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International College Hong Kong HONG LOK YUEN


A Community Learning for Tomorrow

MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL Welcome to International College Hong Kong, Hong Lok Yuen, a dynamic school set in a beautiful green area of the New Territories. I am delighted that you are considering educating your child / children at our school, which has been delivering excellence in education to students of all cultures for more than 30 years. Our teaching staff has been recruited from around the world and brings a wealth of experience to our school community. Collectively, we are giving our children the skills, understanding and vision they need to succeed in the world and become truly global citizens. At ICHK Hong Lok Yuen, students receive a high quality education that encourages and fosters the talents of every child. Our core values are at the heart of everything we do, both inside and outside the classroom. Students come from many different countries, representing more than 30 different nationalities. They are articulate, often in more than one language, confident, eager to learn, enjoy their play and show real care for each other and their environment. We are committed to ensuring that every child, regardless of ability, is happy, motivated to learn and achieves success. We strive to develop confident young people with creative and inquiring minds, equipping them with skills and knowledge that will bring them success in their future lives. We are very proud of our strong community atmosphere, our location, our large playing field and extensive grounds which provide our children with the space to play and enjoy sports away from the crowds. Whether you are a parent looking for a first class education for your child, a teacher interested in working in a happy, dynamic environment, or you’re interested in what an international education can offer, we would be delighted to show you around. We look forward to meeting you. Ruth Woodward - Principal

MISSION AND CORE VALUES Our mission is to be a vibrant and caring community developing creative, enthusiastic, confident learners who will take action in an ever-changing world. We provide high quality education through our shared core values:  celebrating individuality and diversity  fostering the talents of every community member, inspiring all to reach their full potential  developing skills, knowledge and understanding to become inquiring lifelong learners and global citizens  respecting ourselves, each other and the environment

OUR SCHOOL We are a private independent school, approved by the Hong Kong Education Department. We are an accredited member of the Council of International Schools, an International Baccalaureate World School and a member of the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools. The school was first accredited by CIS in 2002, only the second school in Hong Kong to receive the award at that time. We were awarded the prestigious re-accreditation in 2013 following a rigorous inspection aimed at ensuring that we continue to offer high quality international education. The school was commended for its leadership, its positive and welcoming environment and its clear direction for the future. The CIS visiting team applauded the extensive curriculum work that shows clear progression from Nursery to Year 6, and the wide range of events and activities that encourage students to reach their full potential. The move to introduce the International Baccalaureate Primary Schools Programme was seen as a real strength. The school was also commended for its sound financial management, the commitment to Chinese language teaching and a strong learning support programme. Students were praised for their positive demeanour and friendliness to visitors and teachers.

TEACHING AND LEARNING Curriculum The school uses the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) for its curriculum framework. This is an international model catering for learning and teaching from Nursery to Year 6. Our curriculum promotes the development of the whole child, with emphasis on social, physical, emotional and cultural needs, as well as academic development. The IB Learner Profiles are a major focus in classrooms. They become a common set of core values throughout the school, which are built on every year, and are central to the school community. The curriculum subjects are:  Mathematics  Languages (English, Chinese)  Social Studies,  Science,  The Arts (Visual Arts, Music, Drama)  Personal, Social and Physical Education. There is a strong focus on English and Mathematical development across the school, as well as Information Literacy and Communication. The extended curriculum offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, all of which broaden and enrich the education we offer.

Units of Inquiry The school uses a concept-driven, inquiry approach to teaching and learning. It organises Units of Inquiry under trans-disciplinary themes. Nursery and Reception students complete four Units of Inquiry and students in Years 1 to 6 complete six units.

These units help students to develop an understanding of each of the following themes.  Who We Are  Where We Are in Place and Time  How We Express Ourselves  How the World Works  How We Organise Ourselves  Sharing the Planet Each Unit of Inquiry develops learning across all subject areas. Students acquire vital thinking, social, communication, self management and research skills.

Specialist education There are specialist teachers for Chinese, PE, Music and Educational Support (Language and Learning Needs) who provide expertise in their subject areas.

