Nick and Helen, owners of Lake Wales RV campground, for a place to stay. Mimi Hardman, director of the Lake Wales museum, for local history. And local artist Jim Trice for information on the best places to see. I was pleasantly surprised at the good riding in this area, the friendly people and the great weather. I think you would enjoy a ride around Lake Wales. Just don’t go swimming in the lake.


Bay City GREAT LAKES HARLEY-DAVIDSON® 3850 S. HURON ROAD BAY CITY, MI 48706 (989) 686-0400

Birch Run SHIAWASSEE HARLEY-DAVIDSON® 11901 N. BEYER ROAD BIRCH RUN, MI 48415 (989) 624-4400


Cement City TOWN & COUNTRY HARLEY-DAVIDSON® US 12 & US 127 CEMENT CITY, MI 49233 (517) 547-3333


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April 2014

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A.B.C. HARLEY-DAVIDSON® 4405 HIGHLAND RD (M-59) WATERFORD, MI 48328 (248) 674-3175



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Motorcycling & Law

Thus, if the motorcyclist has another source(ie, motorcycle insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, etc) that covers the same types of benefits as those deemed allowable expenses, the motorcyclist will be required to exhaust those sources before being allowed to claim those benefits under the No Fault Act. Not only is the $250,000.00 cap unrealistic to cover lifetime treatment for significant injuries, but it pales in comparison to the cap of $10,000,000.00 that the proposed bill offers to those injured as an operator or passenger of a motor vehicle! There is no rational basis for this blatant discrimination against motorcyclists in this proposed bill.

Substitute for HB 46134 No Fault Reform by Dondi Vesprini With spring comes warmer weather, opening day, and the return of motorcycles to the roads of the State of Michigan. While these are all welcome sights for sore eyes after the frigid winter we have been made to endure, this Spring also brings a dangerous bill in Lansing that seeks unprecedented capping and elimination of many benefits which are currently provided under Michigan’s No Fault Act. We have seen and heard prior No Fault reform bills that have come and thankfully died without passage in Lansing. However this most recent bill has been proposed by Jase Bolger, who is the current Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, which has resulted in garnering the attention of many legislators in Lansing. The bill is titled “Substitute for House Bill 4612 (H-3)” and calls for never before seen changes to our current No Fault system which will result in many injured motorcyclists (and non-motorcyclists for that matter) being left without the medical attention and care that are needed after an accident. By way of background, one type of benefits currently provided under Michigan’s current No Fault system are “allowable expenses.” An injured person is entitled to payment of allowable expenses related to injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Allowable expenses are defined as “all reasonable charges incurred for reasonably necessary products, services and accommodations for an injured person’s care, recovery, or rehabilitation.” Commonly, such expenses include medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses and prescription expenses. However, they also include home/vehicle modifications that may be necessary to accommodate the injured person’s injuries. Also included are attendant care benefits, which are services provided by a friend or family member similar to what a home nurse may provide, such as medication management, monitoring, driving to and from medical appointments, cooking for the injured person and assisting with dressing, bating and grooming, to name a few. Under our current system, there is no cap on payment of allowable expenses and they are a lifetime benefit. Regarding attendant care, a provider is required to be paid the same hourly rate that a home nurse makes in the county where the service is being provided. The proposed bill would make the following changes regarding allowable expenses: 1.


Allowable expenses are capped at a maximum of $250,000.00 for an operator or passenger of a motorcycle injured in an accident. Further, as written, the proposed bill does not even allow a motorcyclist to claim allowable expenses under the No Fault Act is he/she has “other sources” that cover the same loss.


The proposed bill mandates that if the No Fault insurer makes payment of a medical bill within 30 days after receiving the billing statement, the medical provider must accept as payment in full the lesser of the amount charged or 125% of amount that would be paid under worker’s disability compensation law. (2) Under this mandate, the medical provider will be required to accept a fraction of their actual billed expense. This will have a chilling effect on a medical provider’s willingness to accept a victim of an accident as a patient as they will know they will not receive full payment of their bill. This will leave many injured persons having to lose the opportunity to treat with doctors of their choice or in some circumstances receive any treatment at all.


