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COMPANY OVERVIEW  Founded in 1999 by Nick Swimmurn  Currently based in Las Vegas Nevada  CEO Tony Hsieh  E-commerce store  1500+ employees  Acquired in 2009 by “”  Started off by selling shoes but now they also sell apparel and bags


“To Provide the Best Customer Service Possible!”  Does not provide customer service, provide customer empathy.  Does not focus on financial goals but rather on internal motivations that it believes would increase revenue.  Believes that the core of a company is PEC or Personal Emotional Connection.


Organic Organization ď ľ At Zappos, teamwork is encouraged. ď ľ Zappos believes that the most important and best ideas come from the bottom up.

" The best team members take initiative when they notice issues so that the team and the company can succeed. The best team members take ownership in issues and collaborate with other team members whenever challenges arise."

DIVERSITY  Zappos embraces diversity in thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds.

**The more widespread and diverse Zappos’ relationships are, the bigger the positive impact it can make on the company, and the more valuable it’ll be to the company.

Human Resource Management


Ensuring that the company’s employees are happy and satisfied with their work environment and jobs is Zappos priority.

Zappos Family Core Values

TEAM MOTIVATION  Zappos’ atmosphere is fun, and employees motivates each other.  Executives have neither flashy titles nor offices; they sit in cubicles right between the entire staff (no closed-door policy).  There is an employee known as the “Goals Coach.”

Social media No. 6: "Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication”.  Twitter  YouTube  Facebook  Corporate blogs

IS ZAPPOS RESPONSIVE AS AN ORGANIZATION?  Zappos is willing to make short-term sacrifices (including lost revenue or profits) if it believes that thelongterm benefits are worth it. Protecting the company culture and sticking to core values is a long-term benefit.

CUSTOMER SERVICE Zappos strives to provide the best customer service possible and to make employees happy. For the best customer service, the company has made their brand all about its customer service.  Free Both Ways Shipping  Zappos’ Response to 2012 Computer Security Breach

How does human resource management reinforce Zappo’s core values? 1. Finding the Right People Human Resource Management  Develop the human capital it requires to support its corporate culture. Recruiting  Candidates who are considered to fit in Zappos must both be technically fit and cultural fit.

Some imaginative questions in applications and interviews:  

If you could be any superhero who would you be and why?

If every time you walked into room your theme song played, what would it be and why?

2. Managing Talent Training  “The Offer”

“If you quit today, we will pay you for the amount of time you've worked so far, plus we will offer you a $3,000 bonus. Cash on hand. No questions asked.”

Appraisal  Employees’ performance would be determined by how well they comply the 10 core values.  Zollars

3. Maintaining an Effective Workforce

Wages and Salary Benefits Medical and Dental Life Insurance Work/Life Balance 

Other Benefits - 40% employee discount on the website, vacation, car pool program, nursing room, etc.

Terminations Slow to hire and quick to


"We feel it's a bigger risk to keep a bad employee than it is to let them go” - Jamie Naughton, Zappos


1. Diversity From the Start of the Company  Tony Hsieh(CEO): Helped Start up

the company: Taiwanese-American

2.Diversity in the Code of Conduct  Embrace and Drive Change  Create Fun and A Little Weirdness  Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-

Minded  Pursue Growth

and Learning  Build a

Positive Team and Family Spirit


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