Chinese Studies (Mandarin) The unique character of ICHK Hong Lok Yuen is enhanced by the fact that all children learn Chinese as a language and Chinese traditions as part of the curriculum. We have a long tradition of teaching Chinese to all students, both as a first and second language and the Chinese Studies curriculum is implemented daily from Nursery to Year 6. In the primary years students work in different groups according to their language background and abilities. In Nursery and Reception the focus is on listening and speaking and Chinese is taught through songs, rhymes, role-play, stories and games. In Years 1 and 2 students are split into differing groups, each with a separate teacher, depending on their language background and experience. In years 3-6 a fourth group, Eagles, is added for expatriate students moving into the school with no previous Chinese language learning.

For children who have no background in Chinese the curriculum focuses on the spoken language of Mandarin with some reading and writing. Students who can already speak Chinese are taught with more focus on reading and writing. In Chinese Studies lessons, children learn about Chinese culture through class discussion and activities and are taught about festivals and how they are celebrated. The ability to meet the needs of all students learning Chinese is a real strength in our curriculum and the school has a high reputation across Hong Kong for its programme.

Sport We actively promote a healthy lifestyle at the school and see sport as a very important part of the curriculum. We run a comprehensive programme and our playing field gives students the chance to take part in a wide variety of sports. Many have been proud to represent the school in different competitions including football, hockey, rugby, swimming, athletics, netball and basketball. The school has a long tradition of participating in sports events across Hong Kong and is very successful, particularly in relation to our size compared with other larger international schools. Students take part in swimming lessons during the warmer season and partake in sports challenges during the year. We compete in boys and girls football tournaments and host our own football event inviting other international schools from across Hong Kong. We play tag rugby, cricket, hockey, netball and basketball, have a cross-country running club and participate in events all over Hong Kong. The school also participates in Aquathons and athletic meets. Every year we hold sports days for the Kindergarten, the lower school (Y1 and Y2) and the upper school (Y3-6), which are always well attended by parents. The upper school sports day is held at a local athletic ground to enable children to experience professional facilities.

We run a well researched Perceptual Motor Programme, which teaches children vital skills including movement and the development of perceptions and language. Children take part in vision tracking exercises and activities like jumping, skipping and ball games which all help with balance and movement, fitness and hand-eye coordination. These skills and activities have been shown to help children in many aspects of formal school learning and development.

Educational Support We have thorough systems in place to identify learning needs and our experienced staff work closely with students and parents, to ensure children receive the support they require. We have strong Learning Support and English as an Additional Language programmes, along with speech therapy and occupational therapy on site. From Nursery to Year 6, we constantly monitor student’s individual progress. If at any point we think extra support is needed, we will contact the parents and give advice on the specialist help we can provide. In some cases, students will have one-to-one support throughout the day. If a teacher or parent thinks that a student would benefit from any form of learning support, an assessment will be carried out and an individual education plan will be put in place.

Assessment and Reporting Assessment is central to all teaching and learning at our school. It is an ongoing process of gathering and analysing information on student learning. It identifies what students know, understand, can do and feel at different stages in the learning process. It involves a range of information, collected in different situations over time. Assessment is seen as collection of evidence over time, rather than a single snap shot.

Assessments are analysed and evaluated to provide feedback to students, to inform the next steps in learning and to ensure that teaching and learning is significant, relevant, meaningful and challenging. Assessment address all five essential elements of the Primary Years Programme (PYP):  understanding of concepts  acquisition of knowledge  mastering of approaches to learning (skills)  development of attitudes  decisions to take action Reporting is about communicating what students know, understand and can do. It describes the progress of the students’ learning and identifies areas for growth. Reporting to parents, students and teachers occurs through:  parent/teacher conferences (twice a year)  student-led conferences (once a year)  student portfolios (ongoing process)  formal written reports (twice a year)  ‘sharing with the community’ celebrations (one a year per year level)  formal and informal meetings

That little bit extra Students experience so much in addition to academic learning, and a wealth of activities and opportunities all help to broaden and enrich their education. School trips, sporting competitions, camps, musical productions, exhibitions and after school activities all help to create enthusiastic, creative and confident individuals. Students make educational visits to important cultural and heritage sites in Hong Kong, along with local businesses and an annual trip to China is organised for students in