The proposed bill caps rehabilitation expenses at 52 weeks and is only payable for rehabilitation treatment that is “reasonably likely to produce significant rehabilitation.” It may only be extended beyond the 52 weeks if it is “reasonably likely that longer treatment may produce significant measurable improvement.”


The proposed bill caps attendant care benefits for care provided by a family or household member to 56 hours per week at a rate limited to $15.00 per hour regardless of the level of care provided and regardless of whether the family or household member is a licensed care provider. For attendant care provided by a nonfamily or non-household member (Ie, a home health care company), payment is limited to a total of 24 hrs per day for services provided by 1 or more people. Continued on next page

April 2014

This means that if an injured person necessitates more than one aide, and the total time of care rendered by the aides totals more than 24 hours per day, payment is limited to 24 hours. Further, payment of any attendant care after the first 30 days subjects the injured person to a 20% copay up to max of $200.00 per month. The proposed bill will effectively eviscerate an injured person’s ability to get the treatment they need after sustaining significant injuries. In addition to the points raised above, the bill also places restrictions on an injured person’s ability to obtain accommodations to their motorcycles or homes regarding their injuries; provides an unprecedented restrictive definition of “allowable expenses� which will allow insurance companies to argue that claimed expense is not payable because if falls outside the definition; and disallows any evidence of the manner in which an insurer processed the claim in any trial against the insurer in an attempt to prove that insurer acted unreasonably. (Without being able to admit evidence regarding the processing of the claim, it will be impossible to show a Court what the insurer did or didn’t do that make the denial of the claim unreasonable.) The bottom line is this bill must be defeated or the rights of the injured motorcyclist to receive the care and treatment they need after a significant accident will be a thing of the past. Now more than ever, it is critical that you contact your representatives in Lansing and tell them they must not allow this bill to pass. I will be doing my part, as I have a meeting scheduled with Governor Snyder’s office to advocate against this bill on behalf of motorcyclists statewide and will continue to educate other legislators in Lansing as to why this bill must not get passed. As always, if anyone has any questions on this incredibly important issue or if I can be of legal assistance to you or anyone you know who has been injured in a motorcycle accident, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I deal with Michigan No Fault law on a daily basis on behalf of injured motorcyclists statewide. Give me a call at 248-569-4646 or shoot me an e-mail at

Dondi is a licensed attorney in the state of Michigan and is recognized as an expert in cases involving motorcycle accidents. He has obtained millions of dollars in recovery for injured motorcyclists over the course of his career as a trial attorney. Dondi’s representation of motorcyclists extends beyond the court room. He is a member of the Board of Directors of ABATE of Michigan and meets frequently with both legislators and lobbyists regarding legislation affecting injured motorcyclists and the rights of motorcyclists to ride free.

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The Bent Wheels Chapter of the CCC is looking for new members.

BWCC has a long history of promoting events of all kinds and in preserving our ORV trail system. We are a family orientated, working club and ride the trails almost every weekend. If you’re looking for good times with great people - check us out. Contact Billy Vanderhoff by email at

The Great Lakes Dual Sporters is a like-minded group of offroad motorcyclists who enjoy riding Michigan’s vast two-track trails and back roads. All done using a street legal dirtbike also known as Dual Sport. If you’re looking for fantastic dualsport riding and the company of great friends, join us. Check out our website at to learn about our group, our events and much more. Only $10 to join!

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We Ride! ...All Makes of Bikes ...All Over the Country ...On Back Roads ...On Racetracks ...At Novice-Advanced Levels ...In Our Sleep! Our members come from all across the Midwest (and beyond) and we ride many makes of street bikes - including: • Aprilia • BMW • Buell • Ducati

• Harley-Davidson • Honda • Kawasaki

• Suzuki • Triumph • Yamaha ....and brands in between

We travel to great riding destinations close by and far away. We learn to be better riders. We share camaraderie and a common passion: The Passion To Ride!

