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Meet the Team The Journalism Club runs every Tuesday as part of Activities. The students who join are interested in a variety of media from news and sports reporting to feature writing and from photography to documentary making.

‘The End of the World” Our first incredible movement piece - thank you Mr Greenall!

From left to right: Casper Buijs, James Hurley, Clive Ng, Ellen Docherty-Fitzgerald, Kathleen Rynne, Jamie Choi, Sarah Chamberlain, Chrystal Yeung, Justin Cheung and Sarah Clarke. Special mention must also go to Janice Hui (not pictured).

Sports Day

CAS Week

Rosie Overman embodies the spirit of ICHK’s Sports Day.

Challenging experiences had by all.


An ICHK ‘Talented Student’ June Chan is a year 7 girl who overflows with talents. She has a great talent in swimming and dancing, especially as she has achieved 32 medals for swimming so far, and it is a thing that she is very proud of. June has been swimming for 9 years. At first, she was only practising while her father was looking to see if June had potential. She practiced for two hours everyday except Wednesday and even though it was very hard and was exhausted afterward she always tried her best. She knows all four swimming strokes- free style, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly stroke, but she’s best at the butterfly. Every competitor has to compete with others in order to improve. June has competed with other schools and swimming teams, and her most impressive contest was at Yuen Long District. In the sports participation pyramid, June is in between the participation and performance level. There are four stages: Foundation, where athletes have basic sporting skills; Participation, when athletes begin to participate regularly in a specific sport; Performance, when athletes concentrate on sport specific skills and develop talent in that sport. The

top stage is Excellence when the athletes participate in global competitions including the Olympics.

she also has a talent for making dance steps. She finds dancing fun and expressive.

June is also good at dancing jazz and hip-hop. She has already danced for three and half years. Her father signed June up for dancing lessons at first. She usually dances to pop music and LMFAO’s song is her favourite music to practise dancing to. Her teacher helps to choreograph most of her dances, but

June used “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO in her solo performance dance in ICHK Got Talent. Everyone cheered when she and ended up winning 4th place. She also performed proudly at the Showcase on December 2nd.

Y11 CAS Week Experience

Halloween Fancy Dress

Scott Bouttle at the Veterinary Practice

Yo Wang dresses up for charity.

Editorial Putting The Sans In Comic Sans Microsoft Comic Sans (MSCS) is the infamous typographical brainchild of Vincent Connare. Released in 1995 with the Windows 95 operating system, MSCS was intended for the textual portions of Microsoft BOB, a child-friendly user interface for the PC. Its style tries to emulate the handlettering of renowned comic book writers, John Costanza (Watchmen) and Dave Gibbons (The Dark Knight Returns). It has been the butt of countless jokes (most notably by Google, who once, for April Fool’s Day, offered the font as a replacement for the search engine’s normal Arial) and an entire organization, Ban Comic Sans, has dedicated itself to its abolishment. Why has this font drawn so much flak?

There’s no doubt that MSCS is a popular font, but for all the wrong reasons. Having been

by James Hurley & Casper Buijs

readily available to computer users since 1995, a point where everyone was suddenly able to change the way media looked as home computers gave the ability to make their own. Unfortunately, the proliferation of this novelty revealed that the average person didn’t really know anything about design. Effectively, this is all MSCS is: the choice of the stylistically unaware. In short, it’s ugly and childish. This can be technically explained in typographical terms.

Firstly, in an attempt to emulate the hand-lettering of the famous comic artists, the font was drawn in a paint program with a computer mouse, which led to numerous issues: the poor distribution of weight, the haphazard curvatures and largely nonexistent straight lines. These factors are what contribute largely to the malformed appearance of the characters, but there is also the issue of kerning. Kerning is a typographical term that refers to the spacing between the individual characters of a font, and with MSCS, it’s all over the place. The spacing is uneven, which breaks up the way you read, making it annoying to do so, particularly when it’s blown up to the large sizes required for the posters and signs it’s normally used in.

