Issuu on Google+ Webroot AntiVirus Support If your system has been encountering weird things recently, or if you think it’s infected by viruses; it’s high time to get in touch with Webroot Antivirus Support experts and get it fixed. Doing so on your own may be harmful for your system components and data as well. Not all those Antivirus software’s available in market are completely reliable; choosing the best one could be a tough job. Removing viruses can even be done without the help of Antivirus programs. To see how, follow the below given steps:1) Initially open RUN command. Can be simply found in the Start menu or you can even use the short keys for opening RUN command (Windows button + R key). 2) Now enter “cmd” in Run window. This will open the command prompt on your system. 3) The appeared window is a DOS window. Now enter the infected drive letter ending with a colon, and the desired drive will be opened in the command prompt. After typing in "attribs=h*_*/s/d", wait for the prompt to read the right drive before pressing "Enter". 4) Now enter "dir" command in the command prompt. This will show the content directory of the drive. From the listed content directory user can identify suspicious looking “.exe” files. 5) In the next step just rename files that are attached with .exe files and required to activate the virus. For renaming you may just simply type “Rename” followed by the name of desired file and a new name for the same. 6) Now all virus infected files can be found in the “Program Files” folder. Once you delete them its turn to remove them completely from the system by emptying the Recycle Bin. 7) Have heard about the registry keys for viruses? To find them type "regedit" in the Run Window, this opens the registry editor. Folders named by "HKEY" are the registry keys of the virus. Just need to find them in these folders and delete all associated keys of the virus. Once you finish deleting all threats just reboot your system. For more privacy and security features install the latest Webroot Antivirus Software on your system and get secured with your networks. Get instant support for your Webroot hassles on +1-888-601-1560.

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