For information about membership, meetings, events or rides, contact the MSTA group in your state: In Indiana, contact: Donald “Moose� Parish

In Kentucky, contact: Gary Dehner

In Michigan, contact: Gregg Mitchell In Ohio, contact: Doug McPeak


In Wisconsin, contact: Alan Tesch

N O N - C O M P E T I T I O N


Let’s Go Trail Riding!

No place to ride? Michigan is home to the largest organized network of off-road trails in the world - more than 3500 miles of marked, maintained ORV trails for the entire family to enjoy! Since 1968, The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan has led the charge to assure continued access to public lands for motorized recreation by working closely with state and federal government. Membership in the CCC offers organized trail rides, a map CD of the entire trail system, a subscription to the Great Lakes TrailRider Magazine and a host of other member benefits! Call us today at 517-781-4805. The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan PO Box 486 t$PMEXBUFS .*tXXXDZDMFDPOTFSWBUJPODMVCPSH TM

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The Preacher Speaks About...

New Stuff From H-D and TECH TALK by Franz “The Preacher” Hoffer Harley-Davidson introduced two new models this month: the Low Rider and Super Low Rider. I have to wonder where The Motor Company is taking us. These intro’s come on the heels of the introduction of the liquid-cooled engines for 2014 as well as “The Rushmore” project bikes with state of the art electronics not to mention the new Street 500 and Street 750. Could it be that the Motor Company is taking us and itself into the 21st Century? My V - Twin Cam heart be still! The Low Rider is reminiscent of the old days and, according to the company literature, “The Low Rider contains old school class and exciting new performance,” it will be powered by the Harley Twin

Cam 103 engine, have dual front disc brakes, 2-into-1 exhaust, and of course those outstanding one-of-akind - now copied by almost everyone else traditional Harley good looks. The Super Low 1200T is touring class machine. Based on the Sportster platform, it will weigh at least 118 pounds less than Harley’s lightest Big Twin touring bike and comes standard with a detachable windshield and locking saddlebags. Both models were formally introduced to the riding public at Daytona Bike Week. Man, if I had an extra couple thousand lying around – OK, maybe more than a couple thousand I’d be real interested in a nice “City” bike to augment my big Road Glide Ultra Touring Bike. I really like the idea of the Street 500 and Street 750. With the addition of these new models, I challenge any other motorcycle manufacturer to put the number of options and models out there for their customers to purchase. It’s pretty obvious the Motor Company is trying to hit all the “sweet spots” and is doing a pretty good job of it.

Jerry B (left), Peanut (center) and Franz “The Preacher” Hoffer

TECH TALK 30805 Plymouth Rd. • Livonia, 48150 734-422-3435

20% to

70% OFF Everything in the store except oils, batteries & special orders


This is the first installment of TECH TALK and I’m not sure exactly how I am going to run it in the future. Ray Peabody and I will make that decision in the next couple of weeks. I’ve received several emails regarding what you want to see in TECH TALK


Ce le ou brati r 2 ng ye 1st ar!


1- and 2-place motorcycle trailers for sale or rent Rentals FOR SALE

starting at $30 a day!

Aluminum 1 & 2 place trailers FALL

and we’ll get to all of them in the next couple of months. For our inaugural article, we’re going to talk about getting your bike ready for Spring. If you are like me, your bike has been sitting in a frozen garage for four to five months. We’re just waiting for those first days above 40 degrees, a little sunshine and roads that are salt and slush free. I put the question of getting your bike ready to someone I’ve known for more than 10 years, a trusted friend and an individual I consider the top HarleyDavidson mechanic bar none; Jerry Battaglia. He owns Jerry B’s Cycle Works together with his wife, Michelle. They have been in business since 1993, located at 25430 Harper Ave, St. Clair Shores, MI 48081, Ph# 586-773-BIKE. I stopped in on a Saturday afternoon in early March. Jerry is even busy in the winter as biker’s are starting to come by the store in preparation for spring riding. On that Saturday, there was a bike being brought in (trailered) and one being picked up. Continued on next page Continued from page 13 - Motorcity Motorcycles

motorcycle enthusiasts across Michigan with two events in early May. The first is the Grand Opening, held on May 2nd and 3rd. The second event will be the arrival of the Indian Demo truck the following weekend – May 9, 10 and 11. For more information, visit Indian and Victory Motorcycle Motorcity at 1765 South Telegraph in Bloomfield hills, or visit their website at They are also on Facebook at motorcitymotorcycles or call the store at 248-920-2000.