While one can overlook the design flaws, the main thing that makes MSCS so terrible is that it’s used in the most unfitting situations possible. The brainlessly cheery MSCS has featured in church bulletins, coursework assignments, advertisements and warning signs, hardly fitting the mood of the content. Users often defend themselves by saying that they want to stand out from the crowd by using a ‘friendlier’, less standard font, something that makes their notes look like they’ve been casually handwritten, or that they want to make their signs seem less harsh or rigid. All this really tells you is that they’ve recently found the font-change option on their word-processor. It hardly looks like handwriting at all, and since its release, its frequent misuse has made it hackneyed and

boring. It is a valid font turned unusable by misuse and overuse, and the inappropriate nature of its typical usage has been described by Ban Comic Sans as being akin to “… showing up to a black-tie event in a clown costume.” Perhaps worst of all, MSCS can’t even be used for what it was supposedly designed for in the first place: lettering comics. Proper comic book and graphic novel fonts include breath marks (shown below), which are used when someone sighs, coughs, etc. MSCS fails to include these, among various other commonplace and often vital punctuation marks required by any serious comic book writer.

MSCS is a dreadful choice of font for any kind of document. It has been overused and abused by children’s party invitations and businesses (who thought the font would make them appear relatable and lively) alike. There are many other, more aesthetically pleasing typefaces on offer, either bundled with your operating system or downloadable (usually for free) online. As a culture, can we please move on from Comic Sans, AOL and dial-up internet?

‘A Christmas Tale’ by The Journalism Club and Students

sugar-coated sticks with a delightful glow in his eyes, and desire swept through his body like a wild fire. He decided to buy a reindeer instead. He named it Glitzen.

“I’m getting thirsty, Glitzen. Let’s stop for a drink!” Father pulled on the reins and ••• Glitzen neighed in agreement PLEASE ENJOY OUR FESTIVE and slowed down to a halt. To OFFERING. EACH LINE WAS the left was a Dairy Bar which WRITTEN BY A DIFFERENT they decided to go into. ”A cup It was a strong, tall of your finest, creamiest, PERSON! reindeer, with muscles tough warmest, tastiest milk, as nails and a lovely, attractive please.” Father fluttered his A long time ago, on body. So he fed it carrots. eyelashes trying to please the Christmas Eve, there was a Northern lights began to space cow bartender into a little girl named Sasha. It was shimmer in the distance. Out free cup of frothy milk. All at a cold winter’s night and she of the blue, a silhouette once, the doors to the Bar sat in the living room, warming distracted Father’s focus from swung open with a bang. A her hands by the fireplace. the glimmer of Northern lights. familiar fat figure stood broad She could see her mum It was a fat, stout figure, in the doorway. A tumble-weed cooking mince pies in the waddling towards him. Closer rolled in between father and kitchen by the hot stove… and closer... the figure the mysterious being. The Mmm! Sasha licked her lips. became more clear. How figure stepped into the dim could this be? Impossible! he light and “Gasp!” went the Outside, snow fell thought to himself. Before he space cow bartender, reindeer gently; a thin white layer of could figure who the person and Father. feathers covered the was, Glitzen tugged on the landscape. Father was Continued on next reins and started to trot. reading his newspaper, page... Father held on for his dear life enjoying the smell of the as the four-legged mammal baking mince pies. He stared began to gain speed. at the amber-colored flames, Suddenly, he felt his feet being counting down the hours ‘til lifted from the ground... He Christmas day. was flying, higher and higher! He gained control of the "That smells quite reindeer, and pulled himself delicious, my dear!" Father onto its back, sitting himself exclaimed. Secretly, he was upright on top of the galloping thinking, if she cooks another beast. They continued flying meal, I'm going to vomit. Just tremendously fast, soaring into the thought of it led him to the atmosphere and bursting bathroom where he threw up. through the ozone layer, into He then opened the door and the Milky Way... walked out of the house. He was going to get some Christmas turkey! On the way, he saw a stall selling candy canes. He looked at the sticky

‘A Christmas Tale’ contd... An eerie silence flooded the room as the figure stepped closer towards the table, the spurs on his shoes being the only sound that sliced through the atmosphere, the lights gently illuminating his crooked, menacing face. He was slowly chewing on a candy cane in the corner of his mouth. His pot belly was hanging drastically over from his jet black waist belt.

