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Deworming Dogs and Puppies Effectively Dogs have the habit of exploring things that come their way but they hardly have the idea what is good for them and what is bad. They put their mouth in the trash, poop and everywhere when left unchecked which is why they get infected with worms easily. Some of the commonly found worms in dogs that are responsible for infection include – roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms.

These intestinal parasites cause diarrhoea, vomiting, shortness of breath, weight loss, anaemia and itching near the hind area which can make the pet’s life completely miserable. Apart from this, there is another set of worms called heartworms that infect the heart and lungs of the dogs and can prove to be fatal if not prevented in advance. They block the valves of the heart and the lung vessels which can lead to respiratory problems and even a heart attack in worms. Thus, to save a dog from undergoing such issues, he must be dewormed regularly.

For puppies, it is should be more frequent i.e. 2-3 months. This is so because puppies are highly susceptible to worms and may acquire it from their infected mother during the birth or through her milk. The fact is – most of the pups contain worms when they are just weeks old. Therefore, vets recommend deworming puppies every 2 weeks and the time is gradually increased as they become 6 months old. But until 6 months they have to have deworming sessions. So, here is what you must do to deworm your dog successfully.

How to Deworm a dog and a Puppy There are many deworming drugs available on the market that can eliminate worms successfully. But, before that, you must get your dog or pup checked for the type of worm that has infested him. Once you know, you can opt for the correct drug that kills worms. Also, there are many broad-spectrum treatments that give complete protection against almost all kind of intestinal worms that thrive in the gut. These are extremely effective for multiple worm infestations and don’t require any additional treatment. So, if you are searching for this kind of treatment here is a list of products you can purchase.

Popantel A single dose of Popantel can treat hookworms, whipworms, roundworms as well as tapeworms. The product contains Pyrantel and Praziquental which have anthelmintic properties and thus kills almost all kinds of intestinal worms.

Panacur Oral Suspension This multiple worm treatment, containing Fenbendazole, provides complete protection against nematodes that thrive in the gastrointestinal tracts and respiratory passages. It can also treat cestodes and lungworms in cats and dogs. Other than that, the suspension is highly potent in reducing the risk of prenatal infections in pups when given to the pregnant dogs. When given regularly, this product prevents recurrence of tapeworms, lungworms, and roundworms in pets. You can easily treat a pregnant dog for worms without being sceptical because it is completely safe for them, exceptions apart.

Triworm D Besides treating all kinds of intestinal worms, this broad spectrum multi-treatment kills ascarids as well. Just a single dose is enough to prevent the infestation and holds the potential to kill immature stages of the worms as well.

Mediworm Praziquantel and Pyrantel in this product act against tapeworms, its species, hookworms as well as roundworms. Mediworm is also, interestingly, capable of preventing recurring infections and is voluntarily accepted by dogs because of its biltong flavor. All the aforementioned worming products are proven to be highly effective by the veterinarian and are quite popular for deworming pets. You can purchase them online at very affordable prices and protect your pet from the worm trouble at any point in time. However, there are certain things you must always keep in mind while using these products. Here you go – Read the label thoroughly and use the product meticulously without failing to follow any instructions given in the pack insert. Also, do not give a dog product to cats or a cat product to dogs. Other than that, remember you cannot give a product meant for an adult dog to your puppy because it is high-dose and the pups system can’t take such heavy chemicals. So, always buy accordingly. Worm infection is very common in all pets. But, with the right products and complete knowledge, this menace can be easily eliminated from your dog’s life. So, make your choice carefully and make your pet’s life worm- free.

Deworming Dogs and Puppies Effectively  

Deworm your dog or pup regularly to protect dog from worms like hookworm, tapeworm, and roundworms. They are also responsible for parasite i...

Deworming Dogs and Puppies Effectively  

Deworm your dog or pup regularly to protect dog from worms like hookworm, tapeworm, and roundworms. They are also responsible for parasite i...