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October 2018 - March 2019 | Issue 3


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Community Outreach

Upcoming Events (Apr’19-Sep’19) Graduation Ceremony 2019 DEEE Immersion Program 2019 Student Oversea Trip – Seoul

DEEE Programme Chair Dear DEEEians, Once again, the school term has started. Year 1s, welcome to the DEEE family. To our Year 2s, 3s, glad to have you back! As some of you have known, starting from this semester (AY2019 Sem 1), we will be having a new specialisation option for the Year 1s – Aerospace Electronics, which adds on to our current Communications and Microelectronics specialisation tracks. This means an increased pool of industry partners and internship/job opportunities for all DEEE students. Let me introduce Ms Eng Pei Chee, the Cohort Lead for the 1910 Year 1s batch. She will join Mr Melvin Ng (1810 Cohort Lead) and Dr Tan Lay Theng (1710 Cohort Lead) to guide you till graduation. Please take your time to go through the newsletter to recap exciting past events, such as the recent overseas trip to Thailand, DEEE Appreciation Day and our inaugural DEEE Graduation Night. Our lecturers have also worked hard to achieve significant research findings and secure MOU with key industry partner Signify (f.k.a Philips Lightings).

For those who are worried on career prospects, fear not when you see the positive response from our Micron Recruitment Day. In this issue, we are also glad to have our alumni Mei Shan to share with you her current NTU life. Do go through her column. Coming 6 May, we will celebrate the graduation of your seniors. Say “hi” to our top graduate Lim Jinrong, who is an army Warrant Officer (regular). Make friends with him and maybe you will have less “tekan”

when you enlist in the army (of course, this applies to our Singaporean boys).

THE DEEELIGHT TEAM Team Advisor Dr Eric Teo (Programme Chair), Mr Vincent Tey (Assistant Programme Chair) Editorial Dr Koh Kah How DEEELIGHT is published by the Diploma of Electrical Electronics Engineering, Republic Polytechnic. All rights reserved. No information herein shall be reproduced without the permission of Republic Polytechnic. For editorial enquiries, please email to

More information on DEEE matters related to students, academic etc, can be obtained from our Student Handbook


Community Outreach


LSLP Electronic Building Block Workshop In an attempt to bring about a joyous and meaningful end to year 2018, 11 SEG students, with guidance from DEEE Lecturers Ms Joyce Lim and Dr Koh Kah How, successfully conducted a LSLP “Electronic Building Block Workshop� on 14 December 2018. The student leaders for this workshop include DEEE students Mai Tuan Minh, Li Pingyuan and Sharizan.

This fun-filled workshop allowed 18 beneficiaries from Filos Community Services to learn various electrical components and simple principles of electrical circuits. Highlights from the session include building different kinds of circuits using components such as LEDs, motor, switches etc.


The children had a great time learning through play, beaming with delight when they prototyped correctly and saw their colourful miniature motor fans moving and LEDs lighting up. There was also a presentation at the end of the event to inculcate the safety use of electricity and the different ways of saving electricity. Our student leaders also received positive feedback from the beneficiaries and VWO. Below are some of the student leaders’ reflections: “This event has been very fruitful for me as not only did I get to help the children, but it also enabled me to hone my teamwork and communication skills that I will be needing in the future. Overall, it was a good experience and I would love to do more of this next time!” – Sharizan “I feel that I have learnt a lot from this LSLP as it has helped me train my leadership and communication skill.” – Tuan Minh




ASEIEP 2019 A total of 269 upper secondary students from 10 secondary schools attended Applied Studies Experience & Industry Exposure Program (ASEIEP) 2019 as part of RP wide outreach from 26th to 28th March 2019. For DEEE, the tour was held at Smart Devices Lab and hosted by DEEE Lecturer, Dr Koh Kah How, where he gave insights on DEEE programme, introduced the various projects that DEEE students endeavoured and the related industries. There were also hands-on experience with our virtual reality game and water robot, which the students thoroughly enjoyed. With this outreach, the students will now be able to make better education and career choices after they graduate from secondary schools. Looking forward to these students choosing DEEE as their diploma of choice!



RP Open House 2019 For three days, Republic Polytechnic opened its door to more than seven thousand visitors who visited the campus during Open House from 10th to 12th January 2019. This annual event offered a myriad of experience and wealth of information about the school to potential students, parents as well as industry partners. Various diplomas, including DEEE, were on site, setting up booths and exhibits for showcase to the public.


