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DEEELIGHT April 2019 - September 2019 | Issue 4


Diploma Electrical & Electronic Engineering (DEEE)

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Student-Centric E348 Nanotechnology Poster Gallery Polytechnic Forum 2019

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Dr Eric Teo

Community Outreach

Open House 2020 DEEE Cohort Bonding Day Student Oversea Trip – Bangkok WorldSkills Singapore Competition

DEEE Programme Chair Dear DEEEians, Warm welcome to yet another start of the semester! First of all, let us welcome our 57 new DEEEians from CEP (Common Engineering Programme) who had chosen DEEE as their first, if not, second choice. It had been exciting for DEEE in the past semester. Glad to see many students’ excelling in events beyond classrooms, ranging from IES innovation, Tan Kah Kee young inventor, Flex innovation, Glitz to Engineering in Community. This year, we had our Renesas Grand Prix competition around the F1 weekend, in which our own DEEE students won the open category. Our DEEE Industry Day 2019 saw an impressive turn-up by our industry partners, to the extent that some started asking why they were not invited. Rest assured that our curriculum and partnership remains strong with the signing of 3 MOUs on that day. Some of you will be focusing on WorldSkills, national competitions, FYPs or internships, whereas others, mainly the juniors, will be working hard to attain and maintain good GPA. Regardless of your priority this semester, do look up your mentors or year leaders whenever you are free. THE DEEELIGHT TEAM Team Advisor Dr Eric Teo (Programme Chair), Mr Vincent Tey (Assistant Programme Chair) Editorial Dr Koh Kah How DEEELIGHT is published by the Diploma of Electrical Electronics Engineering, Republic Polytechnic. All rights reserved. No information herein shall be reproduced without the permission of Republic Polytechnic. For editorial enquiries, please email to

More information on DEEE matters related to students, academic etc, can be obtained from our Student Handbook


Community Outreach 3

SEG LSLP Food Donation Drive The annual “Give a Gift” Food Donation Drive for the needy families in Woodlands was successfully organized by SEG Service Learning Talent Team. This year’s event spanned across 9 days from 7th – 15th September 2019, involving many DEEE staff and students. During this period, staff and students were stationed across 3 NTUC branches in Woodlands, distributing phamplets and promoting the $10 Care Package to NTUC patrons. A meaningful event for our DEEE students to give back the society during their school holidays!

This fun-filled workshop allowed 18 beneficiaries from Filos Community Services to learn various electrical components and simple principles of electrical circuits. Highlights from the session include building different kinds of circuits using components such as LEDs, motor, switches etc.





RP Renesas Grand Prix 2019 After months of intensive planning and preparation, the Grand Finals of the RP Renesas Grand Prix was successfully held on 13th September 2019. This event, organized by DEEE and led by Senior Lecturer Mr Kwek Chin Wee, was an outreach activity for secondary school students to learn and apply the knowledge they have gained during the training and also to inspire them to explore an Engineering career in the future.

We were privileged to have Renesas Electronics Singapore as our technology partner and main sponsor for this event. This competition was a line trace type robot race in which fully self-propelled cars controlled by microcontrollers compete against one another.

More photos and videos are available at our Instagram highlights


The winners were judged based on the car that completes racing through the entire track in the fastest time without veering off the track. There were also additional prize categories, including the Most Popular Video online contest held at our SEG Facebook available here.


This year we had a total of 17 teams (62 participants) competing in the event. We were honoured to have Mr Sunil Dhar(President, Renesas Electronics Singapore), Dr Michael Koh (Deputy Principal Academic Services, RP) and Mr Soh Lai Seng (Director, School of Engineering RP) to grace the event. The top 3 winning teams for the competition received prizes worth $1000, $500 and $250, respectively. Prizes for the race were proudly sponsored by Renesas Electronics Singapore. Prizes for the Most Popular Video Awards are worth $150, $1000 and $50. All prizes are in the form of UniqGift shopping vouchers.