(734) 783-6464 12620 N. Telegraph Carleton, MI Mon thru Fri 9 to 6 • Sat 9 to 3

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April 2014

Continued from previous page The Preacher (TP): First of all, Jerry, thanks for letting me pick your brain about getting bikes ready for Spring….what can you tell me? How should one go about it? I’m always tempted to just back it out, put it in neutral, and start it up. Jerry B (JB): Well, if you put it away properly, you could pretty much do that…provided it’s been on a battery tender (trickle charger 12VDC @ 750mA, 120VAC @ 60Hz 12W.) As far as battery life goes, as long as you’ve had it on a trickle charger (year round), you will extend its life. Listen to the cranking. If it sounds labored, you probably need a new battery. Don’t play Russian Roulette with it. When your battery goes, you’re dead on the road. The record for the oldest battery I ever replaced is 12 years. Please, do not try to break that record. TP: OK, what else, Jerry? JB: Hopefully, you put fresh fluids (oil, tranny, chain case) in before you put it away. Never put a bike away without changing the fluids. If you changed them, you should be OK. If you do need to change fluids, do not use synthetic in the Chain Case. If you have a Kevlar Clutch, the synthetic oil will destroy it. I prefer regular petroleum products over synthetic across the board. I’ve actually done a test here in the shop, coating a piece of metal with synthetic on one side, petroleum-based oil on the other. A couple days later, the synthetic side had bare spots on it while the petroleum based still had 100% coverage. O.K, not exactly a scientific test but a test that tells me all I need to know. But what I really want to talk about is tires and tire pressure,

something not too many riders pay that much attention to. TP: What do you mean? I change tires when it’s time to change tires. JB: Do you check the tire pressure? How do you know when it’s time to change tires? TP: Well, I do check the pressure since you balled me out a couple years ago for not checking it. As far as replacing them, I ask you. JB: You’re a smart guy....that’s the right thing to do. That’s what I’m here for. But most people concentrate on one thing: tread. Most H-D motorcycle tires are rated for 5 to 7 year useful life, depending on mileage. H-D Dunlop tires are just about the best tire on the market and I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of them fail. But almost every bike I get in here, the tire pressure is wrong. Either too high or too low. It’s extremely important for tire life, handling, and safety. It only takes a few minutes. It’s not hard to do but it can make all the difference. Tire pressure should be checked weekly during riding season and at the same time you insapect your tires. I mean bending over and inspecting them closely. Tires on average, in normal usage, can lose two to four pounds. of pressure per month. TP: What should we be looking for? JB: Tread of course, but much more than that. Check for what I like to call the “silent killer;”tires that have cracking in the treads or side walls. You can’t just look at them quickly, you need to bend right down and take a close look inside the tread…not just

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TP: Thanks Jerry, I look forward to the next installment of TECH TALK.

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in a small area. Push that bike back and forth and inspect the whole tire. Inspect not only the tread and the inside of the tread, but alsothe sidewalls as well. They usually get overlooked. A cracked sidewall will put you on the side of the road quicker than anything else and it won’t be pleasant. This is especially important after winter storage in a garage. The worst enemy of your tires next to improper tire inflation is moisture. If your bike has been stored in an unheated garage over the winter then there’s been plenty of moisture attacking it. That’s about it.

1395 E. Riverside Dr. Ionia, Michigan (616) 527-1810 Motorcyclist Owned & Operated TM

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2014 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide®

We have the full line of 2014 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles - including the Project Rushmore touring models - in stock and available for immediate delivery. It’s cold and snowy now but spring is right around the corner. The 2014 models have been selling fast and might be sold out by early next year. Stop by our store today to find the Harley of your dreams.