years 4-6. School camps, which involve physical activity, help develop co-operative learning and self-help skills, and are a compulsory part of the programme. Students celebrate achievements in sport, debate, drama, music and other performing arts. We have a strong school choir, which performs at a local shopping mall every Christmas and has also been invited to sing at Disneyland. Year 6 students consistently achieve high marks in the Trinity College London speech and communication exams and other groups have successfully performed in the Hong Kong Speech Festival. A Student Council initiates worthwhile projects, and members act as role models for younger children. Our gardening club promotes in each child an attitude of care and concern for the environment and each class has a garden bed where they grow herbs, vegetables and flowers. As a small school we pride ourselves on the diversity of the after school activities we can provide. A wide range of extra curricular clubs is provided by teachers and outside organisations. We also have a Dutch School that operates twice a week. Students and staff lead many community initiatives including dress down days, plant sales and other fundraising activities. The school’s non-academic achievements are broad and all help enrich students’ learning as well as promoting the importance of a healthy, well balanced lifestyle.

THE SCHOOL YEARS At our primary and secondary campuses, staff work together to deliver a ‘through train’ education to students of all nationalities. We offer students the opportunity to study from Kindergarten to Secondary School and, in the process, develop strong personal relationships with each other and their teachers that will last a lifetime. From the very first steps into education and throughout the secondary years, students from different cultures receive a high quality international education in caring, secure and friendly environments.

Tots and Toddlers Playgroup Children from 18 months to three years old are welcome to attend these afternoon sessions with a supervising adult. This group is not part of our educational programme, but is an opportunity for parents and children to enjoy our kindergarten surroundings and socialise with others.

Nursery and Reception (Kindergarten) Children take their first educational steps during the kindergarten years and these form the essential buildings blocks for their future learning. For children who are two years and eight months, we offer an afternoon pre-nursery programme from January onwards. The nursery programme offers mornings or full day options. Our kindergarten is a wonderfully stimulating environment and our experienced staff take great care to support children’s developing self esteem. Children are exposed to a wide range of activities and experiences and are actively involved in learning through talking, exploring and play. In Reception the programme is full day. Children build on the knowledge and skills they have learnt in Nursery and begin to concentrate for more sustained periods of time.

Our English and Maths programmes focus on the skills needed for reading, writing and early mathematical concepts. Play is still a large element of learning and Units of Inquiry form the basis for children to investigate different aspects of the world we live in. Specialist teachers enrich the curriculum, promoting an early interest in music, physical education and swimming. In both nursery and reception Putonghua is taught daily through stories, songs, rhymes and games.

The Primary Years After reception, students enter into Year 1, where they begin to take more responsibility for their learning. Whilst the class teacher is still responsible for the majority of teaching, there is a higher degree of specialist learning including music, PE and art, and the introduction of a balanced programme of home learning. At the end of Year 6, students are fully prepared to move on to the next step in their schooling. During the primary years, our emphasis is on inquiry skills and developing enthusiastic, open minded learners, with a sound foundation in English and Maths. All classes have a teaching assistant working alongside the teacher.

The Secondary Years Students graduating from Year 6 go to our secondary school International College Hong Kong (ICHK). The campus is set in beautiful surroundings, north of Hong Lok Yuen. ICHK is a dynamic IB World School with a strong community ethos. The academic curriculum is centred on the UK National Curriculum, using an inquiry approach in Years 7 to 9, GCSEs in Years 10 and 11 and the IB Diploma Programme in Years 12 and 13. Class sizes are kept deliberately small, ensuring that students are suitably challenged and that that they receive the individual guidance they need. Visit to find out more.

CAMPUS Our school is located in the beautiful New Territories, in green and spacious surroundings, encircled by mountains. We are very proud of our campus and we are fortunate to have a large playing field, playground, basketball/netball court, school garden and extensive open space for our children to play and enjoy sports, which is rare in Hong Kong. The school has undergone a near complete refurbishment in recent years and features fully air conditioned general and specialist classrooms. We have a state-of-the-art music room, first class library and extensive ICT facilities. We place a strong emphasis on the use of technology and we have many Mac Books, iMacs, iPads and iTouches and cameras for students to use. There are interactive whiteboards or Apple TV in every classroom and wireless availability throughout the school and grounds. The school features a Chinese Studies room, learning support rooms and a welcoming school reception area. Alongside our playing field, we have a garden where children grow their own herbs and vegetables, a covered outdoor seated area and climbing frames for use during lesson time, recess and after-school. Teachers make good use of our grounds whenever possible to allow students greater space and freedom. Students use the neighbouring club swimming pool during the warmer season. Our kindergarten building houses two nursery classes on the ground floor and two reception classes on the upper floor. There are two outside play areas, one of which has a large climbing frame. The school is just a short distance away from the stunning Plover Cove and the internationally acclaimed Mai Po Nature Reserve, and the whole area is rich in opportunities for hiking, running and cycling. Thanks to its unique location students are able to make educational visits to important cultural and heritage sites in the vicinity.