The winning teams of the RP Renesas Grand Prix 2019 emerged! Junior Category Champion: HGV3 (Hillgrove Secondary School) 1st Runner-Up: Responsibility (Compassvale Secondary School) 2nd Runner-Up: HGV1 (Hillgrove Secondary School) Open Category Champion: Tzero (Republic Polytechnic) 1st Runner-Up: Prodigies (ITE College West) 2nd Runner-Up: HGC (Anan & Nara College) Most Popular Video 1st Prize: QnE (ITE College West) 2nd Prize: HGV3 (Hillgrove Secondary School) 3rd Prize: HGV6 (Hillgrove Secondary School) Congratulations to all the winning teams!


Competition / Award


IES Innovation Challenge 2019 On 20 July 2019, a team of 6 DEEE students received the Bronze award for IES Innovation Challenge – Community. Their project was on “Face Recognition on Low Quality Image/Video using Super-Resolution in Surveillance” and was presented at Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability during National Engineers Day (NED) 2019. The IES Innovation Challenge – Community 2019 serves to cultivate the spirit of community service in our youth by engaging them to make use of their engineering knowledge and creativity to design and build devices to help elderly, the handicapped, the injured and the community at large. A total of 28 teams from five polytechnics were shortlisted for the final team and our RP team was ranked 3rd place to clinch the Bronze award. The 6 DEEE students are Syed Ariff Syed Hesham, Yang Bolun, Shi Haoming, Gao Xiangyu, Sun Yunshi and Shreyas Menon, supervised by DEEE Senior Lecturer Dr Jiang Lijun. Congratulations to the team!

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Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor Award 2019 On 20 April 2019, a team of 3 DEEE students participated in the Senior Student Section of Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor Award (TKKYIA) 2019. Their project was on “SPINS – Self Powered Inertial Sensor” and was presented to 3 academic judges. TKKYIA was first mooted by Nobel Laureate Professor C.N. Yang in May 1986. Professor Yang, who is Tan Kah Kee Foundation's advisor and mentor, observed that Asian students including Singapore students were good at learning but lacked originality in scientific research. He thus proposed an award for invention that would encourage people to think and to invent things that would bring economic benefit to the country. A total of 30 teams in the Senior Student Section from different IHLs were shortlisted for the final interview this year. The 3 DEEE students are Cao Sen, Guo Zhenwei and Tan Hou Yang, supervised by DEEE Lecturer Dr Koh Kah How. The team received Certificate of Participation at the end of the competition.


Flex Innovation Challenge 2019 On 18 September 2019, a team of 2 DEEE students (Mai Tuan Minh and Li Pingyuan) won the Merit prize along with $2000 cash for Flex Innovation Challenge 2019. Their project was on “Smart Shoes” with distance tracking capability and calculation on the amount of calories burned. The project was supervised by DEEE Senior Lecturer Dr Tan Lay Theng. Flex meets about 75% of the world’s demand of wearables and works with partners to design and build wearable technology for the fitness, medical, industrial and textiles industries. The whole concept of a “wearable” is expanding as new devices are available in different forms that provide a range of functions. With this competition, Flex aims to cultivate innovation in tertiary students and design the next-generate smart wearable technologies in the following categories of athletic sport wear, designer/luxury fashion wear and outdoor / military applications. Congratulations to both Minh and Pingyuan for the achievement!


Graduation Ceremony 2019 The moment all students are waiting for: Graduation! This year, we have a total of 202 graduates, of which 21 students graduated with a Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Merit and 2 students graduated with a Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Merit and Diploma Plus Certificate in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Our top EEE graduate for Class of 2019 is Lim Jinrong, who graduated with a Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Merit, and award recipient for both IES Gold Medal and MediaTek Gold Medal. He received the Diploma Prize in 2017, obtaining Distinction grade for 9 modules, and graduating with a cumulative GPA of 3.93. He also won the Republic Award in 2018 for being a role model to his peers and demonstrating the values in our REPUBLIC Code of Honour.

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Below are the rest of the DEEE Module Prize winners during the graduation ceremony. Syed Ariff Syed Hesham Zan Naing Aung Multimedia Processing & Broadcast Mobile Communications

Syed Ariff Syed Hesham Embedded Systems

Tey Jing Kai Measurement Techniques & Failure Analysis

Cao Sen Thin Film Technology

Gopika Keerthy Nanotechnology Applications

Jasper Teo Yuan Wei Biomedical Signal Processing

Jasper Teo Yuan Wei Biomedical Instrumentation

Jasper Teo Yuan Wei Biomedical Imaging

Congratulations to the Prize winners and all the graduates for Class of 2019! We are going to miss you all!