Hamilton Harley-Davidson® 68951 White School Road (US-12) Sturgis, MI

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Tips for Gearing Up for the Motorcycle Season by Jason Waechter With all this snow, it’s hard to believe spring is just around the corner, but, in spite of mother nature, I know a lot of motorcyclists are preparing for the upcoming riding season. What you did to prepare your bike for winter storage will make a difference in terms of what you need to do to get ready for spring. If nothing else, prepping for your first ride might distract you from the cold and snow, so here are a few things to keep in mind as the motorcycle season approaches. Tires: It’s been an exceptionally cold winter this year in most areas, so inspect your tires carefully before going for a ride. Extreme cold can cause cracks, flat spots, and other damage, especially if you did not put any insulation (cardboard for example) between the ground and your tires. It’s a good idea to have a portable air tank on hand so you can fill your tires at home, without moving the bike. Get yourself an accurate

tire gauge and always check tire pressure when tires are cold. You can get a tire gauge and other free swag by visiting us here: http:// Don’t forget, the temperature outside directly affects your tire pressure. If it’s really cold or really hot outside, check your tires before you ride. Your owner’s manual can advise you about adjusting your tire pressure for the load you are carrying and the temperatures. Most tires will have the ideal PSI range stamped right on them. NHTSA (National Highway Traffic SAfety Administration) suggests checking your tire pressure before each ride, but, at the very least, check them once a week. Engine, brakes, and battery: Did you change the oil and filter before storing your bike for winter? If not, you should probably do so now. Make sure your battery is topped up (where Welcome to Motorcycle Mike’s applicable), look for corrosion, cracks or other (formerly of Blue Water Tires) Visit our store damage, and make sure for your tires rather it’s fully charged. Do a We carry the most popular brands of tires full circle check to make for every style of motorcycle you ride: than going to a swap sure everything is in • American V-twins • Dual Sport meet. We don’t charge for good shape, and be sure • Metric Cruisers • Off Road parking nor do we charge to test all lights and turn • Large Touring • Scooter signals. Check your an entry fee. Instead, you • Sport Bikes • ATVs brakes to make sure will enjoy the same prices • Sport Touring • Trials they’re not worn and • Racing • Dirt Track you would find at the they’re working • Vintage • and much more properly. After a long, swap meet. Don’t wait. cold winter, your bike The riding season isn’t the only thing that is here. needs warming up; ease into full riding by practicing your braking and maneuvers in a safe You can rely on the expertise of our staff, with location like a parking their combined riding experience of over 100 lot before taking it to the years! Whether you need help in picking out the streets. best tires, mounting the tires, or balancing the tires on your wheels, just look to us to help. Biker Card: While the weather might not be 53379 Gratiot Avenue, Suite B ideal for riding, this is the season for swap Chesterfield, MI 48051 meets and motorcycle (586) 270-6595 events where you can