He flexed his biceps and blue veins were visible, his hands ready to take out what looked like a Generation 4 Austrian Glock 17 (a pistol) chambered in 9mm Parabellum. His manly chest hair peeked out from under his lacy embroidered tank top. His neck resembled a million chins drowning into his chest. A fluffy poodle-like beard covered half of his wrinkly, pimple infested face. He reached into his bag

An ICHK ‘Talented Student’

and pulled open his Macbook Air. Slowly, he locked his gaze at Father and said, “That is my reindeer. You are now on my naughty list.” And then father woke up, regaining consciousness from the burnt smell of mince pie.


Ballet is a beautiful and charming French performance art. Nathalia Zollinger from Year 10 is a fascinating dancer. Nathalia started dancing when she was 6 years old. The reason she started was because she was influenced by her friends and the moment she started dancing, she was infatuated with it. She also thought dancing was challenging. Even though she didn’t think about learning to dance at first, dancing had become a part of her life. In her view, dancing is enjoyable and energetic. Before grade 4, Nathalia couldn’t perform in front of an audience because she wasn’t experienced or confident enough. Now she is a

Grade 7 ballet dancer, and in total, there are 10 grades. Everyday, she practises for one hour. Every time she hears beautiful classical music, she starts to follow the rhythm and sway in a classy and dazzling posture. Nathalia attends Yan’s School of Dance, and she has performed Teran Teller, and also many other dances to audiences in Hong Kong.

Muammar  Gadda0i’s  Death  

Top 10 ICHK Moments So Far! (Are these yours too?)

Both sides of Gaddafi’s forces and rebels fought against each and killed each other over a long period of time.

By  Roy  Mun  Y11 •••

The leader of Libya for 42 years, Muammar Gaddafi, died on 20, October 2011 during the 2011 Libyan civil war. On that day, Gaddafi was captured alive after his convoy was assaulted by NATO warplanes. Subsequently, he was surrounded by NTC forces and was cruelly beaten and eventually killed. In addition, two videos showing Gaddafi being seriously beaten and injured taken by the NTC members were broadcast on the news. They were even posted on various overseas video websites such as YouTube. GADDAFI RULE The whole event was triggered by how Gaddafi ruled Libya through a complete dictatorship. Gaddafi kept on aggravating Libya’s economy by using the entire country’s income for his own personal benefits, causing to increase the rate of unemployment and poverty. Consequently, this led to a huge and violent uprising, and Gaddafi and his family fled the Libyan capital. A temporary government called the National Transitional Council took control of Libya.

On 20 October, Gaddafi and his loyalists attempted to escape from the hideout in a convoy of 75 vehicles after the NATO forces spotted the location by intercepting Gaddafi’s satellite phone call. NATO forces then launched aircrafts to attack the convoy, immediately destroying 30 vehicles - Gaddafi was in one of them. CAPTURE Gaddafi, severely damaged from the air strike, continued to escape with a few of his surviving bodyguards. Nearby NATO fighters discovered them and opened fire, killing the remaining Gaddafi bodyguards and wounding Gaddafi himself. In the end, Gaddafi was finally captured and killed by the rebels. Although Libya has lost its leader, there is still hope since Libya is the richest country in Africa and has abundant natural oil resources. Whether Libya can gain back its peace is dependent upon the Libyans themselves.

Merry Christmas!


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FROM THE EDITOR This is the first time the students have produc ed work for a student magazin e. Hopefully, next term, more students will contrib ute with articles, stories and photos - you don’t have to be a me mber of the Journalism Club to ha ve your work published. Let’s make next term’s edition even be tter!

The ICHK Student Magazine, Dec 2011