SEG Academic Awards Ceremony 2019 It’s the SEG Academic Awards Ceremony again, where we celebrate the outstanding leadership and academic achievements of our student recipients for Scholarship, Diploma Prize, Module Prize and REPUBLIC Award.

The Higher Year Scholarships are awarded to students with outstanding academic and co-curricular activities performance. This year, we have total of 7 students being awarded ASE Singapore Scholarships, Micron Scholarships, Republic Scholarship and Xilinx Scholarship. They are:

Mai Tuan Minh Potipireddi Sai Pratyusha Merin Mary Jose Micron Scholarship

Li Pingyuan Muhd Sharizan Bin Ramli ASE Singapore Scholarship

Chen Weisi Xilinx Scholarship

Wu Keke Republic Scholarship


The Diploma Prize is awarded to the DEEE student with the most outstanding academic performance for the cohort. The two recipients are: Chew Cheng Thiam Year 1 Diploma Prize Mai Tuan Minh Year 2 Diploma Prize

The Module Prize is awarded to the student with the most outstanding academic performance in the module. This year, we have 13 module prizes awarded to DEEE students. They are: Mohd Sharizan Bin Ramli Sound Design Mai Tuan Minh Linear IC Applications Electronic Design and Development Display Technologies Microcontroller Systems Communication Systems Data Communications

Li Pingyuan Digital Electronics II Analogue Electronic Electronic and Semiconductor Material Potipireddi Sai Pratyusha Integrated Circuit Design and Layout Wu Keke Wafer Fabrication and Packaging Li Tianshu Electronic Devices and Circuits


Last but not least, the REPUBLIC Award is awarded to student who exhibits good character by demonstrating one or more values in the REPUBLIC Code of Honour. This year, we have 3 DEEE students being presented the REPUBLIC award. They are: Li Pingyuan Mai Tuan Minh Mohd Sharizan Bin Ramli REPUBPLIC Award Our heartiest congratulations to all of our DEEE winners and recipients in this year’s award ceremony! Well done!


RP Glitz Award 2019 The Glitz award recognizes the best sporting talent that RP has to offer in each academic year. Outstanding sportsmen/women are presented the Sports Excellence Award to acknowledge their outstanding contribution to the community at large. We are proud to have two sportsmen from DEEE who have received awards this year! Atkin Tan, from Class of 2021, was awarded Certificate of Merit for his outstanding contribution in Aquatic IG. He is the Head of Welfare for his IG and has won gold medal during the 41st National Lifesaving Championship Open Water Event Beach Relay Men Division B category. Muhammad Fikri Bin Sureni, from Class of 2020, was awarded Meritorious Silver Award for his exemplary achievement in Floorball IG. He plays the forward position and has helped the team in achieving 3rd place in POL-ITE competition.

19 14

Engineering In Community (EIC) Appreciation Day 2019

The Engineering in Community (EIC) Appreciation Day was held on 7th August 2019. EIC started with a vision to provide engineering students with learning experiences that emphasize the importance of serving the community. This is implemented through Local Service Learning Projects (LSLPs), International Service Learning Projects (ISLP), Final Year Projects (FYPs) and projects with community involvement.

20 14

DEEE have been actively leading EIC projects organized over the year and we are pleased to have the following student leaders and staff for receiving the medals and awards, respectively: EIC Medal Recipients (Student) Li Pingyuan Mai Tuan Minh Hendy

EIC Outstanding Service Award (Staff) Mr Desmond Lay Ms Eng Pei Chee Dr Koh Kah How

EIC Distinguished Service Award (Staff) Ms Joyce Lim

With this, we hope we can inspire more to lead in EIC projects and help the less fortunate. Congratulations to all the medal and award recipients!

16 21

Industry 22

E348 Experiential Learning Trip to NUS NNI A field trip to National University of Singapore Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institution (NUS NNI) was incorporated into E348 Nanotechnology Applications module as part of the learning needs for our final year Microelectronic students. The NUS NNI team led by Prof Venkatesan hosted our 82 students for 4 days during the 1st week of school term. The students visited 3 key labs and had the opportunity to mingle with the scientists to understand their research and how it could impact the present and future:  Thin film growth lab using pulsed laser deposition  Imaging lab using Atomic Force Microscope, Spectroscopy lab using Raman Photoluminescence. The students enjoyed the trip and found its usefulness and relevance in enhancing the learning for the module.