check out the latest and greatest biker gear. This year, my team and I have developed a new Biker Card that we hope every motorcyclist will carry with them. The card gives the basics of what to do in the event of a crash, using the acronym PACT: Prevent further injury; Assess the situation; Contact EMS; Treat the injured with life-sustaining care. It also lists first-aid priorities, the ABCs: Airway, rescue Breathing, and Control bleeding. This information is the basis for the Bystander Assistance Course that our firm offers, just one of the ways we are giving back to the biker community. To learn more about our commitment to biker safety, visit 144.html. As an added bonus, motorcyclists who carry our Biker Card get discounts on products and services at a bunch of different stores and restaurants in Michigan. Want a card? Request one by visiting http:// 20.html, where you can also request our Watch for Motorcycles bumper stickers to promote motorcycle awareness in your area. Insurance: Admittedly, insurance isn’t a sexy topic, but it’s important to make sure your motorcycle is properly insured. Legal requirements for motorcycle insurance vary by state; here in Michigan, you must have bodily injury coverage in order to ride on the road, and if you get in a wreck and need repairs to your bike, you have to have comprehensive coverage as well. Some people will cancel their insurance policies over the winter to save a few bucks; this is not a good idea! Your homeowner’s policy may not cover flood, fire, theft, or other damages when you are storing it on your property. Also, if you wake up on a beautiful, sunny day and you have no insurance, you might miss out on a great first ride. It’s always better to insure your bike year-round, so you’re covered and ready for anything. I provide information on motorcycle laws and insurance state-by-state on my website, As the weather gets warmer and motorcycle season gets underway, my most important tip is to always Watch for Motorcycles! You could save a life. Remind your family and friends when they’re out driving that motorcycles are everywhere. Let’s all have a safe season this year. Attorney Jason A. Waechter is a national attorney specializing in the areas of motorcycle and motor vehicle injury litigation. Mr. Waechter has collected millions of dollars in settlements, awards and verdicts for his motorcycle clients over the past 20 years. Jason feels a duty to give back to his community. A portion of each case settled goes to educational resources for bikers, funds to help bikers while their cases are being litigated and our motorcycle accident prevention campaign. Call Attorney Jason Waechter toll free at 1-877-BIKER LAW. Or visit Legal disclaimer: The law is very fact dependent and there are many nuances and exceptions depending on your particular circumstances. Therefore, given the limited space, it is impossible to cover everything. Do not rely on the short article to protect your rights.

April 2014

Events Events do change. Please call ahead.

Michigan March 29 Season Starter Open House BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids 5995 S. Division Grand Rapids, MI 616.530.6900

April 26 HIM Swap Meet 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 8219 E. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 248.807.8603 April 26, 27 12th Annual Spring Open House Michigan Chrome Shop 69090 Main Street (M-19) Richmond, MI 586.727.7829 April 27 Lakeshore Blessing of the Bikes Ottawa County Fairgrounds 1286 Ottawa Beach Rd Holland, MI 49424 Gates open 10 am to 4 pm. Drawings/ awards begin at 2:15 with Blessing at 3 pm 616-566-2902 Web:

April 12 Spring Open House BMW Motorcycles of Detroit 34080 Van Dyke Avenue Sterling Heights, MI (586) 274-4000 April 12 Bob Burns & Phil Mann Birthday Party 5995 S. Division Grand Rapids, MI 616.530.6900

May 2-3 Grand Opening Motorcity Motorcycles Indian / Victory 1765 S. Telegraph Rd. Bloomfield Hills, MI 248.920.2000

April 18 Charity Fashion Show to Benefit Cerebral Palsy of Metro Detroit $25 / ticket Begins 6 p.m. BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan 39933 Ford Road Canton, MI 734.981.1479

May 9, 10 & 11 Indian Motorcycles Demo Truck Motorcity Motorcycles Indian / Victory 1765 S. Telegraph Rd. Bloomfield Hills, MI 248.920.2000 May 11th 34th annual Mothers day swap meet and ride in bike show Midland Co Fairgrounds 6905 Eastman Ave, Midland , MI 11am-4pm , $5.00 admission Ride in bike show sign up 11am-1pm, trophies at 3:00pm 989-697-5525

April 19 Cadillac Motorcycle Swap Meet Wexford Co. Civic Center 1320 N. Mitchell St. Cadillac, MI 49061 Sat. 10am - 4pm 800.800.6034

Join us in celebrating the birthdays of two lifetime riders and great friends of ours. These two men have each ridden thousands of miles since they began riding and show no signs of slowing down. Stop by the store to meet both (if you haven’t already), hear their stories and have some cake!