DEEE lecturers and students were on hand throughout the Open House to promote the diploma and answer the numerous queries from prospective students on RP and diploma related matters. Information on DEEE programme shared during the Open House can be found here.

Final Year Projects (FYPs), such as Self-Powered 3D Activity Inertial Sensor, Booth Inventory System and VR Gaming, Flight Simulator and various aircraft instruments were also on demonstration to give the students and parents glimpse of what the diploma is about.


DEEE alumni also took the opportunity to visit their alma mater during the weekend of Open House. Many of them reminisced the times they spent in the school with their friends and lecturers, and were grateful on how Republic Polytechnic has educated and prepared them well for the industry and further education.


Competition / Award 11

Competitive Grant Awards Our heartiest congratulations to DEEE Senior Lecturer Mr Lau Gih Sheng, Senior Lecturer (Industry) Dr Wang Yihua and Senior Conexus Manager Mr Hong Ling Tim for awarded research funds from the recent grant calls! Mr Lau, the Co-Principal Investigator, was awarded the firstever project in RP that exceeds a million dollars’ worth of funding along with Dr Goh Chee Keong from School of Applied Science and Principal Investigator for the project.

The project titled “Scalable and Sustainable Process for Transforming Incineration Bottom Ash into Green Aggregates to Significantly Reduce Semakau Landfill Waste Handling” aims to develop a granulation process for transforming municipal solid waste’s incineration bottom ash produced from waste-to-energy plants into aggregates for the use in concrete materials. The aggregates will also pose no environmental threat from heavy metal contaminants. Using these aggregates for value-added construction materials will prolong the lifespan of Semakau Landfill. The project quantum of $1,008,890 is awarded by Urban Solutions and Sustainability Integration Fund under the Closing The Waste Loop (CTWL) Research & Development (R&D) initiative. More information on Urban Solutions and Sustainability fund can be found here.


In the 11th MOE Translational R&D and Innovation Fund (MOE-TIF) grant call, both Dr Wang and Mr Hong project proposals were accepted for funding, with a quantum amount of $235,842 and $273,472, respectively. Dr Wang is the Principal Investigator for his project titled “Development of Long Lasting Alkaline Battery”. He will be working on this project along with his CoPrincipal Investigator Dr Teng Yin Ting from School of Applied Science.

In Mr Hong’s project titled “Improving Supply Chain Traceability with Blockchain-enabled Smart Contract & IoT”, he is the Co-Principal Investigator, along with another Co-Principal Investigator Dr Tan Lee Kiat and Principal Investigator Mr David Leong, from School of InfoComm. More information on MOE-TIF can be found here. With these new projects, the technology and engineering resources that School of Engineering have will achieve synergy and benefit DEEE students’ learning and research capability. Congratulations to the trio once again!


Scientific Publications from DEEE On 6 November 2018, DEEE Lecturer Dr Tan Lay Theng represented School of Engineering and her final year students to present two poster papers at OSA Light, Energy and the Environment Congress held in Singapore. The 2 conference papers are:  Application of Nano-TiO2 coating in a Rooftop Hydroponic Farming System, a collaboration with Archisen Pte Ltd. The students involved are Surya Valiyattil, Shreya Sunny, Sisira Raj, Ashitha Shibu and Sreehari Sreekumar.  Design of Smart Cooling System for Solar Panel on Performance Efficiency with Internet-of-Things (IoT), a collaboration with NUS Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS). The students involved are Hendy, Lim Wei Yang, Muhammad Farihin bin Minhad and Muhammad Jefry Ma’arif


3 of our final year students Lee Onn, Aw Wei Quan and Joey Ng also presented research work T-Engine PlatformBased AR-Enabled Smart Manufacturing System at the recently concluded TRON Symposium 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. They were accompanied by their project supervisors Mr Kwek Chin Wee and Mr Melvin Ng for the trip.



In another of DEEE publication, a FYP team led by Dr Koh Kah How on the topic of Self-Powered 3D Activity Inertial Sensor Using Hybrid Sensing Mechanisms was published in Nano Energy journal after undergoing reviews by international experts appointed by the editor. The 2017 Impact Factor of Nano Energy, which measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two preceding years, is currently at 13.12.