SEG Learning Journey to HOPE Technik On 26th September 2019, 23 DEEE and 8 other SEG students embarked on a learning journey to HOPE Technik as part of Future City Programme (FCP). FCP is a programme to develop young talents for future city projects in Singapore and the region. The programme involves academia, industry and government coming together to curate learning journeys, create internship opportunities and identify mentors for campus talks. Under the learning journeys, students are given the opportunities for a behind-the-scenes tour to hear and see how various organizations in the public and private sectors are working on future city projects and helping to build the Singapore of tomorrow. There are various learning journey tracks, and our trip to HOPE Technik falls under the “Future Transport� category.


HOPE Technik, a Singapore-proud engineering SME, has been evolving the industry landscape with its technological innovation since 2006. During the 2016 National Day Rally, HOPE Technik was mentioned in PM Lee’s speech for being an exemplary precedence for a local company of humble beginnings able to compete with notable engineering companies worldwide. Below is the article in Linkedin by our year 2 DEEE student Lucas Tan on his learning journey experience:

“A huge thanks to Republic Polytechnic and HOPE Technik for providing me with the opportunity to embark on this special learning journey. I have gained many insights about how Singapore is evolving into the future city we all desire to live in. Improved urban infrastructure, healthcare, transportation and energy efficiency are some of the key factors to a future city. During the learning journey to HOPE Technik, we were greeted with a warm welcome from some of the staff members and were brought to a briefing room where we learnt more about the company. It was truly an eye opener for engineering students like us to see what life was like working in an engineering company. The learning journey in HOPE Technik kicked off with a tour of some of their various projects which involves vehicles operating in the Civil Defense Force and drones. A project that amazed everyone was the exoskeleton. The exoskeleton had many different prototypes which were all extremely bulky and heavy to operate however, as time went by for HOPE Technik, they were able to design a much lighter and advanced version of the exoskeleton. The group then moved on to the next area which houses the water jet cutter. This machine uses high pressure water mixed with sand to cut through tough materials such as steel. It was truly a whole new learning experience for us as we all learned about the different machines that helped fabricate good quality parts. After that, we were able to see some of the robots that were developed by HOPE Technik for various industrial purposes such as inventory management. The idea of robots really sparked the excitement in me to see what Singapore would be like in the far future as a futuristic city. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend this learning journey as I get to learn about how different companies are contributing to achieve this one goal. In the future, I hope that I would get the chance again to attend another Future City learning journey”


PassionArts Festival 2019 Showcase On 7th July 2019, 2 of DEEE consultancy projects with Sengkang West Community Arts and Culture Club (CACC) for the PassionArts Festival 2019 were showcased at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. The Guest-of-Honour for the event were Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Senior Minister of State Dr Lam Pin Min and Member of Parliament Mr Darryl David. The Passion Arts Festival is part of People Association (PA), Community Arts and Culture (CAC) Division’s initiative to bring arts and culture to the heartland in a different and refreshing way. Di

The RP team, consisting of staff from SEG and STA, developed 3 projects to fit the theme “Our Smart Nation 2019 Future.” SEG’s projects were on Digital Painting and Digital Graffiti Wall Painting, with DEEE Senior Lecturer Mr Jeffery Koh and SEG Principal Lecturer Mr Hong Ling Tim as the project leaders.


The event was attended by more than thousand people, with our booths attracting many visitors. The visitors had fun time doing up their digital art pieces using paint brush and spray cans fitted with sensors. Graffiti painting no longer needs to be a messy affair again with our digital projects!


Joint Certification Workshop and Industry Talk from JEOL Asia A total of 10 students from Year 3 attended a 1-day RP-JEOL Asia Pte Ltd joint certification workshop in Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) on 15th May 2019. The trainer from JEOL Asia is Mr Patrick Lim who have been in this field for more than 10 years. Di

JEOL Asia is a world leader in electron microscopes (SEMs and TEMs), electron beam lithography and defect inspection tools. The SEM is widely used by the industry to conduct research and failure analysis on the morphology, topography and composition of a material. Besides the workshop, Mr Patrick also gave an industry talk to 31 E348 and E345 students, where he presented an overview of the SEM, working principles and other functions. The students were all excited when they saw the photos of red blood cell, skin collagen using the SEM.