May 24 & 25 14th Annual Bubba’s Memorial Weekend Classic 804 S. Huron (M-13) Linwood, MI Saturday charity bike show Sunday charity poker run Sunday bike raffle giveaway at 5:30 Sign each day is 10am-12pm $5.00 donation for either event 2 days of food, rock and roll, friendship and charity fundraising All proceeds go to Camp Fish Tales- A local barrier free camp 989-697-5525 August 14-16 Michigan State HOG Rally Presents The Great Lakes Rally Birch Run Expo Center 11600 N. Beyer Rd. Birch Run, MI Facebook: Michigan State HOG Rally


Plymouth, IN 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. $5 members; $7 non-members 574.935.5225 April 19 ABATE Region 7 Spring Fling Amazing Joe’s Restaurant 2607 Central Avenue Columbus, IN Sign in 11 am to noon $20 single; $30 double 812.603.6523 April 26 ABATE Region 10 Redneck Romp 2131 West CR 150 S Paoli, IN $10 / person 812.723.3470 April 26 ABATE Region 11 Battle of the Bands Rock House 3940 S. Keystone Avenue Indianapolis, IN Opens at 11 a.m. $5 / Person 317.437.9482

March 29 ABATE Region 7 Swap Meet 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. National Guard Armory 1925 1st Avenue, Freeman Field Seymour, IN $5/person 812.614.2979

May 2 ABATE Region 2 Spring Breakout Laporte County Fairgrounds 2581 West Highway 2 Laporte, IN Open at Noon $15 / single; $25 / couple 219.331.4546

April 5 ABATE Region 10 Spring Thaw Crawford County 4-H Club Old 37, English, IN Gates open at noon $10 Members; $14 non-members 812.508.1139

May 18 Fallen Heroes Family Run Sign up at Walmart, Portage Ave in South Bend, IN Ride begins @ 11 a.m. $15/rider; $10/passenger 574.339.1575

April 6 ABATE Region 1 Spring Fever Motorcycle Swap Meet Indiana National Guard Armory 1220 West Madison Street

HD of Indianapolis 4146 E. 96th Street Indianapolis, IN 765.409.0124 runtothewall May 24 Stars & Stripes Forever Ride Sign up at Walmart on Ireland Rd. in South Bend, IN Ride begins at 11 a.m. $15/rider; $10/passenger 574.339.5657 May 31 Poker Run Benefiting United Cancer Reg 9a.m. @ RV Hall of Fame $20/rider; $10/rider June 28 The Ice Cream Run Walmart South Ireland Road at 31/20 Bypass South REg 10 a.m. $20 /rider; $30 / passenger July 13 Ride with Us to Cure Kids Pinhook Park 2801 Riverside Drive SouthBend, IN

May 22-27 Indiana Chapter 1 Rolling Thunder Departs 10 a.m.

Bob Burns (86) & Phil Mann (81)

BIRTHDAY PARTY Saturday, April 12, 2014 • 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Special Guest! 2nd place finisher in the 2013 BMW Owners Group High Mileage Competition, women’s group

BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids 5995 South Division, Grand Rapids, Michigan (616) 530-6900

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• 5,000 sq. ft. showroom • Large Inventory of BMW Motorcycles and Accessories • 2 Certified BMW Master Technicians, one BMW Certified Technician & one vintage / old motorcycle specialist on staff • Service while you wait (by appointment) • Service loaners • Demonstrators of 2013 models in stock & ready to ride 21

Open Terrain: Exploring the World and Soul by Motorcycle The Slippery Road of Drama

Nicole has a plan for these endless dark clouds.

by Nicole Espinosa What happens when bad weather or terrain knocks you off balance? Do you grab the bars tightly in an attempt gain control over the mud, sand or rain? Or, do you know that this, too, shall pass and maintain your composure while allowing the bike dance beneath you? It all seems to be summed up easily as one of life’s point-of-views (PoV)—the glass is either half full, or half empty. The world is either an exciting adventure waiting to be lived, or it’s a scary, fear-based place keeping everyone separated in their little boxes. It’s true that once you start thinking from a negative PoV, more of the same comes at you until you believe the world is a darker place— with no way out. But, there’s hope. When drama rears its head as troublesome weather while riding, or as a tantruming child while at home, the best way to meet it head on is by staying lucid and present. Now the question is how to