Dr Koh’s team is made up of students Cao Sen, Guo Zhenwei, Ma Daiqun, Tan Hou Yang and the project is done in collaboration with NUS Center for Intelligent Sensors and MEMS. Congratulations to the 4 DEEE student teams and their supervisors for flying the flag high for School of Engineering, Republic Polytechnic!


Industry 17


Learning Journey for HDB Management Team On 15th February 2019, more than 20 public servants from the management team of Properties & Land Group, Housing Development Board (HDB) embarked on a learning journey at DEEE flagship Smart Devices Lab. The event was hosted by DEEE Senior Lecturer cum Smart Devices Lab Manager Mr Jeffery Koh and SEG Senior Conexus Manager Mr Hong Ling Tim. The participants were first welcomed with an opening address from our SEG Director (Acting) Mr Soh Lai Seng.


Following that, there were live demonstration of the different smart projects that were carried out by DEEE students and staff, embracing how technology can enhance the way we live, work and play as well as opening up channels of collaboration between RP and HDB. There was also sharing on Augmented Reality (AR) and the participants got to build a simple AR app during their time with us. They were also introduced to the myriad of CET courses that RP School of Engineering offers.

All in all, the participants had many enjoyable experiences with the various forms of digital transformations that were showcased to them during the learning journey.



E343 Industry Talk by UMC As part of intensive learning for E343 Wafer Fabrication and Packaging module, technical staff & a Deputy Director from United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) were invited to deliver a talk to DEEE E343 students on 14th November 2018. This talk is organized by Module Chair and Senior Lecturer Dr Yang Hong. UMC is a leading global semiconductor foundry that provides advanced technology and manufacturing for applications spanning every major sector of the Integrated Circuit (IC) industry. It is also one of DEEE’s important internship companies, which has hired DEEE students as full-time staffs in the past years. The talk started off with an overview of UMC, followed by the semiconductor processes used in IC fabrication. The students gained a lot of information on the company and advance semiconductor technology from this talk.


E343 Learning Journey at ASE Singapore Following the Industry talk by UMC in earlier half of the semester, 3 classes of E343 students went on a learning journey to Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) Singapore on 11th, 12th & 13th February 2019, respectively. ASE group is the world’s largest provider of integrated semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test. The company HR Director and Operation Managers gave an overview of ASE and their advanced integrated chips packaging and testing techniques through the presentation, mini lecture, video and gallery tours. Our students had good impression and many commented positively in their reflection journals after the visits. Such visits have certainly gave the students an on-hand insight of the semiconductor industry and inspire them to join the industry upon graduation.


Campus Recruitment by Micron Technology The campus recruitment by Micron Technology, held on 11th February 2019, was a huge success as the event saw a very good turnout of 58 SEG/SAS/SOI final year student and alumni members. Micron Technology is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced semiconductor solutions and an important contributor to DRAM, Flash and Solid State solutions that are used in most of today’s advanced computing, networking and mobile products. Micron has also been a very important industry partner for Republic Polytechnic, sponsoring scholarships and Gold Medal Awards to SEG students for every year since 2012.


This year’s recruitment event, led by DEEE Senior Lecturer Dr. Yang Hong with the support of DEEE Programme Chair Dr Eric Teo, Mr Peter Phoa and Ms Lee Heng Wuan, was held at RP Career Centre. The interviews, conducted by Micron’s Department Managers and HR Staff, were extended due to the overwhelming response. 26 candidates received the offer from Micron on the day and an additional 4 candidates were scheduled for additional rounds of interviews.

Given the very positive feedback from Micron on our SEG graduates and the campus recruitment events that have been conducted for the past 4 years, this year’s event was no exception as well. Micron is very satisfied with such campus recruitment exercise and hope to continuously conduct it annually in Republic Polytechnic.


RP Tech Day 2018 Republic Polytechnic‘s annual Technology Day is a platform for industry professionals and academics to share the latest technology trends, insights and best practices.. Returning in 2018 with the theme “Enabling your Digital Transformation Journey”, RP’s Technology Day 2018 serves to bring insightful perspectives from both public and private sectors on how organizations can embark on the digital transformation journey to propel innovation and enhance productivity. DEEE Lecturer Mr Melvin Ng was on hand to demonstrate his latest technology to the distinguished guestof-honour, invited speakers and various companies that signed up for the event on 31st October 2018.

