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Keywords - Split and window air conditioner Title –Improve The Air Quality - Know the Difference Between Split and Window Air Conditioner Description - When it is warm and sweltering outside, going inside a cool air conditioner gives you an instant relief for the moment. You can choose from split and window air conditioners with sophisticated design with better design. Air conditioner is something that people look at installing every year. There are number of options available when it comes to making choice between different types of AC. When it comes to cooling room, there are mainly two types - Split and Window Air Conditioners, that we can choose from. The main difference between the two is their packaging. A window type is a compact unit where all the components are packed inside. It just needs to be mounted properly and plugged into function. On the other hand, Split AC's comes in two discrete packages- one for the hot side and another for the cold side. The two sides are connected with a pipe that carry fluid. Window AC's is thew last resort for air conditioning your house or building. There are many down sides to window air conditioning units. There are mainly two important things that window air conditioners have going for them. They are mainly inexpensive when it comes to cost per BTU of cooling. The installation of these unit can be done easily and very quickly. Also, a window air conditioning unit implements a complete air conditioner in a small space . The units are small enough to fit into the standard frame . You close the window down on the unit, plug it in and turn it on to get the cool air. If you take the cover off of an unplugged window unit. You will find that it contains - A compressor, an expansion valve, a hot coil, a chilled coil, two fans and a control unit. The fan blows over the coil to improve their ability to dissipate heat to the outside space from the room being cooled. This is where the good part of them ends. When you get into the larger air conditioning application, its time to start looking at the split system units. This is where the major difference between window and split AC's comes into play. A split system air conditioner splits the hot side from the cold side of the system. Just as the name suggest, the two key function of the AC are split into two main compartments. One is – the hot side, compressor and condenser unit and the other is cold side- the expansion valve and the evaporator unit. Since the two units are separate individually they can be larger and thus the AC can be designed to be more powerful than window AC. Also, window AC's have size limitation and therefore they cannot exceed certain capacity. Since the compressor condenser unit can be installed outside the building, inside the air conditioner feels calm and quiet. Split AC's are best option for office use and other large commercial buildings. Due to their compact size and dropped price Split Ac's are becoming popular even for household storage.


Improve The Air Quality - Know the Difference Between Split and Window Air Conditioner