Issuu on Google+ Top AntiVirus Software of Year 2014 Says, “Top AntiVirus Software of Year 2014”. These Antivirus reviews may result in helping you understand the difference between choosing one of the best Antivirus software for your PC protection. With this information you will be able to diagnose and categorize the antivirus software’s on the basis of their performance, quality and other things that may reach you for free. So here are the top antivirus software of year 2014:

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AVG Antivirus: - It’s the top most rated and preferred antivirus by users now a days. AVG antivirus is capable of securing you from any threats to your system. It’s available for free on the official site. Avira Antivirus: - this antivirus is also one among the top rated one by users now a days. Users can even avail the premium features of its products for free with the 30 days trial period version. Panda Antivirus: - The light and easy software, which gets installed in minutes and protects your system from all unknown outer network threats. Antivirus for Mac: - Designed especially for Mac OS this Antivirus programs keep your Mac clean and tidy every now-n-when. It’s the top secured antivirus that strongly protects your Mac with real time threats.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: - Being a new-comer through-out the year this antimalware program has worked great for all users. When all other antivirus programs are just targeting on the viruses and worms, this software is well capable of protecting you from all latest malware programs that may highly affect your system performance.

Comodo Antivirus: - Providing strong and protective layer to your system data this antivirus program has been working great since years. Comodo antivirus software is capable of detecting Trojans, worms, viruses, malwares nad any other type of threat.

Bitdefender Antivirus:- It’s the only antivirus software yet which lets you protect the system from all phishing scams as well.

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Top antivirus software of year 2014