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Roy & Marjorie Lacy Helping you to a Brighter Future Hi,

Your income opportunity information, as promised.

Do have a look at “all” the Information as soon as possible. It can be that extra £100 - £200. or more per week you may be looking for right now. Or from this small, simple, starting point, we can set you on your way to growing a financially stable future and the lifestyle you know you are worth! The enclosed information will help you decide if you want to learn more, or even get started. We are ready to answer any questions, or offer advice on how you can best get started You can ring Roy or Marjorie Lacy 01977 649222

Or you can e-mail any questions to

I will contact you again in a few days to see if we can help you further .

Rosanna & Ali This is what Rosanna and Ali earned in their first 4 weeks in the business. Ali is a self employed electrician and they work this business around their One year old child

Kleeneze?... Why should I be a Kleeneze Distributor? Flexible hours to suit your own busy lifestyle working locally from your own home

For example. Part time incomes for 28days Average incomes of £500 are commonplace £1,000+ is frequent £2,000+ is attainable (still part time)

There are hundreds more distributors earning much higher both part & full time

Very simple No special skills or experience needed No limitations to the growth of your business Two ways to build your income The first: Deliver and collect Catalogues in your locality Earn from 21% up to 37% of the catalogue price! Check out our National Average Income chart NO STOCK TO HOLD NO SELLING INVOLVED The second: With our help and training, we show you how to build your own team of distributors anywhere in the UK. Ireland, Holland & Germany. AMBITIOUS? THIS IS FOR YOU! BIG INCOMES AVAILABLE.

No demands or goals. You are your own boss (except the ones you may set for yourself)

In business for yourself .............but never by yourself

Massive team support to help you succeed

Follow the system we will share with you, and your start up cost will be back in your bank account within 4 to 6 weeks Kleeneze, est:1923 part of Findel plc. (Quoted on the FT250) has a proven record, helping thousands of people find their perfect home based business

Sarah Wilson

Is in Lizzie’s team

Lizzie Christian New Gold Distributor

Works the business part time With two young children

Want to get started? First, if you are still unsure about any part of the Kleeneze opportunity. When you ring Roy: 01977 64922 I will find answers to all your “how do I” & “what if” questions. If not a phone chat we can exchange emails Or if local I will be happy to meet up with you, for an informal chat. Don’t worry, were not into recruiting, just finding team partners, we can work together with. You will need to select one of the four start up options from the enclosed “Breakfree” booklet. Have a discussion with Roy, to decide which one of the four packages best suites your needs. Business builder Business builder Business builder Break Free.

250. If you are creating a full time income 200. Part time but need extra income fast! 50. Presenting Option. Full training available Recession Option to get your business started

Business builder 250 and Business builder 200 are designed to give you the best possible start if you want to distribute catalogues by letterbox delivery. Business builder 50 is designed for our catalogue presentation plan, which is also proving very successful. It has it’s own “award winning” training programme All three of the above qualify you as a full distributor and among other things allow you to operate your own (all ready set up for you) Kleeneze Internet shop “Free” is designed to enable you, to build your start, from scratch, up to a full distributorship. It has it’s own training programme.

Start up is simple, and can be done by you, over the internet, direct to Kleeneze. After your discussion with Roy. Kleeneze will send you an email containing a secure link. On clicking this, you open up your step by step application form. Just follow the instructions. Any problem Roy is ready to help To use this method you need to hold a current Debit or Credit Card and have access to the internet. (you can still start without either, I can show you how)

Starting as a full distributor. You will have a 14 day money back guarantee. Kleeneze will also arrange a £500 float for you which means you will get paid, before you have to pay Kleeneze for the orders you have delivered. Plus “Fast Start” Bonus to encourage you to create your income quickly. Follow our simple Start up system, & your starting costs can be back in your bank account within 4 to 6 weeks. PLUS with “any” start up, you will receive our full team backing with “one to one” advice, help, training and lots of hands on support.

We receive no financial reward for introducing you to Kleeneze. Our reward comes (from Kleeneze, not you) by helping you become financially successful.