OUR COMMUNITY There is a strong community atmosphere at ICHK Hong Lok Yuen, and we believe that the involvement of parents is one of the things that make our school special. Visitors often tell us how much they are struck by the depth of the family and community feel at our school. This strong community ethos is something we are very proud of, and one of the key reasons why so many choose to educate their children with us. Students achieve more when schools and parents work together and parents can help more if they know what the school aims to achieve. Our open door policy means staff will always make time to speak to parents. An active Events and Fundraising Committee plans a programme of activities for students and adults throughout the year. Bake sales, movie nights, sporting tournaments and social events are organised, along with an annual school fair which attracts visitors from across Hong Kong. As a parent or friend you are able to help at the school, join one of our committees or become a class link member.

Communication with Parents The school prides itself on its excellent communication channels with parents. We believe that good communication between the school and the home plays an essential role in children’s learning. All parents are given access to our school intranet, The Orchard 2, where they will find online school reports, curriculum information, and school policies. Each class has its own web page where parents can access a wealth of information about what their children are learning, and photos of school activities. Staff post weekly ‘Focus of the week’ and ‘Wrap up of the week’ messages, to keep parents well informed about day-to-day learning. A weekly bulletin features news from the school community. More urgent information is sent via email and SMS. Regular Parent Information Mornings are arranged on topics including the curriculum and improvement plans.

ADMISSIONS Enrolment is open to anyone, in Hong Kong or abroad.  It is the school’s policy to try and ensure a balance in each class of nationality, gender and languages. This provides all students with the maximum opportunity of learning in a rich multi-cultural and co-educational environment with a high standard of spoken English. Applicants for admission are accepted throughout the year. Families seeking admission for their child should make an appointment with the Principal or the Deputy Principal (Admin). All students are eligible for admission if it is believed that the school can meet their particular needs. All students whose native language is not English must take an assessment to determine whether they can be supported. Students will only usually be accepted if the standard of reading, writing and speaking in English is proficient. Some places are available for students who are new to English or whose English is not fluent. Such places are only offered if there is availability on the intensive EAL programme and students cannot access the curriculum of local government subsidised schools. Students with specific needs are also admitted as long as the school has the resources to provide the appropriate education. The Principal makes the final decision on admission of students into school.  School tours are held every Thursday at 10.30am. There is flexibility for overseas visitors who are on a short stay in Hong Kong.To book a place contact Catherine Wong on (852) 2658 6935 or email    For more information on places in Years 7-13 at ICHK please visit email or telephone (852) 2655 9018. Application forms are available online at and are available at the back of this guide.

UNIFORM We expect all students to wear the correct uniform. Shoes should be black. Trainer type shoes are acceptable as long as there are no coloured markings on them. Uniform can be purchased from the school on Mondays (2.30-4.30pm) and Wednesdays (8.15-10.15am). We also operate a monthly second hand uniform shop. For specific uniform information, please see the school website.

GETTING TO THE SCHOOL By school bus The school uses Maxim’s Transport for its bus services, and there is provision for most locations in the New Territories. There are eight bus routes, which serve areas including the Chinese University, Tai Po, the Gold Coast, Ma On Shan, Sai Kung and Palm Springs. If you would like your child to travel by bus, please contact Maxim’s Transport on 6056 1282 or email

By car Drive north along Tolo Highway (route 9) past Tai Po and towards Fanling. Exit at Hong Lok Yuen (exit 7). Take the second exit off roundabout. At the traffic lights, turn right to Hong Lok Yuen. After security go over the brow of the hill and take the first left which will bring you to the school gates.

By public transport MTR East-Rail train to Tai Wo, then a 10 minutes taxi ride to school.

CONTACT INFORMATION Address: 3 Twentieth Street, Hong Lok Yuen, New Territories, Hong Kong Phone: (852) 2658 6935 Fax: (852) 2651 0836 Email: Website: For more detailed information on the school contact the Principal Ruth Woodward at



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