Internet of Things (IoT) and the Future of Warehousing This project is done in collaboration with Kian Soon Mechanical Components Pte Ltd, with the aim to develop a cloud-based Pickto-light intelligent system for a rack of portable smart bins. The sensors and signalling system are integrated into the storage bins so that each individual bins can retain their mobility. The data from the storage bins are then sent to a cloud server where users can collect information, analyze and act on. With IoT and database cloud storage, it can reduce the need for manpower to conduct onsite inventory checks, supply and replenishment for customers.


Memorandum of Understanding signing with Signify On 31st October 2018, RP and Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) during RP Tech Day 2018. Signify is a global leader in lighting, with recognized expertise in the development and application of innovative, energyefficient lighting systems and services. Signify has several breakthroughs in lighting over the past 125 years and is a market leader currently in the digital transformation of lighting. It is presently leading the industry in connected lighting systems and services, leveraging on the Internet of Things (IoT) to take light beyond illumination and transform homes, buildings and urban spaces.


The business has a global reach with commercial activities that cover approximately 180 countries and has operational manufacturing plants in 22 countries in all major regions of the world. With this MOU signing, RP will be able to offer students more learning opportunities in the following key areas – LiFi, Indoor Localisation, IoT Smart Lighting Control, and Automatic Control of Ambient Lighting. RP will also be the first Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) to work with Signify to adopt LiFi technology in Singapore and South-East Asia.

In addition, this partnership will encourage more collaborations between RP and Signify in new technology areas such as a full Smart Lab installed with LiFi technologies by 2019, as well as Visible Light Communication (VLC) and other smart lighting technologies. Students will also be able to widen their exposure through final year industry project and/or funded industry project collaborations as well as internship, industrial visits and talks. You can learn more about the LiFi and the MOU event at myeverydaytech, systemsintegrationasia and Techgoondu


Student Centric 27

DEEE Sport and Game Series Four lifeskills events were held as part of DEEE Sport and Game Series to promote healthy lifestyle and sport engagement. The events are: 1. Brisk Walking and Photo Hunt 2. Frisbee Challenge 3. Soccer Challenge 4. Tra-Mo Games (Skipping Rope, Dog & Bone, Poison Ball) With the help of our DEEE Ambassadors and the guidance of Ms Joyce Lim and Mr Tan Boon Kiat, these events were successfully executed, with the participants having great sweat-out and de-stress sessions after their classes!

38 28


DEEE Appreciation Day It’s the time of the year to give thanks to our DEEE Student Ambassadors, who have led or participated in the many events held throughout year of 2018! The student ambassadors are: Oh Jin Yuan – DEEE Immersion Program Sharizan – Underwater Robotic Olympiad Fauzan – Year 2 Peer Sharing Firdaus – Team Building @ Ubin Ping Yuan & Yiwen – Frisbee Challenge Zi Cheng & Chun Seng – Brisk Walking and Environment Caring Hazirah & Hurul – Tra-Mo Games Izmir & Syakir – Soccer Challenge Jonathan & Martin – Games Mai Tuan Minh – LSLP Electronic Block Workshop

The event on 30th January 2019 started off with DEEE Programme Chair Dr Eric Teo giving a talk “Aspiring to be a Leader” to the DEEE students on an overview of the DEEE Ambassador Program and how the program has helped to cultivate leadership traits in the student ambassadors. This was followed with reflection presentations by all the Student Ambassadors on the events they have led, where they shared the key learnings and takeaways with fellow school mates. There was also an inspiring guest talk from SEG Senior Lecturer Mr Yong Fui Long on how to apply knowledge to gain knowledge! It was indeed heartening to hear the reflections from our student ambassadors and witness their transformations over the years in the program.



Graduation Night 2019 On 13th February 2019, more than 100 DEEE students from Class of 2019 and staff came together for our inaugural Graduation Night to celebrate the impending end of their years in RP. Dr Tan Lay Theng was the emcee for this special night with Dr Eric Teo, DEEE Programme Chair, kick-starting the celebration and congratulated the cohort on their wonderful achievements and the exciting journey ahead of them after graduation. There were many performances and games lined up for the night, with the photo booth being a hot favourite with students and staff even before the performances started.

39 40 32

The 2nd activity was “Building Rubber Band Powered Cardboard Racing Car� where the students were formed into groups and they brainstormed on how to build a racing car with their engineering knowledge and the materials that were given to them.

41 33

There were also magic performances by Magic IG advisor Dr Loke and his student Abishek, mesmerizing the crowd and keeping the students on their edges with their unbelievable tricks. An emotional guitar rendition of “Perfect� by Pranav followed next. The students were captivated and even started to sing along and sway their flashlights using mobile phones.