DEEE Industry Day 17th September 2019 was our DEEE Industry Day where distinguished guests from many companies and our final year students were present at the event. The Industry Day is part of DEEE’s continuing effort to engage our industry partners in a student-centric platform. Highlights of the event include keynote speech from Singapore Economic Development Board (SEDB), and various industry talks by Ardentec, Denselight Semiconductor, Globalfoundries and National Instruments. The event also saw Republic Polytechnic renewing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Beyonics International and National Instruments Singapore. With the new MoU, SEG will continue to collaborate with the two companies on industry projects and equipping the facilities at RP to enhance students’ learning.


Last but not least, there were also presentation of certificates to our students who participated in the joint certifications with JEOL Asia and MKS Instrument Singapore. All the best to our remaining final year students going for their internships!


Student Centric 31 26

E348 Nanotechnology Poster Gallery From 5th to 13th August, 82 Year 3 Microelectronic specialization students showcased their posters on nanotechnology as part of their learning in E348 Nanotechnology Application curriculum. These poster described the complexity of nanotechnology and its application in an easy-to-understand manner. A total of 32 posters were displayed along West Agora with 164 students and staff voting for their Best Nanotechnology poster. The 82 students also gave a poster presentation on week 13 in classroom to their lecturers and at West Agora to external assessor.

32 38 27 28

Congratulations to the 3 winning teams for the Best Nanotechnology posters! They are: NanoArmor Hu Jiexing Hiram Tan Shi Kaiqiang

NanoScience in Sports Abishek Dhandapani Sun Yushi

NanoTech in Tennis Nixon Neelankavil Thobias Anjali Joy Krishna Chiranellur Rajan


Polytechnic Forum 2019 3 of our DEEE students were present at this year’s Polytechnic Forum, representing RP as student delegates. The students were from Year 2 and they are Lucas Tan Jun En, Chew Cheng Thiam and Muhammad Firdaus Bin Muhamad Nizam. Polytechnic Forum is an annual event jointly organized by the 5 polytechnics, providing a platform for polytechnic students to gain a deeper understanding of national issues through discussions, group work with students from other polytechnics and dialogue with industry and government leaders.

This year’s event stretched over 6 days with activities lined up all over Singapore, focusing on challenges modern Singapore will face in its 100th year. To commemorate the bicentennial, the student delegates were encouraged to draw inspiration from Singapore’s history.


Upcoming Events (Oct’19-Mar’20)


Open House 2020

DEEE Cohort Bonding 2019

It’s the time of the year again where Republic Polytechnic open it’s door from 9th – 11th January 2020 to the Secondary School students and public! DEEE will also be setting up booths and technology exhibits to let prospective students, parents and industry partners know more about DEEE. Check us out when you walk past our booth!

2019 is coming to an end soon! Be sure to join us in our annual year-end Cohort Bonding event where DEEE Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 students will get together and compete your wits against one another to get the top prize! Look out for the email that will be send out by your Year Leaders for more information on the event! 36

WorldSkills Singapore Competition 2020 The biennial WorldSkills Singapore competition 2020 is here again in March 2020! Coaches and student competitors from DEEE will be taking part in skill areas such as Information Network Cabling and Mobile Robotics! Be sure to give them all the support they need for the competition! 37 47

Student Oversea Trip Bangkok 16-22 March 2020 Come join us for our 1st DEEE SOT of the year 2020 to be led by DEEE Lecturers. In this trip, you will get to visit the various Universities and Electronics companies located in Bangkok, Thailand. Look out for our email and DEEE Instagram on the registration details! 38

INSTAGRAM CONTEST #4 Questions 1. Name one skill trade that DEEE will be involved in for WorldSkills Singapore 2020 competition. 2. Name one prize/award that is given out during the annual SEG School Awards Ceremony

Follow @rp_deee on Instagram and direct message us on Instagram the answers together with your student email! First 5 DEEE students with the right answers will get to win Capitaland Gift Voucher worth $10! Contest will close on 31st Oct and winners will be notified a week later. 39


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