Emma Patterson Young single mum with her two year old daughter Earned this alongside another job

How do I earn money? Your Kleeneze “Catalogue Only” Income on Start Up All examples based upon Kleeneze “start up” average chart All chart circles represent 200 catalogues per week for a 4 week period

For example, if you were to spend 6 to 8 hours per week delivering and collecting back 200 catalogues, averaging £200 in orders per week, £800 over a Kleeneze 4 week sales period. You will earn £220. Some will do more and earn more, some will do less and earn less, you decide! How many hours you work or the number of catalogues you distribute is up to you. (As you build your own customer base over the first 8 to 12 months £220. becomes over £700)

But is retailing alone Smart! It makes sense to grow your business by retailing and sponsoring (introducing other people). over a period of time introduce 10 other people who did the same, this would earn you approx £1,260. Without putting out a single extra catalogue If you can do it, so can they! The team help system helped you find 10 new distributors, now help at least 5 of your team to do the same as you. You are now building a powerful business which can earn you AN ESTIMATED ANNUAL INCOME OF OTE £50,000 (Based on average earnings)

Q. I don’t want to be bothered with all this team building. Can I just do the catalogues? Yes, and you will still receive help from your sponsor if you want it. Q. I would not wish to go from door to door selling. Do I have to? No selling is involved. If the householder wishes to buy, they will fill in the order form which is enclosed with the catalogue.

How Kleeneze works!

It’s far more than just catalogues Kleeneze est. 1923 and a £500 float

Q. There is someone local already putting out Kleeneze catalogues! That person will understand that in Kleeneze there are no territories we build individual customer bases. We will help you build yours.

Your own business You will be an independent Partner direct to Kleeneze You are your own Boss

Q. How many catalogues a week can I put out. If I want to do it full time? As many as you feel you can manage. We recommend part time 200 per week. Full time we will advise you, and set up a personal plan for you, if you wish.

But not on your own You will have full access to 1 to 1 advice and training Helping you build a better Income and Lifestyle

Q. Will delivering catalogues clash with my present job time table? Kleeneze is very flexible, you choose what days or hours you wish to use Will it be 200 at one go? Or maybe 100 twice a week or some each day? Q. I am not interested in delivering catalogues I am too busy running my business. I am looking to make serious money! You don’t have to deliver catalogues if you don’t want too. Check out our other information. Building your own network can lead you to very serious money! Q. Is this one of those pyramid things? No. As you will see from our chart. You are in direct one to one partnership with Kleeneze. No charges or money changes hands for you to be involved in the network. We make nothing, from introducing you to Kleeneze. Our reward comes from Kleeneze (not you) once we are helping you make money! Q. Why is the network necessary, why should it want to help me? In addition to your retail profit, Kleeneze pays two further types of bonus, based upon the turnover of the team you build with our help.. So it’s in the best interest of every one in the team to help each other. You will find a lot more information about this, Isn't that a nice way to work ! Q. How many people can I sponsor into my Kleeneze team? As many as you wish. So can any others in your team Q. I have lots more questions that you have not answered. Give me a ring, Or drop me an email. I am ready to help

The Terrier Group Collective advice and training from thousands of successful Kleeneze distributors

Findel plc £650.million Provide the infrastructure

Like a Postman Put out catalogues

50-100-200+ per week

You choose Collect after 2 days No Selling. Any orders will be in the bag New Distributors 100 catalogues = Av £100 Orders Like a Milkman (6 months later) Only leave catalogues at “customers” houses Your customer Base 100 Catalogues = Av £300+ Orders

Start your own Network Family, friends, Workmates. Via Team activity, etc, etc Build anywhere in the UK. Ireland. Holland & Germany Your Team Catalogue Sales Will be added to yours. for even more Volume Bonus

Now help your team Build their own Teams It all adds to your Volume Bonus

For “Fast Track” income growth, DO BOTH !!! We are ready to guide your path to success

***** Massive Stop Press News! ***** Every new Distributor* can now open their very own, easy to operate Kleeneze Internet Shop Have a look at mine at: *Only available to Breakfree Free starters on achieving full distributor status.

Some see it. Some don’t. Kleeneze works! Not everybody can see that. The Kleeneze Opportunity works! Unfortunately some people don’t!

The more effort you put into a Kleeneze business, the more it will reward you! This information pack was sent to you by Roy & Marjorie Lacy Kleeneze Senior Distributors Reg No 951404 19 Longdale Drive, South Elmsall WF9 2AZ Tel: 01977 649222 email: If you can see it, but still feel Kleeneze is not for you That’s OK. It’s not for everybody. In which case feel free to pass this info pack to someone you know. You may well be doing them a huge favour!

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Second Try

Roys Klz 2  

Second Try