Year leader Dr Yang also dedicated a Chinese dance performance to her students. The night concluded with a mass dance, with Ashraff as the deejay and DEEE staff joining the dance floor together with the students. All the best to your future endeavours, DEEE Class of 2019! The DEEE family will see you all at your graduation ceremony on 6th May! More photos and videos are available at our Instagram highlights


DEEE Study Trip to Bangkok, Thailand 23 DEEE students embarked on a study trip to Bangkok, Thailand from 17th March 2019 to 23rd March 2019. This trip is led by DEEE staff Mr Desmond Lay and Dr. Koh Kah How. In this trip, educational visits to 2 universities (Rangsit University, Mahanakorn University of Technology), 1 museum (National Science Museum) and industrial visits to 3 companies (Gravitech, Hana Semiconductor, NHealth) were covered in the itinerary.


Day1 Our trip started off with Gravitech, a MakerSpace setup in Bangkok with its own PCB design and manufacturing facilities. It was a first visit to such setup for many of the students. In the afternoon, the students embarked on a half-day IoT robot workshop where they had fun building their robot cars using microcontrollers and manoeuvred using the Blynk application on mobile phones. All teams managed to get their robots working and they had a great sense of satisfaction after the workshop.

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Day2 The next stop was a visit to National Science Museum, where we were shown around on the up-to-date science exhibitions related to Semiconductor and Physics. There were many hands-on exhibits which the students had fun interacting with, with a recap of theories and concepts previously learnt through fun.


Day3 Day 3 started with a trip to Rangsit University (RSU), a private University in Bangkok. The morning session commenced with an introduction on RSU and a conference, with students from RSU presenting and sharing the projects done at the institutions. In the afternoon, we were brought on a campus tour around Biomedical Engineering, where many developments by RSU related to biomedical field were on demonstration. Our students had a lively exchange of knowledge and information with RSU students and were inspired by the innovations from them.


Day4 An industrial visit to Hana Semiconductor was made on Day 4. Hana Semiconductor is a company specializing in assembly, packaging and testing services. We had a great time understanding both the company profiles and the processes cum projects that both companies undertook. Discussion on potential collaboration with Hana Semiconductor is also underway, and DEEE students will be able to experience overseas internship with them in the near future. More photos and videos are available at our Instagram highlights

Day5 On Day 5, we proceeded to N Health and Bangkok Hospital for an insight on biomedical engineering in a hospital setting. N Health is a medical service provider supporting leading hospitals in Thailand and internationally. There was also a live demonstration of telemedicine for remote delivery of healthcare services through the use of robots. Besides the study visits, various cultural and recreation activities were lined up throughout the week. Some of the visits made include Siam Niramit Theatre, Asiatique The Riverfront and Ratchada Rot Fai Night Market. The students had a fruitful time shopping for local products, snacks and clothing at a bargain.


Year 2 Cohort Bonding A timely bonding session was organized on 8th March 2019 by cohort leader Dr Tan Lay Theng & student leader Sharizan for the year 2 DEEE students! This was the last get together for the students as they will transit to year 3 in the following semester and proceed for their internships and final year projects base on their specialization tracks, respectively. An “Effective Communication� workshop was conducted by Dr Tan before the bonding session, highlighting the importance and application of communication skills in a workplace environment. Following the workshop, the students had a relaxing dinner with fellow cohort mates and DEEE lecturers. All the best for our batch of students that will be embarking on their final year of studies in 2019!

More photos are available at our Instagram page


Get-to-know your Senior Kua Meisan, DEEE Class of 2017 Student at Nanyang Technological University Q: What course are you currently taking in NTU? I’m currently pursuing my bachelor degree at School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Q: What are some of the things you have learnt in RP that have helped smoothen your transition to university life? Studying hard is not enough to achieve good academic performance in university. In NTU, there are quite a number of modules which require students to work with fellow classmates and accomplish the project objectives. Also, lecturers might not be as helpful as facilitators in RP since university students are expected to be more independent. In this case, building strong team environment and possessing critical thinking skills become very essential. I feel that RP's Problem Based Learning is a holistic pedagogy as it encourages students to develop long term knowledge retention while also giving us space to explore and foster a strong team spirit among the students. In RP’s everyday lesson, we work as a team, share the facts and ideas through discussion, tackle problems and complete tasks in a safe environment. Thus, I would say the most precious skills that I have gained in RP that smoothen the transition to university life are problem solving and communication skills.