do this when fear makes you pucker during a storm, or buttons are pushed in a heated discussion. Emotions sometimes get the best of us. But, only when we become them. Take, for example, getting pummeled by the rain on a long cross-country ride. At some point riding in a hyperaware state becomes fatiguing, and brain loops begin to wear you down. You may think, over and over again, “I’m wet and tired. Riding in this weather sucks!” to a point where you become your emotions— “mysteriously” finding yourself in even more storms. But, if you flip the PoV around and throw a switch in your mind, it becomes something like, “Hey so what—I’m wet. I have my heated gear, at least I’m warm. When I stop, it’ll be fun to watch the storm from my tent.” Suddenly, you find yourself riding with the emotions you choose rather than the opposite. Just like riding in rainstorms, we weather bumpy roads in relationships. Reactive patterns

many experienced adventure riders develop over time, while we act out consider breakdowns a grand part of our individual scenarios. Due to their adventures? When those tight personal perspectives, these scenes boundaries open up culturally and often only appear different from one emotionally, we tend to lift our another. However, if buttons are perspectives to brighter sides. And triggered, knee-jerk responses pull us once that PoV turns positive, more right into the drama. This is how two likely than not it’ll stick with you for people who love each other tend to the rest of the trip—even when the spiral down to lower levels. It takes a drama tries to give you a kiss. fan to fuel a fire, so how about This seductive type of eliminating the extra oxygen craziness tends to feed on itself, altogether? If we anticipate that especially in a group setting. But like triggers might be pushed then we can riding in a rain storm, staying present act as observers instead of victims and and unattached to group emotion will not be as likely to react negatively. help calm the craziness. One way or Drama loves company. Just the other, it’s an energy that can be like a child who throws itself on the sensed. A cloud of drama can be felt floor kicking and screaming without from far away, but so, too, can the allowing any notion of consolation. presence of peace. It’s the calm and Walking away may sometimes be the best medicine. The same thing goes for peaceful mindset that will always guide you through the slippery road of dramatic situations on the bike. Let’s say you’re slipping and sliding in mud high emotional situations and keep the rubber down. And if there’s one thing that seems to go on forever. The we can bet on, it’s that motorcycling is longer you fight it, the more angry and frustrated you become. Why not the best antidote for drama. take a break? Diffuse the situation by getting off the bike, and pulling out Nicole Espinosa is Mom to two great kids, your camp stove for a nice cup o’ Joe, founder / owner of, or something warm to eat. This type of Managing Editor of Adventure Motorthing will break the mind’s loop, and cycle magazine and soon-to-be RTW allow a fresh (calmer) perspective to motorcycle adventurer. Communication approach the task at hand. welcome for Nicole: This also applies to breakdowns. We have choices for our This wasn’t bad weather, it was an opportunity to perspectives. It could have some fun in Summer Lake Hot Springs. be viewed as a dollop of bad luck, or it could be taken as an opportunity to strengthen mechanical skills or a way to make friends with a stranger who happens along. Either way, make it what it becomes. Isn’t it interesting that so

April 2014

BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids 5995 S Division Grand Rapids, MI 49548-5730 616-530-6900


Midwest Motorcyclist


The 2014 Triumph Motorcycles Are In!


Stop by our store today to see the full-line of 2014 Triumph motorcycles. From the retro Bonnevilles to the Tiger adventure bikes to the Daytona supersports and naked Triples to the power cruisers, they’re all here.

(Effective April 1st through May 31st)

Monday: Noon to 8 p.m. Tuesday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday: 10 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Join us on Thursday evenings in 2014*: 1st and 3rd Thursdays at Triumph Detroit - East 2nd and 4th Thursdays at Triumph Detroit - West

2014 Triumph Commander Be sure to check out the new Commander power cruiser and Thunderbird LT touring motorcycles. Whether you’re cruising to bike night or touring the country, Triumph Detroit has the right cruiser for you.

Weekly BBQ

2014 Triumph Thunderbird LT

Triumph Detroit East

Triumph Detroit West

50662 Van Dyke, Shelby Township, MI

620 W. Ann Arbor Road, Plymouth, MI

(1/4 mile south of 23 Mile Road)

(1/4 mile east of Main Street)

(586) 726-7400

(734) 453-1800

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