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Sunrise PC Support Sunrise PC Support- Support for AVG AVG has always introduced user-friendly products. Be it a internet security suite or your AVG Family Pack or any other AVG product you have installed. Now let’s not forget that AVG products are even simplifying the task of cleaning wastages and threats using antivirus software. Let’s discuss the two most efficient and user-friendly products given by AVG. These two products are the AVG Web TuneUp & AVG Cleaner for Mac. Both the products are just awesome with tremendous features. Let’s have a look on their features:AVG Web TuneUp Whoops!! Busting down a good 5-6 hours online every day? Probably it’s nothing new when our system drives may get clutter storages with everyday internet browsing. These clutters may be nothing else but the useless tracking cookies, downloaded file traces, browsing history and saved credentials. AVG has come up with a delightful product namely the AVG Web TuneUp. It’s a free to go add-on that helps in cleaning browsing left-over traces, cache, cookies and all that unwanted data clutter. A single click and Go…. AVG Web TuneUp helps you optimize browsing experience on your Chrome & Firefox. AVG Cleaner for Mac Mac’s are the most efficiently tuned computer systems one can ever have. Well, Mac’s are pretty faster and cleaner than all those Windows based Systems. Manufactured with finely customized preferences; Mac’s also need a proper clean-up on time durations. It a rarely known but true fact: every time you use applications on your Mac, a collectible junk is stored; mainly known as the cache. Cache is the data collected from error and other system activities. These caches are countless log files hidden on your Mac. It’s important to delete these data clutters on time intervals. AVG Cleaner for Mac does the task for you and clean up all these unnecessary files in a matter of seconds. So just download the free software on your Mac, and boot with a fresh system every-time.

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Sunrise PC Support- Support for AVG