Q: Of all the modules you had taken in RP, which module left the deepest impression in you? The module that attracted me the most was E116 Computer Programming. My facilitator for E116 was Ms Julie Loh. She is very dedicated, patient and always putting in a lot of effort to build caring relationships with students. For most of us, C programming was the first language that we learned. Thus, E116 is actually the first module that embarked us to the world of programming. I still remembered one of the mini projects for E116 titled ‘Blow Up’, where students were asked to design to uncover and locate areas in the sea that are safe for traffic to pass using C language. Any wrong codes could trigger a naval mine to explode and cause the mission to fail! And with the emergence of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent, programming skills will become more even important as they shape the future world. Therefore, equipping ourselves with the different programming languages is crucial for us to stand out among others and I feel that RP has equipped me with the right foundation to pursue further in university.


Q: How was your internship experience when you were back in RP? I was so grateful to have the opportunity to work in Xilinx Asia Pacific during my 20-weeks RP Internship Immersion Programme (IIP). During my internship in Xilinx, I have gained a lot of knowledge about Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), understanding how it is produced, from the very beginning of wafer fabrication to the final product to customer. I acquired a lot of valuable hand-on work experience in a real industry environment. It cultivated strong work ethics in me and helped me to develop powerful career network. Ms Lim Chiew Yen, my RP internship supervisor, was always there for me throughout the internship. She gave me a lot of guidance and encouragement during my internship when I encountered difficulties at work. When I was searching for my university credit-based engineering internship, my prior working experience in Xilinx was favoured by a lot of engineering companies and because of that, I managed to get another valuable opportunity to intern in Huawei International Pte Ltd. Thus, my internship experience with Xilinx not only broadens my working experience, it also opens up more choices for my future job search.

Q: Any advice(s) for your juniors aspiring to pursue further studies in universities? Studying in polytechnic and university is a different level of ball game. However, possessing positive attitude in learning will still bring you a long way in university. During your time in RP, I would advise to build strong foundation in learning by attending every lesson, involving yourself in every discussion, consolidate and summarize study notes for every modules after the class. Do not accumulate everything to last minute; make it a habit as it will help you a lot in your future academic journey. Sometimes, you may feel lot of uncertainties along the way of pursuing your diploma, but always try your best and aim for better grades in your tests because grades not only indicate your understanding on the modules, they also show the level of self-discipline you have. Last but not least, if you have clear academic interest on certain engineering domains, do not be afraid to apply for university admission. With great effort, nothing is impossible. Good luck and all the best!


Winners for DEEE Instagram Contest #1 & #2 Here are ten of our DEEE students who have participated and won Instagram contests #1 and #2. Each student received a Starbucks/Frasers Property gift card worth $10, gladly sponsored by Programme Chair Dr Eric Teo. Quick participate now in our contest #3!

Winners from Contest #1

Winners from Contest #2


Upcoming Events (Apr-Sep) xzz


2019 AY18 Year3 students, the moment that you are waiting for is finally th arriving soon on 6 May! Come dress up in your graduation gown and attend this important milestone of your life with your dearest family and classmates! Current DEEE students, you are most welcome to join the graduands in their celebrations and take photos with them!

DEEE Immersion Program 2019 A new cohort of students has joined the DEEE family! So let’s extend our usual warmest welcome to the ‘freshies’! To the ‘Freshies’, a suite of events have been lined up for you on th 27 Apr. So join us and have fun on the day! 47

Student Oversea Trip Seoul nd 22


th 28

Sep 2019

Come join us for our 2nd DEEE SOT of the year to be led by DEEE Lecturers Mr Melvin Ng and Ms Joyce Lim! In this trip, you will get to visit the various Universities, Semiconductor and Electronics companies located in Seoul, Korea. Look out for our email and DEEE Instagram on the registration details! 48

INSTAGRAM CONTEST #3 Questions 1. What are the 3 specializations offered in DEEE (starting from 2019 batch onwards)? 2. What does IIP stands for? Follow @rp_deee on Instagram and direct message us on Instagram the answers together with your student email! First 5 DEEE students with the right answers will get to win Capitaland Gift Card worth $10! Contest will close on 30th Apr and winners will be notified a week later. 49


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